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Ah yes, the infamous third season of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Ever since starting my binge-watching, I’ve heard nothing, but terrible things about this season and I have to admit: the critics were right. I suffered a lot of second-hand embarrassment while watching this season and had to stop constantly after one or two episodes because suddenly our suave super secret agents were getting knocked around like useless rag dolls???? Slapstick doesn’t quite work as well here as it does in Batman. 

That said, I did enjoy the season as a parody for the series and there were a lot of things that stood out to me as references the 2015 movie used. Also, as far as the seasons go, this is a very memorable season.

P.S. For those wondering: yes, The My Friend the Gorilla Affair is every bit as bad as everyone says it is. It is genuinely the worst episode of the lot.

Now onto my favourite eps of the season:

The Galatea Affair

This is an early episode in Season 3, which features Illya teaming up with Mark Slate (from The Girl from U.N.C.L.E.). This plot involves a swap of two women that look exactly like one another, but have very different lives: one is a baroness and the other is an entertainer at a bar. There are some very My Fair Lady scenes involving Mark Slate trying to tutor Girl #2 to be a lady, which are actually pretty cute. 

Also featured in this episode: Illya as a gondolier, ferrying Napoleon through Venice (at the beginning); Illya the cute tennis instructor; Mr. Waverly’s old man charm; Mark Slate being done with everything; Napoleon Solo being Napoleon Solo.

Overall a very strong episode for Season 3.

The Pop Art Affair

A lot of my friends, while watching TMFU, have wondered to me: why don’t they use more 60s slang in the show? Well, this is the episode where you get so much of it that you either wish you never asked that question or you think it is the best thing ever. This episode reminds me of one of those really bad fanfics from fanfiction.net written by a teenager that just got really into the 60s and their pop culture scene. This is an episode I like to call: it’s so bad, it’s good. 

Honestly, I don’t even want to talk about the plot or anything. I don’t even really know why I love it as much as I do. I mean, it starts off great with Napoleon and Waverly in dad sweaters playing golf, while Illya is the angriest caddie ever…but after that? It just goes downhill plot-wise. Still, worth a watch, if only out of morbid curiosity. Also, this is not the worst ep of Season 3, if you are afraid of that.

The Concrete Overcoat Affair

This two-parter is a fun ride. It starts off a bit slow, to be honest, but once Napoleon makes a hasty escape away from a shotgun Italian marriage, it gets better. The second part features retired mobsters, a failed attempt at marrying Napoleon off to their niece, and then the retired mobsters teaming up with Napoleon to save said niece off some remote T.H.R.U.S.H. island. It’s silly and it’s amazing. Also, the villainess is genuinely terrifying.

My fav line? “Look out, it’s a pineapple!”

So yes, definitely one of my favourite two-parters in the series. 

The Suburbia Affair

Ah yes, the Domestic AU. This was the episode I had been looking forward to since I started watching TMFU and did I love it as much as I thought I did? Yes. Very much so. The plot basically is that Illya and Napoleon must insert themselves into a quiet suburban neighbourhood in order to sniff out a famous physicist that has gone MIA. It features a subplot where Illya is very determined to make Napoleon a souffle and Napoleon in turn is very determined to avoid that fate; exploding dairy and baked goods; and KO by popsicle. Yes, you heard me right: popsicle. 

This episode is wacky, as expected of season 3, but it also is a Domestic AU and I am a sucker for Domestic AUs.

The It’s All Greek to Me Affair

The new U.N.C.L.E. codes are exchanged in Athens, only to be intercepted by T.H.R.U.S.H. Illya goes into pursuit and gets waylaid by a retired Greek Highwayman. Waverly is too cheap to pay the ransom and then Napoleon goes after Illya and things don’t go their way. Then finally Waverly shows up 30 minutes late with no cash on hand. This episode is silly and the highwayman character is hilarious. It’s a light-hearted sort of fare even with all the threats of dismemberment, etc and it features a hilarious ending where we find out a little more about Waverly’s younger days as a dashing secret agent.

The Cap and Gown Affair

Illya gets to indulge in a bit of protest against the Establishment fun, Police carrying off Illya like a big toy, Napoleon calls Illya “baby” for the sake of his “cover” several times when they first are reunited at Blair University, etc. Sinister plot + silly university shenanigans + Waverly being Waverly really makes this last episode of Season 3 for me. I did not expect to like this episode at all, but I really did? Yeah, I don’t want to say much else besides this is a pretty good episode.


Today I’m not doing the same things I always do. I’m not here to talk about me either.

I’m here to ask you to support justice and to support my country. Argentina is in crisis and we need all the help we can get. Tomorrow people from all over the world will be silently marching to demand justice for Alberto Nisman. I think people who follow me know already what I’m talking about. Nisman was a prosecutor that was investigating the biggest terrorist attack in the history of Argentina. He spent over 10 years gathering evidence and making sense of what happened, and he discovered a plot carried by our very own President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner to cover the real culprits behind the AMIA bombings. He was ready to present his findings to a court, and only hours before the hearing he was murdered. Now, you make your own conclusions.

We are so tired of all the corruption, and tired of being robbed blind. Enough is enough. This silent march was first organized by Nisman’s colleagues, but it has become a world event. People from different countries around the world will be joining us. So I ask you to join us too. You don’t need to go, but please help us spread the word. Let’s make #18F known everywhere so that justice can happen after a decade of injustice.

Here’s a list of the places outside Argentina where the march will take place:


BERLIN – Argentinian Embassy: Kleiststrasse 23-26, 4° Floor. 10787 Berlin. 6 pm
FRANKFURT – Argentinian Consulate - Eschersheimer Landstr. 19-21. 6 pm
BONN- Argentinian Consulate: Robert Koch-Strasse 104. 53127 Bonn. 6 pm
HAMBURGO - Argentinian Consulate: Mittelweg 141, Hamburgo 18:00 hs.

SIDNEY - Argentinian Consulate Level 20, 44 Market St. Sydney NSW 2000 6 pm

VIENA - Argentinian Embassy - Goldschmiedgasse 2, 1° floor (next to stephandome) 6 pm

RIO DE JANEIRO: Frente ao Consulado Argentino. Praia de Botafogo, 228 slj. 201, Botafogo.
BELO HORIZONTE, Frente ao Consulado Argentino 18,00 hs. Rua Ceará 1566, 6to. andar.
SAO PAOLO - Consulado Argentino: AV. PAULISTA 2312 - 6 pm.

TORONTO - Argentinian Consulate - 5001 Yonge Street. 6 pm – Local time.
MONTREAL: Argentinian Consulate 2000 Av. Peel (Maisonneuve) 6 pm

VALPARAISO - Consulado Argentino - Blanco 625 (altura Estación Puerto del Metro) 8 pm.
SANTIAGO - Consulado Argentino - Plaza Italia (estación de Metro Baquedano) 18 hs. Se caminará una cuadra hasta el Consulado.


Embajada Argentina, 700 metros sur y 25 este de la Mc Donald´s , Curridabat. A las 17.30 hora local

BARCELONA - CONSULADO DE ARGENTINA-DIRECCIÓN: Paseo de Gracia 11, 2º Piso, Escalera B - 08007 Barcelona
MALAGA - Avda principal y calle larios. a las 18 hora local.
PALMA DE MALLORCA - Consulado Argentino - Sant Miquel 30, 4º C Palma
VALENCIA - Avda. Aragon y Blasco Ibañez 6 pm.

PARIS - Argentinian Consulate - Impasse Kléber (62, Avenue Kléber) 6 pm.

ATENAS – In front of the Argentinian Embassy. Leof Vassilissis Sophia 59. 18 hs.

LA HAYA - Argentinian Consulate - Javastraat 20 2585AN, Den Haag. 18 hs.

LONDRES - Argentinian Embassy - 65 BROOK STREET LONDON WIK 4AH 18 hs.

HERTZLIA PITUAH In front of the Argentinian Embassy: Medinat Hayehudim 85 - 6 pm.
Migdal Haemek - Plaza del tanque - 17 hs.

ROME - Argentinian Consulate - Via Vittorio Veneto, 7 - 2do. Piso - 00183 ROME - 18 hs. MEETING POINT: PIAZZA IN FRONT OF THE CONSULATE
MILAN - Argentinian Consulate - Vía Agnello, 2 - 4to. Piso - 20121 - Milano - 6 PM

TOKIO - Argentinian Embassy - Adress: 2-14-14 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku (CP: 106-0046) 6 PM

MEXICO DF Embajada - Av Paseo de las Palmas 1685 , Colonia Lomas de Chapultepec, México DF
PLAYA DEL CARMEN - Esquina de 5° con 30 - 6 pm.

OSLO - Argentinian Embassy - Drammensveien 39 6 pm.

Callé 50 y calle 58 Este, edificio Global Bank, sede de la embajada Argentina en Panamá. 6 pm. Hora local.

Asunción del Paraguay: Panteón de los héroes- Palma y Chile - 18 hs.

LIMA - Plaza San Martín - 18 hs.

CAPE TOWN: in front of  Company’s Garden (19 Queen Victoria Street, Cape Town CBD) 6 pm.

STOCKHOLM - Argentinian Embassy: Narvavägen 32, 3rd floor – Train station Karlaplan. 6 pm. Local Time. Meeting point: Park fountain in front of Karlaplan train station.

BERNE (Bern) - switzerland - Jungfraustrasse 1 - 7 pm local time
GENEVA: Garden Anglais in front of flower clock. 6 pm.

MALDONADO - Consulado Argentino - frente a la Plaza Sarandi entre 25 de Mayo y Florida - 18 hs.
PUNTA DEL ESTE - Parada 16 de La Mansa - 18 hs.
MONTEVIDEO - Frente a la Embajada Argentina. Cuareim 1470 11100 - 18 hs.

MIAMI BEACH – Temple of Beth Torah Congregation - 20350 NE 26th Ave, N. Miami Beach, Fl 33180. 7 PM / Colins and 73th street, in front of restaurant Manolo’s.
Pleno corazón de la Pequeña Argentina en Miami Beach. 6 pm. hora local.
WASHINGTON DC - Consulate/Embassy of Argentina,1600 New Hampshire Avenue Northwest Washington DC. 6 pm. Local time.
NEW YORK - Argentinian Consulate NYC 12 West 56th Street, (between 5th. & 6th. Ave) New York, NY 6 pm. Local time
BOSTON - Massachusetts - Downtown Crossing - 18 hs.
CHICAGO - Argentinian Consulate - 205 N. Michigan Ave, suite 4209, 6 pm.
LOS ANGELES - Argentinian Consulate - 5055 Wilshire Blvd, LA, CA 90036 - 6 pm.
MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota – Park in front of “Minneapolis City Hall and Courthouse” 350 S. 5th Street - 6 pm.
LAS VEGAS - Nevada, in front of the Bellagio. 6 pm
HOUSTON - Argentinian Consulate - 2200 West Loop South Suit 1025, Houston TX 77027. 6 PM local
SAN FRANCISCO: Civic Center. 6 pm.

CARACAS, Edf. Fedecámaras, Piso 3, Av. El Empalme, Urb. El Bosque, Caracas. 18 hora local.

Here the complete list: http://www.lanacion.com.ar/1769141-puntos-de-encuentro-marcha-del-18f