A/N: I’m sorry if there’s typos, it’s four in the morning and I just had to finish it! I hope y’all enjoy x

Word count: 4953 (looong)

After Zane had received notice that the group of five would have to move out by the end of their lease due partly to the numerous complaints from neighbours about noise and unnecessary disruptions but overall because of the 1,400 pounds of dry ice they had dumped into their pool, Toddy had the genius idea of throwing a celebratory party for all of the good times they’d experienced at their shared residence.  The boys were immediately on board and decided to throw the biggest party they’ve ever thrown before in remembrance of their soon to be ex-home. Invitations were sent out to anyone that’d ever spent time over at their house, and of course their friends as well as friends of friends. There was no doubt that this party was going to be one of the biggest their neighbourhood had ever seen from the vlog squads house yet, and you had the privilege of going.

You were fairly new to the group of friends, as you had only moved to California five months ago and had only just been welcomed into the group four months ago after you Toddy finally asked you out to lunch after bumping into each other at the gym on numerous occasions. At first you thought it was a date, which put you slightly on edge. Todd had taken you to a moderately empty café which looked as if it was created in the image of it being the perfect setting for a couple’s first date, and although it was lovely, it only made you feel even more awkward. Yes, Todd was undeniably cute and funny - never failing to make you laugh during work outs, but he wasn’t exactly your type. You liked Todd, which is why you agreed to go, but you just didn’t like him in that way, believe it or not.

Being alone with him made you feel uneasy, almost as if you were constantly on the edge of your seat; full high alert. You feared that if Todd did bring you out with the intent to date you, you dreaded that you would ultimately have to reject him, which only made you more uncomfortable as you didn’t want to ruin your first and only friendship in California.  A few had minutes passed and the two of you talked about the expected small talk topics. Such as how you were finding life in LA and whether or not you were settling in, but it wasn’t until four unfamiliar faces took up the empty seats at your table that you felt less uneasy, but more confused at the situation.

“Hey guys, I hope you don’t mind I brought a friend of mine from the gym to have lunch with us” Todd said in a rather chipper voice.

“Oh sure, yeah, ‘Friend’” The older man teased, which made you to laugh, half embarrassed at the unexpected comment. “I’m only kidding, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m Jason” He said extending a hand out for you to shake it, which you did happily, all the while appreciating his humour and straightforward nature.

As Jason sat down everyone introduced themselves to you. Next was Scotty, you remember admiring the detail and mix of tattoos sprawled across his body, as well as the golden gleam he resonated when he smiled at you. Then it was Zane who you immediately felt welcomed with, because of his warm and inviting personality, it was if everything about him made you smile. You felt  home with these people, comfortable. It was like you were all old friends meeting up for the first time in a long time and they all made you feel this way. All except for Heath. Heath was the last person to introduce himself, and when your gaze met his your stomach did a backflip, your prior thoughts melted away into puddles, it was hard to believe you could feel this way by simply introducing themself.

The more you got to know Heath the more you started to like him. He was unquestionably funny and you loved the relationship he and Zane seemed to share. From that day on, whenever you and Toddy met up at the gym, he’d bring you along to lunch with the boys and soon from there, they invited you to come over and hang out. From that point on your friendship’s bloomed. You learned more about their vine careers as well as their youtube personalities and came to make even more friends, especially David, and Liza.

The days went by and you all became closer, you couldn’t thank Toddy enough for helping you settle into LA and making you feel welcome, although out of all of your new friends, you spent time with Zane and Heath the most. You even had the privilege of being apart of a few of their coffee talks, which you loved being apart of more than anything - they were certainly a lot more enjoyable than David’s pranks that’s for sure, but if you were honest with yourself, you spent as much time alone with Heath as you could. Even upon first meeting Heath you knew you liked him and the more time you spent with the even stronger your feelings grew, but you tried your hardest to ignore them. It was no secret that Heath had no shame in getting up close and personal with whoever, so whenever it seemed like he was flirting with you or treating you like he saw you as more than just a friend, you ignored it. To you, that was just Heath being Heath, nothing more, nothing less. Of course that little mantra didn’t help with the little heart aches you’d feel when the two of you were together.

Even though you were sure that Heath only saw you as a friend, when Scott invited you to their fair well party, Heath kept on asking you if you were going and seemed almost concerned when you teasingly hinted that you wouldn’t be even though you were. It was unlike Heath to be this paranoid, he was almost always badgering you about the subject, he would even offer to pick you up and drop you off  if that meant you coming to the party would be set in concrete. Every time he offered you’d always decline, assuring him that he had nothing to worry about as 'you wouldn’t miss it for the world’, then he’d sigh in relief and give you a look as though you had lifted the weight of the world off his heavy shoulders. Whenever he did this you couldn’t help but blush, he was so cute you almost wished he wouldn’t look at you that way, because it only made you fall harder.

The night of the party came quickly. You arrived a few hours early to help the boys set up their impressive array of food and alcohol choices, as well as hiding anything breakable from Christine. Zane was in charge of setting up the cheap 99c store decorations, Scott was tidying up the house, Todd was cleaning the pool area, Elton was setting up a safe space for Circa and you were in charge of setting up the food. As you continued to work you realised you hadn’t seen Heath anywhere. Part of the reason you came to the party was to spend time with him and he wasn’t there? Heath spent all that time assuring that you’d be here and he wasn’t even here? What game was Heath playing at?

“Hey, Zane?” You questioned sheepishly.

“Yeah, baby girl?” He replied sassily, keeping his focus on the decorations.

“Uh, you haven’t seen Heath around have you?”

“Um, I think he’s picking up a girl?”

You froze. 'A girl?’ you thought to yourself.

“Like, his girlfriend?” You asked, trying to sound calm.

“Maybe?” Zane stated uncertain, continuing to hang up random banners.

“Oh, okay, thanks” You thanked Zane and walked away.

You didn’t know how to feel. You congratulated yourself for not getting your hopes up, but that didn’t overweigh the feeling of disappointment that had overcome you. Of course Heath had a girlfriend, he probably wanted you to come to the party so he could introduce you to her, nothing more, nothing less. These thoughts swelled inside your head, you almost felt numb. You were supposed to be setting up the confectionaries but you didn’t know what to do with yourself. Even though you didn’t allow yourself to think that Heath had feelings for you, you always secretly hoped that he did, but now there was no chance of that happening.

“Hey, are you okay?” A familiar voice questioned you.

You snapped out of your daydream, only to look up and see Toddy looking down at you with a worried expression.

“Uh, y-yeah, just got lost in a daydream is all” You laughed and smiled to put Todd at ease.

“Really?” He wasn’t convinced.

“Yeah, totally” You continued to smile up at him.

“Okay, it’s just you looked a little sad when I walked in and you kinda just stayed in place for a while” Todd smiled nervously, rubbing the back of his head.

“Oh - Yeah, nothing to worry about. Just a stupid daydream”

There was a brief moment of silence between the two of you. Todd looked at down at you and his eyes seemed to sparkle when he looked in your direction. His mouth sat sweetly in a charming smile which only caused you to smile in return.

“Well, uh, I’m done outside. Do you need any help here?” He gestured to the numerous unopened boxes of alcohol and snacks in front of you.

“Yeah, I’d like that”

The two of you were opening boxes and bags of drinks and snacks, but most of all you were laughing together. When you and Todd were together, your humour’s correlated perfectly. A lot of your jokes were fired quickly to which Todd could fire back just as fast, not to mention you absolutely loved how Todd could keep up with your banter. The two of you spoke for so long you lost track of time and by the time the two of you had finished your set up people started to arrive.

The night started off with a boom. The house was full almost immediately, to the point where some people had to hang out in the drive way of the house. The music was pumping and everyone was having the time of their lives. Todd had helped you get your mind off Heath and when David and Liza showed up, they only made you feel better. David had brought four 26 pound gummy snakes which drove everyone insane and with Gabbie and Liza dancing, everyone followed suit, needless to say you were having the time of your life, all until you spotted Heath.

At first you were excited, you had forgotten what had happened to make you sad, until you saw her. An unfamiliar blonde whom you’d never seen before was standing next to Heath, a little too close for your liking if you were honest. You immediately disliked her, it was petty but it’s how you felt, you weren’t going to deny that. You stood still in the middle of a room full of raving people. You were the anger in a sea of ecstatic people, but you didn’t care.

You then walked up to Zane Toddy and pulled the both of them backwards by their shoulders. You brought them back to the place you were standing, a spot in the middle of the dance floor where you could see Heath and the blonde conversing in the kitchen.

“y/n what hell?” Zane shouted drunkenly over the music.

“Do you guys know who she is?” You shouted back, almost as drunk.

“The blonde?” Todd asked.

“Yeah” you shouted in reply.

“Maybe it’s Heath’s girlfriend?” Todd replied.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought?” Zane commented.

“Haven’t they been going out for a while now?” Todd said, looking at Heath jokingly.

You fell silent. Todd must’ve noticed your mood drop as he immediately shouted back,

“I’m kidding, y/n!” Todd shouted

When you looked over again, Heath and the girl had disappeared. You were glad you didn’t have to watch them together anymore, but you were sad Heath was gone.

“Hey-” Zane said, looking down at you sympathetically. “Why don’t we go in the kitchen and get shit faced?” He continued, looking rather excited.

“Thanks, Zane” You smiled up at him, happily taking the arm he offered out to you with Toddy linking with your other arm.

It wasn’t long after that  that the party began to die down and people started to go home. The only people still hanging around were basically the all of those featured in any of the squad’s vlogs. You were still in the kitchen with Zane and Todd, although you were now joined by Elijah, David, Liza and Gabbie. Your conversations were quiet but rowdy all the same, with the main theme of conversation being the frat-party vibe you were getting from each other because of the seven of you drinking from red solo cups. It was chill, but you were still having a great time with your friends with your only worry being Christine, since she hadn’t done anything destructive all night, you were almost certain there was a storm of chaos brewing.

“So, y/n, have you thought about becoming a vlogger like the rest of us?” Elijah asked, taking another sip of his bear.

“What? no way? no one would watch me anyway” You laughed.

“Oh, shut the hell up, whenever you’re in my vlogs there are people down in the comments asking me when you’re gonna start your own channel” Zane shouted sassily.

“I’m only gonna admit it this one time but same here” David added, raising his hand in defeat.

You couldn’t help but blush at their support. You had thought about making your own channel but weren’t sure if you’d just be seen as a copy cat or some LA vlogger cliché.

“Same here” A familiar voice commented from behind David.

With one swift movement, Heath now stood across the space from you, between David and Todd. His eyes scanned the room to see who was occupying the space, and as soon as his eyes laid their sights on you, he stopped.

“Oh my god, y/n, I’ve been looking for you” Heath’s face lit up, but it wasn’t enough for you to hold back the bitterness that’d been brewing inside you the entire night.

“Oh you have, have you?” Your words had bite, with the attention to sting the person they were directed at, and by the looks of it, it worked.

Heath’s smile faded into a look of confusion, with the entirety of the room looking between the two of you, in absolute awe at the tension that had just built up between you and Heath.

“Uh, y-yeah, I was-” Heath paused, “You look absolutely amazing by the way” He laughed nervously, red tinting his cheeks ever so slightly.

You had planned on given Heath the cold shoulder, but due to his nervous fumbling compliment your mouth scrunched up as you tried to hold back your smile, but to no avail, you just couldn’t fight it. In return, Heath’s face lit up once more, flashing that million dollar smile that you had been waiting to admire the entire night.

“So, how’s it going in here guys-” Before Heath could finish his sentence, Christine came bursting into the kitchen. Pushing past Heath and David and running up to Elijah who was leaning on the counter space next to you. Christine’s spontaneous entry startled you, but it was nothing you hadn’t witnessed before, you were only worried about what came next.

“ELIJAH, ELIJAH!” Christine shouted urgently, grabbing Elijah by the shoulder.

“What the fuck, Christine? What do you want?” Elijah spat his words at her sourly, but it didn’t seem to phase her.

“I have to- I have to show you this cool thing I found” Christine explain, her words slurred. She was now forcefully pulling at Elijah’s arm, signaling for him to follow her, but he protested.

“Christine, I’m not interested in whatever 'cool’ thing you found at our friends’ house” Elijah stated bluntly, trying to keep his ground in the spot he was occupying.

The two of them were now playing tug-of-war with one another, Elijah was at a slight advantage as he wasn’t as out of it as Christine was. Everyone in the area began to smile and laugh at the shenanigans now occurring in the tiny kitchen space. Phones were brought out and videos were being recorded, only to be pasted to Instagram and Snapchat seconds later. Needless to say you found Elijah and Christine’s relationship amusing, all until Christine finally managed to pull Elijah away from the kitchen, only he had bumped into your arm forcefully in the process. The bump caused your arm to jolt towards you, and the contents of your red solo cup came out with it, covering you in keg grade alcohol. You sat there on the counter, looking down at the mess that had now been sprawled out across some of your best clothing, your mouth gapping open slightly in surprise.

Everyone looked at you concerned and awkward, awaiting your reaction nervously. After a few seconds, you sat up straight and looked forward.

“I’m surprised to say that I never thought I’d be the victim of one of Christine’s drunken antics” You sniggered and laughed at everyone’s surprised and relieved facials. You could tell everyone was expecting a chaotic reaction but what you delivered is what kept the night alive and well.

“Jesus, I thought you were gonna freak out!” Liza said through laughter.

“I thought the exact same thing, I was actually a little terrified” Zane added, struggling to stop his laughter.

“Ooooh but your cute outfit though” Gabbie commented, jokingly frowning.

“Here,” Toddy said removing his shirt from his toned frame, “You can wear my shirt” Todd handed you his shirt and then winked at you flirtatiously, causing gossiping whispers and cheers to break out within the group.

“Uh, thanks, Todd-” You blushed laughing.

“You know I can take you to my room and you can change” Heath interjected seriously, his expression differing from the rest of the group.

“Wait, really?” Heath’s offer surprised you more than his expression, as he didn’t usually let just anyone in his room.

“Yeah, I mean, you don’t wanna wear Toddy’s shirt. He’s drunk and he’s been wearing it all day. I’ll open my closet and you can change into whatever” Heath explained trying to sound nonchalant, earning suspiciously smug looks from everyone who heard.

“Sure,” You said simply.

“Okay, let’s go.” Heath said placing his beer on the counter, leading you to his bedroom.

When you got to Heath’s room you could hear the muffled music through the walls. The light flickered on slowly, illuminating the room dimly, revealing an unexpectedly well-kept room.

“Sorry about the lighting, I think I gotta buy a new bulb,” Heath said, walking over to his mirrored closet.

“It’s cool, I don’t mind” You said, shooting Heath a warm grin. He looked away, looking slightly flushed.

Heath opens the closet doors dramatically, revealing an array of hung up shirts and jackets.

“Uh, so you can pick our a shirt or a hoodie and I’ll see if Kristen has any shorts or pants you can wear.” Heath smiled.

When Heath left you could feel yourself heat up. You were alone in his room, and it just felt so right to be there. You like the simplicity of his decoration and the organisation of his wardrobe as  you gradually looked through the numerous shirts and hoodies Heath owned. After a few minutes of browsing your choices, you found it. The simple black shirt that Heath always wore. You loved it when he wore this shirt as it hugged him in all the right places and would often, accentuate the bulk of his biceps.

You checked your surroundings to make sure it was safe to remove you clothing - clear. You removed your alcohol soaked clothes and checked to see if it’d left a scent on you, which it had, but it was nothing a little cologne or perfume couldn’t fix. You threw on Heath’s shirt which draped over you nicely, it filled you with delight when you noticed his shirt stilled smelled of him.

You put on your thigh high boots and began to admire yourself in Heath’s mirror. You couldn’t help it, this shirt really did look good on you, especially paired with your boots. You began looking at yourself from different angles, completely enthralled by your simple but cute outfit.

“I really do look cute” You complimented yourself.

You were still in front of the mirror when Heath walked in with a pair of black white striped shorts.

“Kristen thought that these might be more-” Heath paused when he looked up at you, his eyes hungrily eating at your image, taking in every inch of you. “-your style.” he continued, still stunned.

“Is it too much? I can change into something else or-” You mumbled.

“No, no it’s fine just- wow, I never thought I’d have someone else wearing my favourite shirt” Heath laughed.

You were still apprehensive, averting your stare to the floor.

“-and look this good in it” He smirked.

Your head shot up with a jolt, you weren’t expecting to hear, let alone from Heath.

“You think so?”

“Hell yeah, baby”

Heath then walked over to you with a sly smirk on his face as his eyes devoured you, getting more and more in-depth visuals with every step he took towards you.

“Here.” He said, handing you the shorts.

“Thanks, cowboy” You replied, playfully flicking his cowboy hat.

The shorts were a little bot smaller than your usual size, but they fit nonetheless. You tucked the front of the shirt loosely into the hem of the shorts and your new outfit was complete, and not to be bashful, you looked good, and Heath knew it. You turned to look at him, but he didn’t react. He had sat down on the black leather couch across the room, leaning back relaxed, watching the way your body moved. You’d never seen Heath look at you the way he was now. His eyes were drowned in lust as he took in every inch of your figure.

“Heath?” His head shot up, his body following suit. Your voice had pulled him back to reality.

“U-uh, you can keep your clothes here and I can wash 'em for you” He laughed nervously, desperately trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, sure. Thanks, Heath” You said just as nervous.

The room filled with an awkward silence as Heath stood on one side of the room with you directly across from him. Your mind raced and your heart pounded, you’d never been alone with Heath in his room before. If anything this was the perfect opportunity for either of you to make a move, but you were hesitant. You weren’t sure if Zane and Todd were joking about Heath’s mysterious unknown girlfriend or not, so you didn’t want to make a move and have the rumour be true, consequently ruining yours and Heath’s relationship. As time past the silence became progressively more deafening. You were both lost for words.

“Hey-” Heath spoke, finally breaking the silence, “-I’m really glad you came tonight.” Heath said, taking small steps towards you.

“I told you I would be, didn’t I?” You responded teasingly, standing your ground, waiting for Heath to come to you.

“You did, I’m just happy you’re here, y/n. With me.”

You and Heath were now inches apart from each other. Your face was burning hot and you felt as if your feet were cemented in place; you couldn’t move even if you’re life depended on it. Your heart rate increased rapidly, you could feel it beating in your chest. It was so strong, you feared Heath could hear it.

“What’re you doing?” You question, keeping your attention to the floor. You couldn’t bear to look him in the eye.

“Nothing, just that you wearing my shirt is driving me crazy” He said lowly, slowly raising his hand to your cheek, caressing it tenderly with his thumb.

You held his hand in place and leaned into his touch. His other hand then rested on your hip, pulling you closer into him.

“Heath I-” You were hesitant to confess, even though this was the prime time to do so. You knew what was happening but it all felt like a complete fantasy. You had dreamed of this moment since the day you met Heath, but now that it was happening it all felt so surreal.

“It’s okay, baby” Heath whispered.

He ran his through from your cheek to your hair, and you snaked your arms behind his neck and did the same, the both of you pulling one another closer. Your breaths became heavy, your heart beats beating in time, you could stand the suspense, although still apprehensive to make a move of your own. Heath then leaned down to the base of your neck and left a trail of vehement kisses leading up your neck, stopping just below your jaw bone to leave a teasingly passionate hickey. You held back moans, gripping at Heaths hair to control yourself, but he pushed you over the edge; your moan only making him nip at your sensitive skin harder.

After leaving his mark, Heath came up for air. He was breathing heavily and you did the same, it was simple but intense. Passionate. Everything you’d dreamed of and more. As Heath caught his breath, you finally looked into each other’s eyes and it was clear what was coming next.

“I’ve been waiting for this ever since I met you” He breathed.

“Shut up”

You crashed your lips into Heath’s, engulfing each other in a drunken haze of passion and lust. As expected, Heath tasted of cigarettes and alcohol and it didn’t bother you in the slightest. Your mind was racing and everything melted away. Nothing mattered to you in that moment, not until the question scratched at the back of your mind - Heath’s girlfriend.

Even though you didn’t want to, you pushed Heath away. He looked at you worried and confused, concerned that he may have done something to hurt you.

“What’s wrong? Did I do something-”

“No it’s not that just-” You spoke frantically “W-what about your girlfriend?”

“Girlfriend?!” Heath shouted, seemingly surprised.

At that moment, Heath’s lightbulb gave out with a loud pop. The two of you were masked by darkness.

“Oh fuck- it’s okay I got it” Heath said fumbling around, feeling for his room lamp.

You knew Heath’s room well enough to know where the lamp was yourself, in your awkward state you attempted to find Heath’s lamp as well just so you could do something, other than stand there in the night.

Heath found the light a mere second before you did, in the confusion, you bumped into Heath’s frame causing the two of you to fumble around, trying to regain your balance’s. Heath fell backward onto his bed, pulling you down with him. You landed on top of his chest, coincidentally butting your foreheads together. You groaned in pain and laid your head on Heath’s chest. Although it was unnecessary and your intimate connection ended abruptly, you began to laugh, as did Heath as he too understood the stupidity of the situation.

When you calmed down, you lifted your head up to look at Heath, smiling giddily.

“What are we doing?” You laughed, looking down into Heath’s mesmerizing eyes.

“We? What’re you doing, baby? I don’t got no damn girlfriend” Heath laughed.

“But Zane and Toddy were telling me-”

“Ugh, of course it was - fuck!” Heath then sat up, causing you to straddle him in the process, resting your hands on his shoulders with Heath holding your hips for support.

“What’re you talking about?”

“Those two knew that I liked you and kept telling me that you liked me. I didn’t believe them, so they obviously tried to wingman” Heath looked away embarrassed.

“I swear- Then why weren’t you at the house helping us set up?” You looked down at him puzzled.

“I was picking up Meghan, y'know, the one I told you about?”

That name clicked. Heath had talked about you meeting Meghan for weeks, he was so excited whenever he talked about it, he always spoke about how well the two of you would get along and how much he couldn’t wait for you to meet her. From those memories, it all fell into place.

“Oooooooh” You blushed, you now understood what was going on.

“Yeeeeeeeeah” Heath dragged.

“So, that blonde you were with, that was-”


“So, you don’t have a-”

“Nope” He smiled up at you, adoring how cute you were being.

“Ugh, I feel so stupid” You said, resting your forehead on Heath’s.

“Y'know, I don’t have a girlfriend but-”

“Yeah” You smiled.

“But, y'know, if you wanted to you could maybe-” He scratched the back of his head nervously.

“Uh-huh” You could feel the excitement bubbling inside you.

“Ugh, fuck it, will you go out with me?”

“Very straight forward, baby” You teased.

“Is that a yes” He smiled wide.

“That’s a yes” You smiled just as wide.

The two of you embraced in a long awaited kiss, unsure of whether or not the two of you wanted to return to the party, preferring to spend the night alone together for the first time. After all, you’d been waiting this long, might as well take advantage of your ‘last’ night in the old house by spending it with your baby, Heath.

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The Prophet (pbuh) said: “If a person commits a sin, then says, ‘O Lord, I have committed a sin so forgive me,’ He says, ‘My slave knows that he has a Lord Who may forgive sins or punish for it; I have forgiven My slave…’” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 6953; Muslim, 4953)
It was said to al-Hasan al-Basri: Would not any one of us feel ashamed before his Lord to seek forgiveness from his sin then go back to it, then seek forgiveness then go back to it? He said: The shaytan would like you to feel that way; never give up seeking forgiveness.

Mama Bear : Part five of Exclusive

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Mama Bear – Part 5 of Exclusive

Words: 4953 (This is a biggie!)

Warnings: Labour,
                  Embarrassing period stories
                  Reader and Jax being little shits,
                  Tig and Chibs home invasion
                  Soppy ending


Happy x Reader

Part one: Exclusive
Part two: Official
Part three: Old Lady
Part four: Wife

The garage was a very boring place to be when you were banned from doing any work what-so-ever. Happy didn’t even let you drive yourself here, either he’d drive you in the truck or one of the guys would pick you up where you’d be forced to spend all day around the garage but god forbid you pick up a wrench or any paper work.

With one month to go before the big drop, as Tig had been calling it, your stomach looked like you’d swallowed a beach ball and you found yourself sat down most of the time because your feet had swelled too much for you to be suborn enough to be on them all day.

Your hormones were everywhere, Happy had been freaked out from coming out of the shower a few days ago to find you crying while watching Extreme Couponing. He sat down next to you and wrapped you in his arms while placing his large warm hands over your belly. He loved feeling the baby kick. The baby who you’d been calling blob since you’d decided not to know the sex.

You sighed and rolled onto your back on Happy’s dorm room bed.
You were in timeout until Happy came back from picking up a broken down car. You did deserve it. After months of the Sons stomping on your last, very hormonal, nerve you’d decided to get payback.

You’d recruited Jax to help you with your plan and when the boys were surrounding you both on the couches in the clubhouse you’d asked the blonde to help you up and had discreetly tipped your water bottle down the front of your maternity jeans.

The guys freaked out instantly and in five minutes you had Chibs holding your wrist counting your heartbeats and Tig and Bobby appeared with two separate bags full of stuff for the hospital. Jax who had been rubbing your back and telling you to breathe broke first and burst out laughing while clinging to you.
“Where the fuck did you get those bags?” Jax laughed.
“Happy’s been hiding them all over the place, he’s got about six in case I go into labour all of a sudden.” You laughed leaned against Jax.
“You bitches.” Tig growled out and he and Bobby dropped the bags they were holding. To say they were mad was an understatement.

Jax lay next to you on the bed, he’d also been put in ‘time out’, he rested his head back on his arms and let out a small chuckle, “You know, I think they’re just mad that we got them so bad.”
You giggled, “Did you see their faces?”
“Yeah but your Old Man is gonna kill me when he finds out.” He sat up so that he could light a smoke.
“You’ll be fine, hide behind me and your mum, I’m pregnant and they’re all scared of her.” You laughed as he nodded in agreement.
You didn’t have to wait long, Happy’s dorm room door swung open as you and Jax had settled into watching The Beauty and the Beast on the dingy small tv. Happy and Gemma stood in the doorway watching you both with curious expressions.
“So I hear you two had an interesting afternoon?”  Gemma asked in that all knowing way of hers.
“Oh shit.” Jax mumbled though you could hear the humour in his voice.
“Well what do you have to say for yourselves?” Happy asked and folded his arms across his chest.
“I didn’t expect him to bring backup, you’re on your own blondie.” You laughed and nudged Jax playfully and got up to cuddle into Happy’s side after he moved his arms for you.
“You’ve got your dad voice down there Hap.” Jax offered with a lopsided grin.

You clung to Happy and leaned so that you were both slightly out of the doorway, “Quick Jax, why he’s distracted by your flattery.”
Jax jumped up and ran by you both, he slapped Happy’s arm playfully as he passed and laughed the whole way down the corridor with Gemma on his heels.
Happy’s hands found your stomach and you let yours fall on his shoulders, “Pretending to have the baby?”
“They’ve really been getting on my nerves Hap.” You pouted and he fixed you with an almost stern look.
“You know this baby is going to have the most handsome Dad in all of Charming.” You smiled and kissed his cheek and he gave you a playful growl and pulled you towards him so he could nuzzle your neck.


It happened on a Saturday morning during your cartoon morning ritual.
You and Happy had been curled up on the couch eating the breakfast that Happy had brought in for you when Gemma and Jax knocked on the back door and Happy let them in.
You sat up so you could greet them, your hands coming to rest instinctively on your bump.
“You’re looking good baby, eating enough?” Gemma asked as she and her son eyed the mass of toast and cereals and fruits on the coffee table.
You gave them a small laugh, “Yeah Happy’s keeping us both well fed.”

Jax came over and gave you kiss on the forehead before gesturing to your Husband to follow him into the other room while Gemma came to sit next to you.
“Anything I should be worried about?” You asked her as you watched the guys slip from the room and Gemma waved her hand absentmindedly, clearly not something to worry about for the moment, either way Happy would tell you. The pair of you had sat and discussed that you needed to know what he was doing for the club so that you weren’t imagining any worse and stressing out yourself or the baby. The lesser of two evils.

Gemma reached under the coffee table and pulled out the duffle bag, another one of Happy’s ‘sudden labour bags’, from underneath it and gave you an amused look, “How many is that now?”

“Seven at my last count but you know what Happy’s like, he’s got a million hiding places I’ll probably still be finding them when the kid is in their twenties.” You laughed and Gemma shook her head slightly, the club house had at least three in it.
You conversed idly for a few minutes until you felt the pain in your abdomen. You scowled and manoeuvred in your seat trying to shake away the discomfort but nothing could do it. You let out a grunt and bent forwards as it hit you again.
Gemma’s eyebrows shot up and then she was next to you, “You okay Y/N? Is it the baby?”
You shook your head and tried to ignore it and gave her a small smile to try and reassure her, “No no way too early. Let me just get the heat pad thing Happy got me.”

Gemma came to give you a hand as you pushed yourself up from the couch, her hands came to your forearms and she held you steady. Her grip tightened on you when you swore and both of you glanced down to your now wet crotch.
“Shit.” Gemma hissed.

Your breath hitched, “Gemma, Gemma i-its too early. What do I do? What-?”
She cut you off by shouting for Happy and Jax loudly. Both men ran into the room with guns raised and glared around the room until their eyes fell on you holding onto Gemma, your breathing erratic and your skirt wet with your waters.
“Christ.” Jax hissed, “I’ll phone Tara, Ma get the car ready. Hap you get Y/N and everything you need.”
Happy pushed his gun into his waist band and ran to pull the bag from under the coffee table and another from behind the couch. He pushed both at Gemma and took her place holding you up. Both the Teller’s ran out ready for you to join them in the moment.
Happy’s arm came around your ribs as another wave of pain came through you.
You held onto the front of his tshirt and pushed your face into his chest, “Happy I can’t do this. It’s too early, I don’t know what to do. I’m so scared.”
You sobbed into his chest and he gently rocked for a few moments with one hand holding your head to him.
He pulled back and made you look at him, “You’re safe, I’m going to get you to hospital and I’m not going to let anything happen to you. And our baby is going to be fine because you’re not going to let anything happen to them are you? No thought not.  I know you’re scared but you need to be brave so that we can meet our baby, okay? You got this.”
He stared at you, his hands on your face as his eyes searched yours as though he was checking that you had heard him. That you understood. He was scared too, you could tell but his need to protect you and the baby shone through.
You nodded quickly as him and leaned up to kiss your husband.
Happy leaned down slightly so that he could slip his arm around your knees and picked you up bridal style as he had been for the past few months when he insisted that you should be resting and carried you out to the car.

True to his words Happy was beside you the whole time. Due to the baby being a month early you had extra doctors waiting for you and the baby. Dealing with the premature birth and their fears about your blood pressure made the whole ordeal even more terrifying but you had Happy holding your hand and Tara assisting with the delivery (how she’d swung that as a surgeon you’d never know).

You were lucky however that Baby Lowman was so eager to meet you that you were only in Labour for four hours. The doctors took the baby straight away to check them over and you panicked when you realised that they were about to take your baby out of the room where you couldn’t see them. You started to panic against and shook Happy, who was brushing your hair away from your face and telling you how proud he was off you.
“Happy –Happy! Please don’t leave them alone, please.” You whispered and he gave you hard nod and kiss against your sweaty forehead as he took off out the doors after the doctors.

It felt like forever after the all the doctors had left before the doors opened again and Happy gave back in, this time in his strong arms he held a small white bundle and he looked terrified.
He took half a step at a time towards you, his arms locked and his eyes never leaving the precious package in his arms.
You didn’t say anything until he reached you, you knew he was too focused on walking your baby safely to you. He stopped next you and leaned down so that you could see the small face hidden under the white blanket and hat.
“Our little girl, she’s a fighter just like her mother.” He mumbled as he passed you your daughter.

You sat up in that bed with Happy sat next to you on the bed with his arm around you, looking down on you holding your baby, for an hour before Gemma came in, as she often did, like she owned the room.

“Everything okay?” She asked as she dropped her handback into one of the chairs.
“Our baby girl.” You smiled and let Gemma hold her.
“She’s perfect, got any names yet?” Gemma asked as she looked down at your little bundle.
“Nothing that fits.” Happy offered and Gemma stepped around the bed and handed your daughter back to you.
“Well are you three up to some guests?” She asked you and before you could protest that you didn’t look your best, Happy leaned down to your ear and told you just how perfect that you looked.

So you agreed and within five minutes your little hospital room was full to the brim of your SAMCRO nearest and dearest.
“She is absolutely stunning.” Tig cooed over Chibs shoulder as the Scottish man held your daughter.
“Aye, we’re going to have to put rules on this lass. No dating until she’s married.” Chibs decided as he passed the tiny baby to Jax who almost instantly started to babble at her.
The whole crew were completely armoured with your little girl, she had some of the most dangerous men around wrapped around her little finger and she was only a few hours old.
“She’s not allowed to get married.” You heard your Old Man rumble as you lent against him and the others laughed.
“Hey look at this, she looks just like Happy already.” Clay laughed and Jax angled your baby so that everyone could see the scowl etched in her little face.
Everyone laughed and you couldn’t help but smile.
Jax stood and passed Happy your daughter who was still scowling, he gave her forehead a gentle kiss, “You pull that face anytime you get asked out on a date.”
“She won’t have to with her uncles behind her to scare the poor guy off.” Juice laughed.
“Or girl.” You and Happy both corrected.

“Anyway I haven’t given the little angel my present.” Chibs announced and dug into the pockets of his cut and you watched with suspicious eyes, your room was full of flowers and chocolates and all sorts for the baby even though they hadn’t known the sex until she had been born.
Chibs pulled out a small folded square of black material and passed it over to you and you opened it to show a SAMCRO baby grow.
A chuckle of laughter came through the room and you held it for Happy to see properly with his arms preoccupied with your baby.

“We can’t keep calling her Baby Lowman.” You mumbled as you reached over and ran your finger down her little chubby cheek.
“We actually did some thinking about this in the waiting room,” Tig offered as he pulled two pieces of ripped notepad paper from his top pocket and passed them both over to you, “We even did one for boys names and one for girls names.” He proudly pointed out were he’d titled the sheets as ‘Little Son’ and ‘Little Princess’.
You narrowed your eyes at the ‘Little Son’ page before turning it around so that Happy could read it, “This is just a list of all your names.”
“Why try to improve on perfection.” Chibs laughed.

Laughing, you placed that note on the side table before turning your attention to the list of girls names in your hands and narrowed your eyes at them again, “Most of these are female versions of your names.”
“And the rest are names of girls from Caracara.” Happy practically growled at them and your daughter shuffled at the noise, Daddy Lowman was pissed that they’d suggest names of women they’d all fucked for his precious baby girl.
“Down boy.” You swatted his shoulder and leaned further against him, you took it for what it was, a joke. You hated all the names on the list until you reached the very bottom and it just fit.
“I like this one.” You announced and pointed it out to Happy who tilted his head slightly as though he was rolling the name around in his head to see if it fit. He liked it too, it suited your little family with his occupation with the Sons and you being a mechanic.

“Which one?” Tig asked as he leaned forward like he was trying to see which one you were pointing too.
“The bottom one.” You told him.
Tig threw his fist up list he’d won something, “I picked that one.”

“We’re going to take naming advice from someone who called their kids Dawn and Fawn?” Happy asked looking down at you incredulously.
You looked up at him and gave him that smile that told him he would never win against the women in life whether it was his mother, his Old Lady or his daughter, “I don’t like the idea either but now that you’d considered it can you imagine her being called anything else?”
He shook his head after a moment and Tig let out a victorious noise again.
“The suspense is fucking killin’ us.” Jax teased.

Happy held your baby slightly higher so they could all see her, “Introducing Harley Lowman.”


Pots smashed in the other room and your eyes shot open, you sat up and threw the covers off but Happy was already up and pulling his gun from the bedside table and was pushing another one into your hand.
“Safety’s off.” He rumbled and that’s all the instruction you needed. He pulled the bedroom door open and you followed him quietly. You reached the kitchen and almost walked into your Old Man’s back. Around the doorway you could see Tig and Chibs in your kitchen; Tig was holding four-year-old Harley on his hip as she helped him mix a bowl of batter and Chibs was feeding your twin one-year-old sons in their highchairs.

Tig looked up and caught sight of Happy stood in the doorway in his boxers and tshirt and you just behind him in shorts and vest top, both of you with guns in your hands.
“Uncle Tigger is just going to check that mummy and daddy are still asleep, why don’t you pick which fruit we give them? Uncle Chibs will help you for a minute while I’m gone.” Tig spoke to your daughter and put her down on her feet before approaching you both and ushering you out of the kitchen.

Out in the hallway he stuck his hands on his hips and narrowed his eyes at you both, “You two are supposed to be asleep.”
“What are you doing in our house?” Happy scowled.
“The kids wanted to do you an anniversary breakfast and they needed a little help.” Tig answered like it was the simplest thing ever. Happy tensed next to you before glancing over at you but you gave him a shrug, you’d forgotten as well. You have three kids under the age of five of course you’d forget things like this.
“You both go back to bed and we’ll make sure you hear us on our way.” Tig shoo’d you both anyway and waggled his eyebrows. You didn’t get chance to respond as Happy lifted you up and dropped you on his shoulder, his hand slapping down on your backside as he carried you off towards the bedroom, shouting over his shoulder for them to clean up after they’d finished cooking.

Happy threw you onto the bed and you let out a small squeal as he jumped on top of you eager to make it up to each other that you’d both forgotten your anniversary.

After you’d had a quick shower, which Happy had insisted on joining, you changed into clean bedclothes and slipped back under the covers to cuddle up with your husband. You could hear the guys crashing things in the kitchen and rolled your eyes.  It was nice to have a moment to breathe.

After you’d had Harley both you and Happy had been content with having the one child.
She was constantly spoiled by her grandmother and her ‘Uncles’ the sons but you’d gotten a little too drunk celebrating your birthday and safety had gone out of the window and hey presto, you had the twins.

Jacob and Michael were already little tearaways just like their father and Harley loved helping to take care of them. Happy by all accounts was an amazing father, your favourite thing was on a Saturday morning, watching cartoons just like you used too but with Harley tucked between you both and Jacob in your lap and Michael in Happy’s. It was hard not to be incredibly content.

You heard commotion in the hallway and pulled the duvet up over you and Happy so that you could pretend that you’d been sleeping when the kids came in to surprise you.
“You’re a child.” Happy teased as he pulled you close and kissed the end of your nose.
Outside your door you heard Tig shout overdramatically, “I really hope that mummy and daddy are still asleep and not doing anything they shouldn’t be like making you any more brothers.”
You rolled your eyes and Happy let out an annoyed sigh. The door swung open and you felt the bed bounce as three little pairs of feet bounced on you.
You pulled the cover down to see Harley giggling and jumping up and down around Happy until your husband caught her with a loud giggle and pulled her down for a cuddle. Tig was holding a twin in each arm as he helped them bounce on your legs.
“Oh no! We’re under attack.” You giggled and pulled down of your sons into your arms and Tig disappeared.
“I’ve got this one.” Happy teased and he tickled Harley and blew raspberries on her face as she squealed and squirmed while screaming that ‘Daddy was cheating!’
Tig returned with Chibs in tow as they carried in breakfast trays full to the brim with misshaped pancakes, juices and fruit.
Happy let Harley catch her breath and she jumped up and threw her arms around your shoulders and lay a messy kiss on your cheek, “Happy breakfast!” She cheered.
“Thank you baby.” You kissed her cheek before kissing the tops of your sons heads.
Harley turned to Happy and did the same thing before slapping the palms of her hands against his cheeks to get his attention, “Did we surprise you?”
“Yeah you did, love you baby.”  Happy tickled her belly and she giggled loudly.

“Yeah yeah I love you guys too now eat your food.” Chibs laughed and you couldn’t help but feel completely satisfied.

Time skip

“Happy shut up.” You snapped and pinched your brow. You looked over to see your husband glaring at you across the car that you were working on, his hands opening and closing as he tried to control his temper. Jacob and Michael let out oooh’s at the challenge in your voice and you glared at them.
“Can you two go make sure that Harley is ready to go to the store?” You snapped and they jumped up pushing each other as they ran out into the yard at TM, at eleven they were mischievous to say the least.

“I am serious.” Happy growled.
“So am I!” You snapped, “She’s growing up Happy and this boyfriend is a childish thing.”
“She’s not having a boyfriend, she’s fourteen.” He growled back suborn and you felt like ripping your hair out.
“She’ll be a young woman soon Happy and you are not emotionally stunting her because you can’t handle that.”

“Mum! Dad!” Jacob interrupted you as he ran into the garage, “Uncle Tig said he’s gonna kill Harley’s boyfriend.”
“Good.” Happy snapped and folded his arms across his chest like the matter was settled.
You rolled your eyes at him and ran out into the yard to find all of the Sons, Michael and Abel glaring at Harley’s boyfriend who stood with her across the yard.
Your little girl had grown fast and was every inch a little you, which only made her father love her more.

“No one is killing the brat.” You snapped as you approached the guys, most of them on their bikes.
“You think he’s stupid too.” Michael argued, your son the little shit.
“That may be but I won’t be the reason that it ends. Harley’s not gonna spend her life in the shadow of you idiots. Good Uncles are there when needed, they don’t push in. Understood?”
Only when you got a chorus of agreement did you leave back to the car you were working on.

This had been the main source of arguments between you and Happy recently, yes Harley was young but you’d seen them together this was just a childish relationship. You would never tell her who she could and couldn’t see because her Dad hated the idea of her growing up. Because really if people only ever dated appropriate people then you’d never have gotten with Happy; the murderous biker.

A few hours later you were instructing the prospect to clean down the garage when your phone rang, it was Happy’s number so you answered.
“Mum, it’s us.” Jacob spoke immediately and you could already imagine the scene, Jacob with Happy’s phone and Michael on watch in the doorway.
“Why do you have your dads phone whats happened?” You asked already looking for your car keys so that you could rush home.

“It’s Harley, we were at the store and her boyfriend was there and she went to the bathroom and when she came back she was crying. Dad only got like two bags of the shopping and made us all leave and now she’s crying in the living room and Dad says we’re not allowed in there until he says.” Jacob rushed in a whispered voice and you heard Michael in the background mumble, “What’s the teddy bear for?”

“Okay, sit tight I’ll be home soon.” You mumbled and you swear you broke every speed limit on the way home.

You didn’t know what to expect when you got home but Harley wrapped up in a blanket cuddling a teddy bear and hot water bottle while Happy held her close. They were watching cartoons together and the coffee table was covered in chocolate and ice-cream.

“Everything okay baby?” You asked as she peaked up from her rest of her dads shoulder and you could see her face stained with tears.
“I’m okay now.” She sniffed and wiped her eyes, “Dad’s sorted everything.”
“And what exactly has he sorted?” You asked and Happy gave Harley a look as though he was asking for permission to tell you which your daughter gave.

“While we were at the store, Harley got a stomach pain so she went to the bathroom and she’d gotten her period.” Happy explained quietly as he rubbed his hand up and down your daughter’s arms reassuringly.

You sat down on her other side and pulled her into a hug, “Oh my baby is all grown up. You’re lucky your dad was there, he’s good with period drama. Well, all hormone drama to be honest.”
Happy was always amazing when you were on your period or pregnant or just having a bad day, he brought the ice-cream you liked and make sure you had heat pads or a hot water bottle and gave you plenty of compliments.

“But Sam was there and I bled on my trousers and he pointed it out to everyone and called me a gross bitch.” She sobbed and you held her and stroked her hair.
“Oh sweetheart,” You pulled away so you could wipe your tears away, “Ignore that stupid bastard.”
“That’s what I said.” Happy rasped and Harley gave a small chuckle.

“Boys! You can come out now!” You called and the boys came out of the bedroom looking sheepish as Jacob handed Happy his phone back. Happy glared at them but you could see the pride in his expression that they’d managed to get one over on him while he was looking after Harley.

You all settled down together, cuddling under the blanket and watching a film that the twins had picked out. When Harley drifted off between you, you looked over to see the men in your life whispering with their heads together.

“Boys? Is your dad telling you to beat up Harley’s ex?” You asked quietly and Happy and your sons all gave you sheepish expressions.
You gave them all an evil grin, “Because if he is make sure no one sees and aim for the face.”
“God I love you.” Happy grated.

It was hard losing everyone that you lost over those years. But having your Old man and your kids was enough; Chibs and Tig were an added bonus and a big part in your children’s lives.
Everyone who had ever doubted that you and Happy could make it were dead and you were both going strong.
Even after all these years Happy in a suit still made your knees weak and the beaming pride coming from him as he walked your beautiful Harley down the aisle was enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Today she was going to become Mrs. Harley Lowman-Teller and you couldn’t be more proud. Able was the only man that Happy, Jacob and Michael hadn’t scared off, even if the twins were still trying just weeks before the wedding. Inspired by his step-mum Able had become a Doctor and Harley was learning how to run the garage from you.

That night Michael proposed to his partner, who said yes!

Jacob told you he’d been accepted into law school.

Harley let you know you were going to be grandparents, Happy was thrilled and was already planning where to hide ‘surprise labour bags’.

You danced with your Old Man, his hand coming to rest where his Crow was hidden under your dress and everything was perfect.

Hope you all enjoyed the final part of this!

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