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1998.03.24 - forever
Happy 19th anniversary ..19 years of love & friendship with Shinhwa ♥ .. Thank you Shinhwa for staying together for 19 years & many more years to come .. thank you for being this loyal & dedicated to the group throughout years .. you make me so proud of being a Shinhwa Changjo. I love you so much ♥♥
Wish you all success & we celebrate together the 30th, 40th anniversaries & more to come, eternal promise, 2gether 4ever ♥

20 years, 30 years, until we die .. we will always be together, walking on the same road. Never apart, friends till the end.


20170529 Shinhwa Company update
this made me miss my OT6 even more TT
Happy ShinDependence Day! 

sloane & hurley headcanons bc they’re my beautiful faves 💕💕

  • sloane secretly has a lil garden tht she cares for v much but she’s rlly embarrassed abt it bc what kind of Big Bad Criminal talks to her daffodils every day…… hurley thinks it’s the cutest thing ever
  • the both of thm have super bad impulse control & lov the feeling of adrenaline,, they would totally do things just to get Pumped…. there is no stopping thm once they’re together someone look out for thm pls
  • hurley’s first thoughts when seeing sloane: “okay i just need to catch her and arrest her and kiss her and date her and fall in love with her and”
  • sloane’s thoughts were just as rapid but they were way more like “oh my god….. oh my god no………. she’s rlly cute & i’m rlly Gay this can’t be happening to me”
  • i like to think tht they had a lot of run-ins before teaming up and every time hurley managed to corner sloane they were pretty much flirting the entire time
  • “hey hurley, fancy seeing you here”
  • “come here often?”
  • “you look as pretty as ever, sloane”
  • “hurley you are a vision of beauty”
  • just….. So Much…. believe me they get worse……….
  • after their lil flirt sessions, sloane always “managed” to escape (she was still a criminal) and whenever someone asked hurley abt it, all she would say was how the raven was much more than just cunning…. ;0
  • and it started becoming less of a “i’ve been assigned to catch you” & more of a “i don’t even want to arrest you, i just want to keep seeing you over and over again”
  • same for sloane,, she made rlly small obvious crimes so ppl would notify the department & send in hurley……LMAO JUST ASK EACH OTHER OUT PLS…….
  • and when sloane asked hurley to join her in battle wagon racing, she was literally screaming in her head bc she had essentially asked a cop to commit crime with her omg….. (when hurley agreed though sloane wanted to kiss her right then & there)
  • but their first kiss was after their first battle wagon race and it was just as beautiful and happy you’d think it would be !!!
  • when they separated they just stared @ each other for the longest time before hugging & laughing & just…. reveling in each other’s company
  • they probably kissed like 80 more times after that i lov thm sm
  • ALSO i lov tht headcanon where “you’re in trouble” was like a running joke btwn thm bc i like to make myself feel sad and just
  • agfghgdfh i’m lov these girlfriends sm they deserve to be happy 4ever okay bye

Shinhwa and Shinhwa Changjo .. We’ve always been there for each other, together we’ve been through all the ups & downs, together we’ve been protecting each other, together we have faith in each other. Let’s continue on being together, walking on the same road for more years to come. Eternal promise. ♥♥

rosalyas  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and then send it to the last 10 people in your activity!(also lol if u dun wanna do dis feel free to be liek wHATEVER MOM and ignore , I luv u anyways sniff~)

(but im also free to do this if i want ??? BOOM 0wn3d xDDDD !!)

  1. éclair au chocolat
  2. the animation/voice acting/ost in the last ep of snk
  3. not having my periods (they attacked me by surprise like 30min ago)
  4. looking at the flowers in my garden

(… don’t let me talk like this ever again)