Cheer Up Post #4938 - Fox-Inspired Food Edition

shiro-berry would love a post with food inspired by foxes. Here you go!

Food Masterpost

Nature/Animals Masterpost

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4938) It's weird if I heard a girl say she weighed what I do now I would think 'wow she's skinny' but when it's me and my weight I don't see skinny at all when I look in the mirror.
4938) All I want is estrogen. Then again, that'd mean I have to come out. At my age, that can be hard. They'll say I don't mean it. THEY DON'T KNOW ME! I feel immense amounts of pain when they call me "son" and "nephew", or even when they call me "dude" and "bro"! I hate my penis. I wish I was dead, it would be better for everyone. I know that transitioning would just end in me being a shell of a woman. A hoax. And everybody would say that, too. Though ,if I were born female...