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Omg! You have met CL before???

// ; v ; Yes I have! I got to see her twice in person – once at the first concert stop of Hello Bitches in NYC & the second time in Toronto for the last stop of her tour. She was so nice in person though omg like the tour rules was like no hugs or anything, but the moment CL saw us, she literally just gave all of us hugs and I was just like HI I LOVE YOU LOL ;; i also can’t believe i got a solo picture with her because she’s like stunning in person and djlghaekghjakeg internet mom forever <3

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top 5 dorian being a cutie moments... top 10 books that swept you off your feet with feels (positive)... top 5 fictional ladies that inspire you and... top 10 fictional boys you love with all your heart! :D

hey noice also hard hnng

send me top 5/10 things

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hi girl my name is Mirtha (Milo), I'm a huge fan of SPN Team Dean/Jensen but I love: J2, The Winchesters as brothers, Cas and of course Misha (I don't ship) ... SORRY my point is that I've already addicted to your smutty fanfic of Dean😋😗... you're so awesome!!😄 ... & even though some words I don't understand it (Spanish my first language) like "mound" 50 SHADES, BTW The World’s Best Pie 😋 I just ... NEEDED a cold shower 😆I love it. CAN YOU PLEASE ADD me to tag list thanks xoxo

You are so incredibly sweet! I will add you to my Dean tag list, but if you want to be on any others just let me know!! Thanks so much!!!

*pretends party didn’t exist, deletes the party single b-side info on check.mp3 in itunes n replaces it w/ lion heart info*

me: gilrs genration jst saved my summer they hv released nothing but bops this summer ‘15, including the one pre-released single n hit song CHECK aka track number 10 of 12 on lion heart the 5th album i lvo snsd girls generation 4ever