4CC 2017

Tessa & Scott (top right corner) doing The Lean™ during the gala [x]

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how would you feel about headcanons re: costumes victor and yuuri are wearing for particular programs when you haven't described them? some of the costumes from yuuri's poster collection of victor look like they would fit well with some songs and when i watched the 4cc some costumes jumped out at me for yuuri

I would love headcanons as even though I have a general idea of what they’re wearing if I don’t state it explicitly in the fic it’s open to interpretation!

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How do you think about the discussions that Nathan shouldn't have won 4CC? Some Hanyu fans are being quite advocate for it.

I’m staying out of it. Far, far out of it.

We’ve seen this before. Different skaters, different competitions, same complaints.

But it is interesting to see to what length people do go to prove their points.

I read those posts like

I love Yuzu, and I like it when he wins, but other skaters are damn fantastic, too.

There’s always a next competition to aim for, that’s just how the sport is.

4CC 2017 // Charlie White commentary on the SD.


  • I just wanna point out here while they’re on their side by side just how perfectly musical every single movement is in this program. It’s sharp and its right where it needs to be to be 100% impactful.
  • The speed, ease of edge, ease of transitions, commitment, I mean…there’s really nowhere they don’t excel but to me what makes this program so special is the way they use Prince’s amazing music.

(minute 2:19)

  • A little bit of a stumble there from Scott but not on an important turn. He managed quite well to recover from that.
  • And just a fantastic skate from them. Couple teeny tiny little losses of balance and I think it just came from emotion. You know, when you’re trying that hard often times you can lose your balance a little bit.
  • But these guys have so much confidence and so much experience that they are able to push through those and almost make it look like it’s part of the program.

“And that is something that is something no one in the ice dancing field today can do. So it is something that separates them.”

  • This short dance has quickly become one of my favorite programs of theirs. Just…I wanna say cheeky, so fun, it starts strong it ends strong, has a fantastic lift and just great personality.

“I feel like they’re able to go out there and enjoy themselves as Tessa and Scott. They don’t have to be or pretend to be something else. They can just be themselves.”

  • And the level of, you know technical ability it’s just, you know you can never question it when they’re out on the ice because of their high level of talent, because of their commitment.
  • And when we’re looking at their transitions, their arm movements, you know early when I was talking about wanting to see make it look easy. I mean these guys make it look like it’s so easy that sometimes look like it’s accidental that they do something cool. And that is…that is truly a testament.

And you know it’s hard for someone, especially since I competed against them and know first hand just how good they are, it’s hard not to go overboard with compliments but the truth is that really, they deserve them. And they earn them and there is a reason why they’ve come back and had the success they’ve had.

(Question of how difficult it was to come back)

  • Incredibly difficult but at the same time, they are ice dancers, they love ice dance and you can see it in their faces and in the way they move on the ice that it’s what they’re meant to be doing.

tfw you double a quad combination and so you then throw in a quad-double and a triple axel and end up with a season’s best high score 


Here it is, the video to Yuzuru’s unbelievable cute face to Evan at 4CC! Finally!
And the polite hand-shaking, he is so friendly and patient. I still can’t believe this person is real. Really. I can’t.