Andrew Graham-Dixon in front of my painting. I’ve been catching the odd episode of this program, with a note pad to jot down artists he mentions and the places he visits. I watched one last night then got sent this photo this morning. Andrew Graham-Dixon examines England’s Gothic Revival – an architectural movement that began in the mid-1700s. He starts by exploring its restrained aristocratic beginnings, then reveals how it went on to influence some of Britain’s most famous artwork and buildings.

The Art of Gothic: Britain’s Midnight Hour Season 1, Episode 1 – Liberty Diversity Depravity #gent48 #bbc4 #andrewgraham-Dixon #gothic #gothicart #london #48crew

@tizerid your favourite glasses you always say I came up with. I’m sure some one from Europe did them first though. Ha. Close up, crusty teeth and a fag (cigarette.) #gent48 #digbeth #birmingham #48crew