Dark Webs - Chapter Ten (Dark! Peter Parker x Reader)

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Warnings:  Topics of death, some fluff, angst, PTSD and depression, substance abuse, language, violence, gore, language, ignoring some of the MCU timeline/AU

Word Count: 4910

Summary: Peter grows more and more worried about you as you try to heal from your wound.

A/N: Ya’ll wanted fluff, so I’m giving it to you in typical Dark! Peter Parker fashion, so I really hope you enjoy it! Send me your feedback back I’ve been loving hearing what you guys have been saying.  If you wish to be added to the tag list, you can reply to the post or DM me. (Also I found this .gif on google, so if you made it, or know who did, let me know and I will credit!) Thank you xx -N

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Perfect P3 ~ Choni:

(A/N) So what if I’ve posted three parts of a story in one day? Who careeeee? No but really I wanted to write smut. That’s why we’re here. Also I may or may not have worked a dirty talk kink into this so… Guess we add that to our beautiful massing of Choni kinks. Enjoy pals xx

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Pairings: Toni Topaz x Cheryl Blossom

Word Count: 4910

Rating: E

Warnings: Like I said, a dirty talk kink is in here. Also I guess you could say I wrote sub!Cheryl but. Like. That would imply I wrote a dom!Toni and I don’t really know if that’s the case. Ah well. Who knows anyway? You tell me

Summary: After two years, two past lovers are reunited. The end result is one neither of them wanted.

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“Cheryl.” Hearing her own name surprised her. For a moment she’d questioned if she imagined it, but with a quick turn of her head to face behind her, she saw the one she’d come to see.

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Hope ~ Peter Parker (pt. II)

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Summary: it’s been five years since the Decimation, and a lot has changed. Y/N has yet to give up hope and move on from the death of her best friend and the love of her life, Peter Parker. But when Ant-Man reappears from being stuck from the quantum realm, could there be a way to reverse the effects of the snap, and bring everyone back?

Fandom: Marvel (MCU)

Warnings:  INFINITY WAR AND ENDGAME SPOILERS, swearing as always, sort of mentions PTSD and depression, angst, sad, dad!tony x daughter!reader, doesn’t really follow endgame canon

Word Count: 4910 (13.7 pages)

A/N: had to repost because for some reason the tags weren’t working lol. Anyways hope you enjoy! Tony isn’t actually the reader’s dad, but he sort of takes her in after the decimation y’know.

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Five Years Later…

Y/N pried her eyes open, feeling the warmth of the summer sun soaking into her room. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes before stretching her arms over her head. She lay back down, confining into the comfiness of her mattress, turning to her side to see the time on her alarm clock, which read 10:03 am. It was a little later than she usually woke up, but she did fall asleep a little later than usual last night.

Y/N threw the covers off of her body, standing up and stretching her arms over her head, the oversized white shirt she wore rising up her thighs. She walked over and grabbed a pair of shorts, slipping them on under the shirt, although the illusion that there were no pants remained. She walked back beside her bed and unplugged her phone, grabbing it off the table. She pressed the button which illuminated the screen. She smiled at the background, the one that used to make her cry every time she saw his face. Pocketing her phone, Y/N opened the wooden door and walked down the hallway, the cold floor tickling the bottom of her feet.

Soon she could here pitter patter of small feet hitting the hardwood floor. Small giggles echoed off the walls throughout the house, the sound could bring a smile to anyone’s face. As she turned a corner into the kitchen, she found the source of the sounds, the young girl turning quickly, her laughter increasing as she flings herself onto Y/N.

“Y/N!” Morgan screams as the girl mentioned crouched down to pick up the four-year-old, placing her on her hip. Morgan Stark had become like a little sister to the woman and had helped her through more than the little girl could ever understand. Y/N placed a kiss on the younger girls messy brown curls, bringing her into the kitchen.

“Good morning, Morgan,” she says, smiling at her as she gets a small toothy grin back. Y/N sways with the girl still on her hip to the soft melody of the music playing in the kitchen, spinning around every once in a while, causing a string of laughter to escape the child’s lips. “What are you up to this morning.” Y/N dropped the girl back onto the floor gently, thought Morgan still held tightly onto Y/N’s hand, dragging her further into the room, where you see two other familiar faces.

“Daddy is making pancakes!” Morgan says, giggling as she goes up to her parents. Y/N laughs, going over to Pepper Stark and giving her a kiss on the cheek before replying.

“Oh boy. That must not be good,” she jokes as Morgan pulls on her father’s sleeve, causing Tony Stark to lean down and pick up the girl who was curious about the process of flipping the batter. Tony turned around to face Y/N, a girl who he’s become close enough to consider a daughter as well, an expression of faux hurt painted on his face.

“I take offence to that,” he says sarcastically, tilting his head. “I am the ultimate maker of pancakes, and I’d bet you’d love them.” Y/N laughed, shaking her head and passing by him, bumping his shoulder lightly.

“I’ll stick with cereal, thanks,” she says. Tony scoffs, his attention going back to the now burnt pancake as he urgently tries to flip it. Morgan slips out of her fathers’ arms and goes over to Y/N, tugging you down to whisper into her ear.

“I think you and mommy are much better at pancakes than daddy,” she says not-so-discreetly. Pepper laughed from the other side of the kitchen, taking out plates and cutlery to set the table with as Tony brings his attention back to his stubborn daughter. He furrows his eyebrows, looking at the girl as she stared back at him, her nose scrunching up and a giggle escaping her lips. Tony rolled his eyes as he goes back to the task on hand: breakfast.

“Wow, betrayed by my own daughter,” he says, using the spatula to put all the pancakes on a plate before pointing the flat handed tool at her. “Just for that, you are getting the burnt pancake.” Morgan laughed again, going down and grabbing onto Tony’s leg, clinging onto him like a monkey.

“Nooooo, daddy,” she smiled as he walked, slowly with the extra weight of the toddler on one leg, to the kitchen table. Y/N decided to make his life a little easier and take the plate and put it on the table, before sitting down in her usual spot. She lifts up Morgan, after pulling her off of her dad’s leg and placed her into the high chair so she can reach the table. She placed a smaller pancake onto the little girl’s plate, cutting it up in little squares for her before grabbing one for herself and doing the same. The house was silent, the only sounds being the soft music still playing from the kitchen radio and the soft sound of chewing and forks scraping against the ceramic plates. After a few minutes when everyone except Morgan finished her food (it was harder since she lost her tooth just a week ago), a conversation started to flow.

“Oh, Y/N,” Tony interrupts the quiet, catching the girls attention as her eyes go up from her plate pooled in syrup to meet his. “Nat wants you at the compound this weekend for some training. It’s been a while since you’ve gone.” Y/N nodded, making a mental note.

“Yeah. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but I miss those dorks,” she laughed, and Tony smiled. Although he still wasn’t on the greatest terms with the rest of the Avengers team, he’s happy that she had gotten closer to them all. It really was true that the team was like a family to her, they’ve all helped her so much the past few years, more than they know. Even the ones who she had just met the first day she came to the compound, and the ones she didn’t get along with at first.

“Alright, great. I’ll send her a message,” Tony says as he pulls out his phone, which was quickly snatched from Pepper, explaining how “there are no phones at the table, you can do that after,” earning an eye roll from the billionaire, but accepting the rule none the less.

Y/N grabbed the empty plates and went over into the kitchen, washing them in the sink. As she was drying them with a towel and putting them onto a dish rack, a photo caught her eye. She placed the plate she was cleaning and reached up to grab it on the shelf, having to go on her toes just a bit.

The frame held a photo of Tony and her old friend Peter Parker, who had died after the snap. It was the two of them holding Peter’s Stark Internship certificate, both smiling goofily and holding bunny ears on top of the others head. Y/N had never seen the photo before and wondered why Tony had never shown her before, or how she had never noticed it before, although it did seem to be hiding behind everything else.

“I love that picture,” Tony said from behind her. Y/N almost dropped the frame in surprise, quickly turning around to face the older man. “It’s okay, you’re not in trouble. I just hide it because it makes me sort of emotional seeing it,” he explains, his eyes not leaving the photo. Y/N could only nod, watching as tears start to form in his eyes.

“This is a great photo, it’s very… him, y'know?” Y/N says as she tries to smile at him. Her eyes also trailed back to the photo, noticing how happy he looked. “I remember when he came home with that, he was so proud… He really loved you, Tony.” She confessed, now not even trying to hold back tears. Tony smiled softly, finally ripping his gaze to look at the girl, only to see her own eyes looking at the boy in the frame.

“He loved you too,” he says, so quietly she almost missed him saying it. “You both loved each other so much, I could tell even when I first met you. And I know you still do.” The words made a sob escape her mouth. It had been a long time since she had cried for Peter, not that she was sad that he was gone, but she had finally accepted that he was gone. He was never coming back, and although it was harsh it was the truth, no matter how hard she and the other Avengers tried to find a way to reverse what happened. Y/N pursed her mouth into a thin line, squeezing her eyes shut to try and control herself as she nodded at Tony’s words. They were true, he was right.

Although he was gone- and she realized and accepted that a long time ago- she could never stop loving him, maybe in a way more than she was supposed to.

Tony watched the girl trying to hold herself together in front of him. It was sad but even sadder that he had gotten used to the sight. But trying to fix her was like trying to put an expensive vase back together with craft glue, as much as you try and even though it will hold for a moment, everything will come crashing down again, breaking even more than before. Tony held her shoulder, before pulling her into his chest, letting her cry into his chest. He could feel his shirt getting wet from the salty tears but he didn’t mind. He closed his eyes, letting a few warm tears of his own slide down his cheeks, disappearing into the girl’s hair.

They stood there for a few moments, letting her calm down in his arms. Once she stopped shaking, he pressed a kiss to the side of her head, before pulling her away from him, holding her by the shoulders again. She looked back at him, her eyes already bloodshot. She sighed, closing her eyes in a longer-than-normal blink.

“Do you miss him?” She asks him quietly, although she knew the answer. He smiles, nodding at her question.

“Of course,” he says, replying in a small voice so she wouldn’t hear it crack. “To be honest, there isn’t a day that has gone by in the past five years that I hadn’t thought of him at least once, or what happened.” Y/N nodded, her eyes dropping onto the floor, letting out a cold laugh.

“Yeah me too,” she sniffles, wiping her extra tears away before her eyebrows pull together in confusion, looking back at Tony. “God, has it really been five years already?” She asked, thinking of all that has happened. Tony laughs, nodding.

“I know right, all feels like yesterday,” he says, not really meaning it in the way your mother would say after explaining a fond memory from when you were a child. It was meant more in a way like the event was so tragic that it stuck with and haunted not only the two, but everyone who had lost someone that day.

“Daddy?” a little high-pitched voice says from the kitchen entrance. The two looked over to see Morgan standing at the doorway, a stuffed bunny hanging limply from one of her hands, dragging along the floor. “Are you okay?” she asked, this time the question was directed more at the other person in the room. Y/N gave her a reassuring smile.

“Yeah, of course,” she said, crouching down so Morgan could run into her arms. Y/N placed the ever-growing girl on her hip and she kissed her cheek, the girl in her arms immediately making her feel so much better. “I was just thinking of my friend, remember I told you about uncle Peter?” Morgan nodded, smiling.

“Spidey!” she exclaimed, clapping her hands. Y/N smiled, a laugh escaping her own lips as she nodded. Even though the girl had never met Peter, she already loved him, always listening intently to all the stories Y/N told about him and his adventures as Spider-Man. Tony smiled at his two daughters, even though one wasn’t his blood, he loved them both. He went over and patted Y/N on the back, kissing Morgan’s still messy hair.

“I’m gonna go text Nat that you’ll be there tomorrow,” he said, winking at the smaller girl being held by her. He walked out of the room, leaving the two girls. Y/N bounced Morgan on her hip a bit before turning to her.

“How about we got get you dressed, okay?” Y/N suggests. Morgan nods, placing her head on her shoulder, closing her eyes. Y/N smiled at the girl, carrying her to her room to pick out a nice outfit for her and maybe even do her hair.



Y/N hit the ground hard after her legs were swept from under her. She groaned, propping herself up on her elbows and blinking to make the stars appearing in her vision fade away. Over her stood the red/blonde woman, Natasha Romanoff. She shook her head, although she had a small smile on her lips.

“You gotta pay more attention, Y/N,” she said, holding a hand out for the girl under her to grab. Y/N only rolled her eyes. “You can’t let your enemy see your weaknesses, you can’t give them a chance to take over you.” Y/N reached up to grab Natasha’s hand, only to pull her down and roll over, pulling her arm behind her back in a lock, standing on her knees over her.

“How’s that for seeing my weakness?” Y/N asked sarcastically, smiling down at Natasha, who had the side of her face squished down on the mat below them, unable to move from the position Y/N had her trapped in. Although half of her face was pressed against the mat, she could see the smirk growing on her trainer’s face. She tries to nod the best she can in her current situation.

“Well done, Y/N,” she compliments, trying to kick herself up again to set the girl off, but was only met with a foot on her back to keep her side. “You’ve learned so well the past few years.” Y/N finally let her go, releasing her grip on her wrist and taking her foot off of Nat’s back. She quickly jumped up, dusting herself off and looking back at the girl, who shrugged.

“I learn from the best,” Y/N says, winking at her as they both make their way out of the training room into the locker room connected. Nat smirked as looked over and offered her a towel, before grabbing one for herself.

“And this is why you’re my favourite one here,” she laughs. The two of them get changed into your normal clothes before going into the conference room. Natasha sat down in a chair and called Rocket, Okoye, Nebula, Carol and Rhodey while Y/N offered to go to the kitchen to make them both a peanut-butter sandwich, to which she happily agreed to one. She quickly went in the kitchen and pulled out four sliced of bread, lightly buttering them before putting on a smack load of peanut butter on two and a little bit less of jam on the other two. She put the peanut butter and jam slices together, making two sandwiches, and also poured the two of them a glass of chocolate milk.

Y/N’s past experience with being a waitress at Delmar’s made carrying all of the items easy, setting a plate and a glass down in front of her mentor before taking a seat beside her and putting down her own. By the time she got back, only Rhodey was standing, talking to her about who she assumed was Hawkeye, or used to be Hawkeye. Natasha sat teary-eyed while talking to the War Machine.

“Will you tell me where he’s going next?” She asked, voice shaky. Y/N felt horrible for her, knowing that they used to be close and she couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have your best friend turn into something you thought they weren’t. She couldn’t even imagine if Peter had gone off randomly killing people just for the hell of it, but she knew it would destroy her too.

“Nat…” Rhodey trailed off, giving her a silent warning to her actions. But she persisted.

“Please,” she asked again. Rhodey looked at her with sad eyes for a second before responding with a small “okay,” and walking off the screen, the blue light dissolving. Nat out her head in her hand, trying to hold herself together. Y/N reached out and placed a soft hand on her arm. She knew Natasha wasn’t exactly one who found physical contact more comforting like she did, but Nat looked over and gave her a smile, putting her bigger hand on top of hers.

“I’d offer to cook you dinner, but you already look horrible,” Steve says, leaning on the doorframe. He gives Y/N a smile, to which she returned before they both brought their attention back to Natasha. She looked up at him, rolling her eyes as they had small banter. Y/N drowned out of the conversation, focusing on the small meal she prepped for herself before something caught her eye.

“Hey, there’s someone at the door?” Y/N said, pointing at the notification that popped up from the table. Nat swiped it to open the front door camera and was met with a sight that none of them were expecting.

“Hi? Hi! Is anyone home?“The voice of Ant-Man called from the screen. Y/N had to rub her eyes because from what she remembered Scott Lang had disappeared too after the Decimation, yet there he stood, just outside the front door. She stood up immediately, checking for a date on the camera.

“Is this an old message?” she asked, and she didn’t know what answer she was expecting. Hell, she didn’t even know what answer she wanted to hear. Natasha and Steve stood as well.

“It’s at the front gate,” Nat said breathlessly. Y/N shook her head, her ears starting to ring and her head feeling dizzy but she paid no mind as she sprinted out the door, going to see Scott Lang, the two Avengers followed closely behind her.


Y/N, Natasha, Steve, Scott and Tony stood on the latter’s porch outside his new house in woods, the same one you had been in just a day ago. Scott was trying to explain how he was stuck in the quantum realm for the past five years, even though it was only a few hours for him. He then used this information and thought about how you might be able to use that to go back in time and reverse what happened. The idea was extremely intriguing to the girl, thinking of the possibility for if it were to work. But she didn’t want to get her hopes up too much.

Because last time she put all of her hope into something, it ended up destroying her.

“That’s not how quantum physics works,” Tony sums up. Y/N sat in a chair beside him, taking in his words but not really processing them. She picked on her lip in a nervous habit as she undevotedly listened into the conversation.

“Tony,” Nat steps in, standing up. “We have to take a stand.”

“We did stand,” he replies quietly, looking down at his hands before looking back at the group. He glances at the girl beside him. “And yet here we are.”

“I know you got a lot on the line; you’ve got a wife, a daughter. But I lost someone very important to me, a lot of people did,” Scott said, the statement catching her attention as she stared at him, pleading him to go on. He spares a glance at her, he’s going through the same thing she was. “But now we have a chance to bring her back, to bring everyone back! And you’re telling me that you won’t even-”

“That’s right, Scott, I won’t,” Tony interrupts his speech. Y/N looked at him in disbelief.

“But Tony, what if-” Y/N tries to speak in, but Tony interrupts once again.

“I said NO, Y/N!” he says, his face turning red as he looks at her. “Kid, you don’t understand. It’s never gonna work, okay? It’s not worth the risk!”

“I’m not a kid, anymore! Stop calling me that!” She yells back. “And I don’t give a shit about what you think. We have a chance! I’m gonna do whatever I can to get him back, and honestly, I thought you would too…” her words are silenced by her trying to hold back her sobs as she standing up, the metal patio chair scratching harshly on the porch before storming off the balcony and down the driveway. She ran down the dirt road and into a path of trees that she’s grown familiar with, it would be her safe spot when she first arrived at the cottage with Tony and Pepper and the sound of the nature around her and the green tinted light from through the leaves of the trees would silence her crying.

After a few minutes, she sees Steve emerge from the thick packet of trees. He walks over to the girl hunched over herself, the sun perfectly reflecting the tear tracks staining her cheeks, and crouches down in front of her, squeezing her arm in reassurance.

“We’re gonna be on our way now,” Steve says quietly, causing the girl to look him in the eye. “Tony wanted to know if you’re still staying for the week. I think it’d be good for both of you.” Y/N averted her gaze back to the mossy forest floor and nodded.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a few minutes,” she says, her voice drowned out by the rustling of the 50-foot trees in the warm wind. Steve wouldn’t have heard it if his hearing wasn’t enhanced by the super serum, as well as pretty much all of his other senses. He gave her another pat on the shoulder, before standing up and making his way back to the little cottage. Y/N sat in the clearing, watching the small river flowing steadily just a few inches beside her, the quiet trickling of water crashing over small pebbles steadying her nerves. She closed her eyes, intrapping herself in the sounds surrounding her, wondering why her life couldn’t always be this peaceful and carefree.

After she felt she was good to go, she carefully stood up, walking through the shrubs and out of the woods, walking back down the rocky driveway and opening the screen door. She smiled at Pepper, who offered her a grilled cheese and garden salad for lunch, but Y/N politely declined, telling her that she’d be downstairs.

In the basement is where Tony’s little lab was set up. She liked to come in every once in a while when she was bored or had nothing to do, helping Tony with new technology or even updating her protocol suit. She never even put it on, but she had it ready just in case. Tony called it the “Silk” suit. The design was very similar to that of Spiderman’s, but instead had the colours of white, black, and pinkish-red. The torso was white, with light webbing details in the red, and of course the infamous symbol in the middle of the chest. The arms and legs were black, with light white webbing details that could only be seen when reflecting light, and lightning like designs coming down on the shoulders and things in the same colour. And the last detail was a thin material that covered half her face, which was a beautiful shade of red. It was breathable, but still a tight fit to reassure that it wouldn’t fall from her face and reveal her identity while fighting.

She walked up to the suit, which was encased in glass and stood proudly beside past suits of Peter’s. Her slim fingers delicately traced against the glass, admiring all the tiny specifics of the suit, and how the webbing reflecting a certain way in the light. She averted her gaze to walk over to the glass table, to do what she really came here for.

What Scott had said about using the quantum realm for time travel had intrigued her, and although Tony couldn’t see how it could ever work, Y/N had seen it as an opportunity. She brought up the pop-up screen and started making models, mixing certain materials and chemicals to see if anything could be stable enough to go through with the idea. She spent hours with her head swarming with possibilities, trying every single combination. And soon enough 1 in the afternoon became almost 11 at night, but it made no difference to her. Y/N let out a long yawn, rubbing her eyes before speaking to FRIDAY again.

“Hey, FRIDAY, one more sim before I head off for the night,” Y/N spoke to the AI, turning the holographic model, looking for points of improvement. “Umm, try an… inverted mobius strip? Please?” Y/N watched as the hologram shifted and turned into the shape she asked for, turning the model around and inspecting certain particles. “Also, do you mind giving me the eigenvalue of that particle there? Factor it into the spectral decomp, yeah.” Y/N points at a certain point, which shifts immediately after she says the command.

“Processing, this might take a few minutes,” FRIDAY responded, changing the model into different structures to see if any of them fit with the girl’s idea. Y/N watches intently, not noticing the small Stark girl climbing down the stairs looking for her sister. She sat on the steps, watching her work. It reminded her a lot of her dad.

“Don’t worry if it doesn’t work out. I’ll be back on it tomorrow,” Y/N states, looking down at the glass table, watching the reflection of the changing model. After another minute or so, FRIDAY finishes up, a sound notification letting her know that the model had rendered. When she looked up she couldn’t believe her eyes, bringing her hands up to her mouth and falling into the chair behind her. There, in big letters stood tall and proud.


Y/N felt tears spring up into her eyes, staring at the large words printed beside the efficient time travelling device she created herself. “Shit,” she spoke quietly into her hands, before springing up again and starting to pace around the table, a smile making its way onto her face. “Holy shit! Fuck! Oh my god, oh my…” she rambled on, spewing profanities as she looked onto the device until she heard the smaller voice.

“Shit!” Morgan said from the stairs. Y/N whipped her head around, shock taking over her features. She shook her head, giving Morgan a stern look.

“Morgan, no no no, we don’t say those words, okay?” She said, as Morgan stood up and walked over to her, Y/N going up to her as well. “Those are very bad words, I shouldn’t have even said them.” Morgan only giggled at her.

“Fuck!” she said and then laughed. Y/N couldn’t help but laugh, thinking of how yes, she was most definitely a Stark. Y/N picked her up, shushing her before bringing her over to look at the model.

“Yeah, fuck is right,” she whispered, more to herself. She felt Morgan lean on her shoulder, probably trying to fall asleep. Y/N held the little girl close to her, rocking her back and forth to soothe her to sleep as she felt hot tears fall off her cheeks. She sat back down on the chair, still carefully holding Morgan as she leaned her head back and closed her eyes, silent sobs raking through her body. She didn’t really know how to feel, but she felt the need to cry.

Tony came down a few minutes later, he saw Y/N crying on the chair, still holding his sleeping daughter, and beelined towards her. “Hey, Y/N calm down, okay. What’s wrong?” Y/N could only shake her head, looking at him before looking back at the screen. Ton looked behind him as well. He straightened his legs quickly standing up and turning towards the model. “Holy shit,” he whispered, looking back at her for a second before turning his attention to the screen again.

Y/N stood up with him and leaned into his side. He wrapped an arm around her shoulder, pulling her into his embrace as he continued to stare at the model, not even bothering to blink. He placed a kiss to the top of her head, before guiding them up the stairs and into their bedrooms, Y/N saying she didn’t mind if Morgan slept with her that night.



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Interview: Baku

Today we’re joined by Baku. Baku is a wonderful visual and fanartist. They mostly do fanart, but have done original work on occasion. They’re incredibly passionate about comics and plan to be a comic artist in the future. Baku is a very gifted artist and their work is brimming with color and life, as you’ll soon see. My thanks to them for taking the time to participate in this interview.



Please, tell us about your art.

I’m a fanartist for the most part with random original pieces thrown in here and there. I’d say my specialty is comic, but I don’t really think that’s true yet, haha … It is something I’m working towards though. Being a comic artist. Right now it’s just a lot of doodles, illustrations, short comics, sometimes fanfictions, sometimes even more out-of-the-blue fan contents, like song translation for example.

What inspires you?

Naming any specific category of thing wouldn’t seem right, because I kinda draw and write for the randomest thing … I’d say love. Or emotions, in general. My strong emotions for something make me pick up my pen. Drawing and writing has become one of my main ways to express emotions now, even more of use than just proclaiming it sometimes.

What got you interested in your field?  Have you always wanted to be an artist?

I’ve always been a fan of things, if my memory serves me well. The first time I tried writing was after I read Harry Potter and thought to myself that I wanted to write something like this. The first time I took drawing seriously was after reading a magical girl manga and being introduced to the “standard manga style” so to said by my cousin. I think I’ve always had that fascination with narratives and stories, and the desire to make them came the moment I was exposed to the possibility. These people who are still alive made these things, why don’t you try your hand too, etc., etc.

The fact that I’m very emotion-driven probably adds to my becoming a fanartist, in that I’m most productive when I feel strongly about something, and that’s one thing that being a fan delivers plentily.


Do you have any kind of special or unique signature, symbol, or feature you include in your work that you’d be willing to reveal?

Lampposts, bus stops, electric poles, and liminal spaces in general. I also draw/write about dreamscapes a lot. Dripping/splashing effects are my favourite too.

What advice would you give young aspiring artists?

Everyone starts somewhere. Everyone goes somewhere. There’s this special brand of nihilism that I find serves an artist well: all our struggles are ultimately objectively meaningless, so what matters is our own perception. If art fits somewhere into your perception, keep it. Do it for yourself. Give it the meaning you want to. Have your fun.



Where on the spectrum do you identify?

I’m aro/ace.

Have you encountered any kind of ace prejudice or ignorance in your field?  If so, how do you handle it?

I am lucky to have found a very accepting community in the Mob Psycho 100 fandom around the time I started realizing that I’m as aro/ace, but there are stories told, of course. I myself try to distance myself from that; luckily no problems have wandered to my part yet.

In my personal life I haven’t officially come out to my family yet, but I’ve made my decision to not find a life partner quite clear, and my parents have long accepted (or emotionally dealt with) that. My extended family is another story; some of them don’t believe I can make it out there as an artist either. My mom taught me to consider talking to them ‘diplomatic work’. I’ve never been good at that, but I manage. Most of the comments on my choices come hand-in-hand with those on my appearance (and how I don’t care about it as much as I’m supposed to), so it’s a bit easier to dismiss them altogether.

What’s the most common misconception about asexuality that you’ve encountered?

That there are no such thing, mainly. My mom denied the existence of asexuality and aromanticism when I brought it up to her. Most people I’ve met in real life say that one can’t live without love, and that everyone will find their chosen one someday.

What advice would you give to any asexual individuals out there who might be struggling with their orientation?

You are who you are. As long as you hold that belief dear and clear in your heart, there will be ways to work around everything else.

Finally, where can people find out more about your work?

My Tumblr is bakanohealthy: http://bakanohealthy.tumblr.com/

And I have an AO3 account for my fanfictions: http://archiveofourown.org/users/BakanoHealthy

Some of my works are up for purchase in my Redbubble: https://www.redbubble.com/people/bakanohealthy.


Thank you, Baku, for participating in this interview and this project. It’s very much appreciated.

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I am curious because of how you draw human Rarijack- what do you think your take on human Starlight would be? (Like height, weight, skin color, etc)

Here it is (pardon for the sloppy sketch opps)

Not much to say about my human Starlight; she’s just your average woman who sometimes brainwashes towns- ehem, but being serious, I imagine that she would be just a sliiightly taller than the average, at least taller than (my) Twi. Nothing remarkable about her body, and despite how much I love her clothes in EQG, I think she would wear clothes less cool, more adecuate for a young, smart woman (like Twi!). My design is pretty dull tbh but haha I dont draw her a lot, so I dont care about it that much either


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Hey there... I'm so sorry, please forgive me for dumping this on you. Lately, I don't know what's been weighing on me, but I've been unable to accept anything nice my friends tell me, and whenever they do something kind for me, I just snap, and although they keep telling me it's fine I'm sure it's really not. I just have to be a complete asshole about it all. I appreciate their actions, but I just... blow up... Could you offer me any advice? Thank you so much for reading through this text wall.


{Author’s note: I had to try real hard not to make this about myself in my drawn reply, but anon… I do the exact same thing. I have been for a long while now. So much so that it feels like this ask was written by me to myself. You don’t have to respond to this, but… If you’re up for it too, I’d like to talk about it in private. See if we can share experience and feelings and stuff… It’d be cool to talk it out with someone who understands… Anyway. My contacts are below the cut if you feel like it. If not… Sorry for the trouble.

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