Experimental Raw 3D Artworks by Joey Camacho

Since early 2014, Canadian graphic designer Joey Camacho makes daily 3D artworks with subtle details for his project “Progress Before Perfection”. By using the softwares Cinema 4D and Octane Render, he recreates shapes inspired by biology, sound and geometry. After several months, he has put online prints of his 3D sculptures that you can buy on his website.


Cr. mai


The first two images are tesseracts and the second two are 4D spheres.

1 Dimension: in a universe with one dimension, particles can only move in a line so from left to right not up and down.

2 Dimensions: this is made up of an infinite amount of 1D universe and particles would be able to to move in two dimensions, up down left and right. Now if there was an organism living in a 2 dimensional it would see things in 1 dimension just like we see things in 2 dimensions and our brain is what is able to interpret depth by using two eyes and our brain. When we hold our finger in front of our face and move it, we can see that it appears to have moved relative to the background. Our brains see this difference and this allows us to estimate how far away they are. In a 2D universe there would be no background as such to see the “finger” moving against so it would be seen in 1D although it’s impossible to visualise anything in 1 dimension.

3 Dimensions: we live in 3 spatial dimensions in our universe which is made up of an infinite amount of 2D universes. We see things in 2 dimensions. A common misconception is that time is the 4th dimension but it doesn’t really make sense because it is present in every spatial dimension.

4 Dimensions: this is almost impossible to try and visualise. There are some people who claim they can think in 4 and even more dimensions. Now, a 4th dimensional organism would see things in 3 dimensions. If they came to our universe then they would be seeing absolutely every line of every shape but it wouldn’t be possible for a 4D being to like in 3D, it would be like us living in 2D. Above I have some 4D shapes to give you an idea of how we can represent them. It’s better to watch the inks though.



Las 4D explicadas de tal modo que puedas tirarte el nardo compartiendo el vídeo y decir que lo has entendido pero en realidad tu sigues como…