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OMG, I did it! I made it to 1K followers!! I’m so happy and grateful, I’m literally speechless. When I saw 1K, I just sat there, like, it’s just a glitch. I’m not that great of a blogger. Then I spent 1 hours, 17 minutes 48 seconds, (my timer didn’t count milliseconds, sorry) counting each follower and it was actually 1,000! 

I love each and every one of you SO much for enhancing my Tumblr experience. I’m ALWAYS up to talk, so please, don’t hesitate. Thus, I decided to make my first ever follow forever. I really have no clue as to how this works, but I’m going with the flow, haha. 💜💜💜

First, I want to recognize some of the many gorgeous, talented, amazing bloggers (follow if not already):

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(If I didn’t mention you I’m really sorry! I still care 💕)

Also, a shout out to a few people I see on my activity that I appreciate :) Follow! They are as lovely as they seem; 💕

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(I hope I don’t scare you away by saying that the amount to appreciation I have right now is a considerably large amount :D)

And because I’m extra af…

Here’s a not so lovely photo of my hand hahaha 

Writing Prompt: Right Now! Write Swift!

Admit it: You know T-Swift’s new album 1989 backwards and forwards. You don’t even have to think about what song comes after “Bad Blood” because, I mean, it’s obviously “Wildest Dreams.”And those subtle harmonies in the chorus of “All You Had to Do Was Stay”? You nail them every time. Now how about we put all that Swiftian knowledge to some good better use. 

Here’s your prompt: Set a timer for 48 minutes and 11 seconds, the exact run-time of 1989 (minus the super rad songs that are on the deluxe edition). Within that time, and in 500 words or less, write a short-short story/scene/run of dialogue using each song title from 1989. Have fun with it! Go somewhere you never thought you’d go in your WILDEST DREAMS.Remember: the goal here isn’t to write something that’s pitch perfect (see what I did there?), but to just get something on the page. If you read it back and it’s terrible, SHAKE IT OFF. 

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