48 half pans

A lot of you have been asking me about my main watercolour set. 

Recently I updated it yet again, but this time I will probably stick to this configuration for some time. You can see the set on the photo, but this is basically the standard SCHMINCKE Horadam 48 Half Pan Watercolor Set with few modifications: I took out the gold and silver colours, as well as both the white paints and replaced them with some greens (which I felt the set was lacking quite a bit) and a nice semi-opaque colour somewhere between red and orange.  

  • 361  Permanent red 
  • 512  Chromium Oxide Green 
  • 536  Green Yellow (discontinued it seems) or 537  Transparet Green Gold 
  • 530  Sap Green 

With this modifications I have, what I think a very versatile and well balanced set that is fit for my style of painting - usually I try to use the colours with as little mixing as I can (I also paint my comics with it so I want the colours to be consistent and easy to get). 

Schimincke Horadam series are overall really high quality professional paints with high pigment concentration. The set contains though a lot of opaque colours (I don’t mind this actually but some of you might). This brand is really popular in Japan and it’s easy to buy replacement colours - this is also a reason why it’s my primary set.

* For white details I usually use white inks, poster colours or specialist paints like Dr. Ph. Martin’s BLEED PROOF WHITE or ZIG white ink 30