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Base Game Hair Recolors: Part 2: Toddlers and Children

25 hairs, one package. Includes all base game child and toddler hair styles in 64 colors. If you downloaded my pastel base game child hair and toddler hair recolors I suggest deleting those and replacing them both with this new package. It has the original hair colors used in those as well as 48 new colors. 


All Base Game Hairs Download - COMING SOON

A Rough Episode to Chapter Guide for Snow White with the Red Hair

Ep1 - Ch1
Ep2 - Ch2
Ep3 - Ch3
Ep4 - Ch4&5
Ep5 - Ch6&7
Ep6 - Ch8&9
Ep7 - Ch10
Ep8 - Ch15&16/11
Ep9 - Ch11
Ep10 - Ch12&13
Ep11 - Ch13&14
Ep12 - Ch17/27
Ep13 - Ch18&19
Ep14 - Ch19&20/18
Ep15 - Ch20&21
Ep16 - Ch22
Ep17 - Ch23
Ep18 - Ch24
Ep19 - Ch25&26
Ep20 - Ch26
Ep21 - Ch31&32/33
Ep22 - Ch46/42
Ep23 - Ch28
Ep24 - Ch29&30/33
OAD - Ch41

So Here’s A Thought . . .

I’ve had a thought, and I’ve seen it pop up among a-many battle-hardened and heavy heartened veterans (and soldiers) of customer service jobs.

“The customer is always right.”

Nothing makes a customer service worker tremble worse than those terrible words.  Nothing else sends such a despicable shiver of regret, remorse, and contempt down one’s spine.

“The customer is always right.”

Oh how we loathe that phrase.  How we hate it for everything it stands for, and what it means!

But I don’t think you guys ACTUALLY know what the phrase is ACTUALLY intended for.  Let me explain.

To put it into the most basic terms, there are two types of people in the business world: buyers and sellers.  Yeah it’s more complicated than that, but that’s what everything boils down to in its most rudimentary fashion.  You’re either buying something, or selling something.

So, to turn a profit, the SELLER has to be selling what the BUYER wants; i.e. the customer.  Let’s pretend the seller has a very nice fruit stand, selling an equal amount of oranges, bananas, apples, and peaches.  Let’s say 100 each.  In the first day, he sells ALL 100 peaches, 75 apples, 50 bananas, and ZERO oranges.  Logic dictates that not all of these fruits are equally wanted by his customers.  Meaning he has to change the stock of his fruits to meet the demand of the customers and to cut costs associated with purchasing/throwing out unwanted produce.

A smart man would then order more than 100 peaches (since he sold out, he’ll want to buy more to ensure he’s meeting proper demand). He’ll stock around the same amount of apples, a bit less bananas, and maybe only a handful of oranges.  Because the demand for peaches is obviously high while the demand for oranges is low, the seller will put his sales in what the customer wants.

Do you see where I’m going with this?

“The customer is always right.” ACTUALLY MEANS “the customer’s want for a product is always right.”


That’s why popular products are sold in such large numbers and revolve around sales.  That’s why large purchases have so many accessories and plans and knick-knacks associated with it.  Because, yeah you want a new TV, the seller KNOWS you want a new TV, so they’re going to do everything to make sure you get what YOU want and ALSO selling everything that goes along with it (pro tip, most of their profit is from the accessories, NOT the main big purchase itself).  So you want your fancy 48” plasma TV, well how about a WIFI hook-up and Netflix plan and a satellite deal and fifty thousand remotes and yada yada yada.

That’s what “the customer is always right” means.  

It does not mean that customers get to harass workers.  It does not mean that workers need to bend over backwards and grovel for a customer’s service.  It does not mean that PTA Soccer mom Brenda can order the most ludicrous thing ever which is physically impossible for the Starbucks barista to make and then scream and rage and throw a temper tantrum more fitting of a two-year old.

And it most certainly does not mean that customers can yell, scream, harass, or in any way shape or form abuse a worker and make ridiculous demands.

And if ANYONE dares to tell you otherwise, you may feel free to relay what you have all just learned, and then promptly stick your foot shin-deep in that person’s ass.

Send me a number with a pairing. I wanna write some fics

1-“Come over here and make me.”
2-“Have you lost your damn mind!?”
3-“Please, don’t leave.”
4-“Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
5-“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
6-“Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
7-“I almost lost you.”
8-“Wanna bet?”
9-“Don’t you ever do that again!”
10-“Teach me how to play?”
11-“Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
12-“I think we need to talk.”
13-“Kiss me.”
14-“Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
15-“So, I found this waterfall…”
16-“It could be worse.”
17-“Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
18-“This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
19-“The paint’s supposed to go where?”
20-“You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
21-“We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
22-“I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
23-“Just once.”
24-“You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
25-“I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
26-“I got you a present.”
27-“I’m pregnant.”
28-“Marry me?”
29-“I thought you were dead.”
30-“It’s not what it looks like…”
31-“You lied to me.”
32-“I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
33-“Please don’t do this.”
34-“If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
35-“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
36-“I wish I could hate you.”
37-“Wanna dance?”
38-“You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
39-“Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
40-“Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
41-“You did all of this for me?”
42-“I swear it was an accident.”
44-“If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”
45-“Tell me a secret.”
46-“Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
47-“No one needs to know.”
49-“Well this is awkward…”
50-Writer’s preference

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Hello Leela! This latest vid feels a lot like Phil indulging Dan, doesn't it? Haahaha and i felt that Phil probably knew the gist of the game but never actually played it. Dan kept glancing at Phil to see his reactions which was cute. The part when Dan burst out laughing when Phil did the "Heyyyyyy" thing at 11:48 was cute as well.

(horse boyfriend simulator

yesssss ahhhhh. i didn’t end up writing anything much about this vid nor did i take very many notes while i watched it because i didn’t feel there was anything super complex going on. but yes to me this was such an important part of the dynamic throughout the video. “indulging” is perhaps too strong of a word, but it was certainly phil being pushed quite outside of his normal boundaries for youtube as a result of dan’s humor. and in my opinion he handled it beautifully and carried forward a lot of the new laxness around sexual references and Adult Themes that we’ve been seeing. he went out of his way to make quite pointedly sexual comments (especially the one where he asks why the horse is steamy and gives dan a very exaggerated look to make sure dan caught on to the sexual undertones of his joke). the situation def didn’t demand that but he went for it anyway. and he also didn’t steer clear at all of openly complimenting the looks of the horse-dude (how is this a sentence i’m writing i hate them) despite his maleness. i’m so proud of him for warming up to being able to talk about things like this and not just talk about them, but to do so gleefully, in the extremely clever way that he has mastered, and, just like dan and his sexual banter in the pastel edits video, completely on his own terms. i’m just. so proud. 

i think this is part of the reason why dan was so very obvious in the way he kept looking at phil to gauge his reactions–because a lot of the jokes were things that one wouldn’t expect phil to be totally okay with. and to that end, one of the things i thought about most during/after the vid was dan’s rationale when he played through that first episode and then concluded it would be good for the gaming channel. not even just as a one-off vid but as a potential longer series. why that game???????? ? why a game that demands them to basically voice act two characters flirting with each other in very overt and sexual ways and eventually fall in love? why a game that basically requires them to talk about a hot dude constantly??????? ? that’s such an insane and incomprehensible leap from even a few months ago when people were like ~oH shiT how are they gonna do that scene in undertale with the two male guards who are into each other ohhHhHhHH shitTtTtT~ like not only are they apparently completely fine talking about hot man-horse hybrids and commenting on how “meaty” he is and whatever else, but apparently they’re also completely fine with the notion of 20 min long vids of them basically reading a sexual script to each other. that’s cool! 

so. it will certainly be interesting to see where the series goes but i am vvvvv intrigued and just so happy, as always, that they’re reaching these new and unprecedented comfort levels with each new piece of content they put out. it’s crazy. it’s so so crazy. 

The Drive part 2

I forgot to mention before that this fic takes place some time after my previous fic, the locker room. Not too important, but it helps with context. If you don’t want to read that fic, just know that Betty and Jughead got hot and heavy (but didn’t go all the way) in the boy’s locker room one evening. I intend on writing a part 3, but it probably will take a while. Anyway, enjoy!

The Drive, part 2

The drive was made in silence between the young couple, save for Betty’s hushed sniffles as she allowed herself to calmly cry. She leaned up against the passenger window, staring out at the trees and night sky, sinking deep into her thoughts. The couple made their way just out of town, and followed a well traveled dirt road that lead to an abandoned camp ground half way up the mountain. Jughead parked, turned off the engine, and began preparing himself for the worst.

He swallowed heavily, and gripped the steering wheel in a feeble attempt to ground himself. Without meaning to, he glanced over at Betty, and pain wretched through his chest. Her head was hung low, her eyes locked on her fingers as they traced the crescent moon scars on her palms. She brushed away slow tears that continued to stream down her pink cheeks. He fought back the urge to pull Betty close to him, to cradle her head in his hands and hold her until the pain subsided. He recognized that Archie’s drunken speech was the initial damage to Betty’s night, but Jughead felt just as responsible for her pain. She’s loved Archie since we were kids…  Maybe he was right? People do crazy things when they’re lonely… He breathed deeply, and forced himself to speak.


“He was just drunk,” she interrupted, “Drunk, and saying stupid things he doesn’t mean.”

Jughead paused, thinking carefully before responding.

“Drunken words are a sober man’s thoughts, or so they say,” he let out a heavy sigh, and shifted his body to face hers, leaning one arm across the backrest. “I can’t speak for Archie. He won’t talk to me about you, I honestly have no idea what he really wants. I imagine tomorrow once he’s nursed his hangover, he’s going to owe you an explanation,” He paused, waiting to see if Betty would share her thoughts. She graced him with long awaited eye contact, her sad, frustrated eyes meeting the concern and shame in his. He continued, his heart pounding and making it difficult for him to think clearly.

“All I do know- Betty… you-” he stuttered, and swallowed. “You deserve to be happy,” He finally choked out. “You do so much for everyone else all the time, and I’m afraid you’ll forget about yourself Bets. Maybe Archie meant what he said, maybe it was just the booze. Either way, I don’t… I don’t want you to feel obligated to- to continue whatever we are. No harm, no foul. If you think Arch can be good to you and make you happy, then I won’t stand in your way,” Before Jughead could continue, he realized Betty no longer crying. In place of her tears, a subtle smile tugged at the corner of her lips, still sad but somehow different. Was this pity? Jughead felt embarrassment swell in his cheeks. He was doing his best to be supportive and honest, and she pitied his sincerity? The sudden vulnerability weighed heavy in his chest.

“So where would that leave you, Jughead?” she said softly, and the tension in Jughead’s shoulders let go.

Her voice was so soothing to him, even in moments of anguish. His eyes fell to his knees, eye contact becoming too intense for his racing heart and mind. The thought of being without Betty was suffocating, but he knew Archie had been the apple of Betty’s eye since they were kids. The two of them were destiny, and her fling with Jughead was just a distraction along the way. No matter how much it hurt, he couldn’t bear to come between Betty and her happiness. His jaw was stiff, his body tensing as he waited for the girl of his dreams to slip through his fingers and into the arms of his “best friend”.

Betty could see the heartache festering behind the raven haired boy’s aloof demeanor. His chest rose and fell with each shaky breath, and the expression in his eyes was distant, like Jughead couldn’t fathom the answer to her question.

“You know you deserve happiness too, right?” she leaned slightly closer to him.

“No where near as much as you do.” he spoke under his breath, but Betty heard every word. She shifted next to him, barely inches separating them. Alarmed by her sudden shift, and her faint but intoxicating vanilla scent, he looked up at her and into her crystal blue eyes, still red and damp. He listened intently to her, mentally commanding himself not to wrap his arms around her and never let go.

“Archie’s never cared about what I want. He makes all these decisions because it’s always what he wants, when he wants it. He’s just not capable of thinking any other way. It’s not a bad thing,” she rambled, struggling to make her point without condemning the boy next door. “I mean, that’s what makes him the passionate idiot he is. He has a good heart and he’s not trying to hurt anyone. But, at the end of the day, the most important person to Archie is Archie. But you, Jughead…” She took his free hand and squeezed gently.

“Your first thought is always me, even over yourself. Last time I checked, I’m one of the few people in your life lucky enough to make you happy, and yet you’re willing to let all that go because you think it’ll make me happy to be with Archie? It’s both the sweetest and most stupid thing I’ve ever heard,” she let out a tired laugh.

Jughead spoke without thinking, “We do stupid things for the people we love.”

The pair were frozen for a moment, suddenly aware of the implication of his remark. Betty pursed her lips, waiting to see who would take the leap of explanation. Jughead felt like his lungs were pure lead, and a bitter metallic taste saturated his mouth. He couldn’t believe the words that had just escaped him. He was supposed to be letting her go, not confusing her with his stupid feelings.

“Jughead…” she whispered. “You love me?”

Her words hung in the air, her gentle gaze never leaving his. He was left with no choice but to be whole with her.

“Of course I do.”

His voice was low, raw, foreign in his throat. Without hesitation, Betty slid her hand up his arm, cradled his neck with her dainty hand, and brought her lips to his. Her other arm slinked around his back, and gripped a handful of his sweater. Jughead’s hands followed suit, leading his arms to wrap her small frame tightly against his chest. She pulled back, smiling brightly, and Jughead didn’t loosen his grip even slightly.

“I love you too, Juggie.” Her voice sent a tidal wave of emotion through his entire being. He had spent so much energy forcing himself to believe that maybe, possibly, one day Betty could feel the same way he did. To hear her actually say the words he was dreaming of was absolute bliss. But, a nagging doubt creaked in the back of his head. He needed to know for sure where she stood with him, and with Archie.

“What if tomorrow… Archie tells you he meant everything he said. What happens then?”

Betty cocked an eyebrow, still smiling.

“I don’t want Archie Andrews,” Jughead’s smile grew wider as she spoke, “I want you.”

The couple stayed there for a moment, soaking in the euphoric presence of one another. Betty took to tracing her fingers along his jaw, completely enthralled with the angular lines of his gorgeous face, her heart fluttering knowing what lengths this brilliant, compassionate man was willing to take for her. Jughead continued holding her tightly against him, her warmth and delicate scent more inviting than anything he’d ever experienced. He felt at home with her in his arms. Breaking her gaze from studying his every feature, Betty glanced at the clock in the dashboard: 11:48

“Well birthday boy, you still have twelve minutes. Any last requests?” she curled up against his chest, listening to his now slow and steady heartbeat.

“Well, originally my plan was to throw a few blankets in the box, lay back and watch the stars with you. How does that sound?” he answered softly.


Jughead had pulled a few thick, fluffy blankets out from a bag under the seat, and laid them out carefully in the box of the truck. Before long, he had created a comfortable surface perfect for lazing about, and watching the night sky. The pair crawled over the tailgate. Jughead laid flat on his back, leaving his arm up for her to cuddle up against his chest. A clear night made for remarkably bright stars, and an even brighter half moon now well above the horizon. The moonlight was enough to cast dim shadows through the forest, and Betty found herself more interested in the glow of Jughead’s skin against the ghostly light. With his free hand he pointed up to the sky, tracing the movement of some bright light.

“I can’t tell if that’s a meteorite, a satellite, or maybe, just maybe, a UFO,” he said mystically, his light sarcasm apparent. He turned his eyes to her, realizing it wasn’t the sky Betty was focused on.

“What? Draw the line at aliens?” he quipped, however Betty didn’t laugh. Her eyes were locked on him, and Jughead saw an intensity in her gaze he didn’t recognize.

She pulled him into a kiss, but it wasn’t like the loving, gentle, healing kiss they shared earlier. This was emotional, almost greedy, as if she craved his lips with an insatiable fervor. Her tongue teased him, pleading for entry, to which he eagerly allowed. As his tongue explored hers, she let out a quiet, sultry groan that took him off guard. He pulled back, images flooding his head of the last time he had heard those moans echoing slightly in the boy’s locker room. She spoke, her voice barely more than a whisper.

“There’s something I- I hoped maybe…” she stuttered, a rosey colour spreading through her cheeks and down her neck. “And now that I know for certain that you- well I mean I was sure before regardless, but now it’s just even more…” she trailed off, unsure if she was making sense or not.

“Breathe Bets. Start again, I’m hanging on every word,” he gently kissed her hand. She looked him in the eyes, amazed again at how incredible he was in every way.

“I want you, all of you.”

“I know,” he replied, smirking. “That’s what you told me after Polly’s baby shower. I was listening then too, scout’s honor.”

“Well listen closer,” she pleaded, and he abandoned his joking persona, clueing in that Betty was really trying to communicate something. She continued, “I trust you Jughead, completely. With my heart, my soul… and my body.”

His eyes widened, and he swallowed heavily. “You mean you want…”


Prompts 1

A/N: I found this on tumblr and I’ve seen a lot of other users use stuff like this, so I decided to give it a shot! 

All you have to do is send in a character and a number please!

1. “Come over here and make me.”
2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
3. “Please, don’t leave.”
4. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
7. “I almost lost you.”
8. “Wanna bet?”
9. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
10. “Teach me how to play?”
11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
12. “I think we need to talk.”
13. “Kiss me.”
14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
15. “So, I found this waterfall…”
16. “It could be worse.”
17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
20. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
23. “Just once.”
24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
25. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
26. “I got you a present.”
27. “I’m pregnant.”
28. “Marry me?”
29. “I thought you were dead.”
30. “It’s not what it looks like…”
31. “You lied to me.”
32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
33. “Please don’t do this.”
34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
36. “I wish I could hate you.”
37. “Wanna dance?”
38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
39. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
40. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
41. “You did all of this for me?”
42. “I swear it was an accident.”
43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”
45. “Tell me a secret.”
46. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
47. “No one needs to know.”
48. “Boo.”
49. “Well this is awkward…”
50. Writer’s preference

  51) “Seriously, now you want to talk?”

  52) “I- I don’t know what to say to that.”

  53) “Well, this motel room is too cold.”

  54) “The water pressure is horrible, see?”

  55) “I don’t understand you.”

  56) “Put my hand where?”

  57) “Hey, I’m going to- oh..”

  58) “Whoa! Buy me dinner first.”

  59) “Watch your hands.”

  60) “100 friggin dollars for a Christmas tree?”

  61) “We need more water balloons.”

  62) “We don’t have enough.”

  63) “You’re reading what?”

  64) “What the Hell is that?”

  65) “It’s so big!”

  66) “Truth or dare?”

  67) “What kind of game is this?”

  68) “No, I’m not a friggin virgin!”

  69) “Do I look like his brother?”

70) “No, actually we’re married.”

  71) “Make out with me.”

  72) “Did you really like it? Like honestly?”

  73) “Ow!! That’s not my arm!!”

  74) “Get you hand off of my……”

  75) “You ate them? I was saving them!”

  76) “Did you bring it?”

  77) “Are you sure? We don’t have to.”

  78) “In the car??”

  79) “A dog?”

  80) “Owwww!!!!”

  81) “Put your hand around my hip.”

  82) “Don’t be shy.”

 83) “Yes, a date.”

  84) “I’m pregnant.”

  85) “Marry me?”

  86) “Cancer?”

  87) “My ass?”

  88) “Seriously, let’s play a game of (spin the bottle, truth . or dare, twister, or whatever game you want.. you pick)”

  89) “Just take it off.”

  90) “Just wrap it around my waist.”

  91) “That’s my (body part)”

  92) “A pink what?”

  93) “How many times have you seen me naked? And now . you’re shy?”

94.      “If you walk out right now, it’s over for us.”

95.      “I need you to forgive me.”

96.      “I love you for you, don’t you dare think otherwise!”

97.      “Come on, let’s throw the dice, see what happens.”

98.      “Is… is that even possible? Like, can we do this?”

99.      “I just need you to do this one thing for me.”

100.      “Go on, tell me. Tell me you don’t love me.”

101.      “Stop! Please, don’t! Take me instead!”

102.      “You should know that the side effects, well, they’re pretty intense.”

103.  “Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.”

104.  “What were you thinking?? Were you trying to get me killed?”

105.  “Let’s face it- we’re cursed.”

106.  “How about we put the gun down and let’s talk about this?”

107.  “Why is it we’re always the unlucky ones?”

108.  “You can’t leave me in the dark. You have to tell me these things.”

109.  “Just pick a damn name, okay?”

110.  “I don’t care what she said, it doesn’t mean jack squat.”

111.  “This relationship used to be all about communication! What ever happened to that?”

112.  “You walked away. Not me.”

113.  “So because he said you should, you thought it would be okay to follow through with it?”

114.  “Don’t force my hand, you won’t like what happens.”

115.  “We’ll finish it the same way we started it…together.”

116.  “If you walk out that door, you’re no longer one of us. You’ll be one of them and that means I’ll treat you like one of them.”

117.  “Game’s over you son of a bitch! Tell me where (s)he is!”

118.   “Hold my hand dammit, we gotta make this look convincing!”

119.   “Now you said you’d be here. Where are you?”

120.   “We were supposed to be family.”

121.   “How dare you.”

122.   “You have no idea what I’ve done for you.”

123.   “You need to leave. Right now.”

124.   “Stop taking pictures! I’m fucking stuck. Be useful and help me!!”

125.   “Delete that immediately.”

126.   “But the carnival is right down the street! Can we please, please go!?”

127.   “Stop eating all these burritos. I’ll have to pay the consequences later on tonight!”

128.   “It was him! He stepped on my foot.”

129.   “Sorry, I thought I was alone..”

130.   “Shopping? Do I have to go?”

131.   “Is it supposed to look like that? Are you sure?”

132.   “I swear it was like that when I found it!”

133.   “Crocs? Who hurt you so much in this life?”

134.   “Separate them right now or so help me God, I will kill you!”

135.   “So there was an accident..”

136.   “Give me 5 bucks, I’ll explain later.”

137.   “Twins? We’re…we’re having twins?!”

138.   “BOOM! That oughta how you not to mess with me!”

139.   “Blood. Blood everywhere.”


141.   “Asking for a friend.. Do you know how to get a foot out of the toilet?”

142.   “She was crying, right there in the middle of the grocery store.”

143.   “It spilled everywhere. And guess who had to clean it up. That’s right. ME!”

144.   “What do you mean you’re sold out?”

145.   “I’m addicted and I admit that I need help.”

146.   “So? It’s not your problem so butt out.”

147.   “My mom thinks you like me. Tell her she’s wrong.”

148.   “I’m laughing because you’re angry. I swear I didn’t do it!”

149.   “I want to come home.”

150.   “This is… this is somewhere I never imagined I’d be.”

151.   “I left everything for this, I left it all…for you!”

152.   “Please don’t leave me.”

153.   “You didn’t tell me it was karaoke night..”

Disclaimer: I did not make any of these someone else did

“But Arrow doesn’t follow the comics!” - Oh, really?!

1. Oliver’s origin story is an island (GA year 1) (pilot)

2. Oliver stops illegal dealings on the island (GA year 1) (4x01/4x23)

3. Oliver learns to fight/survive on the island (GA year 1) (1x15)

4. Oliver finds a female friend on the island and helps her out (GA year 1) (s4 tiana)

5. Oliver has a younger half-sister (new52/ rebirth) (thea)

6. The sinking of the Gambit was not an accident (new52) (s1)

7. Oliver has a connection with Shado (vol 1) (s1)

8. Shado’s dragon tattoo. (Vol 2? Mike Grell) (s1)

9. Oliver watches his mother die (vol 3 or new52) (2x20)

10. Oliver has absolutely no interest in being a CEO (vol 3 + new52) (pilot)

11. Oliver has cheated on Dinah Laurel (vol 1) (pilot)

12. Oliver and Dinah have an on/off relationship (vol 1) (pilot)

13. Oliver proposes to the love of his life (outside) (vol 3 #75) (4x09)

14. The Undertaking = Amsterdam Disaster (vol 3) (1x23)

15. Felicity Smoak – tech expert, CEO (firestorm) (4x12)

16. Cupid being obsessed with Oliver (ga/bc) (3x07)

17. Cupid/Arrow fight (ga/bc) (3x07)

18. Oliver is Roy’s mentor (all the volumes) (2x12)

19. Oliver has a biological son he didn’t know about (vol 1) (4x08)

20. Boxing glove arrow (3x06)

21. Oliver is mayor (vol 3) (4x23)

22. Oliver works with a team (new 52) (ota)

23. Oliver fights slade. Oliver wins (vol 3) (2x23)

24. Merlyn is the dark archer (vol 3 ga/bc) (1x21)

25. Merlyn is Oliver’s #1 adversary (vol 3) (1x23)

26. Count vertigo v green arrow (vol 3) (3x01 – 2x07)

27. Oliver dying (quiver) (3x09)

28. Oliver being brought from the dead  (quiver) (3x10)

29. 2 green arrows (ga/bc vol 3) (legends 1x06, diggle/roy in the suit)

30. Star city (4x01)

31. GA suit (4x01)

32. Arsenal, Speedy, Black Canary on Team Arrow (vol 3) (4x12)

33. Oliver soul searching (vol 1) (3x23)

34. Oliver returning to the island (vol 3) (2x01)

35. BC is a legacy title (bop vol 1) (3x11; 4x19)

36. Roy harper went through several titles (vol 3) (2x12, 3x06 4x12)

37. Canary can beat Oliver’s ass (vol 3) (Sara Lance in the Arrow comics tie-in)

38. Canary goes into the pit (bop vol 1) (4x03)

39.  Speedy kills (vol 3) (4x21)

40. Dinah Laurel and Dinah Drake are estranged (bop vol 1) (s1)

41. Canary takes care of Sin (bc 2007) (2x04, 2x05, 2x17)

42. Oliver vs China White (ga year 1) (1x03)

43. Ted Grant trained Laurel (bc 2007/bop) (3x06)

44. Oliver and Barry being friends (quiver) (3x08)

45. Oliver fighting for the little guy / being anti-corporations (vol 3) (s1)

46. Playboy billionaire oliver queen (vol 1) (pilot)

47. Canary is trained by an international assassin (bop vol 1) (3x19) (Sara in the League)

48. Doesn’t play well with others (ga/bc) (4x08)

49. Moved out of Star City (vol 1) (4x01)

50. Roy has a fight with Oliver and leaves (vol 1) (2x19)

51. Oliver has a bodyguard (vol 3) (2x02)

52. Speedy leaves Team arrow (vol 3) (4x23)

53. The mother of Oliver’s son appeals to him to save him (ga/bc) (4x15)

54. Oliver goes on a mission to rescue his son (ga/bc) (4x15)

55. Speedy spars with Oliver (vol 3) (this is your overlord felicity smoak)

56. Canary knows Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter (bop vol 1) (sara/ra’s)

57. Nuclear attack on Star City (vol 3) (4x20)

58. Oliver does jobs for the government (vol 1 – eddie fyers) (s4 s3)

59. Brick (vol 3) (3x12, 4x22)

60. Black Arrow  (vol 2) (s5)

61. Oliver being an outlaw/wanted by the police (vol 2 #79) (s1, s2, s3)

62. GA/Hunterss Team up (vol 2 #83) (1x17)

63. Oliver fights Hawkman (vol 3) (4x08)

64. Oliver is trained by assassins (vol 3) (3x21)

65. Oliver fights Solomon Grundy aka Cyrus Gold (vol 3) (2x09)

66. GA vs Anarky (vol 3 51) (4x02)

67. Oliver/GA inspires the city to fight against a threat (vol 3 38) (3x12 4x23)

68. Oliver fights supernatural beings (demons, mirakuru soldiers) (vol 3) (2x23, 4x04)

69. Isabel Rochev taking over Queen Industries (brightest day #1) (2x02, 2x18)

70. Isabel being obsessed with the Queens (s2) (brightest day #1)

71. WALTER STEELE (brightest day #1) (pilot)

72.   Walt holding a key position in QC (brightest day #1) (pilot)

73. Isabel knowing the mayor (brightest day #1) (2x22)

74. Isabel having a history with Robert and hating Oliver (brightest day #2) (2x19)

75.   “Explosion that levelled the heart of the city) (brightest day #2) (4x23)

76.   Oliver choosing GA over Oliver (brightest day #2) (3x01)

77.   Oliver living by himself/in isolation (brightest day #2) (s2; 4x20)

78.   Oliver being “stubborn” (brightest day #2) (SA on Conan)

79.   “I should have died on that island” (brightest day #3)

80.   Robert being a shit husband to Moira (brightest day #3 / new52)

81.   Robert being a shit dad to oliver (brightest day)

82.   Oliver focusing only on his failures (brightest day)

83.   Oliver and Barry bromance (vol 3 Quiver) (literally every crossover ever)

84.   Oliver not liking guns (brightest day) (3x03)

85.   Oliver being brought back to life by a miracle (brightest day) (3x10 – penicillin tea yea right)

86.   Oliver watched his father die (brightest day) (pilot)

87.   Oliver using makeshift arrows (brightest day (3x03)]

88.   Oliver storming his company to face Isabel (brightest day) (2x22)

89.   Oliver failing at being a CEO (brightest day) (s2)

90.   Oliver not knowing about his dad and Isabel (brightest day) (2x19)

91.   Star city has poor/rich/gangs (brightest day) (s5)

92.   Oliver’s trick arrows

93.   Ghosts of oliver’s loved ones giving him strength to fight (brightest day) (2x09 / 4x20 / 5x08)

94.   Mr Terrific is in the GA comics (brightest day) (s5)

95.   Oliver has a son (connor, Robert, v3, v2) (William)

96.   Moira knows Oliver’s the Arrow (new52 #25) (2x21)

97.  Oliver hallucinates his loved ones when all hope is gone (brightest day #7) (2x09)

98.   GA’s Rogues Gallery: China White, Count Vertigo, Deathstroke, Merlyn, Cupid, Brick, Mafia, evil corporations,

99. Oliver works alongside Dinah Drake (rebirth) (5x11)

100. Metahuman Black Canary (rebirth / vol 3) (5x10/5x11)

101. Oliver thinking of the woman he loves before he dies (injustice, Dinah) (3x09 Felicity)

 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to be continued.

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yooooo I actually drew a really good picture!! probably only seems good because I haven't slept more than 5 hours in the past 48 but oh well!! I'm very proud 😀 I hope you're having a lovely day/night!


You’ll have time to keep on drawing later <3


More platform work, this is our third session today. He’s offering the right turn pretty regularly now, enough so that I just captured it until he offered it consistently. I actually taught him to move right when I was on his left at first, it took a couple of capturing sessions to undo what he’d learned. I try to incorporate play when I start to notice him get confused or a bit less engaged. His solid toy grip is something I’ve been teaching him for several weeks now, it’s working well!

1:48 I clicked too late, I should have rewarded him when he hit my leg instead of strafing back out.

1:57 Clicked before he strafed out, better this time.

2:06 Nice offer of the wanted behaviour, right next to me.

anonymous asked:

15, 25, 26, 48

15.“Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.”

“What are you even doing here, you hate this kind of thing” (Y/N) slurred as she attempted to shove me with her hand. “You called me (y/n), you want to go home” I explained, rolling my eyes having just said the same thing not even two minutes ago.
(Y/N) shook her head, letting her hair fall across her face. “I’m having such a great time. Shawn you should’ve come,” she grinned. “Well, I’m here now” I said raising my hands. “And I’m taking you home.” She let herself fall into my arms, our bodies colliding. I held her there for a few seconds, resting my chin against the top of her head, until eventually pushing her off me and taking her hand. “Where are we going?” she whined as I began to drag her through the crowd of jumping bodies. “You’re coming home with me,” I shouted back at her, glancing over my shoulder. “But I don’t want to go home Shawn, please let’s just stay a while” she pleaded. I ignored her as I continued to barge through drunk people. As soon as we made it outside, we both gasped for fresh air. “Where are we?” (Y/N) asked as she looked around like a lost deer. “You’re safe ok, you’re with me” I reassured her, placing my hand on her shoulder. “But Shawn, I don’t wanna go home. The sky looks so pretty” she said waving her arms in the air as she tilted her head back, gazing up at the night sky. I grabbed her hand so she looked back at me, “Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not” I said before I finally did something I’d been craving - I finally kissed my best friend.

25. “One of them’s missing.”

“Ok, I’m ready” she said as she flew down the last couple of steps and flung her hair off her shoulders. My eyes scanned her body as her beautiful flowing dress clung to her curves. “Let’s have a twirl,” I smirked as I leaned against the chest of drawers near the front door. She smiled and twirled on the spot, letting her dress come to life. “Wait,” I said as I wandered over and moved her so her back was to me. I traced my fingers down the back of the dress and stopped half way down, “One of them’s missing.” 
“What do you mean?” She asked concerned. “A button, it’s fallen off” I replied. 
“Great, that’s all I need right now” she sighed. 
“I can fix it,” I hummed before ripping the back of her dress in half. 
She shrieked and turned round at me like I was some deluded asshole. “What the hell was that?” she screeched. “Forget this fancy meal, I’d rather eat you” I said as I placed my arm round her lower back and pushed her close to me. 

26. “Save some for me!”

I waited a few seconds before calling Shawn again. I was alone in the kitchen, the only placed which wasn’t filled with crazy kids running around, or small groups of family members who judged from afar. Luckily, Shawn picked up this time. “Hey honey,” he said softly. “Hey, where are you Shawn?” I asked. He let out a deep sigh, “I’m gonna be here for a few more hours.” “Really Shawn, it’s your little girls birthday?” I said in a monotone. “I know baby, I know” he said. “Then why aren’t you here?” I asked, rubbing my forehead. “What do you want me to say baby?” he said, his voice slightly louder than before. “I’ll be there as soon as I can.” I sighed and glanced over at the birthday cake perfectly positioned on the kitchen counter. “Alright well, I gotta go. It’s time to cut the cake,” I muttered. “Alright baby, make sure you save some for me!” Shawn said quickly before we exchanged brief goodbyes. 
I slammed the phone down and did some last minute tweaking to the cake before carefully lifting it up and making my way out to the garden. As I grew closer to the back door, I could hear cheers and high pitched screams. I frowned as I stepped down, watching my feet as I really didn’t want to trip and drop the cake. I glanced up and froze, as I watched Shawn stand tall in the garden; flying our little girl round in the air as the rest of the kids jumped around them and our families smiled from the sides. 

48. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.”

I was sat on our sofa flicking through Twitter as Shawn sat and watched TV. I was looking at all the recent pap photos of Shawn and I from the last week, and how PDA we had been. “You know what,” I said. “What?” Shawn asked, briefly turning his head to look at me before back at the screen. “We’ve become the clingy couple that you used to complain about.” Shawn frowned, placing his hand on my thigh, “What are you on about?” “Here, look” I said as I passed him my phone and watched as he went through the photos. “People will start thinking that you never let me go,” I laughed slightly. Shawn closed the app down and sighed. “Why shouldn’t they think that,” he said before looking up at me. I tried to read his expression, but had no luck. “It was a joke Shawn,” I said, rubbing his shoulder. “But I’m being serious (Y/N). It’s not a bad thing to show that we are ‘clingy’ or affectionate towards one another, you know as well as I do that we need that so much after months apart.” I looked down as I was reminded of how I would feel in his absence. “I don’t care if people make fun of us for always being linked; they have no idea how hard it is for us when I’m away. So excuse me for being clingy whenever I’m with you, but that’s me making the most of it and showing you all the love and attention you should be getting every single day.” 

The Drabble Games

I saw this floating around and it sounds like a blast- I’m needing some inspiration for some of your longer one shot requests.

Send me a prompt number and a pairing (x reader), and I’ll write you up to about 600 words based on it.

1. “Come over here and make me.”
2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”
3. “Please, don’t leave.”
4. “Do you…well…I mean…I could give you a massage?”
5. “Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”
6. “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”
7. “I almost lost you.”
8. “Wanna bet?”
9. “Don’t you ever do that again!”
10. “Teach me how to play?”
11. “Don’t you dare throw that snowba-, goddammit!”
12. “I think we need to talk.”
13. “Kiss me.”
14. “Hey, I’m with you, okay? Always.”
15. “So, I found this waterfall…”
16. “It could be worse.”
17. “Looks like we’ll be trapped for a while…”
18. “This is without a doubt the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
19. “The paint’s supposed to go where?”
20. “You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
21. “We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you wanna stop and feel the rain?”
22. “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”
23. “Just once.”
24. “You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
25. “I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
26. “I got you a present.”
27. “I’m pregnant.”
28. “Marry me?”
29. “I thought you were dead.”
30. “It’s not what it looks like…”
31. “You lied to me.”
32. “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”
33. “Please don’t do this.”
34. “If you keep looking at me like that we won’t make it to a bed.”
35. “You heard me. Take. It. Off.”
36. “I wish I could hate you.”
37. “Wanna dance?”
38. “You fainted…straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
39. “Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
40. “Have I entered an alternate universe or did you really just crack a smile for me?”
41. “You did all of this for me?”
42. “I swear it was an accident.”
43. “YOU DID WHAT?!”
44. “If you die, I’m gonna kill you.”
45. “Tell me a secret.”
46. “Hey, have you seen the..? Oh.”
47. “No one needs to know.”
48. “Boo.”
49. “Well this is awkward…”
50. Writer’s preference

Let the games begin!

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do you have anymore number patterns you found? its really cool you noticed the perfect difference of two between square roots and im curious to see if youve found any others!

i do (although they’re all just cool things i found w division lol)!

so one thing i like to think about with numbers is multiples of 3 because…they’re so fun to look at with division. like, take 12/4, for example. if you add 1+2, you get 3, which is how many times 4 goes into 12. (this works for 24/4, 36/4, and 48/4 as well,, just split apart the first two numbers than add them up as if they were both single digits and you get the answer to the problem.) basically, if you’re dividing something, and the number (divisor, i think? @ third grade math vocabulary come back to me please) that you’re dividing something by (48 in the equation 48/4, for example) adds up to be a multiple of 3, like how 4+8=12, the quotient will be a multiple of 3. 

that probably sounds really confusing bc i didn’t explain it that well, so some problems would be:

12/2 = 6. 1+2=3, 3x2=6 (it’s important to note that doubling and halfing things can be done)

48/8 = 6. 4+8=12, 12/2=6.

36/4=9, 3+6=9.

so you get the gist of that.

another cool thing i found was with the number 6!! basically, in this, if the number you’re dividing is below 10 and an even number, just take the second number of the divisor and that’s your answer.


12/6= 2. second number in divisor=2.

24/6=4. second number in divisor=4.

36/6=6. second number in divisor=6.


oh!! and i found something out with 5′s, too. with this, in division, all you have to do is take the number that is being divided, put a decimal point between the ones place and the tens place, and double that number, and that’s your answer!!


15/5=3. 15=1.5. 1.5+1.5=3.

30/5=6. 30=3.0. 3.0+3.0=6.

50/5=10. 50=5.0. 5.0+5.0=10.


there are a lot more but i’m really tired (it’s almost midnight :O) but all i’m saying is there will always be a pattern in math (and division patterns are the easiest to find!!)

Goodnight guys

Sorry I have forgotten to tell you this, I was not active for a moment because I moved not long ago to Germany. And now, in my new country is 10:48 P.M. Well, Goodnight ^^