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While rapping his part, Eric suddenly got hyped up & threw the dolls xD. Then after the excitement was over, he came back to his senses & picked up the doll again LOL
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While not the classic father figure, TOP would be the funny dad who tends to embarrass his kids when they get older. With that 4D personality, his kids would not be afraid to think outside of the box and be a little ‘strange’ just like their dad. 

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He would have little fashionistas. They would be decked out in designer clothes straight from the womb. As for his personality with his kids, GD would spoil them and never miss a game. He would be wildly protective but still let his kids learn from their mistakes. 

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This man is literally the epitome of fatherhood. He would love every second of it, from diapers to college. No doubt us kids would be well taken care of and loved. 

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Our little ray of sunshine would be just that with his kids. He would be the perfect father who absolutely adores his kids. Daesung would do anything to make them laugh and would cry with them. Daesung would be one proud papa with his phone background always being the latest pictures of his little one.

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Most of Seungri is a mystery, but he would love having fun with his kids. He would teach them the best pranks and tell wild and crazy stories, a trait that I’m sure his kids would pick up on. With Seungri as a father, I’m sure it would be just like he was another kid.

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SHINee & high-school movies cliches
  • Jinki: kind-hearted & totally 4d kid who kind of sucks at everything and gets bullied all the time tho by the end of the movie turns into a hottie and pulls off all this "don't judge the book by its cover" shit
  • Minho: masculine & popular af captain of the football team. also dumb af but tbh it's not the news of the year to anyone. whores around like there's no tomorrow
  • Kibum: extremely fashion-conscious bestie of the female lead. sassy little bitch who can always give a useful advice on relationships and outfits. everyone's convinced he's gay and that's y all school gets a heart attack when he shows up at the prom with his actually existing gf
  • Jonghyun: fuckboy in leather jacket who's always late for classes and rides nothing but his old motorbike. makes half of the females in his school wet just by his existence. secretly really vulnerable and sweet and does groceries when his mom asks him to but too afraid to ruin his image of a badass dickhead
  • Taemin: frail rich kid with aristocratic appearance whose jacket is worth more than the year income of the school cafeteria. talented in almost everything which pisses everyone off so he regularly has his head put in the toilet bowl by either fuckboy or some random football player. always says that his mom gonna know about this but keeps his mouth shut bc doesn't want to look like a weak-ass pussy
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