4d maknae

Signs as Kpop Roles
  • Capricorn: Mood Maker
  • Aquarius: One who saves kpop
  • Pisces: The quiet one. You never know what they're thinking
  • Aries: Part of the sunshine line
  • Gemini: 4D Member
  • Taurus: The visual
  • Cancer: Innocent member, basically a cinnamonbun :)
  • Leo: Mom of the group
  • Virgo: The one who eats well~
  • Libra: Hardwoking Leader
  • Scorpio: Evil Maknae
  • Sagittarius: Aegyo King/Queen

the only normal member in MX: Changkyun


-Don’t fall for Namjoon. You will break more bones than you’re supposed to.

-Don’t fall for Jin. He would only care about your pretty dress that you might have ruined now.

-Don’t fall for V. He will probably think that you wanted to highfive the ground with your face.

-Don’t fall for Jimin. He would trip over you and fall next to you.

-Don’t fall for Jhope. He would causally walk over you with his hooves.👌

-DON’T fall for Jungkook. Just don’t.👆