"How Much Do You Actually Know About Angels?" - Oneshot.

Inspired by this imagine– “Imagine Balthazar Rocking You To Sleep Because You Haven’t Slept In Two Days”.

I’d like to note that I’ve never actually written a reader insert before, and I only wrote this to get back into the swing of writing. I also haven’t written any fanfiction in a while. Also tried to keep the reader relatively genderless. Sorry if it’s a little bit lengthy, it does take a while to reach the actual imagine part.

Total length- 4924 words.

I don’t think there are any warnings worth mentioning, apart from the death of parents is mentioned?

Hope you like it.

Fic below the cut.

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4924) I'm such a terrible person to date sometimes. I won't call you my bf in front of others, I won't expect you to want me around, I wont be spontaneous and surprise you with my presence. You know why? I am afraid you will suddenly leave me, that you never even wanted me and that I will be a big, big failure. And even worse, being a complete failure in front of everyone.
4924) I've been out to my mother for around 6 months, but have been asking her to use my preferred pronouns for only a few. I get that it's hard for her to change them immediately, but she doesn't use them very often. When she does she makes it like some kind of joke and calls me her "little they" or something like that and laughs about it. I laugh too, but it secretly really hurts how she just can't use my pronouns and has to make them seem like a joke.