I was with this Italian woman yesterday, who has two biracial (black & white) daughters. The oldest has long 3b hair, perfectly styled and well maintained. The youngest has 4c hair, in a TWA which has been left to tangle and collect fuzz. Little frustrates me like the visible neglect of a child’s hair when it comes out kinkier than the non-Black parent had hoped. But I’m like no Kharis chill, maybe the little girl doesn’t like having her hair done, I don’t know her life. Personally I still don’t buy that as an excuse because there’s a difference between freedom of expression and grooming/hygiene… BUT ANYWAY. This woman asked me this morning if my hair was real, because she knows “my type of hair” and it “never grows that long”. So now I’m angry, choosing my words carefully, and she starts talking about her youngest daughter’s hair maintenance. She tells me (twice, because English isn’t her first language and I asked her to repeat it to be sure) that they don’t comb or do much to her hair because it’s harder than her sister’s, and once in a while they just cut out the matted sections. 

Jesus be a sense of calm because I’m about to report her to Child Services. Genetics are not promised and NO ONE is guaranteed bouncy 3c curls when having a Black biracial child. EDUCATE YOURSELF ABOUT BLACK HAIR or PAY SOMEONE TO DO IT. STOP PUNISHING YOUR CHILDREN FOR NOT FITTING INTO YOUR DELUSIONAL MIXED FANTASY.


Nappys de Babi, a natural hair group in Ivory Coast, is paving the way for the re-introduction of natural hair care in the West African country. The word ‘Babi’ is the nickname of Abidjan, Ivory Coast’s bustling capital.

In Ivory Coast, straight hair is the ideal. Many women use relaxers, or wear weaves and other extensions. Additionally fair-skin is highly desired and advertized, leading to the widespread use of carcinogenic whitening products.

According to one of the founders Miriam Diaby, “Society frowns on 'afro’ hair overflowing all over the place.” Bibi Gagno, owner of the website omgiloveyourhair.com, male stylist Ange-Dady Akre-Loba, as well as Liliana Lambert, a half-European, are part of Nappys de Babi to contribute to the de-mystification of afro-textured hair.

Nappys de Babi’s community has grown to 2,400 members. They hold meetings every two months to share hair care tips, information and their experiences of going natural.

Watch the AFP interview here (French) || AFP article || Facebook || Interview with Ayiba Magazine

My Boyfriend's Thoughts on Natural Hair.
  • Me:ughh, my hair is so nappy. I wish I had straight hair.
  • BF:Why do people with curly hair always want straight hair? You can always flat iron your hair. But whatever a white person does to their hair, they can never recreate your hair texture. it so beautiful and cant be copied. And nobody can ever take that from you.