3/23 Interview with Sui/Han from Artistry on Ice’s weibo. Rough translation:

Asked about whether they made any changes to their programs between 4CC and Worlds, Wenjing replies yes, they changed some positions that were uncomfortable and made other changes that they think will express the music better. Every performance of their programs will be slightly different in hopes of making the programs more complete and beautiful.

Leaving for Worlds soon, how are they feeling? Wenjing replies they are a little bit nervous but the goal is to control their nerves and skate their best in competition.

Why is Han Cong smiling so much? (He started smiling during Wenjing’s last response.) Han Cong: “Today I’m just backup, I just think what she said was good.”

Interviewer asks Han Cong to talk about how he feels. Han Cong says they have done everything they can in practice, and at Worlds they just want to skate the best that they can without thinking too much. They want to go into Worlds like 4CC, put emotion into their performances, and skate programs that they can be satisfied with as part of this season.

Interviewer mentions that Wenjing was very emotional after they won 4CC. They have won 4CC many times before, what was different about their feelings this time? Wenjing replies that in the past year they have really gone through so much. She can’t express in words what they’ve experienced. Every day was extremely difficult but they grit their teeth and stood up bit by bit. In the previous season they achieved nearly everything, despite some mistakes, but to come down from those heights, it’s possible you can’t recover. Since the surgery, she had to completely start from scratch. She had to control her own emotions, she had many bad thoughts during those times. The biggest question she had was whether she would be able to skate again. She couldn’t imagine her life without skating. After she came back to the ice it was very hard, they got through it bit by bit. The free skate tells their story from the past year. After they finished the performance, she felt she had no regrets left. As long as they could stand on the ice again, they were happy. Before 4CC she was very nervous, because they hadn’t competed for a year, and everything had changed. She had to relearn how to walk, how to do everything. A fan told her that even through the screen, they could feel her nervousness, and it was the first time they got that feeling from her. Usually she is a very outgoing and open person, not afraid of anything. The fan told her it doesn’t matter how they skate, fans will be happy just to see them back on the ice. After their performances at 4CC, she thought that she must keep those words in mind and enjoy every day on the ice. She was incredibly fortunate to be able to come back and every day she feels how lucky she is.

Interviewer asks if while Wenjing was recovering, Han Cong felt very anxious and supportive of his partner. Wenjing: “He said I got fat (laughs).” Cong: Wished that Wenjing would be able to return quickly. After their 4CC performance he hugged her fat self. (Wenjing laughs) He trained by himself, after Wenjing came back they added more strength training to his regimen. Now that they’ve gotten through that period, they’re looking towards Worlds and aiming to do their best there.

After 4CC, do they feel like the pressure has decreased a bit, if they feel more ready to take on the new season? Wenjing says yes, they have won 4CC before, but this time it gave them more confidence, and the judges’ response to them was stronger than before. It’s encouraging and gives them more motivation to continue to improve in the future. Han Cong says it’s also a reminder for them to always put forth their best effort and to remember how they got to where they are.

Interviewer asked them before 4CC who they thought their main competitors were, and Wenjing had said, “Myself.” At the time they had just returned to training, how is her self-confidence now? Wenjing replies her self-confidence comes from practice. If she can do it in practice, then she has confidence. She puts a lot of effort into everything she does, not just skating, studies and everything else too. Her only enemy, the only person she has to surpass, is herself.

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I know that with the Worlds coming up and all that I shouldn't go back to 4cc but I'll go there anyway :P I find it funny that while commentators from the rest of the world are like "Hanyu is not so confident anymore, we better look for new potential chanpion" Japan and Italy ones are basically *in Oda's voice*"ASDFGDFSAL This guy almost jumped a lo-4S, and 3A as the final jump, is he even for real?!"

They know what they see and what they are talking about ;)


LOCATION: South Korea

Opening Ceremony:

February 16, 5:00pm KST
(UTC+9hr, EST-14hr)

Men’s Short:

February 17, 5:45pm KST
(UTC+9hr, EST-14hr)

Men’s Free:

February 19, 11:00am KST
(UTC+9hr, EST-14hr)

Ladies’ Short:

February 16, 5:50pm KST
(UTC+9hr, EST-14hr)

Ladies’s Free:

February 18, 6:00pm KST
(UTC+9hr, EST-14hr)


February 19, 5:30pm KST
(UTC+9hr, EST-14hr)

let’s go let’s go!!

this is a  recolor of the city living inspired top in my summer palette. I hope you enjoy this very small post. Remember to credit me if you use my colors and tag me if you use my recolors; I want to see what you guys make!

  • 12 colors
  • bgc.
  • female — teen to elder. 
  • restricted for random.
  • mesh is here.
  • custom thumbnail.