Now, I’m not saying that I’m innocent in this, but everybody’s at this place where the fucking finger is getting pointed and they’re all pointing the finger at me. When you think about it, isn’t it ironic that the band is regurgitating the same story that they did with Axl Rose in their last band, where the lead singer was being demonised? Originally I thought: “What a troll he must have been. What an evil man.” But you know what? I have to say that I have an entirely different opinion of him today.
—  Scott Weiland on VR split

161021 Ryeowook’s 1st letter to ELF : 

<Training soldier no. 49 Kim Ryeowook>
My beloved ELF,
Thank you for the letters~
My babies… ㅠ
Eat well and sleep~ well,
Be healthy until the day we meet^^ Oppa really… miss you all
eng trans by ryeowookyy
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161028 Ryeowook’s 2nd letter :

Training Recruit number 40 Kim Ryeowook!
To E. L. F I love you~ :> I’m entered the 3rd week of training~^^ I’m spending the time with younger soldiers like I’m 21 years old~ it’s fun and time passing fast. Until the time we meet, everyone cannot grow old~!! Eat vitamin C and our beloved ELF~ thanks for the letters and presents~!! You know my heart right?? I really miss you all a lot~ I’ve been getting strength while looking at your photos~^^ I will write a letter again
Trans ©teukables
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infightingmmaSome of the kick ass people at kickboxing last night!

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Thankyou for joining us on Taylor Swift airlines on today, the 9th of July. You are now boarding the 1:58 flight to Last Kiss. We hope you enjoy your flight and manage to find some emotional stability. If not, our helpful flight attendants will be around to assist you. Please ensure you are aware of the location of all oxygen masks as they will probably be needed. As we go through Tumblr we may encounter quite a bit of turbulence. Also be aware of the emergency exits - there are none. There is no escaping once you’ve heard this song. Once again thanks for flying with Taylor swift airlines, and we hope you enjoy your stay stay stay.