2013- 49ers

In the last two weeks or so I have seen and and heard of so many things that truly lights a fire ……I have seen Boman get pushed aside for a lesser player I have seen one of the great owners get pushed aside yet again for the Hall of fame i have seen one of the greatest players in 49ers history pushed aside and with all that  we hear little to nothing of all the greatness that has come from the 49ers this season unless the fans posted it……The media has always pushed us aside like yesterdays trash if the 49ers are not winning they don’t care…. and this is fine we walk with our heads high  we play with respect hard hitting football…. In 2014 our football team needs to remember all this lack of respect form the NFL from the Media and from the very first kick off in the very first game let everyone the NFL the Media and the Seahawks know that this is our league everyone needs to lower there  heads and show respect to their kings THE 49ERS……………………..

Let the Quest for not only 6 but 7 and 8 too run full force over all who disrespect us