30 Days of Dean Devotion (Stubble Edition)


1. A basic introduction of Dean’s stubble

The permastubble.

Dean’s beautiful stubble is the same shade and color as his equally beautiful hair: a gorgeous golden dark blond/light brunet that looks like caramel and honey mixed together and poured in front of you in the sunlight in some place with very little smog or pollution.

He started cultivating it after highschool, possibly as a present for getting his awesome GED cuz he’s like legit a genius omfg.

He uses an electric razor to cultivate his stubble, so shaving that way can only really happen with a power outlet nearby. Otherwise I imagine he’s got a stock of disposables on hand.

You just know he uses Old Spice aftershave, or otherwise bay rum.

You just k n o w.

He rarely shaves clean, and does so only when it will emphasis his awesomeness (being transported to the 1940s, for instance).

Otherwise, the stubble stays, even when Dean’s “cosplaying” a priest.

Now, without further ado…

Dean’s Stubble.