4c hair styles

I reserve the right as a 4c textured natural to have my hair messy.

Straight haired white girls are allowed to have their messy buns and it’s laid back or it’s fashion. Wavy/curly haired naturals are allowed to have their crazy hair days and it’s cute and it’s appreciated but 4c girls, even when we have our perfect braid outs done we’re still considered nappy/unkempt let alone days where we literally just can’t. Our hair takes time, it’s harder to maintain than any other texture, never mind the backlash we get whether it’s done perfectly or not. So leave me to my naps, idgaf. It’s *my* damn hair.

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Natural Hair YouTube Channel

Please check out my Natural Hair & Beauty YouTube Channel!  

I started this channel this past summer & it has already became my love. I've been natural for 8 years, however, I chopped all my hair off two years ago to get rid of all the damage.

It has been an AMAZING JOURNEY. I have learned so much about my hair that I decided to help ANYONE having a hard time by providing step by step tutorials. 


Celebrating my BIG CHOP two year anniversary, along with my upcoming birthday. The goal is to have 1000 Subscribers. I am only 69 away!

I can link my most popular videos below!!

1. Crochet Braids

2. How To Moisturize Dry Hair (LOC Method)

3. Wash N Go Routine (OLD)

4. Faux Goddess Locs

5. Crochet Twists 

6. Wash Day Routine 

Thank you for all the support thus far, It doesn’t go unnoticed! 

Lets get me to this goal! 

If you have natural hair and are not seeing growth

Leave it alone.

Put it in a twist out or braid out for 5 days. Unravel on the 6th day and on the 7th prep for your wash day.Its how I grew my hair to shoulder length in a year and its what I’m doing again. Wigs and twist outs. Not touching my real hair for days at a time.

Moisture isnt a huge deal for me since I sweat at work and go for a run everyday *not sunday* and if it is getting a bit dry I will spritz my water/leave in mix and bam. DONE. Sometimes I keep my twists for 2 weeks just to leave my hair ALONE. I clip out 1 strand knots when I see them and heaven forbid I use heat. 

Just find a style you can deal with for the week or weeks and do it, LEAVE YOUR HAIR ALONE.

I see youtube videos with people have breakage and nape problems and edges missing… why are you messing with your edges? I havent used my edge control in 6 months because there has been nothing that was so fancy I had to lay them flat. Even so shea butter will keep them flat for me… me! With the 4b/4c I do what I want when I want hair!

Again I will say leave your hair alone, I wash mine oce every 2 weeks with a cowash and once a month with a sulfate free shampoo. If its getting really dirty I bust out a regular shampoo to get rid of all the nasty on my scalp. Even then my hair is in twist and I aim for just my scalp while I am washing. 

I hate when my hair isnt twisted… it looks like a city after Godzilla is done with it AND you can see all the different textures like.. a great divide.


Don’t get me wrong, natural hair is great.

It’s a huge part of my identity, that’s why including people with 4C hair // coarse hair on this blog is so important to me. Representation matters.

Don’t make me feel crazy/stupid for wanting to see everyone in this community being treated fairly, you can’t say you like people with natural hair but put your back to them when they have coarse hair.

4C HAIR IS GOOD HAIR, pass it on.
4C HAIR IS GOOD HAIR, pass it on.
4C HAIR IS GOOD HAIR, pass it on.
4C HAIR IS GOOD HAIR, pass it on.
4C HAIR IS GOOD HAIR, pass it on.
4C HAIR IS GOOD HAIR, pass it on.
4C HAIR IS GOOD HAIR, pass it on.
4C HAIR IS GOOD HAIR, pass it on.


Tutorial: Turban Style Scarf Wrap

1. Fold your scarf into a triangle

2. Place the long side of the scarf along the back of your head

3. Tie the two longer ends together over the shorter middle end (twice)

4. Twist the ends of the middle section, then roll and tuck it underneath the knot

5. Pull one of the longer ends around the back of your head and tuck it under the scarf

6. Repeat on the other side