4d stans

this is basically allowing 4d stans and the media to be even more disgusting about Zayn than they were before… and all this coming from someone I genuinely thought cared about Zayn. I played myself 😩

what I wanna know on this fine morning is: how come 4D stans have based their smear campaign against Zayn on the fact that he “betrayed his brothers” for two years now but every time one of them Mayo Asshole shows that he doesn’t give two rat’s ass about One Damnation or never cared about Zayn and his happiness and health, it’s fine??? Where is your brotherhood now, bitch? Like!!!!! y’all spent the last 26 months crying White Lilly Tears over the fact that Zayn “left in the middle of the tour he doesn’t care!!!!!!” and inconvenienced the rest of the band for maybe the time it took to reassign his singing part (so about 20 minutes) but Hornet Stale gets to say he didn’t see that Zayn was suffering because he wasn’t paying attention and it’s all fine and dandy to you????? I JUST WANT TO KNOW HOW YOU CAN STILL LOOK AT YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR????? 

So I freaked out this morning when I went on twitter. I thought the drama started bc Z had cancelled his Japan shows and harries decided to act up but no…. nothing on zayn’s front had happened and it was just Harries being Harries. I think I’ve reached a point in this new cycle of terror surrounding Zayn where this stuff just… rolls off my back somehow. Not because I’m used to it or because I’m any less angry but because I’ve yet again realised that this has nothing to do with Zayn or with Harry but with their stans needing the constant drama in their life. It’s a point of realisation I come to every time we go through something similar. It happens so often, this horrible vicious cycle where 4d stans get bored and pull out their favourite toy: hating on Zayn. 

It’s mind boggling that all of their faves are currently everywhere and they still turn to Z for entertainment when Z has been mute and ghost for two months now. He’s giving the Whites space to do their thing. (honestly, it’s smart on my boy’s part! you know that if he does or says anything right now, the media and 4d stans will find a way to demonising him and makes his statements about competition when it’s so fucking CLEAR that Z couldn’t give less of a fuck about what anybody else does) It all comes down to the fact that the One Damnation fandom jerked off for too long on drama and the bigger blogs were always glorified and got support for being vile. Even when good things were happening, nothing positive ever came out of it. They just ALWAYS found a way to make it a living nightmare to be in that fandom. 

They were all up in arms about Z doing things while Harry might drop music but after releasing the SGT mv, Zayn went ghost and I know, I KNOW FOR SURE, that while they were making angry tweets and text posts about Zayn being a snake for trying to steal Herpes’ limelight, they were also THIRSTING hard for it. So when Zayn didn’t provide, they decided to create drama all by themselves. 

The thing is though…. Zayn is never gonna play that card. He hasn’t so far anyways, and he’s always shown respect to the others (something that no one, except Louis, as done so far), so how long are they going to erase Zayn’s experiences and condemn him for things that were out of his control until they finally choke on their own bitterness and jealousy? How many mornings will I still have to wake up to my twitter tl and my tumblr dash being littered with demonic trash? How long until y’all realise Zayn ain’t gonna fuck with you?

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Pls help me explain how 4d stans can justify calling z a flop when he outsold all their faves??? What are they doing???

racism and anger @ themselves for being wrong but they don’t wanna admit that cos theyre children n too pussy

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they say their fave is a better singer than zayn but then they turn around and say they sound exactly like zayn in order to convey how impressive they supposedly sound on their songs. they don't sound like zayn and not one of them has managed to reach the highest highs that zayn reached on MoM or on any of his collabs

Lmao my favorite strategy is when 4d stans try to drag Zayn while simultaneously using him as the standard. But Zayn invented high notes and You Can’t Hide, the reigning queen of high notes, remains untouched.

Hey 4D stans, quick question- So y’all gonna drag Louis for leaving his management company or does that get a pass because your bestie Dan Wootton wasn’t a complete dick about it in his “exclusive”?

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@memechallange @mysterydadsau Ford 4D, Fiddleford 6A, Stan 7E! Please!!!

He’s either making fun of what Fiddleford and Stan look like when they talk to each other or he’s been drugged by tree pollen, not sure which.

No matter what version of Mystery Dads it is Fiddleford can’t handle all these precious babies and their cuteness.

Jimmy thought using Molly for leverage would be a good idea.

It wasn’t.

4d stans are praising Niall for shaking Zayn’s hand as if it’s some grand gesture and I’m once again reminded of how little a white man has to do in order to gain respect and admiration. When Zayn multiply times acknowledged 4d he was mocked and dissed and constantly misinterpreted. How transparent huh

4D Leadernim Charms

when he is trying to think and almost blanked out for a couple of minutes ~

Eric MONG as always.. XD

then he does this kind of mannerism when he is trying to say something serious ~ omooona.. please don’t.. O<<

and those subtle almost pouting split second explanations of his.. 

and being funny even if he is not trying is just.. so adorable..

and still tries to get to his point with everyone LOLing at him.. XD

then he will always have this mikullaji moments ~ 

OH LEADERNIM ~ you are one of a kind!!! XD

Leadernim Speech Sabotage

see how Dongwan Oppa laughed even before Eric Ssi can start XDDD

but still this shy alien tries to do his best to speak human language ~

MinWoo Oppa performs his sneaky plan too XDDD

uri alien got distracted but he gathers his strength to recover fast XDDD

BUT BUT BUT!!! Baby Bird joined in and ~ he lost his words XDDD

OMOOONA look at that annoyed cutie face of uri Leadernim XDDD

in the end.. Baby Bird resolves the sudden mental break down :”)

clearly this ritual of speech sabotage began since 1998 XDDD

I felt there was just a couple of things I needed to say to people that necessarily might have been misconstrued in other forms of media that had been out there, so I just wanted to clarify that I was grateful for everything that was given to me prior to my solo career and that, you know, everything that may have been perceived as me not being grateful was down to me having some sort of issues myself and not necessarily being able to express that was something that I wanted to explain to people.
—  So why did you decide to write a book? | Zayn on Elvis Duran