4chords tavros

I drew this picture for one of my favorite GamTav cosplay pairs. They’re so cute together and I recently went though the Gamzee’s blog and found the post about the special pose from when he and the Tavros met. I feel kinda bad that I couldn’t make normal Gamzee and Tavros work for this but I couldn’t get the horns to work right. .n.

Their URLs




I give up on finding more pictures of me, so I’m posting these from the photo shoots and putting up our cosplay photosets (soon at least). I don’t know the photographer of most of these but I know that where-theres-a-flame took the two pictures four from the top

GT Vriska- Me

FLARP Terezi- Aria

4chords!Gamzee- Tryston

Tavros- Bailey

Non-GT John- this-is-egbert