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The post that started it all. Elena Tonra officially adopts the name Daughter as her stage name on November 1st, 2010. At this time she was performing solo, and performing as a support act alongside other artists like Lucy Rose.

In a week’s time, Daughters second album ‘Not to Disappear’ will be released, on Elena’s birthday.

Mercy Seat
  • Mercy Seat
  • Ultra Vivid Scene
  • Ultra Vivid Scene

ULTRA VIVID SCENEMercy Seat” (4AD, 1988)

Brilliant first LP released in 88 entirely written, composed, played, sang and recorded by Kurt Ralske. Influenced by Velvet Underground and the specific sound of the 80’s created by Jesus and Mary Chain or Spacemen 3. Ultra Vivid Scene was the New York answer to that UK scene. The band stopped in 1993.

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