Scream It

I wanted to get into more emotional surreal pieces, rather than concept art. Doing concept stuff for months burned me out creatively just want a change of pace.  So I hope yah guys enjoy these next artworks, and Dex, for sure, is my favorite model to use for these types of drawings.

Skull-Kidz! and Charmless © ValeriaM
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“When Autumn comes it doesn’t ask
You never know when it starts
Until there’s fog inside the glass
Around your summer heart”
said John Mayer in his song Something’s Missing. If you ask me, it’s Evak I’m missing so much. Cold weather made me imagine Evak days, and of course there’s that look Henrik served on the Skamtiden day and me constantly missing Isak’s S1 wardrobe. Actually I made the first sketch of this back in January but only now had I the courage to revisit and fix it, even though I’m not satisfied with how this turned out.