Forty-nine years ago on 23 November 1963 the Doctor Who’s first episode ever premiered on the BBC. I’ll never stop thanking the wonderful people who created and worked for this marvellous and spectacular tv show and those who are still working of it! Can’t find the right words to describe my feelings, I just want to THANK ALL!


We’ve known for over a year that Kate and Jeri had reconciled, because of their actions at the 49th anniversary convention in Vegas. Sitting next to each other, laughing, taking selfies. It was clear that after over a decade of distance post series, and some public talk by Garett Wang & Jeri herself, something had changed finally - for the better. But this is the first time to my knowledge seeing any public acknowledgment of that reconciliation and specifically of Kate’s apology. Thought it worth sharing.

I was confused by Kate’s assertion of being “professional” but figured it refers to the fact that the conflict and tension never came to name calling or shouting matches or even physical fights. It was limited to hostility, tensions, animosity while they kept working. Attitudes over actions.

The book has a remarkable amount on the conflict between Kate and Jeri, pages and pages worth. I wish I could give you a better estimate but I’m reading the kindle version so there aren’t page numbers like normal.

From The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years: From The Next Generation to J. J. Abrams: The Complete, Uncensored, and Unauthorized Oral History of Star Trek


21/3/2017: King Abdullah II attended a ceremony held by the Armed Forces at the Unknown Soldier Monument in the Jordan Valley, marking the 49th anniversary of the Karamah Battle.

Upon arrival, the King reviewed the guard of honour in the presence of the prime minister and defence minister and the army chief, and laid a wreath at the monument. He was welcomed by a number of Royal family members, the Senate president, the acting Lower House speaker, president of the Judicial Council, the president of the Constitutional Court, the director of the King’s Office, the secretary general of the Royal Court, former army chiefs, the directors of security departments, the director general of the Economic and Social Association of Retired Servicemen and Veterans as well as senior military officials.

His Majesty recited verses from the Holy Quran and reviewed the names of the martyrs inscribed on the memorial as well as formations and units that fought in the 1968 battle. (Source: Petra)