Day 4 - Lights and action

The water had fallen reasonably clear and I started up the filter. The kit came stocked with a Fluval 305 and it’s easy to work with. Runs very quietly too.

The lights were another story. The set up is nice and slick looking. But I couldn’t get the included tubes to come on. One of them must be broken. My local fish store had them on sale, but were sold out. Visited 3 fish shops before I found a pair if 85cm T5’s in stock. Replaced both as I wasn’t sure which one was not functional.

The next challenge was programming the darn timer. Had to get help from the resident engineer. Handy that.

A bit of debris was floating and I kept scooping it out with the fish net. Very annoying.


De Havilland DH.82 Tiger Moth “T6776″.

This Tiger Moth was one of three aircraft (along with a Spitfire and a Helldiver) that were moved from the War Museum to the Hellenic Air Force Museum, upon establishment of the latter; its place in the War Museum is now occupied by the Bell 47G shown here.

Top: Grelicks, Nikon F2A, HAF Museum, Tatoi, Greece, August 2016.

Btm: Young Grelicks, Agfa 108, War Museum, Athens, Greece, November 1986.

(Yeap, my framing always sucked…)


Airmen with the 22nd Special Tactics Squadron conducts helocast training from an MH-47G Chinook operated by the Night Stalkers. The MH-47G is used by the 160th SOAR as a heavy-lift assault helicopter. U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Russ Jackson

47g - Day 2

Left the hard scape overnight to soak. Misted it and carefully added just enough water to keep the substrate wet. The goal was to prep it for planting and keep the soil from floating. Worked well.

Next step: planting!

4 containers of dwarf hair grass
assorted cryptocoryne
I cup moss (labeled frogbit?)
3 jungle vallisneria
Java fern - from my other tank

Cut the mats of hair grass into sections and tied these to flat pieces of sandstone. Buried these in the soil.

Planted the crypts around the rocks and branches. Lost count of how many I bought. Also pulled all the crypts from my old tank and brought them over. They were failing to thrive in the old flourite.

Placed the vallisneria in the soil at the rear corner to give shape to the layout and hide the filter tubes. This was probably the wrong plant to select. It grows way too fast for the rest of the set up.

Tied the java fern to the base of the branches. Mostly to add structure, also to hide the zap straps I used to tie the branches together with.

Last step was using moss cotton to secure the moss to the branches.

Plenty of misting to keep things moist before filling.


Couple shots of the fish in the 47g - nothing fancy. I’m going to see if I can’t create a hygro forest in here for them.

BTW kai-ni , regarding your anon earlier that was wondering about plecs and their ability to vanish - look at how well these buggers blend in with driftwood. Big boy at the bottom there is easily a 5 inch plec (or more, I haven’t really tried to measure him recently, I’m just eyeballing him here) and I barely noticed him when he was like five inches in front of my face. And only because his dang bristles caught the light.

They’re MADE to blend into driftwood.