Dear Division 4 East,

I’m so proud of each and every one of you goldfishies! You guys did me proud at Fall Rally South 2011! We brought 224 amazing goldfishies, breaking previous years’ numbers, making us the 2nd largest division from Region 3 at Six Flags. Woot! A lot of you guys asked me where we got the money to bid on Lt.G’s from. Answer - YOU GUYS. All of your hard work and fundraising for PTP paid off. I know a lot of you guys are surprised we raised that much, I was too. WE did it! Great job GFISH we raised $2726! Our division bought myself and the d30n and d41n ltgs! I was the Lt.G sold for the most in our session. And our division made it to the 2nd spirit round! This day was too banging! :D Words can’t express how amazing I feel about our division and you guys don’t know how much it meant to me just seeing all 224 of you in those bleachers cheering. I know it sounds cliche but I really can’t find the words because I don’t know what words to use and my limited vocabulary. LOL :D Let’s continue to work together and be amazing 4 East. Keep on Fishpumping! :) <3

P.S. Thank you all for taking pictures, especially the derpy ones of me.

Always Puttin’ a Lil Fin in It,