Excuse me, may I have a few minutes of your time please?


Don’t know how many of you read Advisor Mayu’s post last night. [shrugs] But yes, Ore wa, Anna da. It’s a pleasure.  There’s a lot I wish to address.  I’ve recently been promoted to Admin.  I never asked for it once, I did not desire power.  Perhaps that is why. 

Regardless, along with Admin Kumi, whom you all know, I’m at the helm of our ship.  But unlike others, I am not going to “change” just because I have a title.  I’m going to be myself.  Intelligent, someone you can talk to.  Someone who hopefully will earn your respect.  Someone who will do what is right and honorable, not succumb to peer pressure or fear.

Make no mistake, we’re not in a good way.  Many have tried to fix things…one need only look at the results to see how they have failed.  This is usually where I’d boast of how I’m going to do great things and make the directory the best again and overcome our rivals, right?  Well, I’m not going to do that.  We’re only as good as our members.  Though…there is one thing I will say.  Even if my attempt fails, we will have tried. For real.  And that’s more than I can say for some..  The freedom here will be as before.  My time will not be wasted, like others’ have.


Which leads me to my next point.  Drama has been an issue that has plagued the directory time and time again.  We’ve said please, we’ve wrung our hands, we’ve tried to be nice.  But no one listened.  One could say, “Oh, its because the admins didn’t do enough about it.”  Iie…I disagree.  Those who started drama, didn’t respect their fellow members, and they didn’t respect themselves.  They didn’t respect themselves enough to sit down and talk civilly like two human beings should.  They did not respect themselves enough to put something greater above their own selfish desires.  They did not respect their friends, those whom they shared positive moments with.  All of those precious memories, down the drain, and for what?! There is no excuse for such behavior, there is no honor in it, and heaven help you if I find out or catch any of you in this directory starting drama.  The rules will be enforced.  Don’t believe me?  Try it. -_-


Remember that there’s another person on the other side of that tumblr handle. Remember that they might be having a bad day too.  If you’re having a bad day, would you wish it upon anyone else?  Would you like it if someone else came and ruined your day? If you’re having a good day, would you not want to share your Light and brighten up someone else’s?  Our friendship is a bond…that should be treasured, and our minds are a beautiful thing, if only we use them for good.  When a great person once said the pen is mightier than the sword…they weren’t kidding.  Add to that, the keyboard, the touch-screen. A sword pierces your skin.  A word of hatred pierces your heart.

I’m a very simple person to work with.  You treat me well, I’ll do the same.  Give respect, and it’ll be given.  I’m a loyal friend to those who become friends with me. [bows] Arigato for reading this post, I believe my point is clear. And I will do my part…do my best.