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Keep the Blindspot momentum going!

Alright, my fellow Blindspot peeps. This week’s episode, 2x18, is a SUPER important one! After this week, Blindspot will be going on another mini hiatus, returning with the final four new episodes of season two on April 26th.

By that point, it’s likely a decision on a season three renewal will have already been made. So, we need to make sure that Blindspot goes into this little hiatus on a strong note!

The ratings for the past two episodes have been steady at 0.9 in the key 18-49 demo. And when we look at the unrounded numbers, they’ve actually inched up with each of the past three episodes. Let’s help them inch up even further! Keep spreading the word about this Wednesday’s episode encouraging people to watch LIVE!

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Imagine #4- Coincidence Can Be Fun

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Plot: You’re in the same motel as the brothers, who’re working on the same case as you.

Word Count: 1, 625

Warnings?: Mentions of death, suicide and abuse. Slightly implied sex.

The motel parking is quiet, which is nothing unusual. In a small town like this one, it’s only to be expected.  All of the cars are empty, no-one in sight, which makes your life easier when you open the trunk to see your stash of weapons. You look around carefully before exposing anything; you can’t risk losing the car.

You walk into the motel and get your room key, before heading off to find it. Room 49.

47, 48… 49. There. The key fits the lock and you walk into the room. Instantly, instinctively, you check for traces of anything suspicious. Sulfur, nope. No ectoplasm either. No signs of blood. You deem it safe, and at this late hour, you decide to get some sleep.

Comfortable leggings and a too big shirt on, teeth brushed, you get into bed. Your eyes close, and…voices from the next room. Brilliant. Just great. They’re not even yelling. Damn thin motel room walls.

“I just don’t understand! Why is she hanging around here, killing people, if she died so peacefully?”

“I don’t know, Sammy. Do you have anything else?”

“That’s all there is.”

More hunters. On the same case as you, and apparently a step behind you.

Maisie Ashborne, aged sixteen, died in her sleep in 1947. Nobody could figure out a cause. Foul play had been ruled out. But now, the spirit was back and for some reason, it was demanding sacrifice and death.

You can’t help but think that teaming up could be better, as your eyes open again.  You groan, stand up, and put your shoes back on. At least your PJs are suitable enough, you think, stepping out into the cool night air. It’s a few steps to the door marked ’50’. The ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign is placed on the door handle, you notice as you knock. Once, twice, three times your fist connects with the wood. The voices inside stop and you hear footsteps.

The door opens and a man steps into the light let out by the open door.

“Who is it?” The other voice says.

“Just some chick. What do you want?” He says, prompting you to raise an eyebrow.

“I want to help you.” You say and he chuckles.

“Sorry, not interested in prostitutes. Well, not tonight.” He smiles.

“I didn’t mean like that, you idiot. I mean with the ghost.”

His face changes and he attempts to play dumb. “What ghost?”

“Look, I know what you’re on about. All of these murders? I’m here for the same reason you are.”

“You’re a hunter too?” His friend asks, coming closer to the door.

“Yeah, I am.” You say.

“You’d better come in.”

You walk inside, arms crossed. Suddenly, your PJs feel stupid- they’re both in multiple layers.

“So, you are…?” The one who met you at the door asks.

“Y/N Y/L/N.” You say, “And who are you guys?”

“I’m Dean, this is Sam. Winchester.” He adds, watching you. “I haven’t seen you around. You new on the game?”

You scoff. “Great game we’re playing. I’ve been hunting for nearly three years.”

Dean changes the subject. “You said you wanted to help us?”

“Yeah. Well, we could help each other.” You shrug.

“Well, what do you know?” Sam asks, sitting on the bed. Dean sits on the other bed and you take the chair.

“Have either of you seen the spirit?” You ask. Dean shakes his head while Sam nods. You turn to Sam. “Did you see her wrists?”


“Bruises. She’d been tied up at some point. So I did some  more research.”

“What did you get?”

“Her mother died when she was about ten. Cause of death? Officially suicide by hanging, but the old woman who’s lived here for her whole life says that her father was constantly abusive to the mother. He’d confine her to the house for days at a time, when she came out she’d have bruises on her wrists.”

“I saw that her mom was dead, but I never saw that part.” Sam nods.

“The father was killed weeks after Maisie’s death- by her older brother.”

“So what’s your theory?” Dean asks, leaning forward.

“I’m not totally sure. I think the father obviously abused her too, the brother snapped when she died. Still doesn’t explain quite how she died, though.”

“The tied up wrists is probably something to do with it. Maybe he tied her up and starved her?” Sam suggests.

“Possibly.” You nod, “Quite possibly. We’ll need to find that out. Will there be an official autopsy?”

“Maybe. Who would have it? It’s kinda old.” Dean asks.

“The police? Local hospital?” You suggest. “I’ll call them in the morning.”

“Brilliant. You’re kind of a genius, Y/N.” Sam smiles at you.

You do a silly little salute, smiling back. “No more so than you guys. You’d’ve found it out eventually.”

“Now we don’t have to. Say, uh, Y/N. You don’t happen to have a supply of booze with you? We’re fresh out.” Dean asks hopefully, making you laugh.

“It’s your lucky day. I’ll be right back.” You stand up and go over to the door. “What do you want? I don’t have that much.”

“Bring it all. We’ll manage to drink it.” Dean grins, and you nod. You go outside and go to your car, pulling your cooler from the trunk. You open it to be sure, beer, a couple of bottles of whiskey and some vodka.

Sometimes, you just need a little pick-me-up.

You drag it into the motel room, and both guy’s eyes light up.

“You said there was only a little!” Sam says, a little incredulous.

You shrug. “Shut up and drink.”


You stay up until the light of dawn filters through the windows, getting to know each other.

“So what made you become a hunter?” You’re asked. You take a long sip of the beer before explaining.

“My dad. My mom was killed when I was like, eight, by a vampire. So I started to learn how to defend myself and I went out and got the evil sunuvabitch. I kept his heart in a box for a while.” You pause to gauge their reactions.

“You don’t anymore?” Sam asks.

“After a while, I was like, why am I doing this? It’s morbid and gross and weird. So I threw it at a wendigo up in Mississippi.”

Both brothers laugh, before Dean starts talking, “This is our dad’s fault too. Our mom died when Sammy was six months old. Kinda similar, huh?”

“Evidently.” You smile. “So you’re following in his footsteps?”

“Yeah, kinda. He died about a year ago, so it’s just us now.” Sam says sadly, and your eyes widen with sympathy.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” You say. “I think my dad mentioned it actually. Your dad was…uh…John?”

“That’s him. What did he say?” Dean asks.

“Nothing of great substance. Good man, great hunter. Such a loss.” You shrug.

Both brothers nod. “So where’s your dad?” Sam asks.

“He died a few months back. I don’t quite know what happened, but I blame the djinn.” They frown and you explain further, “We were working together against a djinn in Nevada, and it got him. It wasn’t for long, barely three hours. I got him back, but later that night I went out to get dinner and when I got back, he was lying dead on the bed, he’d shot himself through the head.” You bring your hand up to your temple, your fingers in a gun shape. “Whatever he saw, he must’ve hated coming back to reality.”

They nod sympathetically, “Our dad…it was really confusing. For a long time.” Sam begins. “There was a car accident, Dean was comatose. They thought he was gonna die. Dad sold his soul for Dean’s life, he died pretty quick afterwards.”

You’re shocked, taking another sip of the beer. “That’s love.” You say quietly.

Dean’s been quiet for a while, and he takes another sip of the booze. You watch him. They’re both obviously still grieving, and you don’t want to ask if they’re okay.

“So…any other interesting cases lately?” You ask, trying to break the awkwardness.

Dean springs back to life, “Now you mention it…”


The clock hits four, and Sam bows out. “I’m going to leave you guys, I need some sleep. Please don’t be too loud?”

“Sure.” You say, “Feel free to use my room, next door.” You hold up the key. He holds out a hand and you toss it to him. “Just don’t look through my bag.”

“Thanks, Y/N.”

You and Dean continue to talk and drink. You find many similarities between yourselves- a love of pie, for example, and compare amulets. At some point during the evening, well, morning, you end up both sat on his bed discussing cars of all things.

“So that Impala’s yours?” You ask.

“Sure is.”

“It’s gorgeous. I’m stuck with my dad’s old banger.” You laugh.

“She surely is.”


“Can a car not have a gender?”

“Hey, I guess you’re right.” You laugh. Suddenly, his lips are on yours. There’s a second when you think your imagination has run away with itself, but no, this is real. You kiss him back with equal fervor, your hands resting on his shoulders as his find their way to your hips.

You eventually have to surface for air and when you do, you look at him amazed. You stares back at you, lost in your eyes.

“You’re beautiful, Y/N Did I never say that?”

“I don’t think so. But thanks, handsome.” You laugh, squeezing his arm.

“Will you stay with me for the night?”

“There’s less than an hour until he have to get up.” You say, looking at the clock.

“We’ll manage.”


MY NAME IS BARRON SHEPHERD!!! No, I was NOT stranded on an island for 5 years, however, I have been a fan of Green Arrow comics since the 70s and that is a long long time. During this time I have seen many adaptations and variations of the Green Arrow character in the DC universe. He has been a good guy, and boldly breaking from their own canon DC comics has portrayed him also as an extremist and even a criminal. Several versions of the Arrow character in different story lines have been killed  Like a cat that has nine lives when it comes to  Oliver Queen/Green Arrow there are multiple canons.

Green Arrow first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in November 1941. A cross between Robin Hood and Batman, Green Arrow enjoyed moderate success in his early years, becoming the cover feature of More Fun, and occasional appearances in other comics. In the late 1960s, Green Arrow went thru dramatic visual redesign by Neal Adams and in 1970, the character was featured in a ground-breaking, socially conscious comic book series.  

Later, he would become more popular among comic book fans and most writers took a more urban, gritty approach to the character. Green Arrow/Oliver Queen was killed off in the 1990s and replaced by a new character, Oliver’s son Connor Hawke. Connor was a less popular character, and the original Oliver Queen character was resurrected in the 2001 “Quiver” story line.

There have been several alternative versions of the character that have appeared in DC Comics publications. The original 1940’s version of the character became established as the Earth-Two version of Green Arrow. He also appears in Frank Miller’s “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns” and the sequel “Batman: The Dark Knight Strikes Again” however he is missing an arm and later he acquires a cybernetic replacement.

In other versions of the character as in “JLA: The Nail” and its sequel, Oliver is featured as a crippled ex-hero, having lost an arm, an eye, and the use of his legs.  In “Batman: Holy Terror”, Oliver Queen is mentioned as having been executed for crimes he committed. He has a cameo as Bruce Wayne’s society friend in Dean Motter’s “Batman: Nine Lives”. Oliver Queen also appears in Mike Mignola’s “Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham”, where he is portrayed as a latter-day Templar.

An older, balding Green Arrow appears in “Kingdom Come”, there was even a  Lord of the Rings–inspired version where the character is renamed “Longbow Greenarrow”: a mysterious wizard resembling Gandalf.  In the tie-in comic to “Injustice: Gods Among Us”, Green Arrow was a member of Batman’s Insurgency against Superman’s Regime who is killed by Superman.

After having been in so many different adaptations in the DC universe the TV series Arrow is a modern retelling of the legendary DC Comics Character. The creators of Arrow have ingeniously reinvented the Green Arrow character once again; the Arrow isn’t a superhero in the classical sense of the word, but, rather a hero who is every bit as dangerous as the criminals he’s hunting.  

Arrow’s return for season 4 marked the highest ratings the series has hit since the series premiere. The DC Comics TV series returned from its midseason hiatus and pulled in a solid 1.1 rating in the key 18-49 demographic, tallying 2.8 million total viewers.  The CW has renewed their popular series for a fifth season.

We are down to the last 5 episodes of season 4 and what a ride the series has been. Much like what the DC universe did with the character, the writers of Arrow have come up with very wonderful little twists and yet a slightly different take on the character. These twists have kept me glued to this show. After all how boring and predictable would it be if the show was nothing more than a carbon copy of a GA comic.  

The story lines that the writers have come up with each season have been absolutely enjoyable, taking us from great delight and joy to great sorrow and sadness. We have been shocked with the death of a major character, taken aback in disbelief. Arrow has been a ride that is equipped with unexpected twists and turns and a romance that has risen on the power of two actors with undeniable chemistry that leaves its watchers ever hopeful of a romance on such a level.

Stephen and Emily as Felicity and Oliver are just magnetic, drawn to one another by a force that is beyond their power and intellect.  The natural chemistry between the two stars has opened a doorway to yet another variation of the Arrow character and his relationships. The TV adaption of Green arrow has truly made this comic hero leap off the comic book page thus transforming into a truly three dimensional character.

Stunt Coordinator / Director James “Bam Bam” Bamford deserves credit for the overall quality of its action choreography. The fight scenes are fast and furious and have us rooting for our heroes. The series consistently continues to be one of the best stunt shows on television.  Bamford and his crew are one of the keys to Arrow’s success on the CW.  

David Ramsey’s performance as John Diggle, the stead fast guide for Oliver Queen is stellar, outstanding and believable. Diggle, Oliver’s partner, confidant and body guard is often his moral compass and angel on his shoulder reminding Oliver not to step off into the abyss of total darkness.

Paul Blackthorne’s Detective Quentin Lance has been a favorite of mine since Season 1. Blackthorne is just phenomenal as Lance, a take no prisoners approach to his character. Gritty and hardnosed this character has gone from an absolute hatred of Oliver Queen to a staunch supporter of the crime fighter’s cause. Likewise was it great to see Oliver acknowledge that despite their differences Oliver looks up to and respects him.

One of the most interesting story lines and arcs has involved both the characters of Thea Queen and Malcolm Merlyn. Merlyn/Dark Archer has been unblemishingly  played by John Barrowman. Barrowman has a demon like, intimidating and stylish presence as The Dark Archer. Barrowman’s performances are second to none.

Willa Holland is totally a dream as we have watched her character go from being the troubled sister of Oliver Queen to a force in her own right. Kicking ass and taking names WIlla’s performance is unequivocally phenomenal.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the incomparable Charlotte Ross, as Felicity’s mom, Donna Smoak. What an absolute joy to behold. Charlotte is literally a force of nature, a whirlwind,  a breath of fresh air who practically captivates every scene she is in. Her performance as the smoakin Mama Smoak is a force that cannot be reckoned with.  She is absolutely such a delight that you cannot help but be mesmerized by this actresses’ performance. 

With an amazingly passionate cast and crew and with characters that bring such depth and range to the show  Arrow has hit TV screens with a new style that’s fully envisioned and fully realized. “Arrow" lives up to its name, it hits it’s mark and makes it clear that this is one of the most impressive superhero shows in TV history.

-Barron Shepherd

Barron Shepherd is a 51-year-old martial arts instructor, a 7th degree black belt in American Kenpo Karate, a 2nd degree black belt in judo, a  Kali Practitioner, former law enforcement both military and civilan and professional badass. Barron has previously worked on several television projects, trained stuntmen in martial arts techniques, in addition to being featured as a stunt/performer himself.  – (original bio from an interview with Cammien Ray)

Stylish Shōnen Hollywood - Holly Stage for 49 (少年ハリウッド -HOLLY STAGE FOR 49-) spread in Anime the Television Magazine, illustrated by Anjiki Kei (安食圭). I think this was the only newly illustrated spread in the magazine that wasn’t a poster…

Visual kei asks (revised)

What is your favourite…:
1: song right now?
2: Visual kei band of all time?
3: ship/OTP?
4: Visual kei band member?
5: Album/EP?
6: Old school Visual kei band?
7: Modern Visual kei band?
8: era of visual kei?
9: Visual kei PV?
10: Song to hear live from your favourite artist?
11: non Visual kei song?

Which visual kei band member would you chose to:
12: Rob a bank with?
13: bathe?
14: teach your language?
15: Share an apartment with?
16: Go on a road trip with?
17: Be stuck in an elevator with?
18: Marry?
19: push off a cliff?
20: Have lunch at fast food restaurant with?
21: Go shopping with?
22: Spend Christmas with?
23: Go trick or treating with?
24: Go to a live with?
25: Do your make-up?
26: control your tumblr for a day?
27: Adopt?
28: have a sleep over with?
29: teach you how to sing/play their instrument?
30: Design your bedroom?

Pick a song that… :
31: NEEDS to be played LOUD
32: Makes you want to dance
33: Makes you wanna create a mosh-pit in your bedroom
34: Makes you cry
35: Makes you laugh
36: You never get tired of
37: You’d sing at karaoke
38: Was released in the year you were born
39: Has many meanings to you
40: Everyone MUST listen to before they die
41: That motivates you
42: That you would play at your wedding
43: You’ve played too much
44: That you’d have play at your funeral
45: Cant be contained in headphones because it is literally too awesome!

This or that:
46: Psychical album or Downloads?
47: [are you a] fangirl/boy or regular fan?
48: old-school or new-school?
49: Heavy visual kei or pop-y visual kei?
50: Live recordings or studio recordings?
51: PVs or Live videos?
52: Bands who wear lot of make up or Bands who dont wear as much/any?
53: Ballad songs or heavy mosh-pit songs?
54: Musicians in dresses or in leather/pvc?
55: Twitter or tumblr?
56: [Do you call favourite band member your] child or daddy?
57: CD Japan or Amazon.jp?
58: bands members with a lot of piercings or none at all
59: songs in English or songs in full Japanese?
60: 80s or late 2000s?

61: Visual kei Band/artist you ever listened to?
62: Musician you had a crush on?
63: Ship?
64: Visual kei heartbreak?
65: Visual kei song you’d recommend someone who’d never listened to the genre?
66: Visual kei live?
67: band you hated?
68: Visual kei album/single?

69: What is your opinion on non Japanese music?
70: Would you ever bring a band member a gift at a live?
71: Has a visual kei band ever visited your country?
72: Would you/do you dress in Visual kei style?
73: How do you think your life be like right now, if you didnt discover Visual kei
74: Is there a song you wish you had never translated?
75: Is there a song you want to know the translation of?
76: Is there a band you wish were still together?
77: If you could bring a musicians back to life, who would it be?
78: What do your parents/guardians think about you listening to Visual kei?
79: Can you find your favourite band in a store near you?
80: Do you own any visual kei magazines?
81: Put your music player on shuffle; What are the first 3 that popped up?  
82: Could you recognise your favourite musician, make-up-less, in the street?
83: How old were you when you discovered Visual kei?
84: Will you still like Visual kei when you’re in a Nursing home?
85: Would you/do you dress in Visual kei style?
86: Will you introduce your offspring to Visual kei?
87: Whats your favourite sub-style of Visual kei
88: Have you ever mistaken any men in visual kei for females or vice versa?
89: Top 3 Visual kei albums
90: Which era of Visual kei was the best
91: Do you have any Visual kei albums/singles/ect…?
92:  Name your Top 3 favourite songs from your favourite Visual kei band
93: Which song should your favourite artist should cover immediately
94: Will/Have you learned Japanese because of Visual kei?
95: Did you find visual kei from anime or somewhere else?
96: Is your favorite musician a dork?
97: What would you do if your favorite band member walked out of the shower when you went to your bathroom?
98: Least favourite bands(?)
100: What was the last Visual kei song you listened to

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Is Family Guy In Major Ratings Trouble?

“Family Guy’s latest ratings are a sign that the sporadically offensive animated series is currently being enjoyed by the smallest audiences of its entire run.

Sunday nights in the fall are tough on everyone that isn’t the NFL and The Walking Dead, and no one really expects Family Guy to stand tall above everything else, but this past Sunday was positively awful for the show. After the Live + Same Day numbers were tallied, Season 14’s ‘Peter, Chris & Brian’ only brought in 2.58 million viewers, with a dismal 1.1 rating for the key 18-49 demographic.

The season premiere in September only brought in 2.87 million viewers, and even the Halloween episode from a few weeks ago only nabbed 3.8 million people.  

Another interesting aspect of Family Guy’s decline is that it’s the only one of Fox’s animated series that has yet to earn a new season renewal. The Simpsons is already set through Season 28, and Bob’s Burgers received a two-season order some weeks back.”

Visual kei asks

01. Favorite song right now
02. Favorite hair colour on a musician
03. You’re locked in a room with one musician of your choice- who would it be?
04. What is your all time favorite band
05. Least favorite band(s)
06. Favourite visual kei band member
07. Favourite OTP
08. Visual kei band(s) you’ve seen live
09. Visual kei band(s) you want to see live
10. If you could chose to be married to 1 band member. Who would it be.
11. Last Visual kei song you listened to
12. Do you have any Visual kei posters? 
13. Favourite pre-2000′s band

(pick a song that…..)
14. NEEDS to be played LOUD
15. Makes you want to dance
16. Makes you cry 
17. Makes you laugh
18. You never get tired of
19. You’d sing at karaoke
20. Was released in the year you were born 
21. Has many meanings to you
22. Everyone MUST listen to before they die
23. That motivates you 
24. That you would play at your wedding 

25. One band you wish were still together 
26. One musicians you would bring back to life
27. What do your parents/guardians think about you listening to Visual kei?
28. Buying imports or Downloads
29. Can you find your favorite band in a store near you?
30. Do you own any visual kei magazines?
31. Put your mp3/ipod on shuffle-What are the first 3 Visual kei songs that popped up?
32. What helped you discover Visual kei
33. What was your first Visual kei Band/ Artist
34. How old were you when you discovered Visual kei?
35. Will you still like Visual kei when you’re 67?
36. Will you still like the bands you listen to when you’re 86?
37. What is your opinion on dubstep integrating the Visual kei scene?
38. Would you/do you dress in Visual kei style?
39. What would your life be like right now, if you didnt discover Visual kei
40. Will you introduce your offspring to Visual kei?
41. Who will be the first Visual kei band you introduce your offspring to? 
42. Could you recognise your favourite musician, make-up-less, in the street?
43. Which era of Visual kei was the best
44. Balladic songs or heavy moshpit songs?
46. Whats your favourite sub-style of Visual kei
47. Have you ever thought Hizaki(or any other musician) was an actual girl?
48. Do you prefer musicians in dresses- or in leather/pvc pants? 
49. Name your Top 3 favourite songs from your favourite Visual kei band
50. Do you have any Visual kei albums/singles/ect…?
49. Top 3 Visual kei albums
50. Name a Visual kei song thats over 5 minutes long
51. Can you name a Visual kei song under 2 minutes long?
52. Name a song with the BEST engrish you have ever heard.
53. A song your favorite artist should cover immediately 
54. Most played Visual kei song
55. A song you wish you had never translated.
56. A song you want to know the translation of.
57. Will/Have you learned Japanese because of Visual kei?
58. Pick a Visual kei song from an anime
59. A song sexier then Aoi (The GazettE) drizzled baby oil.
60. A song that cant be contained in headphones because it is literally too awesome! 
61. Is your favorite musician a dork?
62. name a visual kei musician who is too unreal
63. Do you call 30+ year old your children? 
64. What would you do if your favorite band member walked out of the shower when you went to your bathroom?
65. Do you like female visual kei musicians?- if so, who is your favorite?

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01. Purity Ring - Grandloves
02. Martin $ky - Pearl Gawd
03. Pusha T - King Push
04. Cashmere Cat - Kiss Kiss (Canblaster Remix)
05. Sufjan Stevens - Futile Devices (Shigeto Remix) Ryan Playground Cover
06. Salva - Issey Miyake
07. Young Jeezy - Hustle Hard G-Mix (Acapella)
08. AraabMuzik - I Live My Life
09. Kendrick Lamar - B*tch Don’t Kill My Vibe
10. THUGLI - Out Of My Mind
11. RL Grime - Because Of U
12. Wiley - And Again ft. God’s Gift
13. Donae'o - I’m Fly (Redlight Remix)
14. Panteros666 - Baby F-16
15. Dubbel Dutch - Deepa (Vocal Mix
16. Grandtheft - Hear This ft. Deejay Theory (GT VIP EDIT)
17. Disclosure - When A Fire Starts To Burn (DÜME Remix)
18. Rampage - Fire
19. Busta Rhymes - Light Your Ass On Fire (Acapella)
20. gLAdiator - The Weekend
21. Zooly - Rollin
22. Falcons - Be Quiet
23. Grandtheft & Hedspin - Mobbin’
24. Yellow Claw - DJ Turn It Up (Nick Bike Edit)
25. Baauer & RL Grime - Infinite Daps
26. Sage The Gemini & Iamsu! - Gas Pedal (Salva Remix)
27. Future - Sh*t (Acapella)
28. Meek Mill - Str8 Like That
29. David Banner - Like A Pimp ft. Lil’ Flip
30. Memphis Bleek - Is That Your Chick ft. Jay-Z & Missy Elliot
31. Trick Daddy - Shut Up
32. Wayvee - Winning
33. Chase & Status - Machine Gun ft. Pusha T
34. Kanye West - Send It Up (THUGLI Remix)
35. Ta-Ku - Diamonds Mouth
36. Rick Ross - MC Hammer (Instrumental)
37. French Montana & Rick Ross - Marble Floors (THUGLI Remix)
38. Jay-Z & Rick Ross - F*ckWithMeYouKnowIGotIt (THUGLI Remix)
39. Yellow Claw & LNY TNZ - Last Night Ever (THUGLI Remix)
40. DJ Sliink & DJ Fresh Direct - Murder
41. 12th Planet & Mayhem - Murdaaa
42. Yellow Claw & Cesqeaux - IBETCHU
43. THUGLI - What Happened
44. Baauer - Snap
45. THUGLI - Listen Up
46. Drake - Worst Behavior (THUGLI Remix)
47. A$AP Ferg - Shabba Ranks (Remix)
48. Schoolboy Q - Man of the Year
49. Keys N Krates - Bad Habits

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The Official KeikoandGilly Moving Out Sale List

Hello all! Just letting all of you know what items I am selling and would greatly appreciate the funds to help pay outstanding bills, moving, and a couple of months living costs. NOTE: I can ship these items, but I would ask that the shipping be paid well in advance.

The items are:

Local/Pickup Only

LG 55UB8500 55-Inch 4K 3D Smart LED TV - $1300 CAD
Onkyo 4K Sound System with speakers - 400 CAD
Onkyo 1080P Receiver - 100 CAD
Pixma MG7120 - 130 CAD
Pixma MX340 - 66 CAD
M-Audio Keystudio 49 Keys - 66 CAD
IKEA Book Shelf - 150 CAD
IKEA Media Tower - 66 CAD
100 DVD/CD/Game Shelf - 100 CAD
Mini Fridge - 90 CAD Sold
Dishes - 66 CAD
Knife Set - 50 CAD

Shipping available:
Playstation 4 - 280 USD On Hold
Wii U Deluxe - 150 USD Sold
Wii - 35 USD Sold and on Hold
New Nintendo 3DS Majora’s Mask Edition - 250 USD Sold
PlayStation Vita OLED Wifi model - 150 USD Sold
BUFFALO Wireless Router (WZR-1750DHP) - 150 USD
2x 3TB External Hard Drives - 125 USD a piece
El Gato Gaming Capture Card HD60 - 100 USD SOLD
Original Xbox and collection of games - 100 USD
Playstation 3 60 GB Backwards Compatible Model (500 GB HD inside) - 150 USD On Hold
Games and Movies - Please enquire to stock and prices. Games being sold are Wii U, PS4, PS3, Gameboy/Colour, etc.

If you can spread the word, I sincerely would appreciate it. :D

Aaand see I was right being cautious, because it’s a SERIES LOW in the key 18-49 demo. 1.6. Viewers went up to 6.5 mln but sorry to tell you, advertisers check 18-49 and 25-54 and Scandal fares WORSE in 25-54 in competition with CBS and others especially. So nope, no one cares about the 6.5 mln when the demo went DOWN to 1.6  which is a SERIES LOW.

Seems like Scandal keeps losing core viewers which is interesting. Comes directly from us. LOL

And HTGAWM had a 1.4 for its finale. Man that’s BRUTAL.

Writing Prompts! Let's do this!

I’m gonna be doing some drabbles, so pick a number, an “x Reader” pairing (Please, just TFW or RPF!) and send me both here! Let’s have fun!! 

1. “I’ll be gentle.”
2. “Permission to kiss you~?”
3. “Come cuddle with me.”
4. “I want to be on top this time.”
5. “You shouldn’t be so cute. It’s really not fair.”
6. “…Did you miss me?”
7. “I’m stupid for you.”
8. “I feel powerless with you.”
9. “You’re all I think about.”
10. “You manage to make my head shut up.”
11. “Have you ever thought about what it would be like? Me and you?”
12. “I want you to be my first.”
13. “I have never wanted you more.”
14. “Kiss me.”
15. “Stay awake for me.”
16. “What made you so scared to be alone?”
17. “I don’t like feeling.”
18. “Love scares me.”
19. “You’re the one thing that I can always see in my future.”
20. “Can you play me a song?”
21. “Why can’t I stop thinking about you?”
22. “I’m not sure where this is gonna go, but I know that right now, in this moment, I need you, and I want you, and I love you.”
23. “I’m not fine.”
24. “I want you all to myself.”
25. “Bend over.”
26. “Come sit on my lap, baby girl/boy.”
27. “I just want to fall asleep next to you.”
28. “They were no good for you, anyways.”
29. “Can I take you on a date?”
30. “I just want to be your everything.”
31. “Please don’t go.”
32. “I’m in love with you.”
33. “You wanna come drink your feelings away with me?”
34. “I’ll wait right here until you let me in.”
35. “I’m here, please don’t cry.”
36. “I’m not sure if we’ll be good for each other…but I want to at least try.”
37. “You…love me?”
38. “I trust you.”
39. “I’ll stay by your side.”
40. “It was a one night stand till I woke up next to you.”
41. “I never got over you.”
42. “I fucked up again.”
43. “You don’t have to go.”
44. “I can’t get enough of you.”
45. “…Please put your clothes back on.”
46. “Stop fucking laughing, I’m not the one who decided to put the cereal on the highest shelf!”
47. “Can I buy you a drink?”
48. “Okay, so the handcuffs were actually a really nice touch. But please tell me you have the key.”
49. “I’m selfish, okay? I don’t want to share you.”
50. “How can you love me when I’m like this?”
51. “I’d fight for you.”
52. “I fall in love with you a little more every day.”
53. “We’re in this together.”
54. “I know how it feels to be alone.”
55. “You want to know why I love you?”
56. “I’m so used to being alone.”
57. “No one ever stays. Why are you any different?”
58. “It’s like I’ve known you my whole life.”
59. “My world has been better since I’ve met you.”
60. “You think we’re meant to be?”
61. “Do you believe in soulmates?”
62. “You are so gorgeous.”
63. “No I did not plant that mistletoe, now stop accusing me of such blasphemy and kiss me.”
64. “Can I sit on your shoulders? I can’t reach the top of the Christmas tree…”
65. “You want me in bed? Alright - seduce me. Show me what you’ve got.”
66. “Have I ever told you that you’ve got a really nice ass?”
67. “You know, you make me really happy?”
68. “Keep your hands off my fries!”
69. “Bet I can take your underwear off with just my teeth.”
70. “Are you….writing nsfw fanfiction of us?”
71. “Get on your knees, sweetheart.”
72. “I love watching you squirm.”
73. “If you keep looking at me like that, I’m going to fuck you here on my desk.”
74. “Strip for me.”
75. “Y-You’re going to break me-”
76. “…You’re staring at him/her again. You got a crush?”
77. “Hey, come join me for a bath. We could stand to relax.”
78. “You look so tense. Let me give you a massage.”
79. “Why the fuck are you so cute?”
80. “I hated myself until you started loving me.”
81. “What did I do to deserve you?”
82. “I don’t mind if people talk. Their opinions are irrelevant.”
83. “Just so you know, I think about you when I get myself off.”
84. “I still believe in you.”
85. “I will always choose you.”
86. “I’m still with you because this is where I’m meant to be.”
87. “Did I do something wrong? Why the fuck are you avoiding me?!”
88. “Can you sing me to sleep?”
89. “Please stay with me tonight.”
90. “Why are you smiling at me like that?”
91. “H-Hey, where do you think you’re touching? We’re in public!”
92. “Trust me, cuddles are a natural remedy.”
93. “I don’t want to be just friends.”
94. “You..thought I loved them? I don’t - I love you. I thought that was clear.”
95. “I want to feel you on top of me.”
96. “You make such cute little sounds…”
97. “…You want to be my assistant? Are you sure?”
98. “Good girl/boy, you’re doing so well.”
99. “Beg for me, sweetheart.”
100. “Come on, move your hips, baby.”

The prompts are originally from this post.

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