Pages from my recent old school HKS acquisition. For those who are enamoured with Toyotas 4A-GE motor check out the HKS 5A-GX in the AW11 MR2 and AE86. We also have the shrouded in legend HKS G54B DOHC Mitsubishi Astron motor that wasn’t just used in the Starion rally cars going by these pics of it in an offroad racing truck. Last pic is of the HKS twin charger kit for the Toyota 1G-GE motor which combines a turbocharger and a supercharger to give instant response and boost all the way through to redline. They also made these kits for the 4A-GE. Will post pics of that up in the future.


The Panda. The Hachi-Roku. The King of Drift. The Toyota Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno. This Japanese beauty was named AE86 not because it was produced in 1986, that was a simple coincidence. The “A” stands for the 4A engine that was placed into each Toyota, the “E” meaning Corolla, “8” being the fifth generation (E80 series), and the “6” representing the sixth variation in its generation.

This particular specimen belongs to Sato Hirokazu, who was inspired by drifting legend Keiichi Tsuchiya when he saw his page in a motorsports magazine. Since this moment in his life, he has owned four AE86s, with this particular one being an ongoing project of his for 14 years. This 86 has a Levin conversion and he aspires to acquire some TRD Works overfenders for the front-end.

Some of Hirokazu’s parts and mods include “…a 4A-GE with a full overhaul, FUJITSUBO exhaust manifold, YOSHIMURA muffler, NAGAI DENSHI MDI, WAKO coil, NGK spark plugs, SARD fuel pump, APEXi s-AFC, Hot InaZuma, APEXi intake, KOYO radiator, FC3S oil cooler, and NISMO fuel regulator.” Exteriors claim “OEM kouki Levin front-end, OEM kouki Levin tail lights, OEM zenki front spoiler, OEM side skirts, OEM “double-stacked” rear bumper, UKIYA SYOUKAI fiberglass hood, EC Works Group-A Mirrors, Run Free eyelines, and a BMW M-series rear spoiler.

Being a huge fan of Pandas, I couldn’t refuse posting this bad boy. Thanks to StanceNation.com for the amazing article. Be sure to check them out in the source. You’re sure to see many more AE86 posts from me… Here is a full list of modifications:

SSR LONGCHAMP XR-4 14×8-12 (F) 14×8.5-19 ® + Center Caps
DUNLOP DZ101 185/55-14 (F&R)
GT-WORKS Coilovers 8k(F) 6k® with helper springs
CUSCO Upper Mount
GX71 Stabilizer & Short link
JUBIRIDE Negative Camber Adapter
Adjustable Tension Rods 
TRD Bushings
GT-V Stabilizer & Angle Correction Links
Adjustable Lateral Rod + Reinforcement Bar
TRD Bushings
Slotted Rotors

OEM ZENKI Front Spoiler
OEM Side Skirts
BMW M-series Rear Spoiler
OEM Double-Stacked Rear Bumper
UKIYA SYOUKAI glass fiber bonnet
Aero Catch
Pulled Fenders
EC Works Group A Mirrors
Run Free Eyeline

TAKATA Harnesses
MOMO DRIFTING Steering Wheel
CUSCO 7-point Roll Cage
Auto Meter Tachometer
OMORI Meter Water Temperature Gauge
OMORI Meter Oil Temperature Gauge
OMORI Meter Oil Pressure Gauge
OMORI Meter Vacuum Gauge
Garage Tiara Shift knob
E-brake Knob
Checkered Flag Floor Mats
SK Engineering High Speed Meter

ALPINE Head Unit
DVD Player
CD Player
MD Player
TV Tuner
2-way Speakers
Crossover Network
10” Subwoofers
Power Amplifier
Television Monitors ×3
Door and Interior Sound Deadening

4A-GE Full Overhaul
FUJITSUBO Exhaust Manifold
AIBAworks Tower Bar
Hotwires Plug Cord
WAKO coil,
NGK Spark Plug #7
Hot InaZuma
APEXi Air Intake
KOYO Radiator
FC3S Oil Cooler
OMORI Oil Block
SARD Fuel Pump
NISMO Fuel Regulator


秋山 渉 Akiyama Wataru’s Toyota Levin GT APEX (AE86)

Phase 1 (2nd stage):

TRD N2 FRP Spoiler, TRD N2 Aero Kit, Toyota OEM Door Visor, Blitz KKK K26 Turbo 280 PS, HKS Boost Meter, SSR Dori Dori Mesh wheels, Nardi Classic Steering Wheel, TRD Sports Seat, and a 6-point roll bar.

Phase 2 (4th stage):

TRD N2 FRP Spoiler, 6-Point Roll Bar, TRD Carbon Fiber Hood, Intercooler Grille, Toyota Door Visor, AE92 4A-GZE engine swap (stock supercharged 4A-GE), TRD N2 Aero Kit, Wataru-Made Mesh Rims (black) (early Arcade Stage games), Wataru-Made Gravel Rally Rims (white) (anime and late Arcade Stage games), and ItalVolanti Admiral Red Trim Steering Wheel.


You know how much I love these things, and I hope you do, too. Here is another great AE86 showcase brought to us by StanceNation; feel free to check the source for the full article and pictures. Takanobu Sugahara’s first car ever was one of these beautiful Toyota AE86’s, but after having sent it off, he missed it dearly and hoped he would one day find another Trueno that would be his. Six months ago, Takanobu-san was brought together with a stock ‘85 Sprinter Trueno Apex CP2. It’s like something out of a fairy tale story!

Takanobu-san said that his favorite thing about the automobile was its engine. He noted that you couldn’t tell by just looking at the exterior, “but it’s fast!” The vehicle now has a more powerful “red-top” 4A-GE power-plant from the Toyota AE92, as well as having ported the motor, added a metal head-gasket, big valve kit, Escort 82.5 cast pistons, Toyota Vitz lifters, Toyota AE111 connecting rod, individual throttle bodies, TODA Racing high camshafts (IN 304, EX 288), TODA Racing adjustable camshaft pulley, and a Freedom computer for proper tuning. This Japanese dream also features a TODA Racing lightweight flywheel, SECTION racing clutch, and a TRD 2-way differential.

The biggest challenge for Takanobu-san was dialing the fitment and cutting the stock body to make way for one of his favorite parts of the automobile, Crystal Body Yokoyama (CBY) over-fenders. Cutting the stock body wasn’t difficult, it simply pained Takanobu-san to bring himself to cut the body of such a beautiful car. Once done with that, finding a proper tire size was a problem. Takanobu-san stated, “They didn’t fit and so I have bought brand new sets of tires 3 times. Even then, the tire still rubs, so I’m currently working on sorting out the front suspension.”

Also concerning the stature of the vehicle, Takanobu-san has added a TRD short-stroke suspension from AE92 shock cartridges and Swift 8K springs coilovers up front. In the back, this AE86 sports Tokico HTS dampers with TRD 6K springs. He also put on adjustable control arms for the front and rear , and reinforced the tie rods up front. In the future, to eliminate the tire-rubbing problem, Takanobu-san plans to add a Nissan Silvia suspension.

Beneath the brilliant CBY over-fenders are amazing Work Meister CR01s Takanobu-san chose. They are 16×9 on all four corners with an impressive yet efficient offset of -51 up front and -66 in the rear. All around the car are 195/45R16 Toyo Proxes tires. Other exterior work includes adding a Duce front bumper, CBY side-skirts, Aero Master rear bumper, and FRP bonnet with bonnet pins.

Takanobu-san says people overlook his seats; custom wrapped Recaro SR3's—wrapped in denim, ecsaine, and carbon leather. Other interior modifications include an ATC steering wheel, Alpine speakers, Pioneer door speakers, and Toyota navigation system. One thing to notice is the lack of gauges. Despite having a fully tuned enging, Takanobu-san wanted to keep his interior free of gauge clusters. Future plans for the interior include wanting to wrap the door cards, rear seats, and headliner in the same fabrics and patterns as his Recaro seats.

I congratulate Takanobu Sugahara on the incredible AE86 he has crafted as well as the many difficult feats he had to overcome. I know only the best is in store for the future of this automobile. Here is the modifications list:

Duce front bumper
Crystal Body Yokoyama fender flares, side skirts N-Design side flap
Aero Master rear bumper
FRP bonnet, bonnet pins

Work Meister CR01 F 9J 16 -16 R 9J 16 -31 35mm spacers in front and rear
Auto Staff wheel nuts
Toyo Proxes T1R 195/45R16

TRD 92 short shock Swift 8K springs coilovers
Tokico HTS damper
TRD springs 6K
section pillow adjustable lower arms, pillow tension rods, reinforced tie rods
pillow adjustable control arms, lateral rods

92 kouki base
TODA Racing high camshaft IN304 EX288
TODA Racing adjustable camshaft pulley
Toyota Vitz lifters
BIG Valve, cut seat rings
metal gasket
Escort 82.5 cast piston
AE111 connecting rod balanced
AE111 4 throttle funnel type
Freedom computer

Drive line:
TODA Racing lightweight flywheel, SECTION racing clutch
TRD 2way LSD
maker unknown exhaust manifold, and exhaust

Recaro SR3 denim, Ecsaine, carbon leather
ATC steering wheel
Alpine speakers, Pioneer door speakers, Toyota navigation system