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Grilled Cheese Saves Lives

Originally posted by canonspngifs

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: mildly nsfw, almost smut, fluff

Word Count: 1.1k 

A/N: I thought of this little piece while making a grilled cheese because I couldn’t sleep. I’m kind of in love with it, not gonna lie. Hope you guys enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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Thinking of Her

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warning: Smut, fluff

Word Count: 800

Submitted by: @chaos-and-the-calm67 - She says: *hums innocently as I drop this into your inbox* I dunno if you need this…so imma just set it down anyway. Just in case…

A/N: I thought of this immediately when I saw the gif. It just had to be written. 

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In A Perfect World

Originally posted by sensitivehandsomeactionman

Request: Oh dean and reader. He thinks her and Sam are a thing because they always hang out and have inside jokes. He thinks her and him are friends and there’s no feelings what’s so ever. The djinn sends him in world where they’re married and she just finds out she’s pregnant. It ends smutty because he wants a life with her

Request: Hi! Saw that your request are open and I absolutely adore your writing!! I was wondering if you could possibly do a DeanxReader where she is Bobby’s adoptive daughter, grew up around the boys and hunting. And as she grew up she fell in love with Dean, and he fell in love with her but kept it secret, but they don’t realize it until like after one of them dies or after Sam and Dean have to save her from a Djinn? Smut maybe?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,200ish

Warnings: implied smut, language

A/N: Combined these requests since they went together so well…

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which of her personalities did i fall in love with? 

the worst one and the best one. us in your backseat listening to your cousin sister’s trap mixtapes (oh so secondhand) and now i spill like this; my soul on your thighs. so i fell in love with you when you held me; your hands a container. i’m sorry i ruined the leather.
the girl who let me send her poem after poem and responded with polaroids of the flowers in her garden and scrapbooks made with torn bits of flannel and your ex-boyfriend’s used cigarettes. girl who sent me voicemail when i was in physics class. girl who told me she loved me and then laughed in acknowledgement. girl with scarlet lipstick and brown eyes. girl with a girlsmile.

i fell in love with basement ankles and broken ballet angelgirl and you, at that piano, fingers coaxing trembling treble in a stuttering staccato; only you could make that noise sound like music. fell in love with your brown distracted eyes and kissable lips and restless fingers tying sailors’ knots out of whatever you could find; you with your punk rock and western classical and careless hurried aesthetic, you with your don’t care attitude and distant smile, you make me glow

us at a playground, i could never tire of  this. your hands in mine. daisy crowns and hurried smiles. us kissing and i’ve only seen the snow once but now i feel it blossoming, freezing along my mouth, turning my faded & chapped red lips all mauve and blue. your hair tickles as i lean over you. you smell like train rides to nowhere; you smell like home.

broken records and trembling fingers. shaking hand holding cigarette. trembling hands and pretty boys. ‘what’s wrong?’ well, nothing really; it’s all a part of being queer, innit? i guess i’ll just have to toughen up & survive this round, again

i’m sorry i fell in love with you. in this city, girls aren’t supposed to love girls. in this world, bisexuals are better when they’re in hiding. i’m sorry i ruined it all;

but i have no regrets. i’d love you all over again. wouldn’t change a thing.

-divya @ antigoneblue // inspired by a post by @flatsoundsecretsite // initially posted here  and on devART ~

Hella Frisky 80s (sounding) Set for @biggestboys

Wake Me Up (before you go-go) - Wham!

4EVER! - Lany

Girls on Film - Duran Duran

Everybody Wants to Love You - Japanese Breakfast Club

Take On Me - Aha

Don’t You Want Me - the Human League

Friday I’m In Love - The Cure

Out Of My League - Fitz and the Tantrum

Come on Eileen - Dexys Midnight Runners

Boyfriend - The Goon Sax
Vowels - Hunny

Love Action - the Human League
Always - Erasure

So Many Men, So Little Time - Miquel Brown

Time Waster - The Colourist

Now or Never

Pairing: Dean x Reader 

Warnings: None

Word Count: 700

A/N:  I managed to work it into my fic for Mimi’s Rom Com Fluff challenge. I picked the line “You’ve learned my weakness, but I have yet to learn yours.” It is in italics and bold in the fic. Hope you enjoy this quick little nothing, @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog ! I  ust needed this. Thought I’d get something down in hopes that it will help me. I haven’t really written in a week, and I can feel the pain of that loss. So, here, please enjoy this.

I blinked my eyes open slowly as I laid there watching her sleep. Her eye lashes fluttered lightly over her cheeks as her dreams took her to a world I knew nothing about. I licked my lip and pulled it between my teeth and contemplated what she could possibly be dreaming about. I wondered if she dreamed about me like I did her. 

She consumed every thought that I had. Since the moment she stepped into my life, she’d been fresh air to my lungs. Water for my soul. A heart that I can call mine. I do not deserve her. 

She was an answer to a prayer I didn’t know I prayed. She was a light in the dark when I had no idea night had fallen. She was the laughter in the air when my laughter faded. She gave me back my life when I never realized I had lost it. 

As Y/N laid beside me, I thought of all the ways I could show her what she meant to me. Show her how important she was to me. Without her, there was no Dean Winchester. That was a simple yet powerful fact. 

And then it hit me. 

I was in love with Y/N Y/L/N. 

My heart raced at the thought. I’d never really felt this before, even though a time or two I was certain I had. My heart beat so rapidly in my ears, it drowned out all other noise. All I could hear was the rushing of blood pumping furiously through my veins. 

She had to know. I had to tell her. 

“’Mornin’ handsome,” she yawned, stretching out next to me and placing a hand over my heart, her lips lazily finding mine. Even after a nights sleep, she was the best thing I’d ever tasted. 

“Hey beautiful,” I mumbled against her lips when she pulled away. She smiled sleepily, the smile reaching her eyes and causing the corners to crinkle slightly. That’s when I knew she was truly happy. 

It was now or never. 

I love you,” I said, my eyes not leaving hers. 

Her eyes widened, the shock on her face evident. She swallowed thickly, tears pooling in her eyes. 

“Am I dreaming? Is this some cruel dream?” she croaked, squeezing her eyes shut like that would make her wake up. 

I pressed my lips against hers, slow and calculated, my tongue begging entrance against her bottom lip, eager to explore and explain. She clung to me then, as if her brain hadn’t allowed her to process my words, but it fully understood and accepted the kiss. She melted against me, pressing her body flush against mine. 

After moments or hours, I’m not sure which, we were both breathless and heaving against each other. 

“You love me,” she stated, her forehead pressed against mine while her nose gently brushed mine, her eyes still squeezed shut willing the moment, the morning, to be real. 

“I do,” I confirmed with a quick kiss. 

She smiled again, even wider than before. 

“About time you caught up,” she laughed, tears rolling down her pink cheeks as she opened her eyes slowly. 

“Caught up?” I asked, confused, my brow furrowing slightly as I searched her eyes. 

“Dean Winchester, I’ve loved you from the minute I laid eyes on you. I’ve known since we were little you were supposed to be mine. I’d do anything for you, Dean. Anything. I love you with everything I am. Everything,” she confessed, a heavy sigh leaving her like a burden had been lifted from her.

I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her against me again, squeezing her tight. 

You’ve found my weakness,” she mumbled against my chest. “It’s you, Dean Winchester.” I couldn’t help but chuckle as she continued. “But I have yet to learn yours.” 

I pulled away from her then, my eyes locking with hers. 

“It’s only ever been you, sweetheart. Every monster knows it. Every demon. Everyone. You’ll always be my weakness. The one thing I don’t deserve. I will never understand how I got you. You, Y/N Y/L/N are my ultimate weakness.” I kissed her slowly then, putting everything I could into the kiss. 

She sighed against me, accepting my confession. 

I loved her, and now that she knew, I didn’t think I’d ever be able to stop telling her. 

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