48 timer

OMG, I did it! I made it to 1K followers!! I’m so happy and grateful, I’m literally speechless. When I saw 1K, I just sat there, like, it’s just a glitch. I’m not that great of a blogger. Then I spent 1 hours, 17 minutes 48 seconds, (my timer didn’t count milliseconds, sorry) counting each follower and it was actually 1,000! 

I love each and every one of you SO much for enhancing my Tumblr experience. I’m ALWAYS up to talk, so please, don’t hesitate. Thus, I decided to make my first ever follow forever. I really have no clue as to how this works, but I’m going with the flow, haha. 💜💜💜

First, I want to recognize some of the many gorgeous, talented, amazing bloggers (follow if not already):

@paulina28092001@monavanderdoll @fuckyeslittleliars @sowombatperfection @redcoatblackveil @blackveilsociety @prettylittleliarsreign @liarsloveletters @bitchcankeepasecret @bisexualmonas @wrenischarles @whitemothtoaflame @whodunnitpll @queenshastings @bitchcankeepasecret @wrxnkingston   @tokillamockingliar

@wrenkingsten @adrinaliin @keepingupwiththedilaurentis @pretty-little-misery @midnightcoffeecravings @sweetlittlehale @hedamontgomery @whodafuqisa @spariafitzgerald @justspencersluttinitup @addictedtoprettylittleliars @badassmona @beautifubrightbrowneyes @onehealthyvegan

@alisonqueendilaurentis @prettylittleliars-lovers @spariafitzgerald @prettylittledivergentdork @prettylittledavidcooklover @rosewood-fever @rosewood-pd @2cankeepasecretifoneofthemis @liarsforlife18

@dominika2920 @ezra-fitzturkey @ezraschickpeas @prettylittleliarsfeed11 @prettylittleliarsxxxx @crazylittlemona @littleliardiaries @loveplltheories @cavanaughspencer @calizzy101 @rosewoodspy @prettylittlekarrueche @thefourplliars @chxrleskingston @hotdogfitz @mr-fitz @ezriaisbaepll

@countryhale @shadowhuntersgifs @shaymitchdailyy @takeanempanada  @harmonious-luminary @sponahastings @spncreids @futuremrsfitz @fuckyeahprettylittleliar @halebmonster @howtogetawaywithpll  @lucvhale @cavanaughandhastings @spencervanderwaal @shumsharry

(If I didn’t mention you I’m really sorry! I still care 💕)

Also, a shout out to a few people I see on my activity that I appreciate :) Follow! They are as lovely as they seem; 💕

@marta899 @she-is-not-crazy @auriette @your-self-harm 

(I hope I don’t scare you away by saying that the amount to appreciation I have right now is a considerably large amount :D)

And because I’m extra af…

Here’s a not so lovely photo of my hand hahaha