48 witnesses

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homeric hymns:

orphic hymns:







xenophanes of colophon:







  • de signis (most authoritative are the [signs]…)

apollonius of rhodes:










christodorus of thebes:

hippocratic corpus:



publilius syrus:



  • odes 1.1 (the ivy, reward of learned brows…)
  • odes 1.4 (bitter winter dissolves…)
  • odes 1.11 (don’t ask–it’s forbidden to know…)
  • odes 2.19 5-8 (euhoe! my mind shudders…)






pliny the elder:

gaius valerius flaccus:



carmina burana:



100 ways that the writers of “The Fosters” could break up Brandon and Cortney

1. Brandon realizes that he is in love with Callie

2. Brandon realizes that it is weird that he is in high school dating an adult with a child and an adult life

3. Cortney decides that it is weird that her boyfriend is in high school and she is an adult with a child and an adult life

4. Something fishy happens with Cortney and Eddie

5. Cortney dies suddenly

6. Cortney gets back together with Eddie

7. Brandon moves away for university

8. Cortney moves away for her job

9. Stef finds a legal issue with their relationship

10. Cortney cheats

11. Brandon cheats

12. Brandon finds out an unforgivable secret about Cortney’s past

13. Cortney does something endangering to Callie/Callie’s adoption

14. Eddie reveals something to Brandon

15. Cortney turns out to be Lesbian

16. AJ and Brandon have a heart to heart after AJ finds out that “Cameron” kissed whatever his name is (he is so irrelevant to me that i forgot, lol) about using people as a distraction

17. Dani appears back in Brandon’s life and Brandon has some epiphany about having problems with older women

18. Callie realizes that she wanted to be a “white knight” or whatever to protect AJ (because she met him on the streets and let him sleep at the drop in center) and Brandon realizes he is doing the same thing with Cortney

19. Cortney goes to jail

20. Mike convinces Brandon to break up with her

21. Jesus and Brandon have a heart to heart about girl problems and Brandon learns that he should break up with her

22. Mariana confronts Brandon about knowing about Idyllwild and convinces him to find a way to be with Callie

23. Something goes wrong with Mike and Ana’s relationship which parallels Brandon and Cortney’s.

24. A musical influence gives Brandon advice that convinces him to break up with her

25. One of Cortney’s friends has a heart to heart with her

26. Cortney walks in on a Brallie moment and knows she is in the way of something beautiful

27. Cortney’s family visits and disapproves of Brandon

28. Social services threatens to take away Mason because Brandon is spending too much time with him and is not a fit parent

29. Brandon prioritizes his future over Cortney and they break up

30. General personality disagreements

31. Cortney gives Brandon an STI and he leaves her for something connected to that

32. Brandon wants to go home but Courtney doesn’t want him to

33. Cortney tries to isolate Brandon from everybody he cares about

34. Someone’s Little Sister comes back and asks Brandon to tour

35. Brandon is scouted to play classical music full time at a big hall

36. Brandon cheats

37. Talya comes back to see Brandon and they have a heart to heart about why they broke up

38. Wyatt talks to Brandon

39. Cortney wants to get married and Brandon isn’t ready

40. Mason gets injured/ill and creates tension

41. Callie gets in danger and Brandon leaves to be with her

42. Brandon goes home to take care of his family still struggling with the situation with Nick

43. Brandon almost fails high school and realizes they have to break up

44. Money issues

45. The house is broken into and tensions are created

46. Cortney turns out to be a criminal on the run

47. Cortney turns out to be in witness protection

48. Cortney’s family member turns out to be ill and she has to leave

49. R and J tours and Brandon leaves her

50. Brandon cracks under the pressure of raising a child

51. Cortney falls out of love with Brandon

52. They realize they have nothing in common

53. They turn out to be related

54. Cortney gets tired of competing with Callie

55. Courtney finds Brandon to be immature

56. A dispute about how Brandon moved in without asking

57. Stef’s cancer comes back and Brandon leaves Cortney to be with her

58. While Callie is photographing an old house she runs into trouble (with Liam?) and Brandon defends her

59. Mat confronts Brandon about his relationship

60. Cortney is connected to Liam in some way

61. Cortney is connected to Vico in some way

62. Lou has a heart to heart with Brandon as to why he is dating Cortney

63. Cortney becomes an alcoholic

64. Cortney gets a higher position at the bar, creating tensions

65. Ana confronts Brandon about the dangers of being in a relationship with someone older

66. Brandon becomes an alcoholic

67. Sophia Quinn confronts Brandon about his relationships

68. Callie moves in with the Quinn’s and Brallie happens

69. While at a gig for Someone’s Little Sister, Brandon is inspired by his music

70. Cortney joins the army

71. Brandon joins the army

72. Mason breaks the two up

73. Brandon sees a couple with a child and realizes that could be his future

74. Cortney fears that Brandon is an unfit father

75. Cortney becomes abusive

76. Cortney sells drugs

77. Robert Quinn talks to Brandon about the problems of being with someone you don’t love

78. Robert Quinn talks to Brandon about how important it is to be with the one you love even if that seems impossible

79. Stef and Lena help Brandon find a way to be with Callie

80. Jude and Brandon discuss happy endings and Brandon realizes he wants one

81. Brandon and Callie end up in a life or death situation and feelings intensify

82. The girls from GU talk to Brandon about how much Callie loves him

83. Kiara talks to Brandon about what it is like to lose everything you want because of a bad choice

84. Something comes up about Daphne’s kidnapping her daughter that makes it so Brandon can’t be around Mason

85. Brandon turns out to be gay

86. Cortney turns out to be an immigrant and gets deported

87. Cortney realizes that Brandon is acting innapropreiatly

88. Cortney gets upset that Brandon is supporting her when she is the adult in the relationship

89. Gender role issues with Brandon watching Mason and Cortney working

90. Brandon runs out of money to support Cortney

91. They stop having sexual chemistry

92. They have nothing to talk about

93. Callie becomes pregnant somehow and Brandon wants to help her

94. Emma has a heart to heart with Brandon about wanting to have a deeper relationship with Jesus and parallel’s his own relationship

95. The Fosters move and Brandon wants to move with them (Fall Out Boy’s “Jet Pack Blues” plays in the background)

96. Stef talks to Brandon about when she knew to divorce Mike and this makes him break up with Cortney

97. They get married and Brandon leaves her at the alter because he knows he can’t marry her

98. Cortney says something homophobic.

99. Cortney asks Brandon to do something illegal for her

100. Brandon realzies he has to be with Callie.

So if i can write this in less than an hour with no writing experience, the writers can too.

Lucky ~ Knight and Bishop

Tyki waited in the ruins of an old abandoned battlefield, he walked around each crater caused by explosions during the war. He wasn’t actually certain which war it had been; he was a little preoccupied with other work, after all. 

He rummaged through his pocket, feeling the cold metal of small round objects against his fingertips. He took out three silver buttons, each with a different name. “Kazarna Rido, Chacar Lavong, Daisya Barry, Suman Dark, and Allen Walker.” He tossed the coins into the air and caught them a couple of times. Each button was silver, which left him quite disappointed (especially Allen Walker’s, since he failed to kill the boy). The exorcists’ uniforms changed, and the buttons were now either ruby or garnet. He wouldn’t know, since he hadn’t collected any, not even from the 3rd Exorcists. 

He clutched the buttons tightly in his fist. He hadn’t killed any exorcists in in a long time, so he was getting a bit reckless. But somehow, he wasn’t actually getting too impatient. The exorcists were quite a lot of fun, just like Road said they were. He chuckled at the thought. 

“The younger generation in particular are quite amusing,” He turned his head up, peering on top of one of the ruined fortresses, “Wouldn’t you agree, Junior?”

Up on top of the rubble was an exorcist, he sat with one leg hung down while the other was pulled up and his arm rested on it. His green eye scowled down at the Noah. Tyki chuckled. He phased through the ground and disappeared. “How have you been, eye-patch?”

Lavi quickly turned around, looking back at the gray-skinned man, who smirked at him. I had a feeling he’d be here, Tyki thought. This one in particular is quite amusing. Tyki expected the redhead to take out his weapon and attack him the moment he pulled a stunt like that. But the next generation’s bookman stayed quiet. 

The Noah jumped down to the ground, then swiftly jumped up to the others around, using the rubble as boost to jump up higher before he got to the highest one next to Lavi. He stood there, looking down at the boy, a devilish grin pulled on his face, but Lavi simply stared up at him, completely unfazed. When he noticed this, he decided to simply sit down next to him. The redhead probably wouldn’t pull any kind of trick, he didn’t seem to be a threat at the moment. And even if he did happen to have some trunk card up his sleeve, he’d most likely be able to dodge or counter-attack. After all, what fun is a game without a twist? Tyki looked to his side at the quiet exorcist who was staring out into the battlefield. White goes first. But I’d hardly consider the Black Order white. He pulled out his own hand that still held the buttons of the fallen exorcists. But I can’t consider myself white either. And besides, I’m only a knight for my king. And your a bishop to yours, He looked at Lavi from the corner of his eye, Which king is white? And which one will fall? 

“Why are you here?” Asked the redhead. 

Tyki chuckled once again (he suddenly became quite cheerful when the redhead came), “I wanted to see the Bookman’s writing,” Lavi looked up at him calmly, “Which war was this anyway?“ 

the exorcist looked back at the battlefield. “Serbo-Bulgarian,” he stated, “My forty-eigth war, 1885." The poor boy’s been through a lot, it seems. Tyki examined the boy’s features. He was lean but firm. His red hair was bright and vibrant, and around his head, he wore a green bandana, which held it up. His right eye was covered by an eye-patch while his left was an emerald green that seemed somehow, pulled towards. It was unique, compared to other humans, somehow. Maybe he was just jealous. In his Noah form, his eyes were golden, but that was the same for the rest of his family. But in his white form, his eyes were a plain hazel. "It was my calm before the storm.”

“Huh?” Tyki looked at the boy confused. Calm? The boy looked at him, sadly. Oh, he means the Order. Tyki chuckled yet again, “You’re not trying to be pitied by me, are you, eye-patch?” he asked playfully. 

Lavi scoffed, “Tch. As if.” He turned his head away, but Tyki could still see the pale pink shading his cheeks and laughed. Lavi suddenly jumped down to the ground, and then started walking through the battlefield. Tyki followed. He wasn’t sure why, but he felt compelled to. 

“So, who won?” Tyki asked curiously.

“Bulgaria,” Said Lavi. Tyki stared at him curiously. Something’s wrong. The boy I met was more outgoing than this. He kept walking next to him. But he kept noticing Lavi’s calmness. Too calm. “Deak,” Tyki looked up at him, “That was my 48th name." 

Tyki cocked an eyebrow, "And why are you telling me all this, Deak?" 

"Honestly, I have no idea.”

They kept walking along the dried field. Even though it had been a few years, it didn’t seem to be completely cleaned up, for some reason. There were still fragments of bullets on the ground, and some helmets. Not normally a romantic place, but it was the bookman’s job to watch the wars, so it should have been pretty natural for Lavi. But he seemed uneasy instead. 

The redhead stopped in his tracks, and looked at Tyki, “Why haven’t you tried to kill me yet?” He asked. 

“I could ask the same of you,” Tyki chuckled. The way Lavi asked that question was adorable, in his opinion. 

Lavi laughed sheepishly in turn, he rubbed the back of his neck and turned his head toward the ground awkwardly. There was the pink again. The Noah was confused as to why the exorcist kept blushing, but it felt good every time he did. He liked seeing him go pink, and not because he looked vulnerable and easy to destroy. No, he didn’t feel any more intent to kill this one. 

“So, why have you come back to this abandoned battlefield? And without your mentor?” He asked slyly. 

Lavi smiled sadly, “It helps me remember.”

“Remember what?" 

"My place as a bookman,” Lavi walked ahead of Tyki until their backs were facing each other. The boy looked up at the sky, “At the Black Order, I fight as an exorcist. And in those moments where I’m an exorcist, I feel like the war the Noah and the exorcists have is the only one going on in the world. When I come back here, I remember that conflicts always continue, even while I fight,” He clenched his fists tightly, “It helps me remember the past 48 wars that I’ve witnessed. But when I come back, I always realize that the friends I make are fake, they’re only ink on paper in the end. Including you.”

Tyki glanced back from the corner of his eye.

“This world is cruel. But history is what defines it. And even with the knowledge of the past, history keeps repeating itself. Humans never learn from their mistakes.”

“You realize that our goal is to stop this world because of that exact reason, right?” Tyki asked.

Lavi sighed, “I’m the successor of the bookman line. And as a bookman, I have no room to judge either side. I only observe from the sidelines.”

“And what do you say as an exorcist?” Lavi remained quiet at that question. 

A smirk started to curve on the Noah’s lips. Tyki turned around until he faced Lavi’s back. He walked up to him. His chest gently grazed the boy’s backside. His fingers gently snaked themselves onto his waist. His hands crawled a little further along his waistline, and then pulled him back into his warmth. The redhead could feel the Noah’s warm breath tickle his neck. 

His breath went down Lavi’s cheek as he approached his lips to Lavi’s ear. “You’re more mature than I thought you were,” He whispered. He took a peak at the boy’s face. The pink reappeared on his cheeks, but its shade was slightly darker. “Tell, eye-patch,” He snaked his right hand up the redhead’s side, “Are you an exorcist, or a bookman?”

The adolescent was caught off guard, and was left staring out into the distance. He couldn’t answer that question, not yet. He was so caught up in the question, that he didn’t even notice Tyki’s strong arms wrap themselves around him. I’m a bookman, He told himself. But he didn’t come to believe it. He couldn’t say it. Something was restraining him. And then he thought of his friends: the people at the Order. The sweetheart, Lenalee; the gentleman, Allen; the warrior, Kanda; the sensitive vampire, Krory. The list went on. Is that really what was holding him back? 

“Well~?” The Noah sang.

He clenched his fist, What do I say? He looked down at the ground. Here he was a Bookman, remembering the past 48 wars. But in battle, he was an exorcist. That’s it. 

“With the Order, fighting along side my comrades, I’m an exorcist. And as an exorcist, I fight to defeat the darkness in this world and end this clash between the Noah and the Black Order,” Tyki smirked at his statement.

“Is that so~?" 

"But I’ve grown up as an observer. I’ve always watched from the side all the battles of this cruel world. Acquiring knowledge that no one else knew. Outside of the Order, I watch on the side and put everything I see into ink. I am a Bookman." 

Tyki chuckled. This boy… He mused. He pulled back his arms and took a step back from the redhead. He took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it with a match. Lavi turned around to look at the man. 

"I’m afraid I’ll have to take my leave, Deak,” He said, and he turned around to leave, but looked back one more time with a grin, “But I do hope we meet again, Bookman.” With that he left, phasing through the ground and out of sight. 

He popped up at the town his friends, Klack, Momo and Eeze, stayed. But he didn’t go to them yet, or turn white, for that matter. His scars disappeared and his skin color changed to a darkened tan. (He hid in an alley to avoid attention). He held his face in his hands. He started laughing hysterically. That boy… He ran his fingers through his hair and untied the high ponytail, letting all of his hair fall loose. His bangs fell over his eyes. 

He grinned as he thought of the redhead, he still held the cigarette in between his teeth. An exorcist when battling, but a Bookman when recording. He inhaled the smoke, and then blew it out into the air. Well then, we better meet again, Bishop of God. He pulled his thick glasses out of his pocket and wore them, which made his vision blur for a split second, but his eyes adjusted immediately. His skin paled and his clothing changed from proper to scruff and dirty. He messed up his hair and tied it into a low ponytail. 

He walked out into the streets of the small town. In his pocket, he played around with the cold metal of the buttons. He felt the engravings of the exorcists’ names. He reminded himself of the golden one he gave to the little boy, Eeze. It was General Yeegar’s. The man would have been a lot more fun to fight if Road hadn’t have distracted him. But he wasn’t left disappointed. Seeing Eeze’s cheerful eyes made him happy, he enjoyed that a lot more than he would have enjoyed any fight with an old man. 

He looked up ahead at the small broken down shack they stayed at. He’s an exorcist when battling alongside his friends, a bishop for his king; and a Bookman when he observes, a pawn for neither side. He took a hold of one of the buttons and pulled it out. Allen Walker, it read. I’m a Noah when I destroy exorcists for my savior, the Millennium Earl, working alongside him as his knight, He looked ahead at the shack once more, I’m a human when I work all day at the mines with my friends. He put the button back into his pocket. 

“Yes, we will most definitely meet again, Bookman.”

Derek's Top 57 Tracks of 2014.

By no means is this list exhaustive, there were many tracks I would have included (from Banks, Mac Demarco, Hozier, etc.) but didn’t to avoid repetition. Also, there are plenty of other tracks that I probably forgot. I originally tried keeping this list to 50, but there were a lot of songs I wanted to fit in lolz. 

Let me know if y'all agree/disagree with my choices 

57) La Roux - “Sexotheque”

56) Lana Del Rey - “Brooklyn Baby”

55) Raury – “Lost Souls”

54) Sufjan Stevens - “A Little Lost” (Arthur Russell Cover)

53) Holy Ghost! - “Bridge and Tunnel” (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)

52) Kindness - “This Is Not About Us”

51) Temples – “Shelter Song”

50) Banks - “Brain”

49) Coldplay - “Ink”

48) St. Vincent - “Digital Witness”

47) The Preatures - “Is This How You Feel?”

46) Vance Joy - “Mess is Mine”

45) Real Estate - “Navigator”

44) High Highs - “Ocean To City”

43) Kindness - “World Restart”

42) Hozier – “Work Song”

41) The War On Drugs - “Red Eyes”

40) SOHN - “Artifice”

39) Foster the People - “A Beginner’s Guide To Destroying the Moon”

38) Bleachers - “Shadow”

37) Slow Club - “Tears of Joy”

36) Damon Albarn - “Lonely Press Play”

35) Courtney Barnett - “Avant Gardener”

34) Jessie Ware - “Tough Love”

33) Lorde – “Yellow Flicker Beat”

32) Jack Garratt - “Worry”

31) Mac Demarco - “Let Her Go”

30) Foxygen – “How Can You Really”

29) St. Vincent - “Prince Johnny”

28) In The Valley Below - “Peaches”

27) Little Dragon - “Paris”

26) Coldplay – “Magic”

25) Alt-J - “Left Hand Free”

24) Generationals - “Gold Silver Diamond”

23) Keisza - “Hideaway”

22) Clean Bandit (feat. Jess Gylnne) - “Rather Be”

21) MØ - “Say You’ll Be There” (Spice Girls Cover)

20) Future Islands – “Balance”

19) Bleachers - “I Wanna Get Better” (RAC Remix)

18) Raleigh Ritchie/The Internet - “Chased”

17) Chvrches - “Dead Air”

16) tUnE-yArDs- “Water Fountain”

15) Hozier - “Someone New”

14) The 1975 - “Medicine”

13) Foster the People - “Coming of Age”

12) Sam Smith - “Make It To Me”

11) Chet Faker – “Gold” (Flume Re-Work)

10) Alt-J - “Warm Foothills”

9) Real Estate - “Primitive”

8) Lorde - “Ladder Song” (Bright Eyes Cover)

7) Sam Smith/Kanye West - “Tell Me I’m The Only One” (Carlos Serrano Mashup)

6) The War On Drugs – “Under the Pressure”

5) SBTRKT feat. Ezra Koenig - “New Dorp New York”

4) Mac Demarco - “Chamber of Reflection”

3) Dan Croll - “From Nowhere”

2) SOHN - “The Wheel”

1) Banks - “Beggin For Thread”

in the past 48 hours we’ve witnessed both harry and louis with sad, dejected looks on their faces, in situations where they’re obviously uncomfortable, and it’s absolutely excruciating to watch