Author’s Note: I promise guys I’m finishing Hiraeth but I wanted so bad to do this. It’s a way to calm myself as I’m having shitty days and I’m feeling realy useless. If you could help me to feel better and I’d be really thankful. Anyway, I hope you all like it.

Warnings: Sebastian being a tease, implied smut, sexual language.

Pairings: Sebastian Stan x Reader.

Words: 483

Gif not mine!

“What are you doing?” you smiled as you heard your boyfriend’s voice, shifting in your bed, rolling on your stomach. 

“Now? Just reading. I was tired of binge watching the TV so…” you could almost see his smile as you spoke and that made your heart to flutter. 

You missed Sebastian. Him being an actor, travelling quite often made it difficult, but you both knew the relationship was worthy. The “I missed you” kisses, the cuddles the day after he would come back.

You had met him in a friend’s wedding. You were there, bored, sitting and drinking when you noticed his eyes staring at you. You had smiled and wink at him, watching as he smirked and strutted towards you. You dance during the whole night, laughing as you’ve never done.

And there you were, two years later.

“Do you miss me?”

“Nah, not at all. I’m wearing your shirt and reading my favourite book. I don’t need you here”

“Really?” you bit your lips to stop the laugh as you heard his fake offended tone. He was such a drama queen sometimes. “I suppose I should do the same. I’ll find someone else”

“Go. I won’t stop you. As you keep buying me flowers and food I’m fine”

You loved teasing him. It was part of your relationship, saying you’ll leave the other for another person. You loved watching his face changing as you said you’d leave him for Chris, making the blonde to smirk at you.

Sometimes, that would end in Sebastian teaching you a lesson in the sheets. Or in the sofa. Or on top of the kitchen counter.

“Actually, I talked to Chris and…”

“Doll” he interrupted you with a warn on his steady and velvety voice. You chuckled and continue talking about his abs and muscles, hearing Sebastian’s growls on the other line. “It’s a shame. I was going to eat you out as soon as I got home”

“Seriously? I thought you prefer using your own hand, sweetie”

“Y/N, you’re digging your own grave”

“What? What are you going to do? You’re far away”

“Are you sure about that?, Doll?” you heard a chuckle and you turned, your eyes opening wide at the sight of Sebastian leaning against the door frame with the phone pressed against his ear. He hung up and smiled, dropping the bag and opening his arms.

You jumped from the bed and ran towards him, circling his waist with your legs. You peppered kisses over his face, watching as he laughed when you moved your hands along his bearded jaw. 

“I’ve missed you so much”

“Really? I thought you were fine with Chris” you rolled your eyes and he smirked, smacking your ass and making you to jolt, placing you on the mattress, his hot breath touching for face and his lips moving as he whispered. “Now, honey…you’re in so much trouble”


Pietro Maximoff

Mild battle, flirt, teasing

Fandom: Marvel Universe

Request: “ Okay sorry 😳 it’s my first time requesting. How about your on the Avengers team and when they attack the hydra base you meet Pietro who can’t help but think your cute? Again this is my first time requesting sorry if it sucks.”

Word count: 483

gif is not mine.

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