Happy 48th Birthday, Paul Benjamin Mendelsohn (April 3, 1969) ❤

My dial is set to pessimism. I think pessimism is a win-win situation. You’re gonna try harder — if things don’t go so well, you kind of half-expected that anyway. And if they do go well, then you get pleasantly surprised. But the most important thing about being a pessimist is it means you put more effort in. I think pessimism equals effort.


Happy 48th birthday Cate Blanchett (May 14th, 2017) 

Cate Blanchett has a peculiar relationship to time—to hours, to years. She does not, for example, know how old her mother is. “I guess if I analyze it I could work it out in relation to my own age,” she says, “but it’s a piece of information that my brain won’t let me compute.” At another point, we get to talking about answering machines, back when they still had microcassettes in them, and when I pinpoint the year I rst bought one as 1988, she says, “That recently?” So it should come as no surprise that on a balmy night in late October, when I’m supposed to meet Blanchett at a theater in southeast London, she is late. - Vogue, January 2014 USA

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the tumblerer formerly known as coyotesqrl asked me to post this birthday tribute to @kfedup and I am happy to do so. 

There is disagreement amongst talmudic scholars regarding the timing of the Jubilee year. Some take it to be the seventh sabbatical; some take it to be the year following the seventh sabbatical. I tend to be in the former camp, mostly because it seems unlikely my ancestors would have let their fields lie fallow for two years in a row. So depending on which camp’s interpretation you believe, either the 49th or 50th year is the Jubilee.

The 49th year, of course, is that span of days from one’s 48th birthday through their 49th; the 50th, it then follows, is the year that begins by blowing out 49 candles and ends after climbing the decade wall.


I don’t know about you, but I’ve five fingers upon my dexter hand and, thanks to bilateral symmetry, five upon its sinister twin. My number system is base 10 as is yours (unless you are a replicant; are you a replicant?). “Seven sevens” might have been significant to a desert-dwelling people with a jones for numerology, particularly a people beset by foes on all sides, a desert-dwelling people who would take to the sword to defend their home; however, I think in tens.

Five tens is a midpoint, a mean, a middle. It is a peak and a center and a summit climbed. Five tens is significant.

Five tens is also full of uncertainty and risk and choices. It is even odds, fitty-fitty, a coin toss. Five tens is that moment the house doesn’t have you over a barrel, but you might yet lose.


Maybe the rabbis who say the Jubilee is the seventh sabbatical are right; maybe the rabbis who say it is the subsequent year are right. But I say fifty is something more, something above and beyond. I say fifty is a universal reset, a cosmic coin flip.


Fifty is cool. It’s the new forty which, Madison Avenue assures me, is the new thirty. So fifty is the new thirty by the transitive property. Fifty is also FIFTY, which thirty is most definitively not.

I remember thirty: flirty and foolish and flippant and full of frippery. Fifty is thrifty and thoughtful and thick with meaning and wisdom.


It’s a good age. It’s a good year. It’s a good time to be hale and hearty and wise and alive.

Enjoy your Jubilee my dearest. Let your fields lie fallow (or, frankly, till them till it hurts). Free your slaves. Blow your horn. Let your freak flag fly. Live your life boisterously and recklessly and crazily and kindly and well. Flip a lot of coins and let the cosmos guide you; the house doesn’t have an advantage over you any longer.


May babies are the hottest 😉🔥 The short version of this post is “Happy birthday to the woman who changed my life with her portrayal of Carol Aird.” The long, yet completely necessary, version is this: Happy 48th birthday to an extremely gifted and hard-working actress whose artistic expression and versatility is unparalleled. A performer who can evoke the deepest emotion with just a subtle look of the eye, tilt of the head, or tremble of the lip, cutting the viewer straight to their core. She is the very definition of the power of acting; moving an audience, truly affecting people, prompting them to see the truth within themselves, and leaving a lasting impression upon them. A flawlessly gorgeous woman who is passionate and committed to her craft, and an all-around incredible and gracious human being who is absolutely fearless in any project she takes on. I am so grateful and blessed to have had the opportunity to witness her perform live, as well as the chance to meet her; she far exceeded any and all expectations that I had. Thank you for being an inspiration and role model to the next generation of actors; I can only hope that someday, with plenty of hard work and experience, I can be half as good an actress as this legend- the greatest actress of our time, the incomparable Cate Blanchett. Cheers, Cate, you wonderful woman! 💖🎉🍸🤗