4d maknae

[translation] SMTOWN JAPAN OFFICIAL UPDATE 2017.08.18 - NCT

Johnny -> Chicago’s long legs. Chicago’s representative physicals!!
Taeyong -> A girl ♡ Dainty and must be treated with a lot of care ♡
Doyoung -> Broad shoulders! Cute guy with broad shoulders and he speaks well~
Jaehyun -> White! He does everything diligently. A cute boy with a fair skin~ ♡
Mark -> Hard-worker. No matter when he’s at full force!
Ten -> Happy. Even if he’s far away I get his happy energy. A cute boy whose smile is his charm
Jeno -> Very polite, good mannered, cool Jeno. Manliest of men ♡
Jisung -> Dancing Machine! The ever so free and my pace NCT’s maknae.
Chenle -> Mischievous kid. He’s mischievous no matter where he is.
Renjun -> Renjun who sings and dances well~ ^^
Haechan -> ☀︎ He’s not afraid of anything. A mood maker who listens well.
Winwin -> A fearless 9 year old. Cute ~~^^
Yuta -> YUTA. I love your comedy

Johnny’s ???????? please infer them yourselves..

Johnny -> Gentleman
Taeil -> An adult Crayon Shinchan
Doyoung -> My bro
Jaehyun -> My bro
Mark -> NCT’s swagger MARK!
Ten -> Dancing Machine
Jeno -> Our serious Jeno
Jisung -> Our maknae
Chenle -> Cute CHENLE!
Renjun -> Refreshing!
Haechan -> HAECHAN the Moodmaker who has become mature.
Winwin -> Innocent number 1
Yuta -> Friend from Osaka~

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Signs as Kpop Roles
  • Capricorn: Mood Maker
  • Aquarius: One who saves kpop
  • Pisces: The quiet one. You never know what they're thinking
  • Aries: Part of the sunshine line
  • Gemini: 4D Member
  • Taurus: The visual
  • Cancer: Innocent member, basically a cinnamonbun :)
  • Leo: Mom of the group
  • Virgo: The one who eats well~
  • Libra: Hardwoking Leader
  • Scorpio: Evil Maknae
  • Sagittarius: Aegyo King/Queen

Yongguk: What do you guys even think all the time?

Youngjae: My beauty

Jongup: What do animals think cars are?

Junhong: How can Spongebob light a fire if he’s underwater?

the only normal member in MX: Changkyun


-Don’t fall for Namjoon. You will break more bones than you’re supposed to.

-Don’t fall for Jin. He would only care about your pretty dress that you might have ruined now.

-Don’t fall for V. He will probably think that you wanted to highfive the ground with your face.

-Don’t fall for Jimin. He would trip over you and fall next to you.

-Don’t fall for Jhope. He would causally walk over you with his hooves.👌

-DON’T fall for Jungkook. Just don’t.👆