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“So many people live within unhappy circumstances and yet will not take the initiative to change their situation because they are conditioned to a life of security, conformity, and conservatism, all of which may appear to give one peace of mind, but in reality nothing is more damaging to the adventurous spirit within a man than a secure future. The very basic core of a man’s living spirit is his passion for adventure. The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.”

x Christopher McCandless in a letter to Ron Franz, April 1992

To the spoiled brat, with love. [the sequel] (katlaska) - Spoky

A/N: Yesterday Primary Care was voted as ‘Best Fluff’ in the AQficAwards and I wanted to thank everyone who voted with more katlaska fluff. Thank you for supporting PC and I hope this fic makes you smile as much as you guys made me smile (dunno if that’s possible). xx

Beta credits to the amazing marble, thanks bae.

This one is a sequel, so please read the first part if you haven’t. And also read Exes For Cash by Mac, which inspired this entire thing.

Also! Words sent in by PC voters that I promised to use in this fic are: fire alarm, rushing, gila-monster, first kiss, sea-shore

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Alaska | MSR | On The Run

The moon barely makes it over the horizon, resting bloated and orange just on the top of the hills. It looks as tired as she feels. 

The nights are short here, midsummer stuffed in a too small cabin where she and the man she loves count days, runaway hours between nothing and nowhere. She thinks she still loves him. She says she does when he asks, when he reaches for her desperate for what is lost and can be found for a few moments between her legs, on the tip of her tongue, in the muscle memories of the time before they knew that them together was the kind of fire that burned away everything that was good.

He’d found this place, slipped them up to the nowhere lands of the 49th state and hidden them from the world. He’d carved that quiet life she’d joked about out of nothing. And it’s too quiet. There are no planes overhead to carve the silence up into manageable chunks, no cars to carry her mind away, just him and her and two rooms and nowhere to hide.

The nights are shrunken now to the very smallest shadow and soon she will lose darkness as well as noise. She’s not sure how she will bear the scrutiny of white nights, thin fingers of light creeping through cracks to spotlight the pillow tears she hides. He is not strong enough to see her weakness. She is not brave enough to break.

Already she waits until he leaves on his once monthly supply run, and when the truck passes out of hearing she screams and cries until she is empty and numb. Then she waits for him to return, crushing that part of her that whispers maybe he wont and that maybe alone would be better. She should pray but she can’t find God in the quiet. 

She can’t even find herself.

On March 30, 1867, for a mere $7.2 million — about two cents per acre — the U.S. bought land from Russia and made Alaska its 49th state, gaining a delicious fringe benefit in the process: Baked Alaska.

No, this igloo-shaped dessert — cake and ice cream shrouded in toasted meringue — didn’t come from the icy north, but its name was inspired by the land deal. In fact, the treat’s true roots date back to the turn of the 18th century, when American-born scientist Sir Benjamin Thompson (aka Count Rumford, a title he gained for his loyalty to the crown during the American Revolution) — whose inventions included a kitchen range and a double boiler — made a discovery about egg whites.

Rumford realized that the air bubbles inside whipped egg whites made meringue a great insulator. “That’s really why the Baked Alaska works,” says Libby “O'Connell, the History Channel’s chief historian and author of The American Plate. "The meringue insulates the ice cream from heat.”

By the 1830s, this culinary revelation had inspired French chefs to create a dessert called the “Omelette Norwegge.” This predecessor of Baked Alaska consisted of layers of cake and ice cream covered in meringue, then broiled. The French named this elaborate treat in reference to its own frigid territory to the north — Norway.

So how did the “Omelette Norwegge” become embroiled with the Alaska purchase?

Baked Alaska: A Creation Story Shrouded In Mystery

Photo: Courtesy of Delmonico’s Restaurant

landmarksofourfathers-deactivat  asked:

Is there any sort of post that shows the history of racial hatred in Ferguson and the surrounding areas with related cases, etc?

There might be a few more in the update tag if you still want/need more info.

Here’s a geography lesson for the non-Alaska world: Alaska is a part of the continental US. We are located on the North American continent. Mail can be shipped using USPS, even priority, flat rate, and overnight. We receive UPS by ground and air, as well as Fed-Ex ground and air. We are not a part of the contiguous states, however, and we like that. We call them “the lower 48” or “Outside”. Close enough to visit, far away enough to mind your own business.

This episode was everything, it was top 9: RuAmped. Less Ador-able, more At Your Throat 

First out, now a lot of people have a lot of opinions about little miss thing PhiPhi O’hara, and I really have nothing nice to say. So I won’t say anything

But I got a gif

I could say a lot more but I have to show everyone I’m nice this season. 

OKAY though, did anyone else have a heart attack demi lovato style with this queen’s return

Originally posted by allaboutthatdrag

I was being attacked by not only logo but also my body.


Originally posted by fly-fly-fly-fly

I am so happy at this point that the girls are rejoining and getting with Alaska right from the gate. I am blown away by the intelligence of this ethereal fairy! She’s first to pick from the girls still in the competition and goes for str8 for miss 49th State ALASKA: proof that she’s aware that Alaska is the protagonist of this season. Also Alyssalaska’s chemistry is TV MAGIC. Their screentime together left my mouth agaped.

Alaska is like just so smart, like she deserves this all, I idolize her really; not only is she smart at playing the game but playing to her standards, she’s not playing around and talking shit, she’s being the pinnacle of drag queen professionalism.

She knows exactly what it takes to get herself into the top. she knows exactly how to WERK. I felt to me like god was explaining how the world works seeing how Alaska talked with Alyssa. She transformed Alyssa’s comedy routine to become what it became.

Originally posted by delriodelano

I’m SOOO Happy we get to have Alaska Thunderfuck 5000 again! Honored.

Speaking about trash queens, miss Detox was giving me and Tati life, with folsom street’s magical girl cosplay convention dirtiness, all their prolapse jokes were leaving me gaping. I had my mouth open this whOle time.

 I was given EVERYTHING I HAVE by logo last night. Rupaul’s Drag Race and infamously Rupaul’s All Stars, step their Own game up EVERY TIME.  And I gagged for tati’s drop, in vocals in the skit about braces. (and again for her drop in THAT DANCE FOR YOUR LEGACY AND LIFE LIPSYNC)

Next I guess I’ll talk about lil Roxx <3 She was there because she looked good, lol, she did that great. She was so thankful about not leaving she gave some real good and enthusiastic sound bytes. AND she was the solo act so honestly this was a nice Pass for her. 

I think she deserved a pass because she’s the only RUdemption queen not to crack into a Bitter nut (I.e. ginger, phi phi (tati even!)) I wonder how much weed she smokes, she’s great at keeping it calm. 

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Miss Coco Montrese, honestly she was shooting out mad wisdom! It made me wish she packed her bags AFTER Adore Delano. Popping out with the ICONIC: “things are about to get interesting.” 

I was gagged by the tea of it all.

Poor her for getting swindled into teams with Phi Phi; holding that grudge against Roxxy Andrews and witnessing Phi Phi’s previous win was a toxic combination. Still, poor her, having to deal with Alyssa drama for a second time!! She did not come back again AGAIN to be a part of that plotline, again

And while I’m dishing soup, poor Katya as well getting stuck with Ginger Minj. She’s so nice with her but Ginger cramps her style in my opinion. I was like, Oh great Katya’s narrative is going to be bland again

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and it was, but at least she was safe this time. 

Ru just has to understand that Katya flourishes in positivity, not with the pressures of bottoming each and every week. Give her a compliment! 

But to be fair a lot was going on, so it’s understandable she didn’t get much spotlight: I mean, Alyssa and Tati had to have their ultimate, double-team, redemption; we had to be gagged by a double win and a possible DOUBLE ELIMINATION; and, finally, the PhiPhiean Empire had to collapse. 

There was a so much happening.

This episode gave me spasms of gaggery and gapery; I was gyrating. I don’t have a foot fetish but I was ready to kiss some feet, rupaul?? your toenails clipped???

Like EVERYTHING about that episode was for the kids back home, and that’s really how the world should be (real moment yall): always give back to the youth because they’re the future <3