Cheer Up Post #4948 - The LEGO Movies Edition

For the anon requesting the current LEGO movies (April 2017), here you go! (I included two of the mini movies.)

***Disclaimer: Most of the images used do not belong to me. If you see one that’s yours, and you would like credit or to have it removed/replaced, please just ask.

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Ooo is finally COMPLETE! Come visit this Adventure Time theme town at 5400-4653-3937. The dream address has changed to 5400-4948-5707

I’ve put months and months of work into this town, trying to make it as loyal to the show as possible. I started this back in March of 2014 and have been working ever since to give you an idea.

I did have to take artistic liberties in some areas to make it work within Animal Crossing’s limitations but hopefully even the most fanatic Adventure Time fans will be impressed!

I am always open to critique on how I can improve this to mirror the show so please don’t be afraid to send in some helpful suggestions on what I can do to make this town truly MATHEMATICAL! Please keep in mind, however, that I do not have any more pattern space available for display directly in the town.

Questions of course are welcomed too! Don’t get who a specific villager is supposed to represent in the show? Ask! Don’t understand why I placed an item where it was put or how it relates to the show? Ask!

And finally, please share your dreams of Ooo! I’ll be keeping eyes on the tag #adventuresinooo to see what kinds of adventures you guys get into while visiting.



This is Ooo and the dream code is 5400-4948-5707 and it belongs to mayoricee.

I started to look through your town and saw the cut out board and it had a horn, I am attracted to anything related to unicorns ahah. I’m not an adventure time fan so I don’t know who it is but they look so much fun!

I love how lovely you decorated your houses and the exterior, so nice! Also the path way to your mayors house, amazing! I felt royal walking around there!

Your landscaping skills are amazing, everything was so bright and fun to look at, I didn’t feel bored as I never knew what was around the corner. The colour coordination between fruit and flowers I thought was a quirky and nice thought to have!

I thought your camp site is so cute too! Well designed and added PWP’s adds to the camping theme too!

I also loved the different pathway patterns you used! Very lovely town to explore and from what I know of adventure time you did a fantastic job with the theme! Great work! I very much enjoyed exploring your town.

For anyone who is needing to save up credits for strongholds, here’s a post that was on reddit about how many credits you can get via dailies (both in total and in credits/minute)

Hello! So couple days ago there was a post about someone wanting the real data from dailies, and i had actually just started gathering some data. Im finally finished and thought u guys would love to hear them too.

Little background. Im “high-geared” TK Sage in a healer gear (stacking power and surge). I used HK-51 as a companion just because he was the only one that i had even decent gear on. Great thing about TK Sage is that i can one hit group of adds or any single target. I used QT almost every 10 mins and tried to avoid wasting time on traveling around much. I did all bonus quests and didnt gather any mats. I soloed every Heroic but the Section X one.

But for the results. Time spent on each set of dailies is ±2 mins, depending on yourself, other ppl and luck. Here are the results in order which daily set gives u the most credits per minute spent. Total amounts are rounded up to the closest thousand and can have about ±4k difference.

  1. CZ-198 had 6456 credits/minute ratio and it took me 8 mins to complete the quests. Total credits 52k.
  2. Black Hole had 4948 credits/minute ratio and it took me 21 mins to complete the quests. Total credits 104k
  3. Belsavis had 4426 credits/minute ratio and it took me 40 mins to complete the quests. Total credits 178k
  4. Ilum had 4329 credits/minute ratio and it took me 20 mins to complete the quests. Total credits 87k.
  5. Section X had 3232 credits/minute ratio and it took me 50 mins to complete the quests. Total credits 161k.
  6. Oricon had 2974 credits/minute ratio and it took me 34 mins to complete the quests. Total credits 102k.
  7. Makeb had 2508 credits/minute ratio and it took me 40 mins to complete the quests. Total credits 100k

All results are calculated without any potential Weekly quests a certain zone might have, so they are a bonus for every Tuesday ;) The <55 Daily zones are easy to do and have high reward.

I hope this helped, and if u have any questions feel free to ask, i will try to answer as good as i can.

Edit. Added total credits.

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