4d maknae

Signs as Kpop Roles
  • Capricorn: Mood Maker
  • Aquarius: One who saves kpop
  • Pisces: The quiet one. You never know what they're thinking
  • Aries: Part of the sunshine line
  • Gemini: 4D Member
  • Taurus: The visual
  • Cancer: Innocent member, basically a cinnamonbun :)
  • Leo: Mom of the group
  • Virgo: The one who eats well~
  • Libra: Hardwoking Leader
  • Scorpio: Evil Maknae
  • Sagittarius: Aegyo King/Queen

the only normal member in MX: Changkyun


-Don’t fall for Namjoon. You will break more bones than you’re supposed to.

-Don’t fall for Jin. He would only care about your pretty dress that you might have ruined now.

-Don’t fall for V. He will probably think that you wanted to highfive the ground with your face.

-Don’t fall for Jimin. He would trip over you and fall next to you.

-Don’t fall for Jhope. He would causally walk over you with his hooves.👌

-DON’T fall for Jungkook. Just don’t.👆

Can’t be Friends (Part 1)

Request for this Scenario:

I’m the 4D Maknae(99 liner) of the New Girl Group of BigHit and I’m in love with V. But as i confess to him He says no because I’m just a close friend to him. Since then i’m sad and doesnt smile often like i Do normaly but V falls in love with me

Group: BTS

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader (with a bit of Jungkookie <3 )

Genre: Fluff, I think…? 

The girls were doubled-over in laughter as you danced around to BTS’ new song. Bangtan, coming to check up on your group, walked through the doors and smiled, seeing you. Your band members laughed even harder when Taehyung started dancing behind you. Jungkook and the boys joined in behind the two of you.

You moved back a little and bumped into him. Quickly spinning around, you smiled at Taehyung and gave him a quick hug. Ever since you’d become a BigHit trainee, he’d looked out for you. Your friendship started early and he was your favorite ‘oppa’, being that you were a ‘99 liner. Both of you had a bit of that ‘4D’ disease and, in your eyes, that made you the perfect match. Jungkook cut off the music and the boys greeted everyone.

“What were you doing?” Taehyung asked.

“Waiting for you. Bang PD said that you were taking us out for ice cream” you grinned. The girls cheered behind you and the guys groaned behind Taehyung.

“We’re paying?” Suga asked.

“You can… or we can use the company card…” you suggested. The boys cheered and you smiled.

“Then let’s go!” Jungkook said. Everybody excitedly rushed out of the room. Taehyung wrapped his arm around your shoulders and you put your arm around his waist. The two of you walked out of the room, following everybody else.

“Were you nervous for that interview?” he asked.

“Completely. I kept thinking that I would say something stupid or crazy” you replied.

Everything you say is crazy” Taehyung laughed.

“Everything you say is crazy” you threw back. You smiled and pushed him. He laughed harder and put his arm back around you. The two of you walked to the shop, just a step behind everyone else. Jungkook occasionally looked back at you two but you were too engrossed in your conversation, as usual, to notice.

Jimin held the door open for everyone as you filed into the ice cream shop. While everybody else went to stand in line, you pulled Taehyung to the side. For weeks you’d been trying to gather up the courage to just tell him how you feel. Today you were just going to say it. After all, the worst thing that could happen was rejection. Rejection couldn’t be that bad, right?

“I have been wanting to tell you something for a while now…” you started. The two of you sat down at one of the table’s in the corner.

“Is something wrong?” he asked seriously.

“Um, no. No, I just… I just don’t want you to feel bad if you don’t feel the same. I don’t want anything to be awkward-”

Taehyung waited for you to continue and you took a deep breath. “I like you. A lot. I felt like I had to tell you before I went crazy so…” you trailed off. He grabbed one of your hands and you looked down.

“___, you’re gorgeous and amazing and funny-”

“-but?” you cut in.

“-but you’re my best friend. I wouldn’t want to make things complicated” he said carefully. You were totally wrong. Rejection felt horrible. It felt like someone had hit you in the stomach and you were at a loss for words.

“You’re not mad at me or anything, right?” he asked. You snapped out of your silence and smiled uneasily.

“No, no. I’m fine. You’re right. We’re friends and we shouldn’t make that complicated” you agreed in short sentences. You weren’t able to look him in the eyes. He smiled cutely and stood up.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

“Yeah, of course!” you said, a little too happily. He asked if you wanted anything and you shook your head no.

“I think I’m just going to head home a little early. I’m not feeling too well” you lied. 

“Do you want me to-”

“No, I’ll talk to you later” you said quickly. He gave you a hug, which just made you feel worse, and jogged over to everyone else. You pushed back your curly brown hair and sighed before leaving. As soon as your foot hit the sidewalk, you had to talk to yourself.

“Don’t do it, ___.” Your eyes were stinging but you shook your head.

“___, don’t do it” you said. A small tear strolled down your cheek and you cursed, wiping it away. 

Part 2


(Please give this a read!)

Whether you’re a Bestfriend or not, fans of Boyfriend will be celebrating the boys’ 5th anniversary on May 26, 2016! That’s exactly one month from now +_+!

Boyfriend is a six-member group comprising leader Donghyun, main vocal Hyunseong, mirror prince Jeongmin, charisma Youngmin, 4D Kwangmin and maknae Minwoo. Debuting with title song ’Boyfriend’ in 2011, you definitely would have heard of them if you’ve been a K-pop fan then. Their debut music video has clocked a whopping 22.2 million views to date, and their recent comebacks include ’Witch’ (2014) and ’Bounce’ (2015).


5 years is definitely a milestone for any group, and in celebration of that, I have embarked on a special project with @freestyle8x0 to re-subtitle their very first variety which they have also debuted through - M!PICK. Through this project, I hope old fans, new fans, passerbys, whoever and YOU can all enjoy a higher quality (720p) documentary which followed the six boys through their debut.

Episodes will be released every Thursday on babyybluebear2, with the last episode, episode 5 being released on May 26 2016. You can get notifications by following @babyybluebear on Twitter too! Join us, old fans and new fans alike, in witnessing 6 boys make their dreams come true. (Of course, you get a bonus, e.g. Coffee Prince parody…)

It’s worth a celebration whether or not you’re a fan, so spread the word, and spread the love!

Thank you :D