Title: Overprotective

Character: Joe Merriweather

Movie: Solace

Warnings: None

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

Blindly reaching over for my cup, I brought it to my lips only to frown at the lack of coffee in it.

The smell of the hazelnut creamer was still strong, but that wouldn’t get me through the night.

“Damnit,” I cursed.

I was working on a case that my husband and I were put on, and I truly didn’t want to get up from my desk.

“Here, Y/N,” Joe came into my office, placing a fresh cup on my desk.

“I knew I married you for a reason,” I smiled, pouring the hot liquid into my cup.

I blew on it before taking a sip. Sighing, I pointed at my cup, nodding, “Yup… Definitely married you because of this,”

Joe laughed, shaking his head as he sat on my desk.

“Love you too, baby,”

I blew him a kiss as I picked up a piece of paper.

“Find out anything new?”

I rubbed my head in frustration, “No. I’ve gone over this rape and autopsy report at least ten times and none of this making any sense,”

Joe tilted his head, taking a crime scene photo and studying it.

“The patterns just aren’t adding up, but I know it’s him Joe. I know it.”

He sighed, placing the photo back down where he got it from.

An officer knocked on the door, “Sorry to interrupt Mr. and Mrs. Merriweather, but we have someone here that wants to speak with one of you.”

“I’ll be there in a minute, Officer Banks.”

Joe turned back to me, “Listen, we’ll catch him, Sweetheart. We always do,”

He leaned over, taking my chin in his soft hand. Slowly, he kissed me, his tongue gently dipping into my mouth.

Grunting slightly, he pulled back, grinning, “I knew I married you for a reason,”

I laughed, swatting at him, “Ass,”

Joe chuckled, kissing my head right before he left.

I rubbed my temples, my vision blurry from staring at the photos and paperwork for so long.

Making a final decision, I decided to just go back to the crime scene to scan it over once again.
John Clancy ran into the station, demanding the front desk that he speak with his long time friend, Joe.

“He’s busy at the moment Sir. Have a-”

“I don’t give a damn if he’s busy or not!” he snapped, slamming his hand on counter.

“John, what’s going on?” Joe’s brows were furrowed as he approached him.

“Where’s Y/N?”

“She went back to a crime scene, why?”

“I saw her,” John’s accent became thicker the more he remembered his vision, “She’s in an abandoned apartment. Old blood splattered on the nicotine stained wall.”

Joe’s eyes widened, fear making them glossy. He turned, telling others to get to 4861 Stemming Road.

“Keep talking!” Joe said, as John kept up with him.

“Fresh blood on the floor… drag marks… she’s- she’s tied to a chair…”

“Oh my God,” Joe whispered.
I groaned, my head aching and a nasty crick in my neck as I tried to lift it.

“Wake up, sleepy head,” A male, sing-song voice said.

I felt a rush of air and a hard slap to my cheek when I didn’t comply.

“I said wake up, Goddamnit!”

Carefully I blinked, but it burned. That when I noticed in the shitty lighting that my vision was stained red.

The burning was caused by blood getting into my eyes.

“Ohhh, lookit here, lookit here!”

“We got us a beauty Cyrus!” Another male voice cheered.

A slap resounded, “No names you fuck wit!”

“Oww! No need to get violent! I mean, shit! It ain’t like she’s gonna live through it!”

“Alvin,” the voice became darker, “I like my fish wet and squirmy. If she dies before I get my piece, I’m slittin’ your fuckin’ throat!”

I wiggled my wrists, but the were tied to the arms of the chair tightly.

“That’s right, you just keep on wigglin’!” Cyrus, I presumed, cackled.

My vision became clearer the more I blinked.

“What do you want?” I gasped.

Taking his knife, he ran the tip of it down my cheek, cutting it.

“We just wanna have some fun now, Sweetness,”

I swallowed the bile that was building up in my throat.

When some commotion came from the lower floor, Cyrus sent his accomplice down to check it out.

A scuffle sounded, then it became dead quiet again.

Cyrus sighed and shook his head, “Fuckin’ igidt probably fell down the stairs again. Oh well,” he threw his knife up in the air with a spin and caught it, “some things ya just have to do yourself,”

With that, he lifted his arm high and stabbed my thigh with the knife.

I screamed, gripping the arms of the chair until my knuckles were white.

I could tell by the sound that it was embedded into the wood.

My scream turned into cries and gasps as I leaned forward.

Cyrus went out the room, whistling.

Gunshots and shouts erupted, then multiple people running up the stairs echoed in the hall.

I watched as Joe scanned the room from each side of the doorway, “Clear!”

“Joe,” I cried out, my breath skipping as I tried to calm myself.

Tears filled his eyes as he whispered, coming over to me, “Baby,”

“We need the paramedics, now!” John yelled.

Joe cupped my bloody cheeks as he cried along with me, “Y/N… Sweetheart,”

“Get me out of here, please!”

“Shhh, shhh, Sweetheart. We are,”
6 months later

I sat on the exam table, waiting impatiently for the doctor to come in. This would be my last visit if everything had healed well.

Joe stood, leaning against the counter with his arms folded across his chest.

“Gah, I hope I get to go back to work!”

“Y/N…” Joe said, lowly.

He was very reluctant to even let me out of his sight. He was driving me nuts if I were to be honest.

“Joe, I swear if you don’t give me some breathing room…”

When he opened his mouth to argue, the doctor came in, ending the argument… for now.

“How are we Mrs. Merriweather?”

“Ready to get back to my old life,” I said.

“Well, from the looks of your tests, everything seems to be back to normal,”

A sigh left me, my shoulders sagging.

“Thanks Doc,”

He smiled, writing me a prescription for light painkillers to be taken if needed.

On the way home, I could feel the tension radiating off of Joe.

He’d flexed his jaw and grip the steering wheel to the point that it’d creak.

“Joe,” I called out to him softly.

He ignored me, slamming on his breaks once we were in the driveway.

“Joe, what the hell!?”

“I can’t lose you, alright!?” He shouted, his chest heaving.

I became silent, feeling my eyes burn with the threat of tears.

Carefully, I unbuckled my seatbelt and got out of the car.

“Y/N,” Joe called out to me, his voice hoarse and tearful.

I unlocked the door and went inside and began pacing the kitchen.

Joe slowly came inside, his eyes red.

“I-,” I got choked up, my words cutting out as the tears started, “I get it, Joe; I do, but I’m suffocating here!”

Shoving my fingers into my hair, I lightly pulled at my hair, “Each day that I’m not at work helping in some way, is letting those bastards that did this to me, win!”

I watched as Joe’s bottom lip quivered.

“I want my life back! I want us back, damnit!”

With that I sank to the floor, the dam that I had built all these months, breaking.

“Y/N…” Joe wrapped me up in his arms, pulling me to his warm chest.

“I’m sorry for being so overprotective, baby,” he cried, “I just don’t know what I’d do with- without you,”

We held each other in the kitchen until our tears dried. This was something that had been brewing for a while and we needed to address it before we were really able to heal.

Holding his elbows, I pulled back from his chest giving him a watery laugh, “I feel better now,”

He combed his fingers through my hair, chuckling, “Me too, baby… me too.”

Pulling his head down to mine, I gently laid my lips over his in a slow kiss.

“I knew I married you for a reason,” he said, lowly, once I pulled back.

I snorted, smacking his arm the same way I did those six months ago.




Cześć. Jestem cichą, spokojną 19-letnią dziewczyną. Zmagań się z różnymi problemami takimi jak samookaleczanie, anoreksja i schizofrenia. Szukam osób podobnych do mnie. Zależałoby mi na tym, żeby to były osoby akceptujące ludzi z chorobami psychicznymi, którzy będą mimo wszystko. Tak naprawdę szukam pomocy. Odwdzięczę się tym samym. Płeć bez znaczenia a co do wieku to wolałabym, żeby było co najmniej 16. Daj jakiś znak a odezwę się do ciebie.

Star birth with a chance of winds?

NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center

The lesser-known constellation of Canes Venatici (The Hunting Dogs), is home to a variety of deep-sky objects – including this beautiful galaxy, known as NGC 4861. Astronomers are still debating… view more 

Credit: Image credit: ESA/Hubble & NASA

The lesser-known constellation of Canes Venatici (The Hunting Dogs), is home to a variety of deep-sky objects – including this beautiful galaxy, known as NGC 4861.

Astronomers are still debating on how to classify it. While its physical properties – such as mass, size and rotational velocity – indicate it to be a spiral galaxy, its appearance looks more like a comet with its dense, luminous “head” and dimmer “tail” trailing off. Features more fitting with a dwarf irregular galaxy.

Although small and messy, galaxies like NGC 4861 provide astronomers with interesting opportunities for study.

Small galaxies have lower gravitational potentials, which simply means that it takes less energy to move stuff about inside them than it does in other galaxies.

As a result, moving in, around, and through such a tiny galaxy is quite easy to do, making them far more likely to be filled with streams and outflows of speedy charged particles known as galactic winds, which can flood such galaxies with little effort.

These galactic winds can be powered by the ongoing process of star formation, which involves huge amounts of energy.

New stars are springing into life within the bright, colorful ‘head’ of NGC 4861 and ejecting streams of high-speed particles as they do so, which flood outwards to join the wider galactic wind.

While NGC 4861 would be a perfect candidate to study such winds, recent studies did not find any galactic winds in it.

An Addendum to Euron the Dark Lord

Our first essay naturally focused on what Euron’s dark lord status implied for the story going forward. Yet in doing so we completely overlooked the significance of Euron’s late entrance into the story and how this subverts the dark lord’s traditional role as keystone antagonist.

The sheer importance of this subversion came to us while we were contemplating an utterly hilarious yet completely on the nose bit of commentary by PoorQuentyn:

I always wondered how much of the widespread dislike of these two intertwined books stemmed from how fucking arrogant some of these new plotlines are. Euron shows up four books in and all but says out loud “Why hello readers, I’m the villain! Sorry I’m late, but check out my eyepatch!”

He’s right. Euron’s storyline is breathtakingly arrogant and completely out of left field. Such a late entrance for one of the story’s main villains, and a surprise entrance at that, is just not how things are supposed to be done. We believe this is completely by design because The Song of Ice and Fire is a story where the standard fantasy dark lord is not essential and plays no role in the conflict’s beginning or end. Rather ASoIaF is a story where an inessential dark lord shows up halfway through in order to deconstruct fantasy narratives wherein black and white conflicts are brought about by the sheer power and ill will of uniquely evil beings.

Let’s compare ASoIaF to two fantasy series of similar cultural impact: the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. In Tolkien, the War of the Ring’s origins lay in the dark lord Sauron’s forging of the One Ring in the year 1600 of the Second Age. The next 4861 years were defined by the struggle between Sauron and the Free Peoples of Middle Earth, of which the Trilogy is merely the final playing out, a last gasp amidst the dark and crumbling world that Sauron’s wars and sorceries have made. Sauron might not put in a physical appearance, but his presence is strongly conveyed from afar. With the Harry Potter series, the entire conflict predates Harry’s existence and is merely starting up again. The books center on the protagonists’ heroic efforts to thwart the dark lord Voldemort’s attempts to return to the world of the living, wreak revenge upon his many enemies, and take over the Wizarding world. Voldemort is physically present from the first book on. At first he is a weak and ghostly figure, but as the story progresses he becomes ever more formidable, corporeal, and inescapable (Harry gets thrown into Voldemort’s head and the dark lord’s childhood and prechildhood are intensely analyzed). Remove either dark lord and you don’t have a story, period. Of course this setup is not present in every fantasy story, but it is still pretty common.

GRRM’s dark lord on the other hand has absolutely no role in starting the series’ central conflicts. The War of Five Kings is brought about by Queen Cersei’s treason with her brother Jaime and the respective decisions of Varys, Littlefinger, and Renly to conceal and exploit this treason for their own ends. Meanwhile, Beyond-the-Wall, the Others begin their steady advance, the Last Greenseer makes one last desperate attempt at recruiting a suitable replacement, and the Wildling’s millennium of conflict with the Nights Watch finally comes to a head as they desperately try to escape to safety. Finally, in Middle Essos the last intrigues of Robert’s Rebellion intersect with Dothraki imperialism, post-Valyrian slavery, Lhazareen resistance, and blood sorcery to bring about the rebirth of dragons. The ultimate results are war across the South, war in the North, and war in Middle Essos. As these conflicts intensify they expose unhealed wounds (such as Elia Martell’s murder) and create brand new ones (such as the Sand Snakes demands for vengeance and the many vendettas of the Riverlands, from the Brotherhood to the Sparrow movement), making it difficult, if not impossible, to bring a satisfactory end to the violence.

Now, while all these complex events were unfolding, what was Euron up to? Well, he’s not even mentioned in A Game of Thrones and all A Clash of Kings does is highlight his absence from the Iron Isles. It’s eventually established in Feast-Dance that, during the events of the first two books, Euron was busy being a completely irrelevant pirate somewhere in the Summer or Jade Sea, vainly trying to hatch a stolen dragon’s egg. A Song of Ice and Fire begins without Euron, and so the best he can do is dramatically insert himself into the story halfway through (essentially trying to steal the story just as he’s trying to steal Dany’s dragons).

And even this entrance would have been impossible if not for the setup provided by more central characters. Euron’s role and actions are fundamentally reactive. He needed the death and chaos of the War of Five Kings so that Westeros would be vulnerable. He needed for Daenerys to hatch her dragon eggs on the Great Grass Sea. He needed the Qartheen Warlocks to try and murder her, fail at the cost of their House, and then embark on a quest for revenge that leads them right into Euron’s hands. Euron is a black swan made possible by the sum total of other people’s decisions, he is an unexpected consequence of war and sorcery that expands, prolongs, and worsens the worldwide conflagration.

Let us imagine Euron just before he captured the four warlocks and learned about Daenerys. Throughout his early life he’d had unexplained dreams, visions, and powers that had set him apart from most men and filled him with great expectations. All his life he had secretly pursued the power promised in these dreams, pursued power into the lands of the mysterious East and into the minds of vulnerable human beings. And yet all this questing and ambition had amounted to nothing more than a life of small-time piracy along the main commercial arteries of the Summer and Jade Seas. True, Euron had had some very profitable adventures and done more damage than the captain of a single longship had any right to do. There had been a lot of opportunity for someone like him, what with the Golden Empire disintegrating and the Qartheen turning a blind eye to attacks on their competitors’ shipping (occasionally even preying upon it themselves). He ruled supreme over his cowed slave crew and had even captured one of the world’s few remaining dragon eggs (rarer than Valyrian steel — had any other Ironborn ever managed such a feat?). But none of this was enough to truly satisfy him.

Euron had always believed he was destined for far greater things than mere plunder and sadism (however enjoyable these were in their own right). But it didn’t feel like he had much of a destiny now. The best he could hope for was to one day return home and murder his way to the Seastone Chair… and then what? Become the lord of a bunch of little islands, with all their little hopes and tedious disputes, bending his knee to some far off king lest he be crushed by the mainland’s overwhelming might? Or lead an unsuccessful rebellion and become another Dagon or Balon Greyjoy? What kind of destiny was that? He wanted to plunder whole countries, not merely a bunch of unlucky merchants and coastal towns; he wanted to lord over a vast slave empire worthy of an Eastern potentate, not merely the broken crew held in thrall aboard his ship. And he wanted to work great feats of magic, the magic that had been practiced in Valyrian history and Westerosi legend, and the magic that he had seen or heard about in Asshai: dark magic, blood magic, shadow magic, ice and fire magic. But he was nowhere close to doing any of that.

What Euron needed was a dragon. If he could just hatch a dragon then no one would be able withstand him, just as no one had withstood the Valyrians. With a dragon he would be able to fly far higher than he had ever flown before and all his pretensions and dreams would be made real. So he sat on his boat, sweating under the tropical sun, hoping against hope that that Myrish fire mage might actually hatch his plundered dragon egg, and all the while his thoughts smoldered with the stories of Valyria and the failed Targaryen attempts. He was going nowhere and he probably knew it. The only question was the manner in which Euron would brutally kill the fire mage when he inevitably failed. Then, as if some dark god were answering the prayers Euron had never made, the sails of a certain Qartheen galas appeared upon the horizon…

      1 gagttttatc gcttccatga cgcagaagtt aacactttcg gatatttctg atgagtcgaa
      61 aaattatctt gataaagcag gaattactac tgcttgttta cgaattaaat cgaagtggac
      121 tgctggcgga aaatgagaaa attcgaccta tccttgcgca gctcgagaag ctcttacttt
      181 gcgacctttc gccatcaact aacgattctg tcaaaaactg acgcgttgga tgaggagaag
      241 tggcttaata tgcttggcac gttcgtcaag gactggttta gatatgagtc acattttgtt
      301 catggtagag attctcttgt tgacatttta aaagagcgtg gattactatc tgagtccgat
      361 gctgttcaac cactaatagg taagaaatca tgagtcaagt tactgaacaa tccgtacgtt
      421 tccagaccgc tttggcctct attaagctca ttcaggcttc tgccgttttg gatttaaccg
      481 aagatgattt cgattttctg acgagtaaca aagtttggat tgctactgac cgctctcgtg
      541 ctcgtcgctg cgttgaggct tgcgtttatg gtacgctgga ctttgtggga taccctcgct
      601 ttcctgctcc tgttgagttt attgctgccg tcattgctta ttatgttcat cccgtcaaca
      661 ttcaaacggc ctgtctcatc atggaaggcg ctgaatttac ggaaaacatt attaatggcg
      721 tcgagcgtcc ggttaaagcc gctgaattgt tcgcgtttac cttgcgtgta cgcgcaggaa
      781 acactgacgt tcttactgac gcagaagaaa acgtgcgtca aaaattacgt gcggaaggag
      841 tgatgtaatg tctaaaggta aaaaacgttc tggcgctcgc cctggtcgtc cgcagccgtt
      901 gcgaggtact aaaggcaagc gtaaaggcgc tcgtctttgg tatgtaggtg gtcaacaatt
      961 ttaattgcag gggcttcggc cccttacttg aggataaatt atgtctaata ttcaaactgg
     1021 cgccgagcgt atgccgcatg acctttccca tcttggcttc cttgctggtc agattggtcg
     1081 tcttattacc atttcaacta ctccggttat cgctggcgac tccttcgaga tggacgccgt
     1141 tggcgctctc cgtctttctc cattgcgtcg tggccttgct attgactcta ctgtagacat
     1201 ttttactttt tatgtccctc atcgtcacgt ttatggtgaa cagtggatta agttcatgaa
     1261 ggatggtgtt aatgccactc ctctcccgac tgttaacact actggttata ttgaccatgc
     1321 cgcttttctt ggcacgatta accctgatac caataaaatc cctaagcatt tgtttcaggg
     1381 ttatttgaat atctataaca actattttaa agcgccgtgg atgcctgacc gtaccgaggc
     1441 taaccctaat gagcttaatc aagatgatgc tcgttatggt ttccgttgct gccatctcaa
     1501 aaacatttgg actgctccgc ttcctcctga gactgagctt tctcgccaaa tgacgacttc
     1561 taccacatct attgacatta tgggtctgca agctgcttat gctaatttgc atactgacca
     1621 agaacgtgat tacttcatgc agcgttacca tgatgttatt tcttcatttg gaggtaaaac
     1681 ctcttatgac gctgacaacc gtcctttact tgtcatgcgc tctaatctct gggcatctgg
     1741 ctatgatgtt gatggaactg accaaacgtc gttaggccag ttttctggtc gtgttcaaca
     1801 gacctataaa cattctgtgc cgcgtttctt tgttcctgag catggcacta tgtttactct
     1861 tgcgcttgtt cgttttccgc ctactgcgac taaagagatt cagtacctta acgctaaagg
     1921 tgctttgact tataccgata ttgctggcga ccctgttttg tatggcaact tgccgccgcg
     1981 tgaaatttct atgaaggatg ttttccgttc tggtgattcg tctaagaagt ttaagattgc
     2041 tgagggtcag tggtatcgtt atgcgccttc gtatgtttct cctgcttatc accttcttga
     2101 aggcttccca ttcattcagg aaccgccttc tggtgatttg caagaacgcg tacttattcg
     2161 ccaccatgat tatgaccagt gtttccagtc cgttcagttg ttgcagtgga atagtcaggt
     2221 taaatttaat gtgaccgttt atcgcaatct gccgaccact cgcgattcaa tcatgacttc
     2281 gtgataaaag attgagtgtg aggttataac gccgaagcgg taaaaatttt aatttttgcc
     2341 gctgaggggt tgaccaagcg aagcgcggta ggttttctgc ttaggagttt aatcatgttt
     2401 cagactttta tttctcgcca taattcaaac tttttttctg ataagctggt tctcacttct
     2461 gttactccag cttcttcggc acctgtttta cagacaccta aagctacatc gtcaacgtta
     2521 tattttgata gtttgacggt taatgctggt aatggtggtt ttcttcattg cattcagatg
     2581 gatacatctg tcaacgccgc taatcaggtt gtttctgttg gtgctgatat tgcttttgat
     2641 gccgacccta aattttttgc ctgtttggtt cgctttgagt cttcttcggt tccgactacc
     2701 ctcccgactg cctatgatgt ttatcctttg aatggtcgcc atgatggtgg ttattatacc
     2761 gtcaaggact gtgtgactat tgacgtcctt ccccgtacgc cgggcaataa cgtttatgtt
     2821 ggtttcatgg tttggtctaa ctttaccgct actaaatgcc gcggattggt ttcgctgaat
     2881 caggttatta aagagattat ttgtctccag ccacttaagt gaggtgattt atgtttggtg
     2941 ctattgctgg cggtattgct tctgctcttg ctggtggcgc catgtctaaa ttgtttggag
     3001 gcggtcaaaa agccgcctcc ggtggcattc aaggtgatgt gcttgctacc gataacaata
     3061 ctgtaggcat gggtgatgct ggtattaaat ctgccattca aggctctaat gttcctaacc
     3121 ctgatgaggc cgcccctagt tttgtttctg gtgctatggc taaagctggt aaaggacttc
     3181 ttgaaggtac gttgcaggct ggcacttctg ccgtttctga taagttgctt gatttggttg
     3241 gacttggtgg caagtctgcc gctgataaag gaaaggatac tcgtgattat cttgctgctg
     3301 catttcctga gcttaatgct tgggagcgtg ctggtgctga tgcttcctct gctggtatgg
     3361 ttgacgccgg atttgagaat caaaaagagc ttactaaaat gcaactggac aatcagaaag
     3421 agattgccga gatgcaaaat gagactcaaa aagagattgc tggcattcag tcggcgactt
     3481 cacgccagaa tacgaaagac caggtatatg cacaaaatga gatgcttgct tatcaacaga
     3541 aggagtctac tgctcgcgtt gcgtctatta tggaaaacac caatctttcc aagcaacagc
     3601 aggtttccga gattatgcgc caaatgctta ctcaagctca aacggctggt cagtatttta
     3661 ccaatgacca aatcaaagaa atgactcgca aggttagtgc tgaggttgac ttagttcatc
     3721 agcaaacgca gaatcagcgg tatggctctt ctcatattgg cgctactgca aaggatattt
     3781 ctaatgtcgt cactgatgct gcttctggtg tggttgatat ttttcatggt attgataaag
     3841 ctgttgccga tacttggaac aatttctgga aagacggtaa agctgatggt attggctcta
     3901 atttgtctag gaaataaccg tcaggattga caccctccca attgtatgtt ttcatgcctc
     3961 caaatcttgg aggctttttt atggttcgtt cttattaccc ttctgaatgt cacgctgatt
     4021 attttgactt tgagcgtatc gaggctctta aacctgctat tgaggcttgt ggcatttcta
     4081 ctctttctca atccccaatg cttggcttcc ataagcagat ggataaccgc atcaagctct
     4141 tggaagagat tctgtctttt cgtatgcagg gcgttgagtt cgataatggt gatatgtatg
     4201 ttgacggcca taaggctgct tctgacgttc gtgatgagtt tgtatctgtt actgagaagt
     4261 taatggatga attggcacaa tgctacaatg tgctccccca acttgatatt aataacacta
     4321 tagaccaccg ccccgaaggg gacgaaaaat ggtttttaga gaacgagaag acggttacgc
     4381 agttttgccg caagctggct gctgaacgcc ctcttaagga tattcgcgat gagtataatt
     4441 accccaaaaa gaaaggtatt aaggatgagt gttcaagatt gctggaggcc tccactatga
     4501 aatcgcgtag aggctttgct attcagcgtt tgatgaatgc aatgcgacag gctcatgctg
     4561 atggttggtt tatcgttttt gacactctca cgttggctga cgaccgatta gaggcgtttt
     4621 atgataatcc caatgctttg cgtgactatt ttcgtgatat tggtcgtatg gttcttgctg
     4681 ccgagggtcg caaggctaat gattcacacg ccgactgcta tcagtatttt tgtgtgcctg
     4741 agtatggtac agctaatggc cgtcttcatt tccatgcggt gcactttatg cggacacttc
     4801 ctacaggtag cgttgaccct aattttggtc gtcgggtacg caatcgccgc cagttaaata
     4861 gcttgcaaaa tacgtggcct tatggttaca gtatgcccat cgcagttcgc tacacgcagg
     4921 acgctttttc acgttctggt tggttgtggc ctgttgatgc taaaggtgag ccgcttaaag
     4981 ctaccagtta tatggctgtt ggtttctatg tggctaaata cgttaacaaa aagtcagata
     5041 tggaccttgc tgctaaaggt ctaggagcta aagaatggaa caactcacta aaaaccaagc
     5101 tgtcgctact tcccaagaag ctgttcagaa tcagaatgag ccgcaacttc gggatgaaaa
     5161 tgctcacaat gacaaatctg tccacggagt gcttaatcca acttaccaag ctgggttacg
     5221 acgcgacgcc gttcaaccag atattgaagc agaacgcaaa aagagagatg agattgaggc
     5281 tgggaaaagt tactgtagcc gacgttttgg cggcgcaacc tgtgacgaca aatctgctca
     5341 aatttatgcg cgcttcgata aaaatgattg gcgtatccaa cctgca

This has been the totality of the first DNA-based genome to have been cataloged.
The above sequence is the entire genome of bacteriophage ΦX174 - a circular single-stranded DNA genome of only 5386 nucleotides encoding 11 proteins.
This post contains the instructions for an entire, living organism.

Need Permanent (Or Just Long Term) Housing - Ventura County, CA

Hi, I’m a 17 (Nearly 18) year old trans girl. My parents are kicking me out, and I have until the first of September to find a place, so I guess this is kind of an emergency.

I live in the Ventura County area, more specifically Simi Valley, and since I’m being flat out-kicked out, I will need a long term place to move in to. I don’t care if it’s an apartment or a room or whatever, just as long as it’s under (or equal to) $800 a month. 

I don’t have a stable job yet, but since my parents at least know they can’t just kick me out to the street, they will pay the rent for the first month or two, they just want me out. I will have a little card thing (not a credit card or food stamps idk what it is) that lets me get my own basic food at some select stores. 

Thank you for reading, I really hope one of you can get back to me with a nearby room or place for me to stay before September hits. 

You can contact me at my email or phone number, but phone number is much easier for me.


(805) 914 - 4861

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Finaly !! I've been waiting xD so here's is my request : You're living in Canada and you're in the airport on your way to korea cause you have work there, in the airport you meet Kris who was in Canada without his members, and somhow you meet again in korea and start dating. Hope my english isn't that bad xD Thank youu !

it’s okay honey, don’t worry :) i really hope you will like it!

- nabi ♡

♠ ♠ ♠

Page No. 121 - Kris Scenario

♠ ♠ ♠

I rocked my legs back and forth as I supported the weight of my upper body with my hands pressed into the leather of the chair I was sitting on. Too many people, too busy, too loud. I sighed quietly and rubbed my temples. Good, of course I would get an headache, just like everytime I was about to get in the plane, flying somewhere for hours and hours - Not able to sleep, not able to stretch out my legs, not able to eat properly. And again, too many people, too busy, too loud.

“Passengers for flight 4861, Cananda to South Korea please have your boarding tickets ready.”

I jumped back to my feet immediately. Maybe I was able to make it this time. There was just one thing I wished for - And that was to be one of the first passengers to get onto the airplane. My seat was on the window row and I really hated it to force other people to stand up again in order for me to plop down into my seat. And of course I hated it to wait for hours because there was nothing else to do then to observe all those hundreds of people who were trying to get on the plane as well.

Nervously I searched my boarding ticket in the vasts of my handbag. It needed to be somewhere in between my wallet and my mobile phone, somehow hidden under a magazine, on top of my iPod…

I groaned annoyed, dropped the bag to the ground while bending down and began to search for it again until I couldn’t support my weight any more and plopped down to my knees. It was there! Really, it had to be somewhere in my bag. I ignored the quiet laughters from other people around me (if the situation wouldn’t be so dramatic, I would shot death glares into their direction) and lifted my bag before I turned it up and tipped everything out. My key, the mobile phone, the magazine, a book, the iPod, other little things - Everything was lying in front of me. Grumpily I threw my lipstick back into the bag, followed by the hand mirror. It was there some minutes ago.

Tears were already filling my eyes. This was so important and I did not have the money to buy another ticket, I also had no time. The first passengers were about to enter the plane and I grew more and more nervous. I brushed some strands of my hair out of my face and forced myself not to cry in front of 399 other peopple. How embarrassing.

“Excuse me?”, a low voice asked behing my back and I turned my head around to look into the face of a stranger I’ve never seen before. Well, what a pity. He was really handsome, his blond hair perfectly styled. He could have been korean as well, maybe chinese or even japanese. Aaah, I never was able to tell them apart. I looked up at him with questioning eyes.
“Perhaps… Are you ___ Kim?”, he asked with that deep voice and I forced myself not to sigh. Wouldn’t it be even more embarrassing. Confused I scratched the back of my neck and nodded hesistantly. That guy began to smile and the world stopped spinning. “I think you lost something. Something really important.” I catched myself falling for his voice and only stopped looking at him as he showed me something which he was holding in one of his big hands.

I looked down and squeaked in happiness. He really had found my boarding ticket. With still shaky fingers I grabbed it out of his hands and watched him straightening his back - I jumped back to my feet as well and couldn’t help but to threw myself around his neck. My dad would never forgive me if I wasn’t able to take that chance, to go overseas for some months, plus he paid so much money for this ticket.

That tall, blond and handsome guy cleared his throat as he patted my back for only two times. Only then I realized what I was doing and pulled away faster than I could, my heartbeat faster than before, my cheeks already blushing. I coughed quietly and smiled shyly. The guy looked at me with widened eyes and rubbed the back of his neck. “I’m sorry… I… Thank you!”, I said and smiled weakly. He nodded his head and left me standing there with my boarding ticket in between my hands.

I grabbed my bag and sighed frustrated. Of course I was one of the last passengers to get into the plane now. But at least I had my ticket…

Twenty minutes later I sighed for another time as I finally was sitting on my seat, next to a person who was sweating nervously, who was sweating really a lot. I ruffled my nose - Was I really supposed to sit next to him for more than 8 hours? I looked at that guy and was about to ask him if he may wanted to sit next to the window but soon my breath got stucked in my throat. That handsome guy from earlier sat down on the third place in the row. Well it couldn’t get any more worse. I wasn’t even able to talk to him, not that I would have been able to gather all of my courage to talk to him, but sitting next to him would have been better. I guess.

Time went by slowly, but in just the blink of an eye everyone else was somehow asleep. Except for me. I did not want to read or to hear music and my mood just dropped as the head of that guy next to me fell down onto the top of my shoulder. I widened my eyes and considered if I shoud just nudge it away. But strangely I couldn’t. Not that I was not strong enough. It seemed like I just did not want to it. If it were up to me I would wish for a persons shoulder as well if I had to sit on a plane for the next hours.

“Seems like someone has a interest in you”, I heard a quiet voice, followed by a cute chuckle. I only turned my head into the right direction and was surprised that he wasn’t sleeping as well. I raised my eyebrows and looked at him with confused eyes. I met that guy’s eyes and froze immediately. His gaze managed to daze me. He smiled before shrugging his shoulders while he looked back into his magazine. “He was checking you out since you entered the airport.”

Could might also mean; I saw you as well when you entered the airport and that guy was creepily checking you out. That’s why I followed you around and observed him in order to be there if he would have done anything weird. I shook my head and placed my head against the headrest of my chair. Of course this was impossible.

♠ ♠ ♠

I run through the corridor, still tired, still eating the rest of my bread as I tried to find the right door. They had to be there, somewhere. My fingers were tightly wrapped around my clipboard, my ponytail wiggling to the right and to the left in rhythym of my fast footsteps.

There! I already could hear some different voices. It was only the third day. How could I be too late? I sighed and tried to regulate my breath before pushing my glasses back up my nose. I was nervous, of course. I was nervous for the last three days because there was so much new for me to experience.

I took a last deep breath before I placed my free hand on top of the doorknob. Until now there weren’t any good experiences and I began to wonder if it would stay like this. Only yesterday I pulled a shelf over in the supermarket next to my apartement. The day before, my first day in Seoul, I caused a granny to fall to the ground as I was running through the streets, just like I did some seconds ago. And now I was too late for my first job. I took a last glance at the paper on my clipboard and tried to remember the words which were written there by myself.

Management, what a funny thing. I always dreamed of being the manager of a Hollywood-Star, instead I ended up in South Korea and was forced to babysit a bunch of teenage idols. May someone could explain to me the difference sometime. Weren’t idols stars as well? It was only a internship. I wiped away some imaginary sweat on my forehead and finally decided to open the door in front of me.

Fourteen pairs of eyes were directed at me right away and I held my breath, smiling nervously. I opened my mouth to introduce myself but forgot that sentence immediately as I looked at one of those guys. It couldn’t be! Was he really that young? He didn’t seem to be when I saw him a few days ago. Too bad, he was a teenager as well…

“Ah, ___ you are finally here! I just told them that it could be that you’re a little bit too late because you’re not that familiar with Seoul right now. Did you have any troubles finding the way?”, one of their managers asked me in broken english, but I still was able to understand him, luckily. My korean wasn’t that good either. Hmm, that was a lie. Other than some basic sentences I knew nothing.

I shook my head. I just managed to oversleep this morning as I tried to watch some dramas the previous evening. Hannah, a friend of mine, was a big fan of korean culture and always talked about her dramas, her music, her idols. Wasn’t it logical that she got jealous the second I told her I would go to Korea? She recommended me some of her favourite dramas and places I should visit as soon as I had the time. Well, I started with some dramas - Even though I couldn’t understand anything. But the people were quiet interesting. Just like that guy who was sitting almost right in front of me, absentmindedly playing with a pencil which he was holding in between his fingers. He smiled as he lowered his head, so no one else was able to recognize it.

The meeting went by rubbery and I needed to concentrate myself in order not to yawn every two minutes. It wasn’t boring but they were talking about unnessecary things every now and then before going back to the main topic. And of course they were loud, a group of twelve boys couldn’t be quiet.

But there was one thing I couldn’t keep my mind off. He was smiling whenever I looked into his direction. He was more quiet than his band members. Ah, what was his name again? Kris? That’s why I met him in Canada - His family was still living there. And he was chinese, only a few things I learned about them as they introduced themselves one by one.

And yeah, Kris was beautiful. His eyes seemed somehow dangerous, but still there was something lingering in them and I felt the urge to find out why he was acting so chic, so cold most of the times. But when he began to smile the whole world seemed to stop moving and I felt my cheeks blushing whenever his smile was directed to me.

It felt like the both of us were in our own world, in the middle of the crowd but still able to find the other one. Even though his friends were handsome as well, he was stunning, breathtaking.

Oh my, ___, don’t! I was here to learn how to work as an manager not to flirt with a guy I only met some days ago. But maybe it was some kind of fate - That he was the one who found my boarding ticket? That he was the one who was sitting almost right next to me in the airplane?

I nervously kneeded my hands under the table and bobbed my legs up and down. How long did I have to sit there and to nod whenever one of his managers were commiting me some of his work?

“So how long will you stay here in Seoul?”, Kris’ voice snapped me out of my thoughts as I tried to sort some of the instructions I was given until some minutes ago. I turned around. Everyone else had already left the room, we were alone. A strange warmth was crawling through my body and I again felt my cheeks blushing. I catched myself lifting my arms until my hands were resting on them, trying to chase the heat away. Wasn’t it strange? I only saw him for the second time today and it already seemed like I began to fell for him, with absolutely no way out.

“Uhm, as long as I want to. And as long I am doing good work, I guess”, I answered and wanted to scold myself right away. I wasn’t only looking like a fish, I also sounded like one, with my mouth weirdly opened and with also widened eyes. Kris chuckled quietly and raised one of his hands just to point at me with his index finger. “I think you’re really cute”, he said and turned around to leave the room as well.

It took me some seconds to realize what he just had said. And my cheeks began to redden even more. How could this be even possible? I never had any interest in asian guys before. I never had any interest in boys before. And then I saw him and everything changed? Unbelievable.

I let out a heavy breath as I grabbed my clipboard and fixed my glasses once more. My heart was beating in a funny rhythym. I did not even know how to call this feeling.

♠ ♠ ♠

Three months!
I was in Seoul for three months already and slowly began to feel homey, like this really could be another place for me where I could feel at peace and be happy once I was able to speak their language fluently. It got better with every day that passed by. And for some reason it was also his fault.

I grew closer to Kris little by little. He knew how I was feeling and he tried to help me wherever he could. He even got me that book little kids used to learn some simple korean phrases in school, elementary classes of course. Every now and then I saw little notes written on next to some sentences and I began to wonder if he used that book for himself in the past or if he did this for me, so I was able to understand it even better. No matter what, it was cute and I cherished that book like it was the most precious thing on earth.

So I was flipping through the pages while sitting in the car next to one of their managers. We were going to some kind of event and Kris and his other idol-band-members were nominated for an important award. Every now and then I heard a snoring sound or a quiet noise escaping the mouth of one the boys. They all were sleeping. I’ve never thought an idols’ schedule would be so packed. They were lacking sleep in so many different hours of their life that I almost felt sorry for them. But still they decided to live this life by theirselves.

I yawned as I looked down at the next page of my book; How to say that you are hungry/ thirsty - How to say what you want to eat. I sighed as I stroked a strand of my hair behind my right ear. Suddenly my stomach began to growl and I heard a quiet chuckle behind my back. It was Kris, of course. By now I already could tell all of their voices apart, even when they were singing - The first two weeks after I had found out that I would work for them I spent my whole time listening to their albums and to search for the translations of their songs, trying to memorize some of the lyrics - Well, I was the best when it came to Chanyeol’s rap parts.

“Here!”, Kris said and I turned my head slightly to the side, eyeing an bar of chocolate. Almost greedy I grabbed it out of his hands and opened the paper right away.
“Wait!”, he said quietly while leaning forward, so no one else was able to hear it if there was a possibility that one of the other guys wasn’t sleeping. I immediately stopped in my movements and waited for Kris to continue, while slightly looking over my shoulder. His mouth was so close to my ear that I almost stopped breathing as my heart skipped a beat. My chest was lifting and lowering faster than before as the book began to shiver in between my fingers.

We never talked about this before. Or at least I always tried not to think about it - But soon after I have arrived in Seoul I realized that I had feelings for him. I was acting like this whenever he was near. I wanted to be near him everytime, feel his closeness whenever we were alone, hear his voice when I was feeling sad. The tips of my fingers began to tickle when he was smiling and I felt the urge to close my eyes and to listen to his voice only when he was speaking.

But too bad - I was too shy to tell him anything, to confess to him or to ask him out.

“There is one thing I am curious about”, Kris added whispering and I held my breath while biting down onto my lower lip. “Did you ever go to page 121 before?” I tried to think about it but couldn’t remember it.
“I don’t think so”, I answered and out of the corners of my eyes I watched him leaning back while crossing his arms in front of his chest, cutely pouting. I almost laughed at that sight, because I’ve never seen him like this before. “It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you didn’t see it by now!”, he  sulked and acted like he was deeply hurt. “Are you like this everytime?”, Kris asked while leaning in closer for another time, faster than I was prepared for it. “W-What?”, I stuttered and wasn’t able to look at him anymore.
“So slow?”, he mocked me and again his back was pressed against the backrest of his seat, his arms again crossed in front of his chest.

Slow? What was he talking about?
Slowly I unwrapped the chocolate bar and already had a piece of it in my mouth as I began to search for page No. 121; How to tell someone else that you like him. I raised my eyebrows as I saw some more notes, more than usual. I began to read the page.

Write down the name of the person you like in hangul; ___.
I began to cough as I nearly choked on the chocolate.

Write down what you like about that person; She is clumsy most of the time. And she has a habit of stroking her hair behind her ears every two minutes. And so I did it just in that second as I stopped coughing. I stopped in my movement and read the next question.

Write down what you don’t like about that person; She makes me smile even when I don’t want to smile. She is in my mind almost the whole time. And she has a habit of stroking her hair behind her ears every two minutes. I smiled weakly. What?

Write down one sentence you want to say to that person; I think I have fallen in love with you… I opened my mouth as tears began to fill my eyes. Was he really serious? Only one question was left.

Write down a question you want to ask that person; Would you like to go out with me?

I screamed in excitement and threw the book away. It collided with the front window and caused the manager to squeak in panic. “WHAT THE….?”, he shouted as he stopped the car immediately. Almost all of us were flying towards, luckily stopped by the safety belts. Guiltily I bit my lower lip but couldn’t held it back any longer. “Yes… Yes. Yes! YES!”, I began to shout as I bounced up and down in my seat, causing the others to groan and moan in displeasure. “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”, I heard Xiumin’s voice and immediately seven pairs of eyes were directed at me.

“YES!”, I shouted for another time as I tried to turn around the best I could. My eyes met Kris’, he seemed so… so… So unimpressed and I stopped in my movements while pouting.

And suddenly a small smirk was playing with the corners of his mouth. He shrugged his shoulder before he looked at his older band member, now smiling widely and Xiumin seemed to understand it right away. He widened his eyes and clapped into his hands. A mocking smile was plastered into his face while Kris began to shake his head rigorous. “Don’t you dare to… NO!”

He was made for loving you baby! He can’t get enough of you…”, Xiumin began to sing but was forced to stop as Kris pressed one of his hands against his friends mouth. A loud laughter filled the van the second after and my eyes found Chen. My heart was beating so fast and I really was glad that I was already sitting. Everything seemed like I was only dreaming. Could this be really real?
“You should have seen him in the dorm, ___! He was singing this the whole time. He acted like the fool he is. Even Jongin got annoyed and began to throw things at him. His pillow was only the least dangerous thing and…”
“YAH!”, Kris shouted while taking his hand away from Xiumin’s mouth, who only began to sing that song for another time as Kris’ face started to turn red. “He was made for… AAAAH!” Xiumin’s shoulder got harshly punched by Kris and he shook his head. “They’re just… Don’t listen to them…” Again I could hear that song in the background, quietly sung by Xiumin and even Tao now.
"So your answer is yes?”, Kris asked and ignored the other guys, sitting next to him. I began to nod and bit my lower lip again while smiling.

“Are you done yet? Can I start driving again? We’re already late”, their manager said through his clenched teeth while looking straightforward. “Or do you want us to die all together? I mean, scream now if you feel like…”
I said nothing and just tried to be as quiet as I could, making myself as small as able, not looking back again. With still heavy beating heart I began to smile for another time and bobbed my legs up and down.

And can you feel the love toooooonight?”, Xiumin, Chen and Tao began to sing again and even caused the manager to laugh out loudly~~