4cc's 2013


“You can notice there’s a bandage on his right eye, he had an accident with the door when leaving the hotel, was in first aid and treated when he arrived at the arena….”

Hanyu jumps his opening quad toe and everyone gasped.

“What’s obvious to me is that walking through a door is harder for him than doing 4 revolutions.” XD

I love CBC commentaries but the video quality is quite low and sometimes so hard to find =.= Here if you want HQ vid :D

[EDIT: More information on how he hit the door thanks to @ettle and @jardinaquatique (thanks), I’m glad he hasn’t got to that level of carelessness to hit the door on his own :)))]

“I think this incident had to do with fan encounter and he hit his head as a result.”

“i remember this! i believe it had to do with some sort of overzealous fan interaction distracting him and he walked into the door and injured his eye as a result ;;; that’s why he had to wear glasses at the banquet“

“I have so much admiration for Michael Christian Martinez. Coming from the Philippines, from a poor family, doing the olympics at sixteen, and now 14th in 4cc! I wonder how he even got his country sports federation’s attention, or if there were kids who could compete against him when he was younger in his country. He really has to be amazingly talented and determined to achieve what he did”

So I guess I should be productive while waiting for some news :D Here’s one video cut made by Japanese media that I find really funny (not sure abt you guys :3) It’s just a normal interview but they added all this dramatic music and graphics and narrations like a movie teaser :))))

[Narration: (dramatic music) And so, we asked him this question: If your ideal is 100%, then how many percent are you at now?]

Y: I wanna say that it’s around 30%.

[Narr: His own evaluation is 30%. (written) This is still no good at all!]

Y: I want to bring my potentials to infinity. It’s really fun to see how much more progress I can make. 

[Narr: The world is also moving, (written) I cannot stop here!]

I literally know that there are more of these moments.  And I can’t find them.  Bragging rights to anyone who can reveal more.

The only other one I know for sure is 4CC 2013, and that’s basically because he never took his hand off her hip, except when absolutely necessary.


The Best of: Kanako Murakami

2010-2011 EX “Be Italian” at 2010 Nationals
2011-2012 SP “Violin Muse” at 2012 Worlds
2011-2012 EX “Amarti Si” at 2012 Worlds
2012-2013 SP “Prayer for Taylor” at 2013 Worlds
2012-2013 FS “Tango Medley” at 2013 Worlds
2012-2013 EX “Someone Like You/Rolling in the Deep” at 2013 Worlds
2013-2014 SP “Violin Muse” at 2014 4CC
2013-2014 FS “Papa, Can You Hear Me?” at 2014 4CC
2014-2015 SP “Think of Me” at 2015 Worlds
2014-2015 EX “Nectar Flamenco” at 2014 Nationals
2015-2016 SP “Tango de Roxanne” at 2016 4CC
2016-2017 FS “Tosca” at 2016 Nationals
2016-2017 EX “Seven Nation Army” at 2016 Prince Ice World


Ten female skaters who have passed the 130-mark in the free skate (2010 GP series to 2014 Olympics)

  • Julia Lipnitskaia, RUS (2013 SC, 2014 EC, 2014 OG)**
  • Akiko Suzuki, JPN (2013 WTT)
  • Miki Ando, JPN (2011 4CC, 2011 WC)
  • Kanako Murakami, JPN (2014 4CC)
  • Mao Asada, JPN (2013 WC, 2013 SA, 2013 NHK, 2013 GPF, 2014 OG)**
  • Yuna Kim, KOR (2013 WC, 2013 GSZ, 2014 OG)**
  • Gracie Gold, USA (2014 OG)
  • Carolina Kostner, ITA (2012 IC, 2013 EC, 2013 WC, 2014 OG)**
  • Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, RUS (2013 EC)
  • Adelina Sotnikova, RUS (2014 EC, 2014 OG)**

(Note:The world record that Yuna Kim set at the 2010 Olympics still stands, which has not been included here. Also, both Mao Asada and Yuna Kim have broken the 130-mark more times than noted here.)

**: denotes those who have passed the 140-mark.


October Gif Challenge: Day 31 (Favorite Moment)

4CC 2013 Medal Ceremony

The team had complications during their Free Dance performance.

We don’t know the specifics of the issue and how it affected the team’s dynamics but Scott displayed his utmost support and solidarity to Tessa during the medal ceremony by not letting go of her waist.

He never let it go while greeting the other teams, receiving medals, between handshakes…to the point that the camera people even pointed it out.

Such a simple gesture expressed the incredible bond this team holds up to this day.

“our worlds collided and in an instant your ocean had color because of my sky.” – R.M. Drake