47th floor

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Strifesodos Week day 1 - Reading
It’s still the 18th somewhere! 
Cloud visits the library and explores poetry, one of his least favorite things, with his crush.  

The ShinRa library, tucked into a back corner of the 47th floor of the iconic Midgar Tower, was pretty nice.

Cloud hadn’t thought that too many military folks read a lot of books—perhaps that was presumptuous of him.  Heavily muscled, frightening military personnel didn’t really mesh with the image in his head of a bookworm (a nerd, like you were in Nibelheim if you read books for fun).  But to his surprise, he found both infantrypeople and SOLDIERs with books in their hands all the time.

 After all, missions could be long and tiring. There weren’t always stations to recharge your PHS or tablets.  Life in ShinRa Tower, despite what the bigwigs at the top said, could be tough and… boring at times, even.

 So perhaps some people read for the same reasons Cloud did—life at ShinRa was kinda crappy, actually, and books offered a nice escape during his personal time.  

The library wasn’t massive but there were lots of shelves in the space they did have that were packed with books, and even a couple tables and chairs.  Cloud liked it there… but honestly, he’d like it a lot more if Genesis Rhapsodos wasn’t always hanging around.  

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Run Away Pt. 1 - Pietro Maximoff

(Sorry the picture isn’t him in The Avengers, I wanted to get a different gif then what everyone has, and because this man is hot af)

Word Count: 1,319

Spoilers: Maybe? Idk sorry

Pairing: Reader X Pietro (but not yet)

Comments: This will have multiple parts and i’m no where near finished. There’s no fluff or love or anything really between the reader and pietro yet. But if yall wanna tell me if you like it or would read more i’d be very grateful. I hope you enjoy it!

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aussu started following you

The male scanned through his friends list, promptly finding the user «Asuna» among the meager listings. He tapped upon her name to bring forth a sub-menu listing various options. Selecting «Private Message» among the list, he set the subject and message as follows

SUB: [Found an item]

Asuna, come to the 47th floor. I’ll meet you at «Shinkawa’s Inn & Bar». You might be interested in what I found.

He was never good at sending detailed messages. He could have just sent her a visual of the item via message, but he simply wanted an excuse to see Asuna. It has been about a week since he’s last met with someone in person, aside from information brokers. Even for the solo player, he can feel lonely at times and he needed “human” contact to keep his sanity in check.