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Shout out to all long-time immigrants who, by choice or by happenstance, have kept their accent when they speak the language of their new country. Y'all sound amazing.


Gopher Tortoise

The gopher tortoise (Gopherus polyphemus) is a species of the Gopherus genus native to the southeastern United States. The gopher tortoise is seen as a keystone species because it digs burrows that provide shelter for at least 360 other animal species. They are threatened by predation and habitat destruction. This species of gopher tortoise is the state reptile of Georgia and the state tortoise of Florida.

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DMC Timeline by GIF with Age & Height (Not in the GIFs unfortunately)

DMC3: Ages 18 to 19 years old at 5 feet and 9 inches or 175.6 centimeters
DMC1/Anime: Ages 28 to 29 at 6 feet or 182.88 centimeters
DMC4: Age 38 at 6 feet and 3 inches or 190.5 centimeters
DMC2: Age 48 at 6 feet and 4 inches or 193.04 centimeters

SMT3: Nocturne is not in the DMC timeline.

*While the Enterprise hides underwater on Nibiru.*

Sulu: Depth at 45 hundred feet, 48 hundred, 50 hundred! 5000 feet!

Chekov: Dear Lord, that’s over 150 atmospheres of pressure.

Uhura: How many atmospheres can this ship withstand?

Scotty: Well it’s a spaceship, so I’d say anywhere between, zero and one.

*The hull creaks around them.*

Across the Veil - Part 2

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Summary: After refusing Crowley’s offer, you find yourself stuck in a room with your memories, making you want to take his deal. With 24 hours to decide, you try to focus on helping Sam solve the case (unbeknownst to him). That is, until Sam heads to sleep and Dean sneaks out - ready to do something dangerous.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,273

This is a series! Find Part 1 here.

A/N: Thanks so much for reading!

“No way. No way, Crowley, no matter what it is you’re here to sell - I’m not buying.” You stood across the room from him, your eyes focused and certain, your hands in fists at your sides.

“Well I haven’t even told you what I’m proposing yet,” the king of demons muttered, his hands calmly rested in his pockets. “S’a bit rude not to let me offer first.”

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thunderhunk  asked:

prompt: Sam's wing pack becomes real bird wings for a short while and he has to get used to them

The strange thing about his wings were how sensitive they were now that they were real, flesh and blood things attached to his back. Before he could only sense the wind currents with the assistance of his goggles, but now he could feel them in the quivering of his primaries as he rode a thermal up-up-up towards the stratosphere. 

They’d taken some work. It had been a sharp transition from a backpack with neuro tech to this, completely attached wings that sprouted from his back. IT had been so painful that he blacked it from his mind. Now though, the pain had faded, leaving him feeling as light as air.

His entire wardrobe had to be changed. For one, sleeves were out entirely. He now favored stretch tanks, where he could pop his wings out without too much discomfort. His armor was remade with entry slits for the wings, since they didn’t always fold away neatly.

Very little was neat about his wings. They took a lot of upkeep, daily preening, washing, checking for stow-aways. He couldn’t use human soaps on them freely, for fear of drying them out. His youtube was now almost completely bird-care related, he watched as he skulked about his house, clearing out the feathers that now seemed to cling to everything. He gave some thought to moving out, somewhere more open, because a 1000 sq foot brownstone wasn’t quite the place for a man with a now 12 foot wingspan. Holding them so tightly all the time made the new muscles sore, so he had to go into his yard and try to stretch them as surreptitiously as possible.

It was exhausting. He was exhausted. His daily life was truly different now that he just couldn’t take the wings off at the end of the day. Yes, he really loved flying. His time in the sky was the best it had ever been. But the world on the ground just wasn’t made for birds. 

He let out a deep sigh, rubbing his face in exasperation. He was a back sleeper, that did not happen when you have wings. He hadn’t been able to get any rest since the incident gave him these wings. He knew there was a chance they’d be permanent, but after a month, the novelty had worn off. He was tired… so tired…

A firm hand dug gently into the shoulder joint, crawling under feathers and kneading. Sam’s wing felt like it was melting under the sure hand. Steve happily peeked over his shoulder, but his smile fell a little when he saw the bags under Sam’s eyes. 

Without skipping a beat he came around Sam’s front, gripping him surely by the waist, “I could use a nap,” he said selfishly, carrying Sam towards the couch. He laid down on it, carefully positioning so that Sam was atop him, his wings balanced to rest over the back of the couch and the coffee table, taking the weight off so Sam wouldn’t feel crushed. He continued to run his fingers through them, hushing any grumbling the older man would have about being in the middle of cleaning. 

They lay there for a while , Steve attentively preening the wings in silence while Sam continued to melt in his arms, his wings twitching in relaxed pleasure every once and again. Steve nuzzled his face into Sam’s neck, sighing in contentment that he was finally home after a long solo mission (Real wings weren’t particularly incognito). He’d missed Sam terribly on the mission. He couldn’t be nearly as sure about jumping off things (his favorite pastime), but with the wings being so new and untried, it was best that his safety wasn’t put at risk until all contingency plans were airtight. 

Still, it was worth it to have this in his arms, at least for a little while until they wither stabilized or reversed the process. Then again, it was very nice having an extra 48 square feet of lover’s body to explore. he dug the pad of his finger between a pair of coverts and smiled against Sam’s neck as he quivered. 

Perhaps these wings weren’t so bad after all. 

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// Oceans, Zion, Hillsong United. //

“This is what the Lord says—
    your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel:
“I am the Lord your God,
    who teaches you what is good for you
    and leads you along the paths you should follow.”

~ Isaiah 48:17 {NLT}

sneksandsnakesandsnacks  asked:

Hi! Can you tell us about Titanoboa? I love your series!!

Sure can! (And thanks! I love doing it!) 

This is the Smithsonian’s kinda famous model of Titanoboa cerrejonensis, a big damn snake. This prehistoric creature lived about 60-58 million years ago… which as you might realize is just after the dinosaurs died out! So no, this thing never fought a T. rex or anything like that. Actually, it couldn’t have- it comes from South America, which is not where T. rex lived. This reconstruction is largely modeled on an anaconda, which lives where it used to live… but at nowhere near the scale. Here’s a picture of a green anaconda vertebra being held up next to a Titanoboa vertebra.

Topping out at around 48 feet long, the media depiction of the Titanoboa is that of a monster, a giant predator that eats anything in its way.This is likely not the case, as the teeth and cranial bones suggest that it was very largely (if not entirely) piscivorous- you were most at risk if you were a fish. All in all, an extremely impressive animal!

Image Sources: 1, 2

Images courtesy Pacific Northwest Ballet

Sadness! Seattle’s Pacific Northwest Ballet is retiring its epic, deliciously creepy Maurice Sendak production of The Nutcracker.

“[Sendak] likes real things, you know, like monsters and children that cry and make demands,” says former artistic director Kent Stowell. So in the Pacific Northwest Ballet's Nutcracker, there’s a huge rat puppet with a thick twitching tail that looks like it wraps all the way to the other side of the stage. There are also cannons and a Christmas tree that doubles in size to 48 feet right before your eyes.

External image
But current artistic director Peter Boal says this is the right time to retire the production. So he’s bringing George Balanchine's Nutcracker to Seattle. It’ll be a new production with sets and costumes designed by contemporary children’s author Ian Falconer, best known for his books about a very cultured pig named Olivia.

See the rest of the story here.

– Petra

Something I noticed...

Now that I’ve calmed down a bit from the new episode (IT WAS SO AWESOME!) I watched it again (because I have on Demand, I didn’t watch a leak) and I noticed/realized something…

Let me start out by saying THIS:

There are MANY people who believe/theorize that Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond. This picture is one of many in-show hints that support that theory.

The one specific theory that I’m talking about states that the name “Diamond” is a Rank within Gem society given to a Gem who proved they were either the most powerful, influential, etc (kinda like Earth Military gives out Stars). However, since many, if not ALL, Gems that were a part of her faction (or “court” as Blue Diamond says) took part in the Rebellion, home world just decided to cut of the Pink Diamond faction at the root. 

You can see evidence of this at the Cloud Arena where the Pink Diamond symbol and the assumed statue of Pink Diamond have both been vandalized and destroyed respectively.

And the fact that Jasper’s ship only had a White, Yellow and Blue diamond symbol on the main floor:

NOW! Having said all that, I began to grew very curious about something that I noticed in the newest episode of Steven Universe. First, look at these two pictures:

These are images of the Pearl Blue Diamond owns or “Blue Pearl” (as fans have dubbed her) and OUR Pearl standing next to the Diamonds they both belong to/are loyal to. I didn’t notice it when I first watched it but did anyone notice the HEIGHT DIFFERENCE?

OUR Pearl (who is shown to be taller than the average human) comes up to reach just below Rose’s chin.

BLUE PEARL, on the other hand, only comes up to Blue Diamond’s KNEES!

If she were to stand up, and we assume that Pearl is just around 6 feet tall, Blue Diamond would be 4 Pearl’s tall or a whopping, 48 feet tall!! That legit an attack of the 50 foot woman!!

Now, having realize that, I’m starting to question the theory about Rose being Pink Diamond. We always thought or assumed that a Gems height determined their power-level:

Even Malachite, the fusion of Lapis Lazuli and Jasper, is a towering monstrosity compared to the Crystal Gems!

However, I don’t know if those gems can be counted since, the super tall Gems we’ve seen up until now have all been fusions of two or more gems.

And then there’s THIS image of Yellow Diamond’s cameo durring the extended opening theme song:

If this image is anything to go by, Yellow Diamond COULD be MUCH Taller than Jasper. If those are her hips at the bottom there, proportionally, her height is double than what is shown. Compared to Jasper, who is the same height as Rose Quartz (Rose herself being 8 feet tall, as Greg stated in one episode), Yellow Diamond, honestly, seems to be just over double Jasper’s height, making her around, let’s say, 20 feet tall.

Now that’s MASSIVE, yes, but she’s only 30 feet shorter than Blue Diamond and nearly 10 feet taller than Rose Quartz.

So, having said all that, there are TWO Possible theories I’ve come up with:


1) The Diamonds have a Hierarchy of their own

IF the theory of Rose Quartz being Pink Diamond is correct and IF the theory of a gems height indicating their power is also correct…then Rose Quartz might be the weakest of all the Diamonds.

I think that while the Diamonds are much MUCH more powerful than any of the other Gems of their factions, or in general, I think that CERTAIN Diamonds are more or less powerful than other Diamonds. If my height measurements are correct, from shortest to tallest, that means that:

Blue Diamond, who’s 50 ft tall, is more powerful than Yellow Diamond.

And Yellow Diamond, who’s 20 feet tall, is more powerful than Pink Diamond (a.k.a. Rose Quartz) who only stands at 10 feet tall.

Of course, there’s one more diamond left to consider: WHITE DIAMOND.

Since we have yet to see White Diamond (if you don’t count the mural in the Pyramid shown in “Serious Steven”), I can’t determine for sure how tall she is. 

BUT, it can be assumed that she COULD be the most powerful diamond of them all. In the real world, Diamonds are obviously considered the most precious and most valuable of the gems with Pure/White Diamonds being the most valuable of them all; they’re the Queens of the Gem world. If that’s anything to go by, there’s no telling HOW tall White Diamond might be but I think it’s safe to say that, compared to the others, she triumphs over all..

Now for my second, and probably CRAZIEST theory of them all:


2) Rose Quartz IS NOT Pink Diamond!

Although I think this theory is VERY UNLIKELY, going by what I’ve deduced about the Diamond’s and the previous theories about them, I think there was in fact a Pink Diamond and Rose Quartz DID belong to her faction

I think that maybe the original Pink Diamond grew to love Earth, like Rose did, and tried to get the other Diamonds to leave it alone. In fact, I think the Pink Diamond faction might’ve been a rouge-like Faction to begin like.

Now I’m not trying to say that they were always the enemies of other gems faction on home world but rather, they were the “problem child” faction. The faction that didn’t conform to the regulations of the society set by the other three diamonds (equal rights for all gems, seeing Fusion NOT just a weapon of war, respecting all life, whether they be gem or not, etc). The other Diamonds may not have liked the “Pink Diamonders” but for the sake of maintaining peace, the other Diamonds just put up with them and Pink Diamond.

And, like Pearl is with Rose, ROSE was Pink Diamond’s 2nd in command, making her high class (high class enough to own a Pearl at least). However, when Pink Diamond tried to convince the other Diamonds to leave Earth alone, an argument or fight might’ve broken out between the gems with Pink Diamond threatening to stop home world by force in order to save Earth.

The other Diamond’s didn’t like that and decided to get rid of the problematic Pink Diamond once and for all. They imprisoned or maybe even shattered the original Pink Diamond. And, like I said before, in order to maintain balance, they “promoted” Rose Quartz to be the new stand in leader of the Pink Diamond Faction until things were sorted out.

However, Rose Quartz, aware of what the other Diamonds did to Pink Diamond, decided enough was enough and, in order to avenge Pink Diamond and save the Earth, Rose Quartz started her rebellion and convinced all the other gems in her faction to follow her.


Like I said before, I think this second theory is unlikely but it could also be a possibility. The Crewniverse has been known to be misleading about certain plotlines and characters. After all, when we first saw Peridot, we thought she was some menacing villain only to find out she a dorky as hell (but oh so adorable) green Dorito baby.

Anyway, that’s what I think. They’re just theories and I guess we’ll have to wait for future episodes to get more info!

EDIT: I made a correction and a follow up post to this theory adding a bit more info to the subject. You can find it HERE.

anonymous asked:

I feel sick and so stressed out about this referendum and I know there's nothing I can do but I still feel awful. any tips on how to calm down and start to accept it/move on? :/

Honestly, don’t. 

I have seen so many Facebook statuses from friends and family who voted Leave. I have felt my blood boil at the sight of yet another Leave voter telling me to ‘accept it’, that ‘democracy has happened’, that ‘the people had their say’. 

You know what? Yes. The people had their say. 48% of us who voted - and probably a large proportion of the 28% who didn’t vote - are devastated. 48% of us have had our futures ripped out from under our feet. 48% of us have been forced to stand back and watch as the things we’d pinned our hopes on were taken away from us at the behest of the other 52% - EU funding for a distant research project, perhaps, or the certainty that we’d be able to maintain our long distance relationships, or last-minute European weekend holidays on a budget, or the infrastructure of our former industry towns, or the safety we felt in numbers, or the possibility that maybe we’d feel welcome in the UK one day, or any number of these things. 

Half of us are absolutely ruined by this. Half of us had our say and we were ignored, because the other side shouted slightly louder. Because the other half believed the empty promises and platitudes painted on the sides of buses about how we could find miraculous sums of money without the EU. They believed the appalling statistics printed in the press, pretending that we’re the only EU country with high levels of immigration - and that immigration is the reason for our troubles, rather than austerity and Conservative government. They fell for the half-truth interviews given by politicians who promised us that we could ‘take our country back’ if we gave up our EU membership, that the economy would recover eventually and be stronger than it was before because we could export our own produce (what produce?), that we’d be able to negotiate our terms of exit and keep some of the benefits (we won’t) or that we’d be able to have access to the single market without freedom of movement (we can’t). Well, half of us have just had our country taken away from us, along with our futures - why should we move on? Why should we accept it?

I don’t have any advice for you on how to feel less sick about what has happened, because I still feel like throwing up whenever I think about the future - about how little my wages might be worth now, about whether I’ll get funding for a PhD, about whether my little country will fall to pieces without the EU grants it forgot it relies on, about the safety of my EU citizen friends. I can’t tell you how to move on, because I haven’t. I can’t tell you how to accept this, because I can’t accept it either.

I’m going to make my voice heard as loudly and as often as I can. I’m going to make sure that the 52% don’t forget the 48%. I’m going to find some measure of peace with the knowledge that peace itself has just been pushed aside in favour of nationalism and xenophobia. The only way I know to be calm about this is to refuse to accept that it’s over, because the moment I accept it, I don’t know what to do.

This isn’t the answer you wanted, but it’s all I have. 

More public art in Dallas – at the mall! If you want a good idea about a city, I’ve always found that it helps to go to local malls. It’s a concentrated population – so you get a kind of cross-section (different neighborhoods obviously skew what you see.)

Also – I like to shop.

Anyway – NorthPark Center in north Dallas is a mall with one heck of an art collection. So in between the Fossil watch store and Sonic, is this impressive sculpture by Mark di Suvero. According to the mall’s website it is 48 feet tall and weighs 12 tons.