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What's type four hair?

It’s the thickest hair type, and is unique to people with black/African blood in them. it’s a very common hair type for black women.

Type four hair is broken down into three sections

4a, 4b, 4c, with 4a being the loosest of the thickest and 4c being the thickest of the thickest.

Type 4a hair:

Type 4b hair:

Type 4c hair (my hair type)

Someone with type 4 hair may have all type 4 hair textures in their hair (4 a-c), but it’s more common for someone to have both 4b and 4c hair since those are similar.

Type 4a is loose yet thick at the same time but has a definite curl pattern. It’s very curly.

Type 4b hair is kinky and not nearly as loose. Like type 4c hair it can stand like an afro but more than often it has a kinky curly pattern.

Type 4c hair is the thickest and unlike the others does not have a curl pattern. It is very kinky coily and literally defies gravity. It almost always stands up in an afro state, and even if it is long, it still stands up unless it is stretched. 4c hair has the most shrinkage, meaning that you can have back length hair, but if it is wet is shrinks up like a sponge to a smaller, afro like state.

It is what people refer to as nappy hair and what not.

Type 4 hair (especially 4c) is the most discriminated and made fun of in both the natural hair community and outside of the community which is why so many black women fear going natural because they don’t wanna have type 4 hair.

But honestly, type 4 hair is amazing and it’s sad society has made us think it’s awful. I have 4 hair and I love it.

So, @witches-ofcolor and I were talking about how we feel (and others) that the natural hair community has pretty much forgotten that type 4 (especially 4c) hair exists. Type 4 people aren’t being as praised and recognized in the natural hair community as we should despite the fact that the natural hair movement was kind of made for us.

Type four girls/boys are the ones who were supposed to be uplifted by the movement and encouraged and people tend to forget we exist.

Even worse, people (even in the natural hair community) act like having type 4 hair especially 4c hair is a bad thing. So many people don’t go natural because they fear they’re gonna have type 4 hair.

So…that said, we think there needs to be a day to appreciate people with type 4 hair. The natural hair community has done such a bad job at it as it is, even natural hair product companies ignore type 4 people, so we need a day to ourselves.

So on July 1st 2017, we are going to be hosting a little event in appreciation for Type 4 hair. It’s simple, if you have type 4 hair, then just post a picture of yourself (or submit to this blog), and we’ll reblog it. The day will be tagged #naturalhair day, so make sure you tag that.

This way, there will be some well needed recognition for type 4 people.

So please, reblog this post, and spread the word. Because Type 4 hair is so underappreciated and I think a day like this will show people just how amazing their hair is.

If you have any questions please ask!

I’ll probably make more promos later on! So follow this blog for updates or just track #naturalhair day, to keep up with updates! Thanks!


Hey guys I made my first youtube video on my natural hair! Click the video to watch it and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

Honestly, the best hair products for type 4 hair especially type 4c naturals is literally natural things. Not only do natural hair companies ignores us in their adds but their products hardly if ever work for us. I have used tons of things that leave residue in my hair, leave it dry or just build up…And I’m talking about the big brand, expensive natural hair product lines.

Like not all natural hair products, I use African Pride and it’s extremely inexpensive and it works but like others…meh…

But I was experimenting with making my own stuff. I figured out that you could make good deep conditioner with an equal amount of honey and coconut oil.

Black African soap can be used as shampoo.

Egg and mayo can be used for protein treatments.

Raw shae butter, along with an oil of your choice and a bit of water can be whipped and used for a daily moisturizer.

And then you’ve got an oil of your choice that can be used for moisturizing your hair every night. I would suggest castor oil , it’s on the pricey side but you only have to use it in your hair once every 2-3 days.

I’m going to try to compile a natural hair post for type 4 girls/boys with natural alternatives to moisturizers, deep conditioners and shampoo one of these days.

Just watched a YouTube video of these two mixed girls saying that the natural hair community don’t cater to/post about people with looser curls, only “fros”. These girls have maybe type 3a hair at most but it could be type 2. I honestly just laughed watching the video. When will people realise that the natural hair community was mainly meant for type 4 hair? Why are they acting like their hair won’t be praised/has ever been discriminated against? Every time I see a natural hair page I’m bombarded with pictures of girls with looser curls, then once in a year they post a girl with short type 4c hair, then continue to post about curls. I just don’t get how they can say that with confidence when they’re the faces of the natural hair community.

One of my pet peeves is when I go on YouTube and see people with 4c hair making videos like “I HATE MY 4C HAIR” or  “4C HAIR IS AWFUL! I REGRET GOING NATURAL” And like, yeah I understand that some people don’t like their hair/can’t handle it, etc…etc…And I should not police what videos people make because people can do what they want. But honestly, I think that is very damaging to young girls who want to go natural, but now decide not to because they’re afraid of having 4c hair. They’ve heard all these stories of these women getting the big chop and finding out they have 4c hair and hating it.

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Shingling Natural 4C hair type (Curl definition technique)

Shingling my natural 4c hair type. Shingling is a  curl definition technique which works really well even if you have very kinky hair.