48 hour shifts

I would about die if when it’s revealed that Lena knows about Kara being Supergirl -

Maybe after she’s been roped into helping the DEO for some assistance in highly advanced tech, and Lena gets a comm directly to supergirl having to talk her through disarming a bomb like device. Lena accidentally mutters a “Please make it back okay Kara”. No one else but Kara is able to hear it and by the time she gets back to the DEO, Lena is passed out on a nearby desk from pulling a 48 hour shift like the rest of the crew. Alex meets Kara at the entrance and mentions how much help Lena was able to provide and “maybe you were right about her.”

Kara offers to fly the still passed out Lena home. Once they finally get there Lena manages to wake up and Kara mentions they should probably have a talk.
Settling next to Lena on her bed She asks “How did you know it was me?”
Lena barely able to keep her eyes open replies, “No one else looks at me the way you do”
“And how is that?”
“Like I’m not a monster”

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Do you sleep in the military? How does that work?

We do not sleep. When we sign our contracts, our need to sleep simply disappears and we spend the next several years of our lives in a state of dreamlike wakefulness. 

Jesting aside we have barracks rooms to sleep in ordinarily, (except for those lucky enough to live off post) but field exercises may see us sleeping in tents or 

on anything available. I’ve slept on my canteen/canteen pouch, my ruck, my helmet, (ACH) my bullet vest, (IBA) my medkit, my radio, a spare boot, a single rolled up sock, a single sock WITHIN a spare boot, a rather soft dirt hill, a pile of leaves and grass, and while sitting straight up back-to-back with another soldier like so

Sleep is often something you either get or you don’t get and if you don’t get it, you have to deal with it. Every soldier is likely to have to pull a 24 hour shift at some point, and 48 hour shifts aren’t entirely uncommon. I’ve known some NCOs to drive through 72 hours or more on two or three hours of sleep or less, although I only ever had to do that once, and I strongly discourage anyone from trying it.

There’s a very common rumor (usually spread in basic training) that the regulation states that four hours of sleep a day is the army standard, and it doesn’t have to be consecutive. So if you get 30 minute naps eight times a day, that’s a full night’s sleep. This regulation doesn’t exist as far as I or anyone else on Google can tell, so I’d like to say that the orders for soldiers getting sleep rests on their superiors. 

When I was deployed, we were often allowed to go off and get two or three hours of sleep during the night when things were quiet, but just as often we weren’t allowed to leave our post for anything, even to eat or piss, and sleeping on the job was the easiest way to make yourself a target for punishment and pranks, like getting your legs duct taped to your chair and then having someone yell loudly and angrily in your ear so that you try to jump up and wind up faceplanting because your legs are stuck. (true story, not to me thankfully)

I don’t know what it is about the army, but while you’re in you suddenly become able to sleep literally anywhere. I was never the type to fall asleep anywhere but my bed – I can’t even take naps on public transport – but the second I enlisted all of a sudden I could sleep literally at any time at any place in any condition. I guess it just wears you out and you get to the point where you’re grateful for any sleep at all. Sometimes I’d just be sitting straight up in all my gear and weapon and everything and suddenly look up and the sun’s in a completely different position and somehow no one bothered me while I slept for apparently at least an hour. 

It’s worth noting that while soldiers are notoriously always sleep deprived and you might be in a unit that punishes people who want to sleep at all. Many soldiers, especially older ones, are convinced that sleep is a crutch, a weakness, and in order to call yourself a soldier you need to overcome sleep. We’re only just starting to realize how harmful this mentality is, (because, you know, why would people who constantly operate heavy machinery and deadly weapons in high stress environments need sleep?) but not soon enough: the last estimate i saw was that roughly 54% of veterans suffer from insomnia, forty-some percent higher than the general population. Sleep deprivation can be a trigger/gateway for anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other chronic issues, including permanent cognitive impairment. You know, brain damage. Nice.

I myself have suffered significantly from my poor sleep schedule in the army: I wake far too easily and need earplugs and an eyemask or else every beam of light and every shift on the bed will rouse me when I can’t go back to sleep. Sometimes I wake up and BOOM: I’m awake, even when I’ve only been asleep for one to three hours. Quite often I feel exhausted but even with sleeping pills I lie awake in bed for hours. My sleep schedule is permanently shifting with disastrous results if I try to fix it. I constantly wake up feeling tired no matter how much or how little sleep I get. I constantly wake up with the gut-wrenching feeling that I’ve fallen asleep on duty and I’m going to get in trouble or that I’ve overslept and missed formation. It’s very easy for me to predict when I’m about to descend into a depressive episode because the days beforehand I’ll start sleep depriving myself until I’m a quivering mess of eternal sadness and exhaustion. Ain’t fun. 

Anyway I hope that answered your question! I encourage other service members to contribute their experiences with sleep, especially if you’ve since left the service and how it affects you today.


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natanije answered your question: I’m really really tempted to start writing…

‘you’re that one emo ass neighbor i had for years but never talked with but what do you mean you’ve been in the police force for years????’ kind of thing? …i’m bad at making prompts sorry

Alright time to figuratively stretch my legs after not writing for nearly a year or more! Excuse the mess this is sure to be :D

Sakura had always done her best to avoid her neighbor, the man looking much to sketchy for her to be comfortable with. From his long, often un-brushed hair (from the few times she saw him picking up his mail), to his near constant scowl and love of dark, stained t-shirts- even how he came and went (more like skulked) at all hours of the day and night… everything about him screamed ‘off’ to her.

And now, stuck in their apartments elevator with said man, Sakura did her best to glue herself to the wall and pray that maintenance fixed this mess up sooner rather than later.

“Miss Haruno correct?” the man finally spoke, his rumpled appearance and ample amounts of groceries taking up more space than she wished he would. “from the apartment next to mine?”

“Uhh, yeah, yeah that’s me. Sakura Haruno, nice to meet you…? I’m sorry, I never got your name?“ Somewhat embarrassed to admit it after living next to him for 4 years, she mumbled, her eyes doing their best to avoid his own curious ones.

“Officer Madara Uchiha. It’s nice to finally meet you miss Haruno, I apologize for my appearance, I’ve just gotten off a 48 hour shift and wanted to relax. It seems to be that way every time i do manage to run into you.” he sounded like he was pouting of all things as he said this, but Sakura was much to shocked by what he’d just told her.

“Wait, you’re a cop?!”

“Of a sort, is it really that shocking? I must have left a bad impression…”

“Wow. jeez, and here I though you sold drugs for 4 years!”

“…excuse me?”

“I said that out loud, didn’t I? Fuck.”

Behind the Walls (Chapter 6)

Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 2,496

Warnings: Cursing!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: Sorry guys I came down with the flu and I wasn’t able to write after where I left off. Believe me I did not want to leave it there. Not sure about this one. Please leave comments

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I have a 48 hour shift starting at 6 am tomorrow, so I’m finishing my week early.  Trolls Week 2017.  OC.  These are my Ocs “Gooseberry” and “Mulberry”  They are brother and sister, but based on my cousin and myself when we were younger.  Mulberry likes to push the envelope but avoids most consequences by batting her eyes and flashing her sweet smile.  Gooseberry is a little shit and doesn’t care who knows it.  And I love them both.  HAPPY TROLLS WEEK EVERYONE!  Have fun tomorrow!!

Too Young, Too Soon

@kepnerssavery wanted fluff!! and all of you who kept me…motivated? :P I’m kidding! Love you girls! Oh and @averysanatomy for answering all my annoying medical questions (sorry!) 


He woke up when the sunlight hit his face, making it slightly uncomfortable for him to continue sleeping. He grumbled, turning his face away from the sun, but peeked at the alarm to check the time just in case. He knew his new job meant waking up with the sunrise, so chances were he had to get up, even if he didn’t want to. He saw the digital alarm on the floor next to him flash 7.00 am. He groaned once more, knowing full well that the alarm would ring any second. He pushed his arm out, and turned off the alarm. He hated waking up to it anyway, but his beautiful wife was convinced that it neither of them would get out of bed in time if it wasn’t there. He didn’t want to, but he had to admit she was right.

Speaking of her, she lay beside him, one arm thrown around his waist, her body turned around to face his. She was pressed up against him, and he sighed at the feeling of her pressed up against his chest, and the way her legs clung on to his. He stroked her back with the arm that she was laying on top of, and she squirmed a bit, pushing on to his body further, although she continued to remain asleep.

He smiled. He was starting to sweat because it was a really hot morning and his wife made no move on releasing him. Not that he wanted to. He’d rather be pressed up against her right now, and feel like he was stuffed inside a furnace, than move away from her. But he had to, because they both had their first shift in about 1.5 hours. They were starting their internship at Mercy West Hospital, and they were both excited. They’d spend a good month since they’d done their interviews, patiently hoping and praying that they’d get into the same programme. It definitely made things easier.

“Sweetheart, wake up.” He nudged her softly, his free hand tickling her hipbone. She mumbled something to his chest.

“What?” He asked, placing his fingers on her chin and lifting it up to face him. She kept her eyes close, but a sleepy voice answered him back.

“Don’t want to.”

He chuckled, as she settled herself against him to fall back asleep.

“Well, you really don’t have a choice there.”

“Why?” She mumbled petulantly.

“Well, for starters, I think it’s a waste of your 4 years in med school. Also, because there’s this contract you signed with Mercy West that says you have to come to work today. But, mostly because I might have to kick you out of the apartment if you don’t pay your rent.” He teased.

“Shut up.” She laughed, the sounds getting muffled by his skin, as she swatted his chest.

“Come on, sleepy pants.” He nudges her once more, and she shifts slightly away from him. He takes the opportunity to softly roll her off the bed and she falls on the floor with a thump and a gasp.

“Did you just push me off the bed ?” April asks, her eyes wide and a mixture of anger and amusement in her eyes.

“Our bed is like an inch off the floor.” He rolls his eyes at her exaggeration.


He laughs, and she shakes her head, biting her lips so as to not give him the satisfaction. It’s true they’ve been here for about a week now. Their new apartment. It felt great being able to live together, having a place of their own, that they bought from their own money. Sure, it was a studio apartment. One tiny bedroom, an even smaller bathroom and a barely there living room. But it was theirs. And it was perfect for the two of them. Although, they really ought to buy a bed, he thought, looking around at the almost fully unfurnished room.

She slowly got up, and walked up to the chair he’d owned since medical college, that he’d made a decision to bring with him. It was old and ratty but he’d reminded a blushing April how it held a lot of good memories. She picked up his Harvard sweater, and popped it on, walking into the bathroom. He chuckled wondering why she kept stealing his sweater, when hers was just next to it.  

He left the bedroom, walking into the kitchen area, which was really a barely there pantry. He pulled coffee beans from the shopping bag they permanently kept on the floor and made a mental note that a fridge was long due. They wouldn’t be getting anything done for the next two days, because of the dreaded 48 hour intern shift, but he would make sure to do all this in the weekend. She had done much of the work, trying to make the place look as hospitable as possible, but he’d been slacking on the one job he had, to purchase furniture. All he had to do was drive her to an IKEA really. But he kept trying to convince her that there were better things to do with their time. It wasn’t entirely his fault, she was easily manipulated.

He puts the machine on brew, and leaves the room. She had insisted he get a coffee machine, chastising him for throwing away his money on lattes when he was perfectly capable of making one at home. He wanted to tell her it’s unlikely he’d go broke for buying coffee, but gave in. He does that a lot with her. Not that he minds one bit.

He walks into the bathroom and finds her standing in front of the mirror, her hair in a messy bun, those weird eye patches she loves under her eyes, brushing her teeth. He gazes lovingly at her reflection, and walks up to her, sliding one arm across her waist and finds his brush on the counter with toothpaste already on it.

“Ready for today?” He asks, as she spits, and looks at him in the mirror.


“That’s the spirit.” He jokes.

“It’s not my fault you’re so charismatic and have great social skills. I am terrified of meeting new people. I make horrible first impressions!” She whines, and starts to remove her clothes to get into the shower.

“What? You made an amazing first impression on me!” He jokes, following her into the shower.

“Um, you hated me the first day. You thought I was really annoying.” She points out, and sticks her tongue out at him.

“And you thought I was an asshole.” He tells her, pouring some shampoo into his hands, and rubbing it on her head.

“Yeah I did. You were a major dick.” She laughs, humming when his hands massage through her hair.

“Well, I make up for it by having a major d-” But he doesn’t get to finish his sentence because she playfully pushes him back, chastising him for his attempt at a double innuendo.

They dry up eventually, and leave the apartment in a mess of nerves on April’s side and a lot of yelling at him for losing his keys and making

“You’re both late. I don’t like it when people are late on their first day.”

They did eventually turn up to the hospital running inside. He had wanted to pull her back for a good luck kiss, but he’d be lucky if she didn’t punch him good luck. He shrugs his shoulders, because frankly they’re only 10 minutes late. He hears April apologizing profusely for their absence, making sure to only include herself in that apology. She makes up a story about the fuse going off, and having to call the landlord in, attempts a feeble joke and stumbles her way through the rest of the lie, that she, including everyone else knows is a terrible lie.

“What episode of Friends is your excuse based off of?” Their resident, with the rather unfortunate name of Dr.Lindsay Lindsay,  asks him.

“The episode where Ross gets stuck in traffic.” He remarks, and they all laugh, earning him an eye roll from his wife who disapproves of his ability to get off of things too easy.

“Alright, come on. Let’s move.” They all file behind her in a pack, and he moves his arm towards April, who swats him away and gives him a pointed look.

They’d decided early on that they weren’t telling anyone about them. They weren’t necessarily denying it either, but unless they were explicitly asked, they would keep mum. It was way easier than the plethora of questions that got shot at them whenever someone found out they were married interns. A phenomena vastly discouraged in the medical world. So, they both preferred keeping at least some things personal for as long as they could.  

He smirks at her and follows behind their resident, while she runs forward to catch up with the front of the pack. He smiles and shakes his head, ever impressed with her ability to be constantly enthusiastic, even with all her nerves.

“Hey man, I’m Charles. Charles Percy.” Jackson looks to his left and spots a big, burly, looking man talking to him.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Jackson.” He purposefully avoids his last name, because it raises some questions about his lineage he has no intention of answering. It wasn’t anything he was proud of, anyway.

“This is a bummer, huh. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m super excited to be here, but the 48 hour shift is going to be a bitch.” Charles says, and Jackson laughs in agreement.

“You know a good tip?” Jackson tells him, and the man shakes his head, prompting him to go on, “It’s to stay as far away from your resident as possible. They’re not going to give you anything good for your first two days. They’ll give you all the horrible cases, like colonoscopies that they had to deal with as an intern. The 48 hour shift is basically revenge.”

Charles keeps his eyes wide, and drops his voice a few octaves, “How do you know this?”

“I’m… observant.” He remarks, vaguely.

“Well, thanks man.” He smiles and Jackson nods his head. He liked this Charles guy, he was pretty sure they’d along just fine.

He looks up ahead to see April befriending the small, pixie haired girl. He watches as she talks animatedly with this girl, her voice that high pitch it got when she was excited, waving her red notebook in front of her face. She looked adorable, and if they weren’t at a hospital right now, he knew just what he had in mind for her.

“Alright, let’s get started.”

Their residents starts her rounds, going from bed to bed, describing symptoms and asking them to make the best guess as to what exactly could be wrong with the patient. It ends up, however, mostly being a competition between him and April. He always loves seeing her competitive side because she gets wildly passionate and fierce, and there’s something about that that turns him on.

“Adenovirus infection”

“Bacterial meningitis”

“Chronic Kidney Disease”


She grunts quietly, and gives him a death stare when he beats her to the answer, and falls back to surreptitiously stick her tongue out at him, when she gets it before he does. He notices some eyebrows raised  from their fellow interns, all stumbling to beat them to the answer but none as fast as them.

But when they come to the last case, and he knows this is the one the resident saves to figure out which intern will scrub into a surgery, he keeps quiet. He’s seen this exact case before when he was 16 and hanging around hospitals because the house got too lonely sometimes. It was epidermolysis bullosa, an extreme rare skin disease. He knows these things because of his family, and even though April kept telling him he needs to stop feeling guilty about the advantages he got from them, it wasn’t the case yet. Also, April deserved this more. She’d spent the entire month since the interview reading journals day and night, prepping for these rounds. He knew she’d get it.

“Epidermolysis bullosa!” She said, her voice triumphant.

“Correct, Doctor?” The resident smiled her way, even though Jackson could see a hint of resentment. It wasn’t the first time people were jealous of how smart his wife was.

“Av-Kepner!” She smiled awkwardly, hoping the almost mistake went unnoticed. The whole, Dr.Kepner, officially, Mrs.Avery otherwise, tends to mess with her.  

“Dr.Kepner, you’ll be observing patients post ops with me, while the rest of you are stuck with colonoscopies.” They all groan, and he regrets it just a little bit, but then she walks up to him and flashes him her smile and he knows he’d be stuck with those for a month just to see that.

“You let me win.” She tells him, and he clears his throat and denies it, because he didn’t think she’d catch on.

“It’s alright.” She tells him after he tries to mumble out a justification, “I’ll forgive you this time, because… colonoscopies.”

He looks around to see if anyone is watching, and lightly smacks her behind, and watches as she tries her hardest not to squeal.


“I better get some sugar for that.” He smirks at her, and she rolls her eyes, but he knows he’s definitely getting some love when they go home.

The day stretches on, it’s a blur of activity and dullness, although there is an exhilaration of the knowledge that this is the first step to the careers they’ve been building for years now.  

They don’t meet each other too much. They’re busy with the simple, yet daunting tasks of your first day at an internship. Add to that the impending long stretch of hours, and it was enough to drive most people out of surgical on day 1. He’s already witnessed 2 of the interns drop off, and now there’s only 5 of them left. It’s intense, this life.

They only see each other once when they run into get a blood test retrieved and she looks around suspiciously before quickly pecking him on the cheek, and running off. He grins, and he feels a little bit more energized than he did.    

He finds her in the ER, flipping through some charts, along with Tyler, the other member of their now 5 man, and woman,  residential group. He attempts to walk up to her, to catch a few seconds with her, before their resident drags him off to another unpleasant task. He stops short, however, when he hears their conversation.

“Can’t wait until we’re done with this. It’s been 10 hours and my body already feels like it’s going to fall apart.” Tyler says, and April smiles politely towards him.

“It’s only going to get harder from here.” She laughs, and he laughs along with her.

Jackson’s never really been the jealous type. This is mostly because he trusted April so much, that he knew no matter how many offers she may get, she’ll never feel any inclination to take anyone up on it. Still, he was human after all, and not privy to small bursts of jealousy every now and again. This guy’s eyes were roaming over her body, and he kept flicking his gaze down to her ass. He wasn’t a fan of men looking at women like that, period, but of course, definitely not his wife.

“So, uh, I might need to get some booze the moment I get out of here. Wanna come with?” He asks, and Jackson rolls his eyes.

“You mean, all the residents or?” April asks, her face noting confusion.

“Oh, eh, no I meant… just us. Like, could I buy a drink after-”


Jackson chuckles slightly, noting how flustered his wife was every time she figured out someone was hitting on her.  He never intervened, always let her handle things, unless some bastard didn’t know the meaning of the word “no.”

“Um, Tyler, I appreciate the offer,” She blushes, and he knows it’s not because she’s even slightly interested, but because she hates being put in situations like this, “But, I’m married.”

“Oh. Uh, you are? I didn’t see the-the ring.” He says, coughing slightly. The guy looked so embarrassed, Jackson felt bad for him.

“Yeah, well, I left it at home. Didn’t want to lose it.” She comments, shrugging her shoulders.

“You know you could pin it to your top? Or put it on a necklace?” Tyler offers, and April beams at him.

“Yes! That’s a great idea. Thanks, Tyler.” She says, clearly contemplating how she couldn’t think of this on her own.

Jackson grins, and starts to walk towards April and a very dejected looking Tyler, before Reed walks up to him and informs him that they were assigned scut duty for the next hour or so. He groans, but follows her.

It’s about 3 hours later than he has some time to see April, when he walks down a rather isolated looking hallway and finds her tucked into a corner, attacking a salad.

“Hey Dr.Kepner.” He calls out to her, and she grins up at him, clearly thrilled to see him.

“I can’t believe that’s what I’m going to be called from now on,” She says, shaking her head.

“Well, I’m pretty sure you’re going to be called other names besides that from time to time, particularly in the bedroom.” He winks at her, indicating that his thoughts weren’t at all innocent.

“Jackson!” She pushes him roughly as he slides down the wall next to her, “You’re the worst.”  

“You’re mean, I prefer Mrs.Jackson Avery, can she come back now?” He teases her attitude, placing her legs over his, pulling her closer to him by her waist.

“She’ll be back when we go home.” She says, and he loves how she can act completely innocent to everyone else, but be an absolute tease around him.

“I look forward to this.” He says, pecking her on the lips, and holding her there for a second longer.

She feeds him bites of her salad, and chastises him when she realizes he’s bought fries for his lunch, although she spends a good amount of time, eating all his fries.

“Um, Jackson, I have to tell you something.” She says, and the hesitance in her voice let’s him know exactly what she wants to talk about. Tyler.

“What is it, babe?” He asks.

“Um, so I was in charge of checking on some charts, with… Tyler-”

“The guy who you’re sure is called Tyler because he looks exactly like Tyler Perry?” He interjects, causing April to laugh loudly.

“Oh my god, he does, doesn’t he?” She says, still laughing incredulously.

“Gave me so crazy A Madea Christmas flashbacks,” He pulls on a curl that’s fallen out of the high bun she’s pulled her in, “Go on.”

“Okay, so… when we were there, charting… he asked me to go have drink with him? As in-as in a date?” She looks at him, almost guiltily. Leave it to April to feel bad about getting hit on, “I said no, obviously. I told him I was married.”

“I know you did, baby. I trust you.” He smiles warmly at her, and she kisses him.

“I mean, I wish you’d wear the ring though, because part of the reason I spent so much money on it was to be a very clear to guys who hit on you, that you were taken.” He tells her, running his nose along her cheeks, and placing kisses now and again. She giggles at the feeling, but soon the frown lines settle on her face.

“How much did you spend on it, anyway?” She asks.

“Uh-” He hadn’t meant to let that part slip. He was pretty sure she’d stab him with the plastic fork if he told her it was close to $50K.

“Wait, he’s your husband?”

They both whip their heads in the direction of the voice, and find Tyler, glancing between the two of them, looking stunned.


“You’re married?”

They look behind Tyler to see Reed and Charles looking equally astonished.

“Um, yes we are married.” He nods, giving into the fact that they’re apparent attempt at keeping their private lives to themselves, was a fail.

“Wow, Red, and I thought you were a virgin.” Charles pipes in, sitting opposite them, legs stretched out.

April stutters gibberish, her eyes falling to the ground, a steady blush on creeping up on her neck.

“Charlie, shut up,” Reed hits him over the head, before sitting down next to him, “I apologize for my idiot of a friend. He’s clearly forgotten social norms after all those colonoscopies.”

“Do you blame me? I’ve seen enough asses to last me a lifetime.” Charles says, biting into his burger.

“Can we not talk about asses while we’re eating?” Jackson asks, screwing up his face.

“I just can’t believe you guys are married!” Tyler exclaims again, and Jackson feels bad for the guy. He really seems to have taken a liking towards his wife. Sucks to be him.

“Well, we are. Have been for about 4 years now.” He tells them, smiling down at her. He’s always filled with pride when he talks about their marriage.

“I can’t imagine marrying so young, though,” Reed remarks, and then shrugs her shoulders, “Then again, I can’t imagine getting married ever, so there’s that.”

“Don’t you guys miss the single life? The freedom, the ability to date other people, the carelessness?” Charles asks.

“Yeah, I mean, how do you know this is the person you want to spend forever with when you’re 23!” Tyler tries, once more.

They’re both used to these questions by now. When Jackson, had met a petite redhead on his first day of med school, and gone on to find her tirelessly annoying, while she found him to be an egoistical jerk, even then, he’d known he’d never want another woman the way he wanted her. It was hard to explain to anyone outside of their relationship why it only took them a week to get over their initial impressions of one another and less than one year to decide that they wanted use their winter break to elope and get married. Why they both risked their families complete disapproval to get hitched so young. It was hard to explain to someone who’d never been in love they way they were, that sometimes, you meet someone, and you just know.

“You just know.” They say in unison, and giggle.

“Ew, you two are disgusting.” Reed comments, although she says it in a way that makes him realize it’s her way of giving a compliment.

“So you don’t miss being single… at all?” Tyler inquires, and Jackson is ready to beat his ass this time.

“No, Tyler,” April smiles politely at him, even though Jackson can tell even she’s on her last nerve, “I can’t imagine not being married to this guy.”

She pets him lovingly on the cheek.

“Dating is the worst. You’re confused, and trying your best, and hoping you like someone enough to want to give them the time of the day. I hate that. I get to go home with my wife, chill on the couch watching Netflix in old sweats and still know she loves me. It’s the best, man.” He says, and watches Charles contemplate this.

“Plus, I’ve never been into meaningless sex.” Jackson shrugs.

“You don’t miss it, at all?” Charles asks, and April looks up at him curiously.

“Yeah ask that in front of his wife, wise ass.” Reed rolls her eyes.

He ignores all of them, and stares at April, “It’s sad, dull and you almost always regret it in the morning.”

“He’s got a point!” Reed chimes in.

“Well I see we’ve got ourselves a little congregation here. Off to work, all of you. Lunch break is done,” They all mumble protests and quickly get up, “Dr.Kepner since you’ve impressed Dr.Logan today during your individual rounds with me, he wants you to scrub in on my appendectomy. Nothing fancy, just some suctioning.”

He doesn’t appreciate her monotone, but is wildly happy for April that she gets to scrub in. He can feel the excitement radiating from her.

“Okay, go scrub in, I’ll join you momentarily. Rest of you, off to the ER.” They all scramble off, and he sees everyone congratulating April, although they’re all clearly envious.  

“Dr.Avery! Hold up for a second will you?” Dr.Lindsay says with a smile, and he waits back. He wanted congratulate April but he didn’t think that was happening. “You didn’t tell me you were Harper Avery’s grandson.”

He hated the way she was grinning at him. He could smell ass kissing from a mile away. He wanted to tell her that there really is no point sucking up to him because he was on the outs with his family anyway. Sure, he was still a board member and had access to his funds that he never touched, except to buy April the ring he wanted. But, he wasn’t in his grandfather’s good graces. The reason he was still next in line to the foundation seat was merely because his family would rather have him take over the foundation, than let it venture outside the Avery name.  

“I didn’t think it would be important.” He says, trying to keep the annoyance from his voice. She was still his superior.

“It is very important, Dr.Ave-Jackson,” She earns an eyebrow raise from him for her switch to his first name. She’s trying to establish a closer connection, he can tell. “I mean, I wouldn’t have put you on the colonoscopies and taken… Kepner on rounds if I knew.”

He tries his hardest not to frown at her. He hears the dislike she empahsizes on his wife’s name and he’s not a fan of anyone who chooses to treat his wife any less than she deserves.

“Well, Dr.Kepner is far more capable than I am, so I’m pretty sure you made the right choice there.” He shoots her the best fake smile he’s curated since he was a teenager forced to sit in on board meetings, and walks off.

Unfortunately, she decides to follow.

“You know, Jackson, I am actually participating in a new medical trial with Dr.Gashner, our renowned urologist. I’m sure your mother’s worked with him. She’s an astounding-”

Jackson wanted to push her into an empty room, and lock her in as she continued to ramble on about his mother. It was endearing when April did it, because she wasn’t looking to gain by idolizing his mother to him. The first time she’d done it, she hadn’t even known Catherine Avery was his mother. It had been about 3 months into their relationship, when he’d had to let the secret slip. She’d merely been recommending he read his mother’s journals, deeming them to be ‘brilliant.’

“Yeah, she’s great.” Jackson responded, having completely blocked her out and offering vague responses until now.

“Jackson, do you think you could rearrange this supply closet?” She asks, smiling gracefully at him.

“I thought you wanted us at the ER?” He says, although arranging the supply closet seems like a vacation from getting puked on every 5 seconds.

“Oh, well, the others have got that under control,” She says, opening the door for him.

Jackson’s not too sure about that but he was sure he was going to get assigned the stomach flus with Percy, so he shrugs his acquiescence. He didn’t want to smell like vomit, if he could help it. Mostly because he had every intent to take a nap with April once he’s done with this.


He steps in and goes towards the first shelf, picking up packets of gauze in his hand.

“Is there a particular list I could use for reference or-” He turns around to hopefully catch Dr.Lindsay before she’s left.

Well, he certainly didn’t have to have worried about her leaving. His shock causes him to drop the gauze from his hand, as his eyes quickly divert away from the image before him. Dr.Lindsay has managed to completely strip off all her clothes, leaving her in only her underwear, standing before him, wearing a smirk.

He was still reeling in, “Um, Dr.Lindsay what-”

“Sh, Jackson, it’s okay. You know, I knew I wanted to screw you senseless from the moment I saw you, but then to figure out you’re an Avery. That’s a double bonus, right there.” She says, voice low, walking towards him. He quickly dodges out of her touch when she reaches for him, side stepping around her.

“Yeah, uh-listen, I’m really not interested. At all.” He hopes he’s clear enough because there is so much truth to that statement. He could look at a woman, and completely platonically deem her attractive, even after his marriage. It was normal, and well within human nature. April got all hot and bothered every time she watched Magic Mike. But finding someone attractive and being attracted to them was wholly different. His wife was the only woman in the world, he found attractive and attracted to.

“Oh don’t worry, I’ll make sure you won’t get in trouble.” She practically purrs and he feels so incredibly uncomfortable, and worse, violated.

“No, it’s not that,” He laughs nervously, once more ducking as she claws at him. He wishes April would come in and fight this woman off for him, but also is happy she isn’t here to witness this, because he didn’t want her to misinterpret the situation.

“Then what is it?” She asks, her hands on her hips. Her lips curl from a frown to a grin in mere seconds, “Should I get more naked?”

She tugs at a bra strap and he realizes there is so much in this situation he can be polite about before snapping. Superior or not, he didn’t have to deal with this.

“Lindsay, please stop!” He’s stern when he wants to be and he’s heard from April that he can get frightening when he’s angry, “Could you put some clothes on?”

He could tell she was surprised you tone of disdain, but the surprise led her to slowly redress while he turned his back on her. After a while, he turned back.

“Look, um, I’m married. I have a wife.” He clarifies for good measure.

“I know.” She shrugs, pulling on her lab coat.

“You know?” He’s baffled she’d do this even after knowing his relationship status.

“I read your file. How else do you think I know you’re Harper Avery’s grandson?”

“I-You did this even after you knew I was someone’s husband? That is just-” He shakes his head in disgust.

“To Dr.Kepner of all people.” She scoffs, and he narrows his eyes, “What do you even see in her?”

“Well, for starters, she would never do what you’re doing right now.” He crosses his arms in front of him.  

“Oh spare me the moral conscience. Look, I can make yours, and hers, intern years some of the best or worst years of your lives. Your choice.” She leans against the door, clearly attempting to be intimidating. He almost laughs to himself, because this is what he’s been trained for his entire life. Don’t let people take advantage of you, don’t let them intimidate you. You’re an Avery.

“See, I don’t think that’s true,” Calm, cool, collected. It’s scarier than yelling, “This right here, is sexual harassment. Why don’t I pop by the HR department today and fill in some paperwork, hm? Oh and while I’m making my way to HR, maybe I should pop by the Chief’s office and let him know that my resident just offered to trade sex for surgeries.”


“No, Dr.Lindsay, it’s your time to listen. If you ever mistreat my wife because of this incident, I will make sure that you come nowhere near a Harper Avery for the rest of your life. Understand?”

She looked back at him wide eyed, mouth open, but after a second gathering her thoughts, nodded solemnly. He nodded back once, and made his way towards the door. He held the knob in his hand, and turned his body back towards her.

“You’re an intelligent and attractive woman, Dr.Lindsay. Have some class.”

He walked straight out of the supply closet, happy he’d gotten that out of the way. He knew she wouldn’t be trouble. No one in the medical community would dare have an Avery in their bad side. He walked straight to the ER, to help Charles.

2 hours later, he’s gotten a break from an agitated Dr.Lindsay, and he finds an on call room hoping to catch some sleep.  

On his third try he finds an on call room that’s not locked and stumbles in, surprised to find his wife curled up on the bed. She was probably feeling the high, and he knew how much she loved to share every little detail.

“So, badass surgeon, how was-” He doesn’t finish the sentence because he notices that not only is she curled up in the bed, but that her body sporadically moves up and down, small sounds resembling sobs falling from her lips.

“Baby, hey, what’s wrong?” He walks up quickly to her, grabbing hold of her and pulling her into his lap. She rests her face on his neck and cries loudly.

She tells him that someone had misdiagnosed appendectomy, and the patient had already been septic by the time he’d arrived at the ER that morning. All in all, it hasn’t been a successful surgery, to the say the least.  It was her first day, her first surgery, and her first patient death. It was too many firsts to take in all at once.

“He was married, Jackson. Just-just 32. He was someone’s husband.” She shakes with the intensity of her tears, and he holds her closer rocking her. He can tell this one must hit closer to home for her.

“I know, sweetheart, I know. It’s always hard. The first one is always hard.” He rubs her back.

“I’m such an emotional wreck. I just-maybe I’m not cut out for this. I don’t know how I can deal with all this grief.” She wipes her eyes and stares into his.

“You will, in due time. My mom used to cry for some patients. It’s surprising, I know. The great Catherine Avery, crying over a patient. It didn’t happen all the time, but there were rare times, when she’d get very emotionally attached to a patient she can’t save. It’s tough, even on the toughest women I know, like my mom… and you. You don’t have to be stoic to be a good doctor, April. You can be emotional, as long as you don’t let it consume you.” He tells her, and feels her nodding against his shoulders, where she’d kept her head jack down.

“You need to wait it out. Wanna know why?” He asks her.


“Because you haven’t experienced the thrill of saving your first life, yet. I hear it’s a pretty darn amazing feeling.” He says, and she smiles, kissing him softly.

“Thank you,” She smiles and her tears turn to giggles when he bites her nose, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

They don’t get a chance the fall asleep until later, and when they do it’s on a gurney in the middle of the hallway. The rest of the little over 24 hours go fast, their bone tired by the time it’s done.

He carries her to their apartment because she’s fallen asleep in the cab. She struggles to stay awake as he strips her of her clothes and pulls her into the shower with him, and is completely asleep when he slathers her body in soap. He smiles lazily at her, as he she holds up her arms, eyes still shut, for him to pull one of his shirts over.

She falls back down to the bed, and when he’s done redressing, he crawls up the bed towards her. She holds her arms out to accommodate him, and he keeps his head on her chest, an arm and leg tossed over her body. She wraps her arms around his shoulders, and sleepily runs a hand over his head.



He can hear the steady thrum of her heartbeat, and the magic her fingers are doing to his scalp is lulling him to a deep sleep.

“We’re doctors now.” She mumbles, and he moves his head slowly against her body in agreement.

“It feels strange.” He admits, “It feels… right.”

There’s a beat, and he’s falling deep into the land of darkness, when he faintly hears her voice, “We feel right.”

He sure as hell wasn’t going to disagree.


Blood Money BTS | part 2

Pairing: unknown

Summary: When everything goes wrong one fateful night you find yourself suddenly a member of the notorious gang Bangtan in less than 24 hours. You just wanted a quiet night with your beloved cat Apple Pie and a netflix marathon.

part one | part 2 | (part 3 next week 9:00pm Central Timezone!)

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Breathing in you tried to calm your nerves, they wouldn’t stop staring at you and it was starting to get uncomfortable.  

Taking out your phone you wanted to check the time, but before you could even turn it on a boy snatched it from your hands and smashed it so badly it was unusable.

“hEY!” you said angrily,  glaring at him “What was that for?” you snapped, before he looked you straight in the eyes, and promptly threw your phone out the window. Into the river. leaning you got one last glance at your phone getting carried away by the water. Eye twitching, you clenched your fists. Looking, no staring daggers at Jimin he smirked.

“What? You could’ve called the cops or something.” he shrugged, only making you angrier, much much angrier. Unbuckling your seat belt you shoved a sleeping Hoseok off your shoulder, at least you think that’s his name. Then, you stomped right on over to the asshole that threw your phone out the window, before straddling him in silence. “Is this all sweetheart?” he jeered, knowing he made you angry. He knew you wouldn’t do anything, you were too scared. “What? You too scared?” he kept taking jabs at you, you clenched your jaw so hard your teeth just might break. Grabbing the back of his neck you got real close to his face.

“I fucking hate you, I had years worth of work on that one cellphone, and you threw it in a fucking river.” you snarled, before pulling your arm back, and punching him right in the nose. The whole van was brought to an abrupt stop and the boy in the passenger seat turned back to see what the commotion was about. Then he saw you slap the poor boy so hard his head whipped to the side before you got up and sat back down in your rightful place. Everyone eyed you cautiously, before someone named Taehyung snickered. 

“Dude, I think she broke your nose.” he couldn’t keep the grin off his face, the pink haired boy leaned in and inspected it, before you all turned as Jungkook collapsed next to Hoseok, then everyone noticed the blood pouring out of him. You med skills kicking in you were next to him in a flash, already inspecting him. Gasping, you found a deep cut in his side and other injuries, going to help him you suddenly got yanked back by none other than the asshole you slapped.

“Don’t fucking touch him.” he snarled, staring at Jungkook, you gaped at him, the boy  was gonna die soon if not from the blood loss. 

“He’s gonna die!” you yelled, as he held you back.

“You’ll kill him!” he screamed, staring at Jungkook in shock. “You’ll kill Jungkook then leave like nothing happened, you’re just like every other woman out there!” Jaw locking you spotted a knife on the floor of the van. Reaching for it you threw Jimin off you and sat by Jungkook’s side, slipping the knife under his shirt, Jimin stared as you cut the this fabric. He grabbed your arms trying to stop you, “You’ll hurt him oh my god!” he wouldn’t stop screaming! 

“BOI back off before I punch you again!” you snarled, already ripping the shirt into bandages while looking for some sort of sterilizer. Sighing, you grabbed a vodka bottle and opened it, before you poured it over Jungkook’s wound warning him. “It’s gonna sting but you’ll be fine, okay?” you said, he nodded, hissing when the alcohol met the wound.

“YOU’RE HURT-” Jimin didn’t even finish the sentence because you smashed a beer bottle against his head, knocking him out and effectively shutting up the yelling. You carefully wiped the wound and bandaged it, before looking up at the other five guys staring at you.

“What, I’m an Intern at the hospital.” you said shrugging. Shaking his head he sped away to the hideout.

The minute you the van stopped you were already ordering the boys to find something while Taehyung-who you confirmed was his name-helped you get the poor boy inside. 

“I need rubbing alcohol, bandages a needle and thread along with gauze and the first aid kit.” you ordered, walking quickly through the house and shoving all the papers and a cup onto the ground shattering it. Setting Jungkook down you wet a rag and carefully removed the bandages, staring at the wound it was about an inch and a half deep, it’d definitely need stitches. You carefully cleaned his face cuts before finally attacking the gash. Taking the rubbing alcohol from pink boy you dumped it onto the wound, Jungkook had passed out from blood loss or pain. You threaded a needle before pausing as the door opened to reveal Hoseok and Namjoon carrying a still unconscious asshole into the living room. Closing your eyes you calmed down, before starting to stitch up the idiot. It had been about an hour and a half when the asshole-you learned Jimin was his name-finally woke up. Groaning he looked around, before pausing. 

“Dude what the hell happened?” he asked, before Jin snickered, about to tell the boy about how he got beat up by you when you walked in, sending a groggy sleepy Jungkook to rest.

“Hey, dumbass get in here I need to look at the damage.” you said before disappearing. 

He froze, before groaning.“Do I have to?” he whined to Jin, “Why is she even here anyways?”

“Be glad, if she wasn’t then our golden boy wouldn’t be breathing. He’d be dead.” he snapped, before lightly pushing Jimin into the makeshift first aid room. 

“Sit down, I need to look at your nose.” you said quietly before wiping the blood away. Jimin thought you’d be rough with him because of how he treated you, so he was surprised when you were so gentle to him. Once he was fixed up you shooed him away and cleaned up. Soon the kitchen was clean and operational again so you walked into the living room. Everyone looked at you, before Namjoon cleared his throat. 

“Y/N,” he paused, as you grabbed your bag, dress still somehow intact.

“I’m leaving, Jungkook should rest for a couple of weeks, don’t let him move around.” you said, “Jimin be careful with your nose, you can take the bandages off in a month.” you then proceeded to the door, ready to leave this mess. Hoseok yanked you backwards and threw you into a chair, before Namjoon continued.

“You can’t leave.” he said staring at you. 

“excuse-what?!.” you said, confused “I’m not gonna tell anyone i swear but I have a shift at the hospital tomorrow so…”

“No, you know too much, you’re staying. You’re joining the gang Y/N.” he replied, “If not you die.” he shrugged, “you choice darling.” they left alone sitting in the living room.

“Can I at least go back and grab my belongings?” you muttered before sighing.

You wandered around for a while till you found Namjoon who you assumed was the leader of this so called gang. “Hey, can I talk to you?”

“Sure, what?” he said turning around, 

“I’m not gonna tell anyone I promise-” you started

“You can’t leave sorry honey.” He cut you off before turning around to scribble more incomprehensible notes on a worn notebook.

“Can I at least go to my shift for the hospital, if I don’t I’ll get kicked out of college. This means a lot to me,” 

“No.” he responded curtly.

“One of you can even drive me there and pick me up but I need to go!” you pleaded, yet he still shook his head. Anger spiking you grabbed his chair and whipped him around to face you. “Listen you pompous jerk, If I don’t go not only will someone call my apartment and find me gone, but the next time one of your little gang buddies get’s injured I won’t be there to save him. You’re lucky I even knew how to patch Jungkook up so I advise you,” Staring him down you snarled, “Let. Me. Go, Now.” he narrowed his eyes.

“Don’t order me around like that, things won’t go your way sweetie.” he sneered. 

“You can’t keep me here. I’m going whether you like it or not, I’ll be back once my 48 hour shift is over.” you growled before slamming the door open to reveal six boys eavesdropping. “Excuse me I have a shift to catch.” you said before walking past them and past the clean kitchen.

“Don’t let her escape!” Namjoon roared, sending everyone into action. Jungkook being the first to grab you, luckily your mom made you take self defense classes. You grabbed a small knife on the counter and pointed it right at his wound.“If any of you try to stop me, I won’t hesitate to reopen his wound.” you said quietly, making everyone freeze in their steps. “Jimin, go start the car, we’re going back to my apartment to change my clothes then you’ll drop me off at the hospital.” you said, he didn’t move, “Now.” then you applied minimal pressure making Jungkook hiss in pain. Now that got Jimin moving. “I told you,” you stared at Namjoon, “I am going to the hospital I worked hard to get a spot to be an intern and nothing’s going to stop me. Not even a famous Gang leader.” He stared right back at you, everyone could see the tension and struggle for power. Then, you hit Jungkook strategically with the blunt end of the knife making him cry out in pain red blossoming at his wound before shoving him forward. Jin reaching out to catch him, by the time Jungkook was upright you were gone already in the car.

“What makes you think I’ll drive you anywhere?” Jimin spat glaring at you.

“If you don’t you’ll never know how to help your precious Jungkook.” you shrugged before telling him where to go. He groaned hitting his head against the steering wheel before driving off. After taking a well deserved shower and shedding the tattered dress and destroyed heels you changed into a plain shirt and leggings before slipping on sneakers and a hoodie. Grabbing your bag Jimin drove you to the hospital, “the day after tomorrow at 3am, come pick me up, that’s when my shift ends.” 

“Wait how do I help Jungkook?” he asked, grabbing your wrist.

“Undo the bandages, clean the area around the stitches with a warm cloth then rebandage him but not too tightly. Make sure not to actually touch the stitches, I didn’t have anesthesia so it’s going to be very painful if you irritate them. When I get back I’ll check to make sure you did everything right.” then just like that you were gone disappearing into the hospital. Sighing Jimin drove back and entered a quiet house. 

“Did she really go to the hospital?” Namjoon asked, everyone sat in the living room and he didn’t look very happy.

“Yes, she told me to pick her up two days from now at three in the morning.” Jimin paused, “She also told me how to help Jungkook.” then he led the youngest back the kitchen and did exactly what you told him not wanting to hurt the boy. 

“Why does she seem unbothered by us kidnapping her?” Namjoon wondered, 

“Um actually, about that…” Seokjin started, looking embarrassed. “She’s well, she’s my younger sister.” Everyone gaped at him, disbelief showing on their faces.

“WHAT?!?!” Taehyung screeched, before laughing. “Damn, no wonder she knew how to throw a punch.”

“Yea…” Seokjin just sighed, “She recognized me which is probably why she doesn’t care much, then again she’s usually pretty chill about a lot of things. I even broke her favorite mug once and she just shrugged it off, saying it was an accident.” he paused, pondering on a lot of things. “She’s probably not as bothered as you guys think.” he then shrugged before walking to his room. 

For the next two days they stayed put, not wanting to go out and get hurt when you weren’t there to patch them up so they just lazed around the house. And by laze around I mean they worked out in the underground area. It was secret, where all their temporary rooms were with everything they needed. A kitchen, training room, small library and one vacant room that would become yours. 

Namjoon set his targets on a big corporation that they would take to get ransom money. It could be huge, so it required lots of planning. If he overlooked even the tiniest detail they’d all have a one way ticket to hell, except maybe you. You’d probably just go to jail but still. No one, and I mean no one wanted that.

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The way we end

oh my. It’s been a while since I wrote omelia story. So here it is :) Hope you will like it. Comments, reblogs and likes are very welcome ;)

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*Hailey- for those who didn’t watch Private Practice, she was a friend of Amelia. They both were on a rehab together.

Amelia and Meredith were walking to the on call room, they both were so tired after their 48 hours shifts. When both doctors were walking near the ER, they saw Owen, sitting on the chair and looking into charts. Amelia looked at him for a moment, his face was sad and she could tell every muscle of his body was tense. Meredith gave her a quick look and after a moment of silent she finally spoke.

“Do you love him?”

“Who?” Amelia asked, distracted.

“Your husband, Owen.”

“Yes. Of course.”

“So why do you torture him? He needs you and you need him, I know it’s none of my business, but no matter what happened between you two, you can solve this, but you need to start expressing your feelings.”

“When did you become such an angel of marriage?” Amelia asked.

“Since I’m in love. Well, I fell in love for the first time since Derek…and I need to say that feeling changes everything.”


“Yes. Now you need to go back to the ER and I’ll have a mini date with my man.”

“But we are going to on call room.” Amelia shrugs.

“I’m going to the on call room, you are going to your husband.” Meredith pushed her gently toward the emergency room.

“Are you doing this only because you need to have a free room for sex?” Amelia asked suspiciously.

“Yes and no.” Mer answered, “I want you to be happy, really, you just need to talk to him.”

Meredith closed the door behind her, leaving Amelia outside. She knew that Meredith was right, but the most right thing wasn’t the easiest. Amelia turned back to the ER room where they both saw Owen. He was still there, trying to catch up with his charts. She quietly stepped up to the room, got a bit closer to him and after a second they both heard her voice filling the space.

“Do you have some time to talk?” Amelia started.

“Yeah.” he gave her a little smile

“I’m so sorry I ran away. I didn’t mean to hurt you, it’s just because…I’m scared.” she looked away.

“I know. I’m so sorry for pushing you. It was my fault.” he took a step towards his wife.

“You think…you think we can get over it?” she smiled.

“I think we already did.”

Owen put his hand in her hair, after second his lips were connected with hers in slow kiss. He put her body nearer his, they both missed each other’s warmth so much, they didn’t break the kiss even when the door opened wildly.

“Doctor Hunt!” the nurse shouted, “I’m so sorry, but we have a patient. Bed number 3.” she said, closing the door.

“I have a feeling, every time we touch or kiss they bring in some patient or interrupt us.” Owen said, kissing her forehead.

“I’ll wait for you. When do you finish your shift?”

“In about one hour and half.” he looked into her blue eyes, “maybe you should go home, I know you had a 48 hour shift.”

“No, I’ll be fine. Maybe I’ll go with you?”

“If you want to babe.”

“So let’s go.” she grabbed his hand in hers.


“26 year old woman, BP 100/60. We found drugs in her blouse, she probably took heroine. She was found on the street, we don’t know if she lost consciousness.” the nurse gave the report as soon as they came.

“What’s your name? Do you hear me?” Owen tried to communicate with the girl, “I’m doctor Hunt and this is doctor Shepherd. What did you take?”

“Fuck off!” the girl respond, kicking and throwing herself on the bed.

“Maybe I’ll try.” Amelia suggested.

“Hi! My name is Amelia. Do you know where you are?”


“Good. Did you hit your head?”


“Great. I’ll light a flashlight into your eyes now, it won’t be nice, but I’ll try to make it quick. You need to turn to me.”

The girl turned back, her hair were sticky and dirty, her eyes were red and her hands were shaking probably from the overdose. She looked at Amelia with brown eyes hungry for more medications. Amelia knew that look, she was the same girl years ago, but she saw something else in that girl. Something familiar.

“Hailey?” she took a step back.

“Do you know her?” Owen asked confused.

“It’s Hailey…we were on a rehab together.”

“Amelia!” Hailey screamed, “you can bring me some drugs right?” she held Amelia’s sleeve.

“Hailey. What are you doing here? What’s with your rehab?”

“I screwed it! I love drugs more than my life. I want drugs!”

“I won’t give you anything. I can help you, I helped you before and I’ll do it now.” Amelia said calmly.

“Screw you and your help! You are nothing to me, I have lucky if you won’t kill me….like you did with Ryan!”

“Enough!” Amelia raised her voice, “you can say everything about me, but don’t you dare say anything about Ryan!”

“Amelia,” Owen took a step towards his wife, grabbing her by both arms, “leave please. I’ll take care of her.”

“Okay.” she said, leaving the room.

Amelia stood up behind the window, looking at how Owen tried to put Hailey into belts. She knew that her friend was on drugs, but her words hit her and she couldn’t stop thinking how her life was before Seattle. She tried not to think about how her life would look if she still used drugs and drank until she passed out. Amelia closed her eyes for a moment to erase those pictures from her head. When she opened them again she saw Owen looking at her, he was the main point in her life and because of her stubbornness and scare she could lose him. She gave him a tiny smile and went to the nursery station to wait until Owen handled her past.


They both meet outside the hospital, she needed some fresh air to get rid of all her thoughts. Owen took a step toward her and grabbed her hand, she opened her eyes and looked into his instead.

“Is she?”

“She will be fine. I called the psychologist to talk to her and she will later join the rehab group again.”

“I could be her…” Amelia started.

“No, you don’t”

“Yes. If I never met you, if my brother didn’t let me join his world…I could end like her. Without family or friends. I could be that lonely girl.”

“But you are not that girl anymore. You’re not Hailey and you are definitely not that “old” Amelia. You are my wife, the love of my life and I won’t let you talk about yourself that way.”

“I love you.” she said, hugging him.

“I love you too, but you need to stop running from me.”

“I will. You are the reason I survived Owen.” she smiled.

“Will you…” he started, “will you come home with me tonight?”

“Yes, if you want me to.”

“I wanted it since the day you left. I won’t survive without you Amelia. You are my light.”

Amelia turned to him, looking into his electric blue eyes, she took a step toward him and leaned onto his strong arms, kissed him slowly. Their tongues were reaching each other in the sweet dance. When they pulled apart, he hugged her even tighter, like his hug could protect her from all the pain. They were standing there for a moment before the both decided to go back home. Together.


They were lying on their bed after dinner prepared by Owen and the couple wanted to rest. Amelia’s head was lying on Owen’s chest, in her favorite place, where she could hear the beat of his heart. She hugged him tighter and after few minutes she finally spoke.

“I want to have a baby with you, but if our child will be sick or if we lose him or her, I won’t survive it again Owen. I don’t want to hurt again and I don’t want to make you feel that way too.”

Owen took a deep breath, caressing her hair with free hand. He kissed her forehead again and even if he was scared too, he did the most important thing for her.

“We’ll survive it together. You won’t be alone this time, I won’t let you to be alone. We don’t have to be parents immediately, we’ll wait until you are ready.”

“You don’t want a kid anymore?”

“I want it like nothing in this world Amelia, the thing is, I lived without you and if I need to chose over you without baby and baby without you, I chose the first option.”

She looked at him, she was so happy that couldn’t say a word, but he knew that she loved him. They both lay on the bed, their bed when at once both of them became tired. For a first time in a long time, they were sleeping together, in one bed, for a first time they were each other saviors.

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Hi! One more question: the media has stories about soldiers coming home 'hopped up' that have always seemed like hyperbole, but I have heard that there have been many situations in war time when the choice was between stay awake and die, and soldiers looked for chemical solutions. Could you tell me a little about the history of stimulants in the armed forces? What was used when?

I can’t tell you much about historical use, at least prior to 2000. It’s common knowledge that Vietnam vets used various drugs while enlisted, but I’m by no means an expert. Though I am under the impression last I checked that the whole “smoking out of the barrel of your gun” has actually been done.

Drug use in the military was really cracked down upon after the War on Drugs. We have frequent Urine Analyses, which can span from mandatory samples from the whole company or samples from a few (supposedly randomized) individuals. The number of UAs is randomized as well; sometimes they were once a month, sometimes you had one after the other, back to back. But that was from 2011 on; dunno how things fared during the early years of the WoT.  Failing a UA is not an automatic discharge, but it can lead to a bad conduct discharge, which is only slightly better than a dishonorable one. 

That’s not to say soldiers don’t still abuse drugs. NCOs can tamper with the “random” element of the UA and samples can be “lost” or mislabeled or mishandled. Supposedly the drug tests performed on the urine are randomized as well, (like a test might be fitted to search for coke, meth, heroin, and weed, but it could completely miss ecstasy) so it’s possible a urine test might not catch a certain drug. I wouldn’t take the chance, but I have heard of soldiers getting away with drug use for several months, and in one case a little over a year. For reference, soldiers on narcotics or other drugs that might trip the UA are safe as long as their medicine is annotated in their medical files.

Caffeine pills and energy drinks might be your most common go-tos nowadays. Cigarettes too. Those three are like the holy trinity of staying awake. Sometimes when we were deployed we’d apparently get donated cases of Red Bull, and i mean by the case, and it’d just be available for consumption at liberty. Our commander limited us to one a day though, officially speaking. People had more than one tho.

If you asked an NCO, they might say there were FOUR ways of staying awake: the three aforementioned, and push ups. 

 In my personal experience the soldiers using drugs are a minority, especially because the whole army culture really likes twisting our arms about doing stuff like that and they love to threaten severe and unyielding punishment for drug use. Those I know who were caught were caught for spice, weed, (mostly weed tbh) and one for meth. If anyone was using speed I was unaware of it, but I wouldn’t put it past myself to not notice something like that. Still, I was often on 24 hour to 48 hour shifts; I feel like if speed or coke were common in my unit, I’d at least have some clue about it. 

We weren’t supposed to have caffeine pills in AIT, but I totally used them. Just put them in an ibuprofen bottle. Those things are sold at pretty much every PX.

 I hear common rumors that infantrymen are given stimulants to use in combat, but I don’t know whether or not this is factual. 

It IS myth that the army puts saltpeter in soldiers’ food to prevent them from getting erections, for reference.


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Idaho State Correctional Center is a penitentiary for men, located in Kuna, Idaho. The facility has a capacity for over 2,000 inmates, and has housing units for minimum, medium and maximum security. It is the largest prison in the state of Idaho, and was the first private prison in the state. ISCC opened in July of 2000 by the Corrections Corporation of America, a company based out of Nashville, Tennessee that owns and operates private prisons across the country. The prison perimeters are patrolled by guard dogs – mostly German Shepards, Rottweilers, Pit Bulls and Boxers who freely roam the space between the inner and outer chain link fences that surround the prison grounds. These guard dogs are recruited from shelters, and have been deemed too violent to be considered for adoption. Instead of being euthanized, they are granted a reprieve in the form of acting as prison security. ISCC is the only prison in the United States to use  dogs as a major security measure. By 2014, ISCC had gained a reputation for being a “gladiator school”, which is a term that describes a prison that is overcrowded, understaffed, and plagued with violence and gang activity. Countless gang-related assaults, combined with total inaction by prison staff created a “kill or be killed” environment which applied to both inmates and staff. An investigation conducted by the FBI found that CCA knowingly falsified documents which exaggerated the amount of staff members they had on duty at any given time. Time sheets were doctored to show that correctional officers were on duty for 48 hour shifts when those staff members were not present or did not exist at all. Initially the Department of Corrections and the Governor denied the allegations in the report, but eventually promised to take over operations of the prison when the state’s contract with CCA expired.

*cries* this fish is going to be my death. I look over and he was stuck to the filter. I panic and get up to help him and he pops off and acts like he wants food and he is just doing it for fun. So now I have the filter off. All the pet stores are closed and my hard work to get a cycle started is probably ruined. I have to get a new filter now and can’t get one for at least two days because I am starting a 48 hour shift tomorrow (I sleep and stuff at the station I am just not able to go home) and won’t be able to get him anything. If anyone can give me some help and tell me a good filter I could use I would really appreciate it. And any links on how to set them up and work them would also be great. I am honestly about to cry at this point. @hella-free-space @fishhhhhhh @toothless-the-betta-fish @fantasticbeastsandhowtokeepthem honestly just anyone I need help. I’m panicking.

Polls Close In #GA06, Early Vote Strong For Democrat Jon Ossoff
The Democratic House candidate is flirting with the possibility of an outright win in Tuesday's primary.

ROSWELL, Georgia ― With polls closing in this suburban Atlanta congressional district, the question of whether Democrat Jon Ossoff will emerge with enough votes to avoid a June runoff is too close to call.

Democrats consolidated around Ossoff, and in the early voting out of DeKalb County, he is up, as expected, by a significant margin.

If Ossoff cracks 50 percent when the votes are all counted, he’ll have delivered a knockout blow to the field and sent shivers down the spines of scores of Republican members of the House and Senate who now suddenly face serious contests in November 2018.

If Ossoff, a former documentary filmmaker and congressional aide to Georgia Rep. Hank Johnson, falls short of the 50-point mark, a runoff with the top two finishers will be held on June 20th. He has an added handicap that several obscure Democrats are also in the race, and could hoover a tiny percentage, but just enough to keep him under the magic line of 50.

The Georgia race comes a week after a stunningly close contest in Wichita, Kansas, which Democrat James Thompson lost by 7 percent, a 20-point swing from November. In May, populist banjo legend Rob Quist faces off in Montana in another special against Republican Greg Gianforte. Both Thompson and Quist endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) in the Democratic presidential primary, and elements of the left coalition suspect the lack of establishment support is connected to that. Ossoff, a clean-cut 30-year-old running a fairly standard-issue campaign, seems more amenable to establishment Democrats.

But the theory that establishment Democrats ignored two races but poured money into a third has a major problem: They ignored Ossoff, too, at first. When national Democrats first looked at the suburban Atlanta race, precipitated by the nomination of former Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga.) to be health and human services secretary, the number-crunchers in Washington weren’t sure a Democrat would even emerge from the “jungle primary” in April ― let alone that they’d be eyeing a possible victory.

The party largely stayed away at first, but grassroots donors, fueled by Daily Kos and “The Rachel Maddow Show,” poured millions into the race. National Democrats who worried about the race becoming “nationalized” could no longer use that as a rationale to stay away, and the quiet help the party had been providing Ossoff became much more public.

Still, he didn’t need much help with fundraising once his race became the one activists around the country were following, and he has raised more than $8 million so far, most of it in small increments from donors around the country. Candidates get more favorable ad rates on TV than super PACs and other committees do, so there is little reason for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to spend money on the air. (That hasn’t stopped it from blasting its donors with subject lines like “MASSIVE loss,” trying to tap into some of the anxiety about the possibility of a loss.)

With Ossoff’s race either ending Tuesday night or moving to a runoff in June, that may make room for activist attention to turn to Montana, and perhaps a special election in South Carolina to replace Mick Mulvaney, who became director of the Office of Management and Budget.

Earlier in April, Sanders told The Huffington Post he was willing to travel to Montana and campaign for Quist if Quist was amenable to it. On Monday, Quist and Sanders jointly announced he would indeed be heading out to the Blue Sky State. Sanders’ intervention may prod the national party to get involved, and will almost certainly open the spigot of small-dollar support from his organization Our Revolution. That group, founded in the wake of his presidential campaign, had endorsed Thompson in Kansas, but did precious little in the way of fundraising for him.

At the East Roswell Public Library on Tuesday, in a predominantly Republican area, voters trickled out, more often than not telling HuffPost they had been turned away and told they were at the wrong polling place, even though they had just voted here in November. Reports came in from around the district of confusion at polling places, some of it sparked by the fact that some counties are split between several congressional districts, so not everyone in the same county was able to vote in the primary ― even though they’ve had to suffer through an endless loop of campaign commercials.

Hostility was on ample display. At a confluence of two polling precincts in east Cobb County, Ossoff supporter Holly Simmel had her umbrella and chair set up by 6:30 in the morning. Friends showed up shortly after and camped on the opposite side of the road. Then came a backer of Bob Gray, a self-styled Trump Republican, who began arguing with Simmel. He had fairly basic points to make, she recalled, among them that Democrats are not real Americans. When she asked him to be quiet, he called her a “snowflake” ― typically a term reserved for Twitter and YouTube comment sections, referring to the delicate nature of one’s political opponent.

“Your friend is sitting on my church’s lawn,” she said, before walking across the street to the Mount Bethel United Methodist Church, where voting was taking place. Shortly thereafter, the sprinkler began watering a group of Ossoff sign-wavers. Louisa Wakeman, Simmel’s friend, was among those getting drenched, and told HuffPost that a church official later came out and admitted to her he turned the sprinklers on to get them off his lawn. She reasoned that he shouldn’t volunteer to the church to be a voting precinct if he didn’t want rival voters showing up, but, in his defense, there hasn’t been a competitive congressional election in the district for decades.

Joe Webb, 70, standing outside the church with his Bob Gray sign, an American flag and a U.S. Marines flag, said he’s been standing there all day for three weeks, since early voting began ― an extraordinary assertion, but one confirmed by several Ossoff supporters, who said his familiar red hat and ponytail have indeed been there that long. “We’re not angry, we’re persistent,” Webb said. If Gray doesn’t get out of the primary, he said, he would happily support Karen Handel.

The same was true of other Republicans HuffPost spoke to. Jake McQueen, 58, a computer consultant, was one of them. “The candidate is important, but the party is more important,” he explained.

Dr. Larisa Pearlman, an OB-GYN who lives in the district, is reflective of the amount of energy on display. Pearlman, 48, worked a 24-hour shift on Friday, and immediately hit the pavement Saturday for Ossoff.

From Sunday morning until deep into Monday, Pearlman was back at work again, another 24-plus-hour shift. She sounded groggy but determined in an interview just as her shift ended, and said she wouldn’t be resting until her work for Ossoff was done. There would be no nap before afternoon canvassing; she had to help her son with a paper first.

“I’ve never been more politically motivated in my whole life,” said Pearlman, a Democrat. She said her sons “have both been very tolerant of my activity, so to speak.”

On Tuesday, she was outside the public library, waving a sign for Ossoff.

If Republicans hold Ossoff short of 50 percent and beat him in June, it’ll be thanks to people like Pearlman, McQueen and Charlene Weir. Weir, 49, also of Roswell, said she has voted in every election since she turned 18. Republicans, indeed, turn out for special elections and midterms at far higher rates than Democrats.

Weir was no big fan of Ossoff. “I don’t like him. He comes across as unlikeable,” she said. And every time, she has voted for a Republican, she said, save for one exception, the Dixiecrat Zell Miller.

National Democrats are often concerned that competing in elections and failing can be deflating for activists, and can turn the “narrative” against the party. But Jen Cox, a co-founder of the local group Pave It Blue, which launched after the election, said that what Trump has uncorked, Ossoff losing can’t put back in a bottle.

“The train has left the station, we couldn’t be happier, we’re just getting started,” she said. She explained it’s been liberating to realize other liberals live in the area and to create a new community. “When they’re talking today about this being a red district, always has been, always will be, I don’t think that’s true. We’re showing today that regardless of what happens tonight, we have narrowed that gap so much that they are shaking in their boots. Jon gave us this opportunity ― right place, right time ― and as soon as Jon gets elected we will move on to the next candidate that needs help flipping a red district. We will teach women how to get involved in politics, demystify the process of running for a position.”

If Ossoff goes down, “I don’t think it is going to negatively affect it, that is truly my honest answer. This is a channel for us to do something with the concern and angst we felt on November 9. There’s no unringing that bell.”

Not as easy as it Looks...

I have lost count of how many people ask me how much I make at my job because they are thinking about being a truck driver. I mean, “It’s just driving around! Easy job for easy pay, right?”

Not really, no.

We work a 70 hour work week. Typically the 14 hour clock with 10(11) hour driving maximum though some states (like Texas) has it on a 15 hour clock with 12 hours max driving (and that clock can be paused so you might work a full 24-48 hour shift depending on what you’re doing)

Driving is easy. You might have to learn how to shift properly and such but the basic mechanics of driving is indeed very easy


Allow me to get in depth here on the pros and cons:


We are driving what is classified as a weapon of mass destruction. I have never seen as much death as I have from trucking. Rollovers, cars cutting us off, cars braking right after cutting us off, Icy condition driving, A truck popped a tire right as they were approaching a bridge and ended off going over into the river thousands of feet below.

Of course there is the not so deadly dangers, wide turns, parking lots, residential roads. Some with more than one trailer attached. Some with more than two (poor souls).

Every day, the driver does a full inspection of the truck and trailer at the beginning and end of the work load (Pre-trip/Post-trip). For some drivers (like me), we are a part of a fleet that has us ‘slip-seating’ which means a new truck every day, so it is even more important we do these inspections since there are lazy people out there that half ass it. We also need to make sure we have the right licensing and registration paperwork and all up to date. (It’s a good sized binder full of papers for each state of what items we can carry and where.)

POLICE ahhhh the police. We are the mother-load for them if they find anything wrong with our truck, trailer, or papers. They can pull us over just because they can for a random inspection. Often, they are not kind about it either.
On that note:


A car ran a red light and hit your truck?
That is your fault because as a trained professional, you should have been able to predict that that car was going to run that light. (I am not kidding this happens)

An accident occurred in the fast lane, three lanes away from your truck and had nothing to do with you at all?
Officer can pull you over for a full inspection and because you have a running light out on the right side, that accident is your fault!


Not even the 5 mph over that is usually pardoned. You can get a ticket for 1mph over if the officer is particularly cranky. 

Also, the Loneliness can get to you. Most companies won’t let their drivers have a pet on board due to the nasty people that didn’t clean their trucks (Thanks a lot guys) so you get stuck by yourself. For hours. Music and CD books can only get you so far before you start to yearn for a bit more interaction. I am no longer in a relationship but getting a really great headset has really been a worth the price as I make a lot of calls so I can chat and hear the voice of my family and/or friend. It helps but I live for the days a friend or loved one comes on board with me. It really makes the drive easier with company.

Though these are just main highlights I think it’s times we see the:


The PAY is very nice. As long as you don’t get picky, and work well with your crew, you could make near $2000+ a week!
I wear out after my second-third trailer depending on the routes so I am pretty steady at the $800-$1200 range.
That is quite a bit compared to the warehouse workers or grocery store clerks that see this job as a godsend.

There is a freedom to being a driver that isn’t achieved in a cubicle. Everyday is a new sight, lots of people to chat with about anything, I can wear whatever I’d like (within reason) though some companies require uniforms. I take breaks whenever I need them as long as I arrive on time for my loads and 

NOONE can MAKE me drive if I feel UNSAFE.

See that storm picking up? Starting to feel nervous at the ice and snow?



Sure, the crew might try to coax you into going anyway but the decision is yours to make and you cannot be penalized for it. Sure it messes with your pay a little but I think ending up stuck in a ditch would mess with it more…if you survived.

Now let me make this very clear.

I LOVE my job. Very much. I just don’t want people trying to become a driver, wasting time and money, only to quit once they see how hard it actually is…or get killed as I have seen happen to many.

Locked up PART 2 (Barba x reader)

Summary: The reader and Rafael have an affair (kind of) but after a disagreement, the reader ends up heartbroken. But when they are working on a case and something very inconvenient happens, they are forced to talk about their real feelings.

A/N: Here’s the second part guys. :)

Word count: 2,367

(Y/N) = your name

(Y/L/N) = your last name

Warnings: mentions of sexual actions (not explicitly), a kiss, a bit of angst in the beginning and lots of fluff at the end (in part 2)

(Part 1) - (Masterlist)

* * *

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Being the Lieutenant’s girlfriend

You were tired from pulling the 48-hour shift. Which at this current moment you regretted badly. Aching you slowly walked to the bunk room, hoping that you will be able to catch a nap, maybe nap for the rest of your shift. Quickly removing your cargo pant, you slipped on a pair of shorts and crawled under the covers of your bunk, turning the light of next to your bed. This allowed you to slowly sink back into the comfort of your bunk letting the darkness of sleep almost consume you. Sleep was so near, almost grasping distance, but you couldn’t manage to fall asleep. Capp must have decided to sleep as well, which I understood because he too had pulled a double. But you couldn’t ignore his snoring, it was as if the closer you get to sleep, the more Capp’s snoring irritated you. Irritated you sat up in bed, glancing around the bunk room, trying to decide if you were the only one who was annoyed by Capp, seemingly you were. You notice that your boyfriend’s lap was on in his office. Normally you wouldn’t pull the ‘my boyfriend is the lieutenant’ card, but you were tired and 'sleep was all you wanted. So, you decided to walk over and knock on his door timidly. His response was a quiet come in, which you followed. Your eyes laid across your boyfriend Kelly Severide, who was sat propped up at his desk, leaning over a massive pile of paper work yet to be completed. His eyes lit up, looking over at his dishevelled looking girlfriend, who was clearly annoyed by his squad members snoring. He smiled and opened his arms for you, which you gladly accepted, the idea of being surrounded by the man you loved, right now seemed better than sleeping. Kelly pulled you into a hug, muttering sweet nothings into your ear, calming you down and making you more relaxed, this to make sure that you slept better. You were practically asleep stood up at this point, Kelly’s arm’s being the only things keeping you up. The next thing you knew, you were laid under the blankets of Kelly’s bunk, his aftershave was on the blankets which instantly calmed you down and put you to sleep. This is how Matt found the two of you when he came to tell you shift had ended. You were asleep in Kelly’s bed, him asleep at his desk. Yet both your hands where outstretched, clasped around each other’s.

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Rose was at the hospital. She was on break and sitting in the cafeteria. She was in the first stretch of a 48 hour shift. She was a little tired from her previous shift but she was hoping the coffee would help her push through.

//I’m in a Wilfbot mood, hope that’s alright//

Wilfbot had just-wandered right into the building. He had walked much too far from where he last saw Wilford-but that wasn’t of his concern at the moment. No, he was busy on his phone. He was, of course, playing a certain pokémon game. He also didn’t know that it was far from appropriate to just walk wherever he wanted all willy-nilly, Wilford hadn’t taught him that, yet.

thoughtfulnightmarecollectionblr  asked:

Kat was doing her rounds at the hospital. It was early in the morning and the start of a 48 hour shift. She was on her way to see a new patient that just came in. She was going over his files making sure she knew what tests were going to be done that day so she could get his results right after.~💙

Dark has been waiting in boredom for more than half an hour after his first check up by the emergency doctor,abd here he’s again,stuck in the same damn luxurious hospital after he had an heart attack in his office,he doesn’t know which is worse ,dying because of heart attack or dying because of boredom if he has to spending another time,another weeks in the damn hospital

Ok what I don’t get is why everyone romanticizes being a doctor or nurse and there are some huge tv series about doctors that have massive followings, but no one has created a (fiction based) tv show about veterinarians and veterinary nurses???? Like, the patients in Doctor tv shows are generally props to further the main character’s story, and an animal or the animals human owners can definitely do that for a vet show.
It’s kind of shitty seeing these shows and having doctors and nurses put on pedestals and made into heroes (not saying they aren’t heroes!! Not at all.) but not see ANYTHING praising the decision I made to go into veterinary medicine and do the EXACT thing that doctors do except on many different species of animal. I will still pull 24-48 hour shifts in emerg. I will still have to tell hopeful owners that their pet died on the operating table. I’m just annoyed that people tend to discredit my profession and tell me ‘you should have just gone into human medicine!’

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Am I the only one who gets incredibly angry when the girls on 16 and Pregnant say they'd rather be at work all day than at home with their kids? I get that they're young and it's hard, but I was in that same situation. I missed my son nonstop while I was at school. Now I'm a paramedic and work 24, 48, and 72 hour shifts. There are whole days where I don't even get to hug my son and only see him through a screen. I love my job, but would much rather stay home with him if I could afford it.

I haven’t seen any of them say that but I don’t follow them closely.