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From what I've heard,child services in Norway is very strict and in my country if the authorities find out that your underage kid is living on their own,then the child services is involved so my question is,how all this 16 year old kids (Eva,Noora,isak) live on their own?

hey, anon! 💖 first of all, the creators consciously keep adults as distant from the story as possible in skam.

second of all, in norway, it’s legal to move out if you’re under 18, as long as your parent(s)/guardian(s) agree to it and pay for your living expenses (if you’re not eligible for grants + loans from the norwegian state educational loan fund).

eva doesn’t live alone - she lives with her mother who travels a lot for work. 

noora’s parents live in mjøndalen, which is a few hours away from oslo. noora wanted to go to high school in oslo, which is why she’s living in kollektivet. you’re allowed to live away from home in high school if the school is far away from your parent(s)/guardian(s) home and if your parents/guardian(s) agree to it. because her parents live far away from oslo, she gets grants + loans from the norwegian state educational loan fund so she can pay for her living expenses while going to school in oslo.

isak lives away from home on his own volition and his father is paying for his living expenses, meaning he falls under the “parent(s)/guardian(s) agree to [him moving out] and pay for [his] living expenses” category.

i hope this answered your question!!

A la mierda con esto de tener que merecerte algo...

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A la mierda con esto de tener que merecerte algo.

Si tienes éxito, si consigues un 10, si logras la promoción, si ganas la Carrera, no serás más amado. Tienes que olvidarte de esa ilusión.

El amor no es algo que puedan darte los demás. No es algo que tengas que mendigar, ganarte o lograr.

No tienes que merecerte nada. Sólo tienes que estar vivo, y ya eres digno de todo.

- Jeff Foster


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