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While not the classic father figure, TOP would be the funny dad who tends to embarrass his kids when they get older. With that 4D personality, his kids would not be afraid to think outside of the box and be a little ‘strange’ just like their dad. 

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He would have little fashionistas. They would be decked out in designer clothes straight from the womb. As for his personality with his kids, GD would spoil them and never miss a game. He would be wildly protective but still let his kids learn from their mistakes. 

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This man is literally the epitome of fatherhood. He would love every second of it, from diapers to college. No doubt us kids would be well taken care of and loved. 

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Our little ray of sunshine would be just that with his kids. He would be the perfect father who absolutely adores his kids. Daesung would do anything to make them laugh and would cry with them. Daesung would be one proud papa with his phone background always being the latest pictures of his little one.

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Most of Seungri is a mystery, but he would love having fun with his kids. He would teach them the best pranks and tell wild and crazy stories, a trait that I’m sure his kids would pick up on. With Seungri as a father, I’m sure it would be just like he was another kid.

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(Possible) BTS Individual Member Fan Names~

So a little while ago some friends and I were joking around and brainstorming individual fan names for the Bangtan members, and we actually got quite invested in the project and we thought we would share what we came up with! I know there are already some BTS members with their own individual fan names- I’m not sure if those are officially unofficial or not, nor am I in any way, shape, or form trying to force these names onto people. If you want to use them, feel free; if not, that’s fine too. My friends and I just thought this would give A.R.M.Ys a fun way to tell the world who they stan in BTS ^^

A lot of these are obvious, but I thought I’d give a small description anyway~


Logic: While it was easy to give him a name regarding his destructive/clumsy nature or something pertaining to being a monster, we wanted to give something that shows more of him. Because Rapmon was in the top 1% when he was in school, to me that demonstrates an amazing dedication and skill that is incredibly difficult to achieve. I personally feel it takes a special kind of person to stan this guy, and while of course all members in Bangtan are unique and deserve equal amounts of love, it’s the one-percenters who have a unique kind of love and/or respect for Bangtan’s leader.


(NOTE: Can also be Princes in the case of fanboys)

Fairly self explanatory. He is the beautiful princess of BTS, he wants to be called Jin Hime, so we as his loyal subjects/stans can also claim the title of royalty.


Logic: Also self explanatory. He is the father in BTS, he claims all A.R.M.Ys are his girlfriend (AKA he knows how to play the game), the amount of swag this man exudes….don’t try and tell me he’s not the ultimate sugar daddy.


Logic: He introduces himself as Bangtan’s hopeful existence, and naturally he shares that with his fans. Those who stan this wonderful guy WILL always feel hopeful.


Logic: The reason Jimin got no jams? He gave it all to his loving fans ^^


Logic: It takes a special kind of fan to stan this dorky 4D kid. Switching from playful to lost to charismatic to absolutely angelic, it’s clear to see that this guy isn’t from our planet. His fans must need extraterrestrial powers to be able to keep up with him!


Logic: This one was by far the trickiest. Of course it’s easy to give a name about his age (eg. cell mates), but there are his younger fans to consider. It was also easy to give something simple like calling his fans Kookies, but that didn’t seem to fit either. And after thinking about it, the word rebel came to mind. Why? Because this little maknae fucker does anything and everything illegal and causes noonas to commit all kinds of pedophile crimes. He harasses the hyungs and calls himself “Mr. Spreading Legs” and “International Playboy;” he’s declared he wants a tattoo and has mentioned that he doesn’t really give a shit about trying to fix his Busan accent…you get the point. Plus it’s a little less alarming when you tell people you’re a Rebel rather than a cell mate. Just in case someone decides to eavesdrop on your conversation xP

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Can you do a scenario on what would make each of the guys jealous and how they would act when jealous?

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V: Taehyung is a straight up carefree boy and getting him jealous intentionally would be very hard, much less unintentionally. The reason for this is because this confused alien might not even realize that a guy is hitting on you, assuming that he is just being friendly because he thinks that his girl is a amazing person and everyone loves you like he does. 

 He’ll be the one who is blissfully unaware of his potential rival, smiling and making to effort to get to know him better, thinking that if he spends so much time with you, he probably is a very good friend of yours. It might get to a point where his friendliness pisses the guy off, thinking that Taehyung is making fun of him and not taking his rivalry seriously.

 So honestly it might take awhile for him to realize the position he’s in, or he might not ever realize if no one grabs him by the collar and tells him straight to his face. Once he does though, he’d begin associating different instances of you and his rival spending time together and how he always seems to brush him off whenever Taehyung tries to join in a conversation. It would not make him upset or anything, simply confuse because he wouldn’t know what to do. 

It’d be on his mind all the time and now whenever he sees a photo of you and the guy online or whenever you tell him about your day with said rival, Taehyung would be at a lost for words, not sure if he should act normal or be upset. There will always be this blank look on his face when he sees the two of you, the feelings of jealousy bubbling in the pit of his stomach.


Taehyung will try different methods to get your attention; acting cute, staying silent, talking to other girls and when he sees that nothing seems to be pulling you away from his rival he’d revert to his natural state: being a whiny 4D kid. The frustration that comes from his failed tatics would cause him to give up trying to be smart about the situation and just tell you directly that he is in fact jealous and that he wants you to stay away from him. And he will not stop until you agree.

He’ll whine (very cutely) for you to stop hanging out with the “bad man” as Taehyung has so kindly dubbed him, pouting and complaining that you are not spending enough time with him. He cuddle up to you and rubs his face against yours, making strange noises as you laugh and try to push him away. 

You’ll have to do some damage control at this point, smiling and ruffling Taehyung’s hair while you tell him softly that he is the only one you will ever be with, and there is no one that can ever take his place. Once you’ve restore his confidence, he’d happily let you off only he’d be extra clingy and greasy for the next few days, saying thins like “I didn’t know you love me this much.”

So now, whenever he sees his rival he’d doing many little things to annoy and poke fun of him, just for payback ad to gloat that he has won the game of love. Expect him shouting loudly whenever he’s near his rival, doing weird celebratory dances around him and smiling smugly.

And if Taehyung being this annoying happy about winning you over doesn’t get his rival to give up, I really don’t know what will.

Part 2 ~ 

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