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I’m SO SICK of this idea that if your afro does not touch your shoulders it’s not a good afro or it’s automatically ‘still in progress’. ANY AND ALL AFROS ARE GOOD AND VALID AFROS, REGARDLESS OF SIZE.

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What's type four hair?

It’s the thickest hair type, and is unique to people with black/African blood in them. it’s a very common hair type for black women.

Type four hair is broken down into three sections

4a, 4b, 4c, with 4a being the loosest of the thickest and 4c being the thickest of the thickest.

Type 4a hair:

Type 4b hair:

Type 4c hair (my hair type)

Someone with type 4 hair may have all type 4 hair textures in their hair (4 a-c), but it’s more common for someone to have both 4b and 4c hair since those are similar.

Type 4a is loose yet thick at the same time but has a definite curl pattern. It’s very curly.

Type 4b hair is kinky and not nearly as loose. Like type 4c hair it can stand like an afro but more than often it has a kinky curly pattern.

Type 4c hair is the thickest and unlike the others does not have a curl pattern. It is very kinky coily and literally defies gravity. It almost always stands up in an afro state, and even if it is long, it still stands up unless it is stretched. 4c hair has the most shrinkage, meaning that you can have back length hair, but if it is wet is shrinks up like a sponge to a smaller, afro like state.

It is what people refer to as nappy hair and what not.

Type 4 hair (especially 4c) is the most discriminated and made fun of in both the natural hair community and outside of the community which is why so many black women fear going natural because they don’t wanna have type 4 hair.

But honestly, type 4 hair is amazing and it’s sad society has made us think it’s awful. I have 4 hair and I love it.

Why are (some) naturals so obsessed with having a visible curl pattern? If you have to overmanipulate, constantly re-style your hair and perform the max hydration method or other methods JUST to achieve a “visible” curl pattern then there’s a problem. The problem is that you still have an issue with how your hair already looks NATURALLY. Consciously or subconsciously, you do not find your kinky hair as attractive as curly hair. I’m not talking about naturals who do braid-outs or twist-outs as low-manipulation styles, I am talking about the naturals who go to extreme lengths just to loosen their curl pattern. Kinky hair with no visible curl pattern is just as beautiful as curly hair with a visible curl pattern. Please remember that.

Got my bhringraj powder in the mail! It’s an Indian Ayurvedic herb used to aid in hair growth.

Here’s some quick info:
“According to the website Herbs Online, the secret to hair health lies within the bhringraj herb. Indians have long used the powder as a way to help prevent hair loss and discoloration, to encourage hair growth and improve overall hair health. The website Ayushveda.com says you can mix the powder with water or oil to create a paste you can apply to the scalp. Bhringraj is also already added in certain shampoos to help rejuvenate the hair and scalp.”

I plan on using it for scalp massages mixed with an oil before my shampoos. Most likely with jojoba oil.


 Natural Hair Starter Pack

Leave  in - Makes sure hair stays moisturised

Wide tooth comb - Detangles hair thoroughly whist minimising amount of hair pulled out

Deep conditioner- Penetrates hair shaft and provides strength and moisture

Shea butter - coats the hair shaft, locking in moisture and preventing heat damage

Co wash - Instead of constantly washing hair with drying shampoos, co wash helps to clean, though not thoroughly and maintain moisturised strands.

Coconut oil - Coats and conditions hair strands

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i hate that ppl have this idea that curly hair (and by curly i don’t mean “i’m a white girl who has slightly wavy hair uwu”, i mean actual 3a to 4c hair) is ugly and in the best scenario can only be cute, like curly hair is fucking gorgeous and curly haired women look like actual goddesses and it can be beautiful and sexy and PLUS by no means is it unprofessional to wear your hair curly in a work setting

basically curly hair is wonderful and you are wonderful, thank you