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The LOC method (can be used on natural/relaxed/transitioning hair)
I do this to keep my hair moisturized! *My hair type is 4b* 🔹For more hair videos look for me on YouTube: link in BIO🔹
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#4bCurls!!! after L.O.C. (Liquid Oil Cream) =water+castor oil+#mydnacurls leave in conditioner This is the second week and third month of my #minitwist growth challenge. #kinkykoku #dailymoisture #naturalhairdaily #naturalistas #trialsntresses

Freshly after a CoWash!!! With My DNA Detangling conditioner. My curls are so defined and my twist aren’t frizzy after 2weeks and a wash. I saturated my hair in coconut oil + milk, olive oil and Aloe Vera Gel. I steamed my hair for 30 mins with a plastic cap on. I rinsed all the products out with cool water before adding in My DNA Detangling Conditioner. I rinsed out the conditioner after 5 minutes and seed my hair with MY DNA Hair Serum. The co wash process took 1 hour total and I let my hair air dry. My curls feel light and moisturized after co washing. 

You can find the products here WWW.MYDNACURLS.COM