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Any lucy centric director Sanvers stuff floating around my good pal?

i promise this started as light and fluffy. the group message was sitting in my drafts, then it got a little angsty? with some fluff at the end? enjoy! 

[12:27am] lucy to home: what kind of pizza place closes after midnight? in washington dc of all places? i don’t understand. 

[12:28am] lucy to home: i miss you guys. 

[12:32am] maggie to home: livinonaprayer.mp3

[12:33 am] lucy to home: you’re not funny 

[12:34 am] alex to home: you should see her, she thinks she’s hilarious

[12:36 am] lucy to home: how long have you been waiting to send me that?

[12:37 am] maggie to home: how long do you think? 

[12:38 am] lucy to home: three days. 

[12:40 am] maggie to home: dingdingding. 

[12:41 am]alex to home: she’s had a post-it on the fridge reminding her.

[12:43 am] lucy to home: nerd.

[12:45 am] maggie to home: it’s funny and you both know it. stop ganging up on me.

[12:47 am] maggie to home: anyway three more days then you’re home for a week.

[12:49 am] lucy to home: counting down the days.

[12:49 am] lucy to home: i love you guys. 

incoming phone call from maggie sawyer 

hey there,” maggie’s voice comes in clear over the line, and then alex’s 

you eat yet?” 

yeah,” lucy sighs “leftover chinese. is that bon jovi?” 

lucy can practically hear maggie’s smirk as the music cuts in the background “you’re halfway there.” is all maggie has to say for herself. 

it’s still too long.” lucy says,  there a pause and then “could we,” she starts, 


“nevermind.” lucy says, a little embarrassed “it’s nothing.” 

c’mon,” maggie says gently “what’s up?” 

there’s a long pause and then, 

i miss you guys,” lucy whispers. 

two seconds.” maggie says, and then the line goes dead. 

lucy’s phone vibrates a moment later, as the facetime request comes up. she smiles because of course, 

of course they know. 

she answers and there’s a moment where she can’t see anything but herself in the little box in the corner. then a jolt of noise and replacing the black screen is alex and maggie. they’re both smiling at her, and lucy feels the tension along her spine drop considerably just by seeing their faces.

“hi.” she breaths. 

“hey,” alex says, and then maggie, 

“tough day, babygirl?” 

lucy lets out a long breath and nods. but she can’t say anything else, not without the swell of emotions caught in her throat getting the better of her. 

“why don’t,” alex starts “why don’t you get in bed?” she suggests “I know you have to be up early.” 

“we’ll talk you to sleep?” maggie suggest.

and god, lucy nods because she didn’t even know that was exactly what she wanted until it’s what’s happening. until she’s climbing under the sheets and pulling the duvet back up. until she’s propping her phone up on some pillows and settling herself down. 

all the while her girlfriends are talking, about their days, about kara’s shenanigans. and lucy comments a little, but mostly she lays there, with her eyes closed, 

letting the sounds of her girlfriends voices ease the stress from her system, letting their banter and their soft laughs coax her to sleep.

where the last things she really hears are 

“i love you luce.” 


“sleep tight luce.”

and she does. 

Day 49


Happy Birthday Kaylene!

today was a good day. It was also a bittersweet day.  

So most of the people we’ve been working with are American Red Cross Volunteers.  As a volunteer on a disaster deployment with the red cross you serve for about two weeks is the impression I’ve gotten.  This means that most of the people that work with us are getting ready to leave today and tomorrow.  I’m going to take this opportunity to talk about some people who have really helped us and we have appreciated having at the warehouse.  

Steve- he was a great dude with an awesome white beard and a pony tail.  he left like 5 days ago but he was in charge of the whole warehouse.  

Michel- He’s this cool black french dude with a heavy accent who is in charge of all the box trucks and runs the driver’s meetings every morning. This morning he gave us a heartfelt goodbye speech. He told us about when he was a kid in france and his mom told him “If you think you are my only child you are mistaken” and that everyone can be your brother or your sister or your father, and how we are all family and how proud he is to be an American and be with us helping our country in the way we are.  He started crying.  It was such a wonderful moment.  

Cathy- I don’t know what she’s actually in charge of she’s just our savior, she gets everything done and helps us whenever we need it she’s great.  She’s a middle aged wonderful blonde lady.  

Belinda- She does a similar thing to Cathy and is always there when we need her but I don’t see her as much as Cathy lol. She has a very unique tan Red Cross vest.  

Evan “Boston” - He’s in charge of loading all the trucks in the warehouse.  he’s from boston and has an accent.  so people just call him boston.  He used to be an elementary school principal.  He’s a lean muscular 5′10″ bald guy who wears tank tops and shades all the time.  He’s cool.  

Mary- She runs the office inside and knows the areas that need our help and runs the “missions” we are sent out with supplies on.  

Kitchen Mama- I don’t know her name everyone just calls her this, she came in and decided that our food situation was not tenable and fixed it and got us catered food and healthy snacks and fresh fruit every day and breakfast.  she left today and some of the magic just left with her.  We got her a card and everyone signed it.  AmeriCorps anyway.  Now I guess we go back to eating cheetos. 

Maury- I don’t know if its actually spelled that way but he’s a cool dude! he came up and gave us a nice “if i don’t see you tomorrow thank you for being awesome” speech.  

anyway those are just some of the people we’ve worked with and who have helped us greatly and made Red Cross Bulk distribution our home for the last few weeks.  The work is getting a bit stale but I’m happy to be doing what we are doing and the people are magnificent.  

hey guys I don’t know about you, but I heard Kaylene is feeling