Just visited the super sweet town of Pastelia! It’s extremely well done, houses and town. Also, she gives you adorable things to wear/hold and the cutest neighbors are all gathered here so go visit! ✧*:・゚

Town Name: Pastelia

DA:  4100-2171-4940


Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Flood Unversed Plushie releasing September 26!

While it seems like it was forever ago, back in May Square Enix General Manager of the Merchandising Division showed off an image of a Flood Unversed plushie sample on his Twitter. Many people wondered when we may finally see the plush toy sold since it remained the last of the three plushies designed by Series Director Tetsuya Nomura that had not yet seen a release. 

We didn’t have to wait long! Three months later this adorable Flood Unversed from Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep is finally on-sale for 4940 Yen (about $40 USD) and will release September 26th 2015!

  1. Pico Humbolt (4940 m)- Estado Mérida
  2. Hato Apure - Estado Apure
  3. Tepuy Cuquenán (Macizo Guayanés) - Estado Bolívar
  4. Parque Nacional Canaima (Patrimonio de la Humanidad) - Estado Bolívar
  5. Sierra Nevada - Estado Mérida
  6. Troncal Nº10 Gran Sabana - Estado Bolívar
  7. Caracas (Torres de Parque Central al fondo a la izquierda, Teatro Teresa Carreño, abajo a la izquierda) - Gran Caracas
  8. Maracaibo (Ciudad del Catatumbo) - Estado Zulia
  9. Pico Bolívar - Estado Mérida
  10. Kerepakupai-Vená (Salto Ángel) - Estado Bolívar

Venezuela en fotos.


pasteliapeaches’ Pastelia (selfie - p1 - p2)

Town thoughts, told by Mayor Ashley:

I went to a town called Pastelia today. It was pretty cute, I guess, as far as towns go…

There sure were a lot of cafes, but they all managed to be uniquely neat somehow. The town map was a nice touch so I could easily figure out where to go.

That Have a nice day sign was a trap though. A trap.

…I might take notes.

Visit too! 4100-2171-4940 


✧ ・゚ : Pastelia : ・゚ ✧
da: 4100 ~ 2171 ~ 4940

i visited mayor zoella’s suuuper beautiful town the other day! it seemed like every inch of the town was exciting to explore, and with presents EVERYWHERE! each of her houses were also fantastically decorated. it looks like everyone’s visited her town already, but if you haven’t i highly highly recommend it! by far one of my favorite towns to dream of ~