Stone Collector

A Stone collector
Scattered before this shore.
Each held
And tossed.
Cast spinning and
Skipping across the bay
To meets its mirror
And again.

You’re here again
Near to bring me back.
A moment ripples
A kiss follows a jump
Water is held and released
An image met
A verse wrote
And again.
And I’m here
A stone collector

The stones skip
The waves wash
And again
And again.

Half a Half Second

I guess congratulations are in order
Or maybe salutations
Since I haven’t seen you for years
Except in other people’s eyes.
Yet still I knew
From few scratched down hashtags
What was to be.
And I’d like to think in that heart beat
You thought of me.
Half a half second
Would have been enough
For me to share with you a thing
I always pined to do.
Was this spectre ring worn in time
To make that true one squint
Too loose or too tight?
To slip off
Or cut off your blood.
I hope not
For you deserve a band
That plays an encore
Even as the sun sets,
Not this ghost’s meagre offering of doubt.
Yet still, I shared that moment with you,
Across the ether saw
That shimmer in your eyes
Saying yes before your lips.
That moment is enough
To grace this shadow with a smile,
Half a half seconds half-smile
Just for the better half of me.