48 years young!

Old man customer, a regular, came in and gruffly greeted the 19-year-old girl behind the counter with “hey good-lookin’” and I was like, grr, though she seemed okay with it. Then the store manager, a 48-year-old man (the young woman’s father) came out from the back room, and the old man greeted him with “hey handsome!” so I felt a lot better about the whole thing really. 


Meanwhile, in the Nottingham Post, Colin is tackling one of the big questions….

(with many thanks to MikeSassi over on Twitter for this one!)


♥  37thMStyle  ♥   What am I going to do without you? ♥  

i might be posting this extra late than expected but before this day ends, i would like to thank God for Minwoo Oppa’s existence.. His whole personality as a man really makes me want to adore him more than just an ordinary Oppa.. Yes he is that M Style, that cool guy, a sweet dependable hyung to Jinnie Oppa and Andy Oppa, Oppayam’s chitchai combo, Hyesung Oppa’s Papa Bird and Eric Oppa’s special stupid co-ceo ~ no matter what name or how we put it 

– he’s that guy who endured all the pain during concerts to dance in front of us, the same person who composed heartfelt songs to cradle our emotions, the person who smiled like he can face the world as long as the Orange Ocean is with SHINHWA and the one who said the words “I LOVE YOU” so many times together with his brothers towards us..

every camera encounter with Minwoo Oppa is a mixture of sincerity of his gratitude and a warm confession of his love for us.. he deserves to be happy on his special day ~ and of course I hope for God to grant the desires of his kind heart ~ ^^ HBD :”)

Aww shucks...

It would appear my application was approved just one day too late to score an invitation to the big 6D Labor Day extravaganza in LA.  Now I find myself feeling…a bit left out, though it serves no purpose to dwell on it, and I suppose it’s best that I introduce myself. 

My name is Valentina, I’m 48 years young, I love pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.  Oh, and I own a little drug company named Venturi Pharmaceuticals.  I look forward to meeting you all, so please, introduce yourself.  Say hello!

Or better yet, why don’t you go ahead and hit that little private message button on my profile…show the new girl what makes this website so great.~