4984) The first time my mom used the correct pronouns for me (he/him) I was wearing one of my most feminine outfits, which was a cute dress with tights that have bears on the knees and a bow in my hair. She did it then asked if it still counted since I was dressed how I was and I sorta chuckled and said "yeah, I'm still a guy mom". I was super excited and confused like why did she choose then to say them right then?
The One With All The Pining

by mordorisleft

“What happened in France, stays in France, right?”

Alex watched him carefully, calculating, and Thomas started to feel uncomfortable. So he took a swing of juice.

“What if it didn’t?”

He almost spit it out.

“I’m sorry, what?” Thomas said as soon as he was no longer choking on citrus.

Words: 4984, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

from AO3 works tagged ‘Hamilton - Miranda’ http://ift.tt/2g7rmnD