Collin Kaepernick is a free agent and nobody is looking to sign him after his protesting, despite the milestones he’s had in his career thus far. Recently, he was even blamed for the decline in views during the last season of NFL games. Analysts went so far as to call the loss of viewers “The Kaepernick Effect” due to his refusal to stand for the national anthem. 

Even with his donating of over a million dollars to countless charities and his set up of the “Know Your Rights” camp for underprivileged children in the Bay Area, he’s considered unemployable because of his stand against the institutional racism that America was built on.

He even stopped his “un-american” protest during this sensitive time in hopes of being drafted, but it hasn’t worked so far. It’s odd too, because the 49ers supported him through and through, but now… nobody wants to take him on. And just by this alone, I’ve been reaffirmed once again that institutional racism is alive, well, and is being fed with an abundant amount of hate.